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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Naughty Granny Part 2

first-time pantylover590 2017-10-31

Im almost 76 years old, and your only the second man ive ever had touch me, and the first man that ever made me feel good while you done it. I just wanted to tank you for making an old lady feel sexy for the first time in her life!" I couldn't believe what she was saying! The fact that she still had her legs spread slightly open so I could see her sweet muff and her nipples had become hard again while she told me all things really said something to me. "No...Ive never had oral sex in my life!" she said as she spread her legs a bit more and let out a small gasp.

First time!

first-time 2017-10-31

Mandy then sat on the edge of the hot tub and Mandy put her head between her legs and buried her mouth in her pussy and went to town on her, Mike and I watched the erotic bisexuals do their thing till Mandy had an intense orgasm and they finished in a sweaty and wet heap in the hot tub. Lexi shoved her over on the bed so Chel was on her back, she quickly climbed on top of her pinning her down and started kissing and licking her neck passionately, trailing down to her beautiful boobs, taking extra time to suck on her nipples. With that Chel pushed her over and my wife quickly got on her knees and laid her head all the way down on the bed offering her dripping wet pussy to Chel and her thick black cock.

First Time: Angelica After School by Dee J. Sombra

first-time FakerCummer 2017-10-31

Several long moments later, Max's mouth left her wet and glistening breasts and began to move down her body, kissing and licking their way to her belly. "Oh," Max replied, "I'm just going to make sure your Catholic schoolgirl pussy doesn't miss out on the fun." With that, he stuck out his tongue and, once he found her slit, began to lick it up and down slow and hard. "I just made your pussy cum," Max replied, "like a good Catholic school girl's pussy should, best friend." "All right, just for you, best friend," Max told her, "I will." He French-kissed Angelica once more. After a while, Angelica whispered: "B-best feels...ooohhh..." Her breath came in short gasps and Max knew she was getting ready to have her first orgasm.

Can't get enough!

first-time ilovedickandpussyx 2017-10-31

See, he didn't know I loved him so much I wanted to fuck him so hard he'll cum in me. I love parties because I could grind on boys and feel their hard cock on wet tight pussy ( I was a virgin until my b*****r took it ). We usually always played around sexually but inside I wanted his huge 8 inch killer dick to open my soft shaved tight pussy. I got dressed and took a condom for him just incase me and vin will fuck that night. My pussy was already getting swollen and hungry for dick.We went downstairs to the kitchen. We fucked all night, and our mom didn't come home.

The Pool House Ch. 02

first-time fin 2017-10-31

What she definitely wasn’t expecting was to see Edward coming down the stairs talking comfortably with Jake. Edward moved his hand so that it lay lightly on her robe. Yvonne felt a little embarrassed for him, but Edward was as relaxed as ever. He didn’t say anything, but his cock grew in her hand, until she could barely close her fingers around it. Yvonne felt as if time was dripping like candle wax. His tongue kept caressing her nipple while his hands began exploring lower on her body, moving across her hip and around to one smooth buttock. His hands kept moving across her body, tracing the underside of one breast, playing with the waistband of her thong.

Undress you

first-time petdyke 2017-10-31

I did undress you with my eyes. I tried to undress you with my words. To undress you in my mind was easy. But my fingers aren´t long enough to reach for your yearning body. I want you! Right now, naked in my mind´s eye, I grab you my arms reach for you but they lack length, so my mind grabs for you. As simple staring isn´t enough It can´t stop my yearning I terribly need some burning And blast my baby so tough. But first I try to blow your mind I need to satisfy you baby, before I blow my balls. Love your wisdom, which reveals bits of herself only with love for her. Just like a woman wants love,

First Rites Pt. 03

first-time joelafayette 2017-10-31

Becky massaged my foot for a minute, then worked her way to my quads, then kissed all around my privates before finally clasping my cock and licking the head to get started. Two of the guys I went out with this month took it, and I was waiting for the right time to tell you instead of putting it in the journal." She kissed me again. She kissed me long and deep, returning a couple times to get more semen, leaving my face and chest a sticky mess as the strong taste slowly dissipated. Becky said goodbye and left shortly thereafter, saying she had something to do and wanted to not take up too much of her coach's time and impose on his birthday.


first-time Ashson 2017-10-31

I lifted my head away from a blushing Deidre to see Mike, the other farm hand standing in the doorway, looking very displeased. I wondered how often Deidre would suddenly clamp her hand down on Mike's cock and what would happen if she kept doing it. "Safely in place and I'll bet you find the pain has gone now." (If she wasn't more aware of my cock than she was of the pain I'd eat the damned hay we were lying on.) "Now I'm going to withdraw but before I do I'm just going to massage you a little to soothe away any lingering pangs. Deidre was too highly strung up to be able to control herself and she climaxed almost as soon as Mike started the end game, with him following shortly after.


first-time 2017-10-31

When I got back up they were as I'd left them, Ann on the bed and Romy on the rug, legs crossed, explaining something really important about the shades of purple a proper dress should be. I took a huge swig of Jack and handed the bottle over to Romy, and she took it and drank as if it was beer. "Pass the bottle, would you?" I said quite politely, and Romy gave it to Ann who gave it to me. There was no response for a while, and then, Ann put her head down- Romy kept talking for a while. Romy said something like omigod and tried to get up, and then Ann did something I didn't expect her to do.

