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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Carmelita Saves the Day

first-time carmelitasweet 2017-10-29

Two weeks after her 18th Birthday Carmellita was walking home from the most glorious day of school in her life in the brisk November sunshine. The end of the day came at last, and she walked her way home to her grandfather's candy store. I will see you at 6:30." He waved his hand in a shoo shoo gesture and Carmellita followed Fukuya san out of the office. On the way to school, Carmellita tried out her new ATM card and took out $500. Carmellita asked "Is it ok if Bill has a beer while we drive?" Fukuya nodded and the door to the minibar opened up.

A new beginning

first-time -Mr-Big- 2017-10-29

I do think my mind is my sexiest organ, anyway we continued to talk and he said he liked the way it felt earlier. But soon I could see and feel he was leaning over and he took my very hard cock in his mouth and he was sucking me so good and I had to keep talking to him as he did. He then arched his ass into the air and I was going to do this completely and I wanted it so bad and I could feel his cock pulsing in my mouth and I was so pumped with excitement that when I felt his cum hit the back of my throat I kept sucking for all I was worth.

A Very Horny Story from a Girl

first-time 2017-10-29

He was waving like crazy for me to go over, don't get me wrong I was up for it, but I was nervous and excited in equal measure, so I did the next best thin, I lifted my leg and place the heel of my shoe on the bench, then let my knee fall open, my crotch was exposed, and in that single movement I learnt the power of exhibitionism, a stream of semen shot out of his cock, and his loud moaning transmitted his absolute pleasure during that few minutes, I was proud and I was power to give men pleasure. I closed the door, suddenly feeling the urge to shower, not that I minded having the filth of two men inside me, I smiled as I thought back on my day in the park, and took my clothes off, studying my body in the fogged mirror, as if there would be changes in my body now I was fucking men's cocks.

Morgan's Mistakes Ch. 01

first-time TodtHill 2017-10-29

Morgan started feeling a rush build in her pelvis and rise up her body as she pressed close to Chris's body. Chris's tongue filled her mouth and immediately took interest in the small metal stud that Morgan had pierced three weeks earlier. Chris starts to moan and Morgan feels his dick growing harder in her mouth. Two messages from Chris, "Hey gurl, last night was fun, you left your wallet here so I'll hold onto it for you until we can meet again ;)" This made Morgan feel giddy. I'll figure out what to do about that picture when the time comes...Ugh another message from Layne "So I know you were at Sig last night, my friend Brett saw you.

Jack the Gigolo's Last Stand Ch. 02

first-time Rex Siter 2017-10-29

I delicately fingered her nipple and felt it rise, encouraging me to run my lips down the side of her neck and on down to tickle the tip of my tongue against that lovely pink nub. As I leaned to kiss her breasts, she stroked her hand across my chest, her fingers flicked at my nipples before beginning a circling movement around my abdomen. Then I raised my head slightly and with two fingers I parted her labia and my eyes feasted on the glowing pinkness of the folds of flesh like some opening rose. In our twisted position her eyes briefly held mine before she turned away and her lips closed around my cock head and her tongue flicked at it.

Losing my virginity. Part 2.

first-time BisexualJock 2017-10-29

She ripped the condom off, which was kinky, before gripping my cock in her hand. Slowly stroking my cock, she spat on the head to lubricate it, before fondling my balls with her other hand. I felt her tongue lick the head of my cock, glancing the frenulum and providing a powerful, orgasmic sensation. Her head bobbed, tongue flicked, mouth sucked as I grew closer to ecstasy. I could feel it building, so I grabbed her head and f***ed her head down on my cock, impaling her mouth. She sucked hard, and I mean hard, before I could feel my cum rising up my cock. Hours after beginning, she slumped her head on my stomach, her breasts hugging my now flaccid cock.

The first day to school, part 2.

first-time soesar 2017-10-29

" "Good afternoon, I'm Windy I'm your daughter in class!" "Yes, I heard you were coming eat here Lina has just passed me over the phone, I find the worst complication nice to meet you where she is in class, someone is in fact such a long way from here! After I turned the coffee I walk into the room where my mother and Windy still busy in conversation, they are called so to see each other, but Windy I ask you to come upstairs to the fixed bed ready to work for tonight. "Let's go downstairs coffee and then think of anything fun or something." We walk together down into the kitchen and Windy set still for a moment to my father sitting at the table.

Selected for Sport Ch. 03

first-time SmileWhenYouMeanIt 2017-10-29

He quickly grabbed both ankles and pushed them up the bed to just below her buttocks; her knees fell open and suddenly Alanna gasped as she realised she was naked from the waist down, legs wide, the dampness glistening between her thighs as her exposed slit poked up at the man above her. Alanna felt him arrange them around his hips, her ankles crossed above his buttocks, before he abruptly leaned forwards again and began to thrust hard, each penetration bouncing her on the bed, causing her to gasp and lift her hips enthusiastically to his rhythm.

