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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The night my friends s****r snuck out.

first-time 2017-10-30

I started texting her and after awhile It seemed like I was talking to her more than her s****r Amy. Tracy lived in a town about a half hour away with her grandma. I slid her panties off and started licking her shaved tiny pussy she put her hand on my head and pulled my hair while arching her back as I sucked her pussy lips and her little clit. After awhile she laid down on the bed, I climbed on top of her tiny body and started kissing her as I slid my cock in her tight little pussy which was very wet.

Holly's Adventures

first-time sexywrites 2017-10-30

Suddenly Holly turned to me, and a mischievous expression filled her face and made her eyes sparkle. Every fiber in my body, especially my hardening dick screamed yes, but I forced myself to push her away. Holly sucked my head, then slowly began to take more and more of my cock. I stood up and got closer to her, then pulled her to me and began to kiss her, running my fingers through her soft carrot-colored curls.. "Omygod Mr.Benson, YES YES, oh GOD!!!" I finally managed to get two fingers inside her tight hole, which pushed her over the edge. I groaned as her tight pussy squeezed around my cock, and I began to push in and out.

Str8 Sex to be near Gay Dream Ch. 07

first-time nygayguy 2017-10-30

Yeah..." She was nearly incoherent when she finally said, "cumming" as I felt her pussy pulsing around my cock and juices running down my balls. I lost track of how long we went at it, but she came at least one more time before I finally felt that feeling deep inside. I wanted to be his and feel his hard cock moving inside of me. I've never had an easy time cumming from a blowjob, but he got a great combination going of sucking, slicking my cock with his saliva and eventually working me with a hand, too. He moaned again and said, "Jess, that feels awesome." With that, I sucked him even harder and dug my fingers into his hard ass.


Kim's First Lesbian Experience Chapter 3

first-time ladyjoy 2017-10-30

As she kept licking and now beginning to suck on her friend's hard, hot clit, Lisa tensed up and shoved her soaking wet, dripping, red hot pussy into her friend's face. After Lisa had been sucking on her friends sensitive clit for a while and Kim was dripping wet and moaning a lot; Lisa reached for the screw-driver. Jen wanted to cum soooooooooooooo very bad and so she took her hand and began to rub her hot love trigger as Kim's assault continued on her dripping hole. Once they had both come back down to earth from their mind-blowing orgasms, Jen rolled off of her friend and they both fell asl**p with the others hand still rubbing each other's sweet love triggers.

York day out

first-time stevesthe1 2017-10-30

She said put the phone down i looked her way as the tears were streaming down her face i said ok whats happened, She said she had been dancing and kissing a few lads i persisted with there must be more for himto call her a slut , she made me ask her individual questions had she had her tits felt "Yes" inside your bra "Yes"ending with her admitting to 2 lads fingering her and then she said theres one more thing, i ask what reasured her i was ok that i just wanted to know the truth,i didnt tell her but i'd got the hardest painfull erection waiting for her admition, she took a deep breath said she was sorry but she had sucked someone paused then said off , i was speechless my mind running in all directions the only thing my mouth came out with was you don't even like giving blow jobs.

Mature Whore till the end

first-time oralman12 2017-10-30

I grabbed her head and pushed her down onto my cock as she sucked it choking but didnt stop ,another wife came over and knelt down and wanked me as the other was sucking me ,they passed my cock between there mouths as Mary stripped other wife of her black dress giving it to her husband as Mary put his hand on her cunt as she was naked except for stockings and black patent Hi heels all looking at her pierced nipples and her tattoo "Your Whore" as the husband was fingering her cum filled cunt as she got his cock out and sucked it then pulled him over to the bed and stripped him as he watched his wife now nude and being felt by other guys .Mary said "you love watching your dirty slut wife sucking his big cock ,you want him to fuck your slut " he just mumbled yes ,Mary told me to bring her over next to her and fuck her while I fuck her husband .

Katie, My Kissing Cousin: Part One

first-time Theo35 2017-10-30

As soon as I walked in Katie ran up gave me a hug and said that a couple of her friends were coming over to swim with us. She moved her body forward slightly bringing her breasts up to my face and I started kissing and liking her nipples. I Got up from the bed, walked over to her, took the panties and gave her a long wet kiss. When I got back Katie was wrapped in a towel and said she was going to take a shower. When she got back to the room her hair was still a little wet and she was wearing a long T-shirt that went down to her knees.

Lauren and Taylor

first-time 2017-10-30

She told me she got backstage passes to a Taylor Swift concert. Lauren told me she wanted to stay longer so I left and her and Taylor continued to talk. As they were talking, Taylor started to flirt with Lauren. You are gorgeous Taylor, and I have always wanted to see you naked too." Taylor then said " Why don't we go back to my hotel room and we can explore each other? Taylor got on top of her and kissed her lips. After Lauren came several times, she got Taylor on her back and returned the favor tongue fucking Taylor's pussy till she came. I got so hard listening to her story, that I forgot she was still in the room and I took my cock out and started to masturbate in front of Lauren.