My Wife and Young Blacks part three

first-time proudman2 2017-10-31

" Sherry you need to clean all that precum off those cock heads" I ordered. Her milky white hands grabbed the youngsters black ass cheeks and pulled all the way into her mouth. I told two of the boys to each grab an ankle and hold her legs up and spread apart. On the third boy I instructed him to turn his attention to Sherry's asshole. I told Sherry to take ahold of one of the black cocks. C'mon bitch move that ass." With each verbal assault from the boys Sherry whimpered and moaned with pleasure. With her free hand she grabbed the base of his cock and pulled his ass firmly onto her licking and sucking mouth.

My darkest secret

first-time StraightAnal 2017-10-31

After some pondering, I got up the nerve to answer one of the adds and the guy got back to me right away, offering for me to come to his place so that he may give me head. He got on his knees between my legs and slowly started licking my shaft and balls, and then he sucked me so good that I came in just a few minutes. I didn't answer and quickly got up asked for a towel to clean the cum off my stomach, thanked the guy, he said please come back anytime and I ran off to call my wife back from my work phone.

BBC Team Mate Gay

first-time 425olds 2017-10-31

Apparently there was no question in his mind that I wanted to; he just said he'd allow me to, like it would be a privilege to be allowed to wrap my lips around his juicy black cock. I reached up with both hands to encircle his beautiful black cock, closed my eyes and leaned in. You're a bigger slut for black cock than any girl I've fucked." This time, the implication that I was the lucky one for being allowed to suck him didn't offend me. "Man, seeing my big black cock stretch your fucking lips is hot. He grabbed my hair with his left hand and pulled my head back, forcing me to face directly up while he stroked himself with his right.

Waiting for Will Ch. 03

first-time warrysan 2017-10-31

The girls grabbed some diet cokes out of the fridge and headed up to Rachel's room so they could have a little privacy, since this was definitely a time for "girl talk." Emma was well aware of Rachel's designs on this evening, and wanted to know every detail of what was on the menu for the big event. Taking the hint that she wanted more, Emma pulled the crotch of Rachel's panties to the side, and began to play with her wetness unimpeded. Emma could see how much she wanted to cum, but couldn't stop herself from teasing her just a little more before giving in to her friend's needs. Rachel was now squeezing her own breasts, rolling her hips, trying to let Emma know what she wanted, what she needed.

The Captain Ch. 01

first-time Samilong 2017-10-31

"Not like my father, though – I want bars that are nice to drink in, not noisy and dirty" she said. "I'd have thought that a girl who ran a bar would never be short of a boyfriend" I said, smiling. "And the rest?" Her hands gripped the bottom of the sweater, pulling it in a single fluid motion up and over her head, revealing two small, plump breasts with large, pink aureoles and small hard nipples, a gently curving stomach and a navel pierced with a small dolphin-shaped stud. She lay back and shivered, her hand coming down to hold herself open as my tongue began questing at the edges, licking her labial lips, probing around the apex for the little button that slowly emerged from beneath its clitoral hood.

The Descending of Jessica Ch. 03

first-time Jessie92 2017-10-31

He stood with his rock hard cock in his hand, the first several inches covered in what I assumed was my ass juice, "I'm sorry, I thought you would like it. "Lets see" I said, still laying on my back as I slid my body across the bed and took his cock into my now re hydrated mouth. I began bucking my hips against him, trying to squeeze his cock with my pussy muscles with each stoke to milk the seed from him., I was out of my mind, delirious with pleasure when after a few minutes I felt he familiar tingling in my gut that told me the sweet release of orgasm approached.

Bill & Mousey Ch. 02

first-time FurLove 2017-10-31

The reason Jane is her sole heir is her total likeness, to the soul, of Grama, matriarch of the family and their fortunes. "Do you want these sweet lips of mine around your magnificent, want it in my vagina real bad, cock my sweet?" Jane has fully wrapped Bill's cock in Lynx in a pillow sized bundle fondling it up and down his large shaft. "You sure know how to turn a guy on." Bill gets the feel of Sable hugging and kissing Mousey while fondling the fur and her face as she melts in his arms. It is nice to know Jane, Mousey, has chosen someone who is actually polite but don't let it get in the way of expressing yourself.