For the Very First Time Ch. 03

first-time PrincessErin 2017-10-29

He's not worth it O.K. You need to move on." Amber was trying to calm her best friend down and she was thankful that the heaving sobs had slowed to soft hiccups. Is my dad going to get mad at me for wanting to each lunch with you?" Quinn was grinning from ear to ear. Amber watched as Quinn ran down the hall so he wouldn't be late for his next class. "Can I?" Quinn was panting hard as his hand rested against Amber's hip. Quinn gasped as Amber pulled off her shirt and quickly undid her bra. Amber watched as Quinn fumbled to clean her hand up. Good night Quinn." And with that, Amber ran into her house.

My wif intorduces me to anal via strap on

first-time 2017-10-29

She pulled me on all fours and got behind me and spread the cheeks of my soft place and started to toy all around my warmth. I am going to play you hard and deep until I come inside you" She was really bouncing up and down on me now and it really felt like her personal place was penetrating me. She kept it up for about 10 minutes and was really playing me hard and fast when she finally started to shake and scream "I love playing you, it feels so good to have my hard length buried inside you, I am cuuuuuuuummmmmiiiiinnnnggg!

Boys at play

first-time rymare 2017-10-29

The same place as before, so he went behind the shed again, I looked round the corner and he was making the same patterns as before, only this time his cock looked much bigger and he was peeing up in the air as well. He went on and on and then a tingle inside me started, I was staring straight ahead, then I glanced down at John’s cock, it was sticking out again, bigger and longer, as before and he was pulling it really fast, my tingle had turned into a deep throb inside me; then the “white pee” squirted from me, “Oh God” what a feeling, John squirted “white pee “ almost at the same time, he shouted out aloud “”YES””.

First Time is the Best

first-time Pardog 2017-10-29

Heather moved her hands under my shirt and began gently stroking my sides and back. As if she knew exactly what to do, Heather's hand formed a warm tunnel for me and she began to stroke me. I wanted to come to a movie tonight because it is a good place to do things without going all the way. That and I genuinely loved Heather and did not want her to feel pressured in any way. I'm sure she started getting frustrated with my lack of knowledge, as her hand soon joined mine and began to give a tour of her soaking wet pussy. She had her hand furiously rubbing her wet sex under her skirt, her mouth still milking my now softening cock, and she was cumming.

Julie, A Hairbrush and Me Ch. 03

first-time mastermario 2017-10-29

Gently the fully aroused woman coaxed and taught the now very eager young man exactly how to make love to her breasts, admonishing him if he got too rough Julie began to show Mario exactly what to do. Mario stood still, waiting, Julie unable to help herself thrust backwards driving the rampant tube of hard man flesh deep into her grasping pussy. With a scream Julie began to cum, her juices flowing freely, her pussy began to spasm as the climax washed through her body, again and again she spurted her juices into the face of the sucking young man, the spanks stopped as her hands flew to the back of his head and gripped him forcing his face deep into the spasming pussy smothering him.

Badger Brings Me Out

first-time alexcarr 2017-10-29

But he clearly thought of me more than a son and when he started to talk about homosexual relationships, how he was bisexual and the rest of it I suddenly realised that the feeling I had developed for this guy was sexual in as much as when, one morning in his shed, he planted his hand firmly on my thighs as we enjoyed coffee, I felt s sensuous tingle down below and I guess my expression clearly showed my pleasure in his touch because he squeezed my thigh a little and moved his hand into the inside of my thigh and I instinctively parted my legs anticipating and hoping he would go further, the feeling of his touch through my jeans feeling so good and wanting.


JOHN's GIRLS, part 2, A2, Suzanne

first-time brackson 2017-10-29

Suzanne, my second girl, was a bit shy, but little by little, by telling her about the small model figures that I made, she became more interested. There were four styles of figures; the “A” range, naked girls in a variety of revealing poses, of which Susanne was one, the “B”s, bondage in all its glory, “C” stood for couples and “D” for domination. They were then cleaned and assembled by our girls, undercoated and painted, and despatched to our customers Each figure, and there are some 30 of them is made of white-metal, is 3” or 75cm in height, comes in kit form, undercoated or painted. And if you’d be interested in becoming one of John’s Girls then email to jacksonbrian2000 at

School Dayz part 1

first-time CaptainMarvel1204 2017-10-29

“But I only have one bra that fitted and it is, umm, now too small for me!” Dani now looked directly at the teacher and his eyes were now glued to the pupil’s young developing fleshy chest mounds. Or is there anything else you need me for, Sir?” As she spoke she leaned down to lift up her bag facing in the direction of the teacher who was now sitting back behind his desk and gave him a direct view of her hanging breasts held tightly in her school blouse. A copy of ‘Big Tits International’ came into view and he quickly flicked through the big tit magazine’s sticky pages until he stopped at a page featuring a blonde haired young girl in a school uniform with massive breasts.