My First Lover, Ten Pt. 02

first-time Loving50 2017-10-30

As we continued to kiss, he took my hand and moved it to his belt buckle. My fingers twined in his hair as he began to lick, kiss and suck my hardened nipples. He laughed softly when he realized I was staring at his cock and said, "You can touch it if you want to. A small drop of liquid sat on the tip of the head and I leaned over and licked it off. Being so close to his hard, hot cock made me hungry for more so I leaned in and began to lick the head. A girlfriend had once told me that licking and sucking on a man's balls was a sure way to get whatever I wanted.

Bus stop for Nancy

first-time hondo1906 2017-10-30

Derrick did not want to fuck a dry hole and was working two fingers in and out of Nancy's cunt trying to get her wet. "Finally, the bitch is getting wet, she's ready to fuck," Derrick announced as he stood with Nancy's pussy juices on his face. Another slap, and Nancy's tears started flowing as she slowly brought her hands down and reluctantly pushed her tits together around Manny's cock. Emmit pushed hard splitting Nancy's anal ring open with the head of his cock. In one photo, Nancy had two black dicks in her mouth at the same time, one in each hand, and Derrick was fucking her in the ass.

Nineteen and Counting.

first-time squirt_aka 2017-10-30

“Thank you Elmira, you are kind,” said Jessie in a panting voice, her own hand slowly going around Elmira’s waist. Once there and once the light had been turned off, Jessie would take Elmira’s place and if he found out, “Well, knowing Chris, I am sure he is going to like it even more...” This time, its her right breast that caresses a Chris’ fully erect cock, leaving a thin trail of soft musky pre-cum and causing a louder moan from the man toy that hides her own moan. As her tit break contact with his cock, his whole body bends a little upward, asking for an encore that Jessie isn’t sure she is suppose to give.

My Second Time

first-time Grouchojim 2017-10-30

"Come on, tell me," Claire repeated as that tormenting fingernail circled the head of my cock like a vulture idly inspecting its prey. Claire looked down at it, and licking her lips, said, "Oh, my! With a giggle, Claire twirled her underpants over her head on one finger round and round until finally they flew off her hand and landed at my feet. Claire moved a couple feet away from me and said, "Now watch me, but don't touch me, understand?" "Watch as my finger rubs all around it..." Claire licked her lips. Slowly, Claire came to rest, until finally she turned her hands palms-up upon her thighs and let her head fall back gently on the pillow so she was staring up at the ceiling.

The wind!

first-time blissjake 2017-10-30

Teri had grown from a gawky girl into a ripe young woman, her breasts proudly filling the loose shirts she liked to wear and her hips stretching most of her comfortable shorts tight around them. For that reason Teri wasn't looking at where she was putting her hands as she climbed, and just glanced up at Rob. He had on gym shorts that were loose, and as the leg gaped open she saw right up them. When Teri got to the nest and looked over the wall, Rob was sitting on the other side, the backpack firmly in his lap again. Teri was staring at Rob as a his eyes got big and a tortured sound came from his lips. it looks like you got them wet too," Rob said, pointing.

Christmas at the Shopping Mall

first-time Percivus 2017-10-30

I noticed a few of the men looking a bit too long at Cindy and at her short black shinny leather skirt and cleavage showing tight fitting white see-through top, (that one could clearly see through). Her short shinny black leather skirt was hiked up too far and everyone, including Santa, got a great view of her long sleek stockinged legs, her stockings tops which had a fancy white design embroidered at the top of the elastic band which held them up, and the tiny white ruffled lace above the elastic band, and a little peek of her bare creamy silky white flesh of her thighs above the stockings.

Oh shit

first-time HornyHotdog10 2017-10-30

i throwed the book at him and got him in the face he starts to have a total spazim throws his daughter out the way and grabs my shoulders mean while i finally had an eretion in total fear he looks down at my dick and i push him and run. I was going to the shops with my friends down the main road a green car drives past i looked at the drivers face and he looked at mine then i realized it was the guy i threw the book at. He stops reversed then looked at me then his eyebrows just start going lower and lower then i ran it was really scary but i knew some parkour from friends i jumped over a fence then SMASH!

Last night

first-time hornyfleetwood 2017-10-30

Fags so we should just get started , i pulled my jeans off and coeat and just sat there in my tshirt on the sofa, stacey got fully naked and walked over n sat on my lap kissing me , i slid my fingers deep inside her with my free hand i stsrted rubbing her asshole, the door went and in came the slut lucy that i had fucked her ass earlier, she just looked at us and poured a drink and sat down , she lifted her skirt up n started rubbin her pamtyless clit, after a while she came over and started sucking my dick and inbetween licking staceys pussy , stacey said she wad too dunk and was going home, so ther was just us to now , she sucked Nd sucked and even rimmed my asshole and stuck her finger up it .