Sameer Break My Virginity

first-time pooja 2017-10-31

With both his lips Sameer covered the nipple and started sucking and pushing his face firmly into the soft flesh of my breast. Sameer pushed his fingers through the light black hair down to the pussy lips. Moving his mouth away from my nipple, Sameer tasted the finger that had just explored the juicy entrance. With his tongue resting on my clitoris, Sameer pushed his fingers into my pussy. Sameer slowly started moving in and out of my pussy and moving deeper with each stroke. I sat on my knees and started sucking his Lund and he cummed in my mouth in 30 Minutes. Then I sat on the bed widening my legs and said " Chaat kutte chaat", he pushed me fully on bed and started sucking me and licking me.

Oh, Mr Riley!

first-time Jojohooligun 2017-10-31

He said that his friend Mr Riley would come and remove the box with the things he was leaving behind. When I came into the room Mr Riley was looking through the box. I think you should show me more?" I said to Mr Riley that I was really quite straight and had a girlfriend (well just finished a relationship) but if he really wanted to see more - it was a bit cold in that room - I would let him see me down in my room. After that he pulled his prick back between my bum cheeks and all the rest of his semen was pumped out over my anus. Having made a mess Mr Riley dressed fairly quickly and went on his way, leaving the box behind of course.

Jenny's First Blow Job

first-time meyowming 2017-10-31

I can listen to this." He always sounded like such an old guy when he tried too talk about music, or movies, or school. He smiled as he said; "I know you're a pretty young freshman. "This is a fun game." I said with a confident smile. "In fact, I've never been too far in this game Mr. Miller." I said, cutting his sentence short. "Like I said, most boys just run off to the next girl pretty early in the game." My thoughts were interrupted just then as he reached out with his hand and brushed away the hair in my face. Mr. Miller placed his hand on my head and urged me down onto his lap.


Nervous virgin's virginity "fixed"

first-time 2017-10-30

I was starting to feel distinctly uncomfortable at the this line of questioning and If this was how the conversation was going I was going to be glad when we reached Wendy's house, I know it was along this street somewhere but I was not quite sure where. My embarrassment was complete - I looked down to see I had a hard on and the front of my baggy jeans where standing out like a tent, it was like my head said one thing and my body was making a liar out of me. I did as Wendy said, and it felt more than good, it felt incredible as I slid back in her tight vagina, I felt her push aback on me to meet me as I pushed in, the feelings of pleasure were sheer bliss.

My First Gay Experience

first-time gravelmeter 2017-10-30

As I sat holding my thumb out I remember thinking about a guy in a van that had obviously wanted to have sex with me, but I turned him down. He did not ask me the usual questions like, "Where you headed?" Instead, he said, "Your feet must be sore from being out on the road, will you let me rub them for you?" He said that he could not give me a good foot rub while driving and asked if I wanted to stop by at his office so he could do a better job. Then he worked his pants off while still sucking and licking and I got a good look at another guy's penis for the first time in my life.


first-time johnniedee004 2017-10-30

When the priest raised his arms high, calling out “Hear the words of the Lord,” the congregation fell silent, bowing their heads. The priest indicated that he wanted Shula and her mother to remain, whilst the others filed out, quietly thanking the clergy by embracing each of them warmly. Shula watched open mouthed as the priest stood behind her kneeling mother, removing her bodice and bra whilst intoning a soothing prayer. “Let the Holy Spirit enter into thy servant,” Opening his robes, the priest thrust deep into her fully aroused vagina. One evening, shortly after that, Shula was told that she was ready to see the holy spirit leave him, which would be his part in the culmination of the act of worship.

Lucky for Some

first-time adultfunfan 2017-10-30

Steve was a bit of an arsehole -- you know the type of guy I mean. "With her parents staying over there's not way I'm ever going to get her in bed," Steve said. She apologised for calling me at home, but said she was worried because Steve wasn't at his unit and she thought they had dinner plans. Earlier that day at work, Steve told me he was heading to a sex club in the city that night. His hands grabbed her tiny ass cheeks and forced them apart as his glistening cock started working its way into her arsehole. "So you're telling me you didn't watch the dirty movie with Steve because you were worried about what he would think if he got your clothes off?" I asked.

Daddy pops her ass cherry

first-time xangelhartx 2017-10-30

I hope Daddy finds pleasure in know that his baby girl's body and cunt is always ready for him. Daddy takes his cunt juice covered finger and slowly breaks the barrier of my asshole, slowing inserting it all the way in. Daddy gently caresses my back right over my tattoo and I feel the thick head of his cock at the entrance of my ass. Daddy pulls the head of his cock out, spanks my ass again and says, "You are going to communicate with me, baby girl. Let Daddy feel his cunt tighten on his fingers as he fucks your ass.