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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Tamara Ch. 02

first-time EighteenYearsOld 2017-10-29

Tamara's husband said that she should give me a massage. Tamara went back to her little hum and began working the front of my shoulders and chest. I closed my eyes, partly imaging what I'd like her to do, but more trying to picture some tranquil scene in order to control my throbbing embarrassment. Her eyes were staring at my bulge and my cock gave another twitch as she deftly undid the little button in the front of my boxers. Then to my surprise, she ignored it and began rubbing her fingers back into my thighs, working under the legs of my boxers. She watched my eyes drop to my erection and her working hands around the base. I gulped hard, my eyes shooting to her breasts, stomach, to her hands on mine.

Surprise Spanking at Adult Video (updated)

first-time 62dirtyolman 2017-10-29

Tony said, "Then tell our friend he has a nice cock" To make sure I heard him he landed another firm smack on my ass. The 2nd guy answered, "He needs to use more lip and less teeth." With that Tony smacked my ass but not as hard as before and said, "You heard him. Tony kept fingering my asshole and said, “Now thank the nice man for letting you suck his cock.” My face was as red as my ass as I looked up at him and said a little louder, “Thank you Sir for letting me suck your cock.” Tony said, “We will continue with your spanking until you ask me nicely to fuck your tight little asshole.”

18 years Birthday gift from mom

first-time Fanni_88 2017-10-29

"I'm not sure I can trust you when you say 'just one,'" Mom said, smiling, but she came into my arms for a nice soft kiss that lasted a long time. "We don't want to wear out our lips before your birthday even gets here." "Thanks a lot, Mom. I don't know if I can wait until then for some more, though." Mom just laughed in that embarrassed way and began to start preparations for supper. There was my big beautiful Mom, her nice big tits with their dark nipples standing up hard and long, her full legs with those smooth white thighs spread far apart, her swelling belly curving into her delectable mound, covered with an abundance of dark brown hair, through which the swollen lips of her gaping pussy were peeping, welcoming my cock to come inside.

Suzie's Little S*ster 1 by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2017-10-29

Yes, she sort of looked like little Nancy Evans but she was a high school senior and was a vivacious, outgoing girl. I guess realizing she had no choice, Suzanne took the little white panties from her s****r and left the kitchen through the side door. unfortunately, I also touched Suzanne's pussy, kind of, with her little s****r's panties covering it and, of course, then she stopped me. Anyway, I watched as Nancy took her little panties and began to tease her pussy with them. Nancy took my cock and brought it once again to the tight little groove of her pussy and moved it around to get it good and slippery.

Pyjama Party

first-time Ashson 2017-10-29

"I'm undoing your buttons so I can look at your breasts," I said calmly, flicking open the next button. Kelly gave me a real feminine look, put down her glass of water and started to straighten her top. Kelly paused, looking at me, hands holding her pyjama top but not yet closing the gap. Kelly squeaked and had her pyjama bottom back into place in no time flat and hastily buttoned her top. Kelly flung a look over her shoulder to the bedroom where the rest of the girls were snoring their little had off. Seeing I wasn't moving, Kelly lifted her eyes to look at me. Kelly finally opening her eyes, looking a little stunned.

Fart slave

first-time xw1004 2017-10-29

she started sucking my dick and it was the greatest blow job i had ever gotten, right as i came i heard i knock on the door "Morgan let me in its nikki" nikki i though, also one of the hottest cheer leader, my lucky day. i did as told and morgan stood above me "your lucky day boy we ate as much as possible at a mexican buffet before practice and have been working up some major gas" nikki started to give me a hand job as morgan sat on my face, i couldnt breathe at all and no farts came but than morgan let her sweaty ass up just a little, i took my chance to breathe and right as i did she let a huge fart right into my mouth.

Lessons Ch. 03

first-time jjcole 2017-10-29

I looked first at the picture and then at her, in the guise of artistic appraisal and said,"in all honesty I like the live shot much better." I leaned over and gave the nipple a kiss, holding it between my lips as I pulled back. The next photo showed the full body, both breast exposed, the hem of her night gown around her waist, legs crossed. After recovering her breath Margaret said, " no one has ever eaten my pussy before, I never came so hard in my life." Then Margaret took my still exploding dick out of her mouth and finished me with her hands and tits.