CL meet up

first-time jb9472 2017-10-30

After we were in, she said "lets move to the back, behind some of the targets, so if anybody walked in, we would be behind 50 feet of hunting targets." At a very fast pace, her head bobbed up and down on my dick and i new i couldn't take it much longer. I said "i'm gonna cum" and she just kept the pace and i blew a huge load down her throat. After gasping for a couple of seconds, she said "now its my turn." In about 20 seconds, i felt her orgasm as juices ran down her pussy and all over my face and tongue.

Darlene Got My Cherry

first-time Boxlicker101 2017-10-30

That was apparently something Darlene very much wanted to hear, and she leaned against me and squeezed my hand as we moved more closely together. The more I licked, the better it felt, and I could feel Darlene's nipples starting to stiffen, and I heard her breath coming faster. With one hand still holding her breast, I lowered my face to hers, and kissed her, hard and long, thrusting my tongue into her mouth, where it was greeted with enthusiasm. She squeezed me with her legs and put her hands on my shoulders to pull my face down to hers so we could kiss and let our tongues join in the fun.

Maria's First Time

first-time pixie2002 2017-10-30

And, of course, it wasn't long before Mark moved over close to me and began to tease me with light little touches to my arm, my neck, then finally my cheek. But when his tongue found mine and began to dance with it and I felt his warm breath in my mouth, any thoughts of my boyfriend were temporarily replaced with an awareness of this sense of arousal that was building inside me. He removed one hand from my breast and let it drift downward until only the denim fabric of my jeans remained between Mark's fingers and my now-dripping pussy. And as he filled me with his cock, Mark moved one hand back to my breast and began pinching my nipple again firmly.

Learning To Swing Both Ways Ch. 12

first-time walterio 2017-10-30

However he did fuck one girl several times who was known to put out and she loved Cliff's big cock. Cliff loved fucking her round curvy ass with his cock sliding in and out warm sheath. "Jo Ann, you can't believe how good you look from here with my cock sliding in and out of your fantastic ass," Cliff said to her. After the bath Cliff gives Jo Ann a massage and then he fucks her and cums in her hot Greek ass. Cliff had tit fucked Anna many times and he loved watching his cum shoot between her tits and cover her face and hair. Cathy also loved to suck cock and swallow cum as well as fuck in any position.

Rogers Dialems

first-time kreigen12 2017-10-30

Pat had gone home and Mai-lee and Roger went to the local park and finding a secluded spot and made love, before separating and going their separate ways. "Do you still dream of me peeing on you, like you asked us to do, if you still want?" Mai-lee said softly as he put her legs down. Lie down and get your wish oh sexy one." Mai-lee said as Roger got down and stretched out on his back, in the grass. But I think its time to rejuvenate a bit." Roger said as he pulled Mai-lee up and kissed her slippery lips. "Lets go to Angello's and have supper, and a glass of wine." Roger said as he slipped an arm around Mai-lee waist.

Taking What I Can't Give Back

first-time EuropeJenn 2017-10-30

As I said it I saw that Ricks eyes widened a little. "If you feel you are going to cum tell me." I said. One of the ground rules for our little liaison was no kissing, and I thought for a moment that Rick was going to try and kiss me. I put my hand on Rick's thigh then gently started to stroke up and down his leg as I got to the top I let my hand tough his balls. He was starting to get hard again and as I held him in my hand I could feel the blood flowing into him and making him ready. Rick took himself in his right hand and then gently pushed himself towards my pussy.

Of Junk and Broken Hearts

first-time levelcrossing 2017-10-29

I had no articulated desire for pleasures of the flesh yet, and though Heather freely gave herself away to a new boy every second month as the last one lost novelty value, I felt no jealousy, because I had no idea what they were doing inside their steamed up cars and behind the smokers' bike shed at half time during school football matches. It was thanks to one of her short-lived boyfriends, whose name I can no longer remember, that Heather initiated me to the world of steamed-up cars and how those straws would end up matted into one's hair, drawing suspicious looks from my mother, who never asked, I don't think she wanted to know.

My first time swinging part 2

first-time milkman987 2017-10-29

I didn't like the sound of that at all, I mean Debbie was no where to be seen and this old guy wants me to sit next to him wanking off.He went in to ask if there was an restrictions I had, at this point I said I wasn't interested in any sort of gay stuff like bumming or sucking him off. I paused for a moment and continued to watch viper choking down some thick black cock and then I thought fuck it he was going to see my cock at some point so I stood up and started to undress. The next scene started and as I pumped cock watching a massive titted black woman dress like a red Indian getting her tits sucked the door opened and in walked Debbie.