Cumming Up From Behind

first-time RoLLy_PuSSy 2017-10-29

I’d love to be standing at the sink, washing dishes, or making something for dinner, & have you slip your strong wonderful arms around me, squeezing my middle tightly to you as you gently nuzzle my neck with soft gently passionate kisses. I slowly drop to my knees blazing a trail of hungry open-mouthed kisses down your body my tongue finds what it’s been searching for. As you watch, with your hands gently entwined in my hair, my tongue travels back up the outer shaft to the head. Then sucking it back into my mouth, I begin to suck very hard, up & down, faster, faster, and you gently use your grasp on my hair to pull me half way off my knees, meeting me with a hot passionate kiss.

Coast to Coast

first-time dollydagger860 2017-10-29

Kyle would be the first to experience my new tongue bar, feeling my soft wet flesh behind the hard metal ball as it caressed his shaft, making him flinch. He would grab handfuls of my long hair, pulling my head back so he could get the perfect view of his long, hard dick as I licked up and down, stopping to suck its spongy head before teasing the rim with my tongue ring. Pushing my head into his lap I felt his hot, creamy load release inside my mouth as I continued flicking my tongue over the head of his dick. Kyle slowly pumped in and out, not knowing how good this was feeling as his dick massaged my warm, slippery inner walls.

The f****y Secret Jimmy Knew

first-time DickLover59 2017-10-29

Jimmy had driven all the way down to Atlanta in order to meet with "Duane", a tall, good-looking young black guy a few years older than he was; and all the way there, Jimmy had been so incredibly nervous, and yet equally excited at the same time! Jimmy found himself telling Duane about his families racist attitudes, and how he had always felt so ashamed of that; and how he had grown to be very attracted to black men, rather than white females; as his mother wished he was; and Duane said that he had heard that many times, and from various other white Southern males!

The First Time at an Adult Theater

first-time ThePimpedOutMistress 2017-10-29

I knew the things Samuel had told me about happened back there but women weren't allowed in without a man e****ting her so looking was all I could do and I couldn't see very much. In my head I had pictured walking down a hall and seeing naked woman dancing and luring men to them, big comfy furry couches with couples getting blow jobs and having pussies eaten while they watched others fucking. I took the cock from my mouth and looked up and asked the man it belonged to if he would fuck me. I looked up and saw Samuel standing there with his own familiar cock out, he was rubbing it as he watched.

Brown's Shoe Store Ch. 03

first-time Slickman 2017-10-29

"Good morning Amy." Mike said trying to look professional. "Hi. No I can't tonight." Mike's eyes moved to Amy's body as she moved around the store looking at the display of shoes. "Let me get you a larger size." Amy said as she took the small shoes and walked by Mike. Her eyes almost popped out when she saw Tara's naked body lying on the small bed with Mike's head between her thighs. Amy did as he said and when she returned she saw Tara and Mike standing by the counter. I've got to meet my Mom at my sisters." Tara said as she tongue kissed Mike one more time. Amy watched Tara leave and turned to say she was sorry about coming in so early but Mike was not there.

Butterflies in my Stomach 1: Taken by surprise

first-time julietbravo 2017-10-29

My fingers followed the lines of your light summer dress, and when I came close to your bust, you grabbed my hand and pushed it against you. A thin thread of saliva ran from the corner of your half open mouth… I covered your lips with kisses, licked your saliva, your nose, your eyelids, finally embraced you with both arms, feeling the waves within you dying away. You pulled your right arm out of your summer dress, your middle finger shone wetly, and smeared your wetness under my nose, shoving your finger in my mouth. Oh God, I need to hurry to the train station, my last train leaves in 20 minutes!" Suddenly I noticed that we have hardly spoke a word all day.

It's your birthday pt 1

first-time 2017-10-29

As you get to the bottom step, Steve kisses you on the cheek and says to you " You look stunning, we really must get going if we are going to make this booking for your birthday". Steve looks at you with a big smile and says "Happy birthday, me bonny Irish lass". Steve thinks back and remembers the black lace outfit her bought and a smile comes to his face once again. Steve mentions the poor meal to the receptionist and to add it to the room. I turn to your husband and tell him he stays in the tv room all night and a bottle of Jack Daniels will keep him company along with the free satellite channels.

Suzie's Little Sister

first-time LeCoach 2017-10-29

I guess realizing she had no choice, Suzanne took the little white panties from her sister and left the kitchen through the side door. unfortunately, I also touched Suzanne's pussy, kind of, with her little sister's panties covering it and, of course, then she stopped me. Nancy finally chuckled and took hold of me and put my cockhead right at the now well lubricated entrance to her virgin pussy and then laid back on the seat. Anyway, I watched as Nancy took her little panties and began to tease her pussy with them. Nancy took my cock and brought it once again to the tight little groove of her pussy and moved it around to get it good and slippery.