I Switched Team's Gay

first-time 425olds 2017-10-29

Tommy liked to blow me, and would attack my man cunt with relish, eat, suck, and lick my formerly tight hole, trying to f***e his tongue all the way into me. I felt his cock head touch my ass-pussy, I instinctively clenched my muscles, then relaxed them, knowing I was going to receive him inside of me, and wanted him to gain easy entry, and stretch me out nicely. My hole was gaping wide open, Tommy had a great shot at me, and as I held Mike in my mouth, cleaning his cock, Tommy thrust into me, his balls coming to rest against mine. Jim was still somewhat firm, as I leaned forward, and opening my mouth as wide as I could, took him in and licked, sucked and tongued his beautiful black cock clean.

Filthy slut 4 years ago

first-time spunkballs69 2017-10-29

I went to the loo and when I got in my bedroom she was led naked on my bed and playing with her pussy, looked at me and said I want you to fuck me! We led on the bed, touching and caressing eachother, she was stroking my cock which was leaking pre cum, I was kissing and sucking her nipples while fingering her wet pussy, fuck she was so tight! Finally after a few minutes of trying, I got the tip of my cock in her, she came in seconds,I pushed myself deep into her tight cunt all the way, she wrapped her legs around me and told me to fuck her hard!

A Good Cuckold

first-time AngelSissy 2017-10-29

You like that she said with a smile on her face, I nodded and started to rub this wonderful cock up and down while my other hand started to play with the second cock, this feeling I never thought I would want or experience was coming naturally to me and could not help but gasp at the size of them as I slowly wanked them both of as they became harder in my hand. He fucked me and fucked me hard for as long as he wanted before I felt his cock throb and fill my ass with his cum, deep hot spurts felt like gold rushing inside me.

My First White Chick 4

first-time Plumppussy 2017-10-29

Damn she was sucking and stroking my dick so good trying to take every inch her mouth. After she had her fill with my dick she said Im ready for you to put it inside me. As I begin to insert it inside her I could feel that she so wet I mean wet the wettest pussy I've been in. Once I did she began to get louder it seems but then I could see she was creaming on my dick. So we began to get dress and she said cant wait til next time bc thats mine now. But it's all good we still remained friends no hard feelings though I understood why.

Marriage, Or, The Surprised Wife

first-time KissingMarriedWomen 2017-10-29

I thought I would die from the Embarrassment to feel his Lips and Tongue roaming freely in that place – but then (and I shudder with shame even to commit these words to Paper) a strange sensation of pleasure began to steal through my body and I realised that I was enjoying his Attentions, enjoying them, to be sure, more than I had ever enjoyed anything in my Life. He takes me many times each Day and Night, and my tender girlish Innards are actually starting to grow Accustomed to his onslaughts – in fact, though I blush to state it, I have come to look forward to his next Assault and even, Shameless thing that I am, to encourage him.

Classmate who get to cummed inside me.

first-time janicetang 2017-10-29

I wasted no time in trying to squeeze into the driver seat to put his cock right into my vagina (it was easy since I wore nothing inside, the vibrator was already out). I was riding his cock, facing him, while I could kiss and him and get me to massage my breasts at the same time. The riding of his majestic dick took a shock, then went back to the same speed, and in mere seconds, Justin came inside me. I pulled myself away from his dick and stood up through the sunroof, and he immediately cleaned his dick up and stood up as well, as we watched the fireworks and kissed intermittently for a good ten minutes.

Chubby Freshman Chapter 2

first-time colourfast 2017-10-29

Francis takes his soapy hands and starts to wash the lower stomach of the man and then looks down at the semi erect cock with the head starting to protrude from inside the foreskin. Richard returns and sees the cute chubby boy lying on his side on the bed wearing the pink robe tight around his body and a plump leg showing through the folds. The excited college boy reaches down and starts to masturbate making enough groans and moans to attract the attention of the older man who looks on in anticipation and kisses the boy's mouth and encouraging him to stroke with hunger.

The Bruised Cervix that paid off! Part 1

first-time keepemcumin 2017-10-29

The neighbor started to get the hint at this point and said good night. I learned a long time ago when a woman gives herself to you you need to set the tone and I was going to let Becky know what kind of a night it was going to be as soon as she got to my truck. On my second stroke I got even more of my cock inside that tight little pussy. She was a dirty talker but when I got my dick in her she was quiet until I would start fucking her hard, then she would just scream at the top of her lungs.

I was gay up until my first Thai Massage in Los An

first-time hungbipapi 2017-10-29

The older women said my ther****t would be here in a minute to go ahead and get undressed and lay on the massage table and she quickly shut the door. I felt like I was about to fucking BLOW so I grabbed her hand and said I didn't want to cum just yet. I watched her tight hairless Asian pussy swallowing half my big brown uncut banana dick and I couldn't take it anymore, I told her I was going to nutt, she started to go up and down my big dick faster, up and down, up and down, all I kept thinking about was "holy fuck, why didn't I try pussy before?" still never sitting completely on my dick but it felt fucking nice.

Laura Lee

first-time chrisho 2017-10-29

The time when Laura-Lee and me went down by the creek near her Pappy’s cabin. When I wasn’t doing my chores I was dreaming about old man Wilkerson’s daughter, Laura-Lee. Thinking of her night after night was my one and only pleasure. Before I knew it Laura-Lee had led me down to what she kept referring to as her special place near the creek. Seemed to me like she wanted to continue but she said it was time to go back to the cabin as her Pappy would be home soon. He seemed right upset to see me still being there and whilst I was running towards my truck I swear I did see Laura-Lee smiling at me.


How Hannah and I Got Together Ch. 02

first-time sex4every1 2017-10-29

She looked down at my bulge - which was no doubt visible from across the street after what she'd just done - and placed her index finger on it, wiggling it up and down a couple of times as she whispered:"Yeah, you like that don't you, you naughty little boy!" Shocked that she'd actually touched it, I gasped and groaned as her finger moved the head of my dick around; when she saw what an effect she was having on me, she passionately asked:"You're close aren't you?" I leaned in closer, my mouth just a few inches above her skin, and gently started blowing on her breasts; first, she giggled, but as soon as her nipples got hard, she stopped smiling all together and placed the hand that was below her breasts on the back of my head, gently pushing me down.

group sex with her best friend

first-time 2017-10-29

I was kissing Mary’s neck and fondling her big breasts through her shirt feeling her nipples getting harder and harder she looked over at jean and said, my shirt not coming off .but that was a lie, about five minutes later her shirt was off and lying on the top the couch my tongue was in her mouth and my hands were rubbing her breasts trough her bra, meanwhile jean was playing with her pussy and enjoying the show.

My wife Shree told me that she once laid naked wit

first-time esskayindian4u 2017-10-29

One day when she believed that I am no more perturb by any news of her being into the relation of that Brahmin boy, she disclosed one thing that she has flashed her naked body once before him. My wife told that then she was asked to remove her hand and that is when he pulled up her kurta to leave Shree in bra and salwar only. After some hesitation Shree agreed to it then her full naked body was lying on bed when that brahmin boy was glazing my wife with widen eyes. As boys don't stop here, he requested to have sex or allow to touch or kiss her body but she denied to allow him and said that he can do these things to her only after they are married.

Penny becomes a porn star thanks to her friends

first-time 2017-10-29

Charlotte stopped the shower and each girl in turn held Joe's monster erection in their hands and took him into their mouths and giving him a swift blow-job whilst tickling his balls, but they stopped short of making him come. He tried to push again but he had little strength left as his orgasm had completely drained his energy and he could feel his erection fading and slowly pulled himself out of Penny's very red pussy collapsing on his back as Penny rolled on top of him and kissed him as they embraced like the two satisfied lovers that they were.


first-time PJPerkin 2017-10-29

Grant had fallen in love with Jessica a long while ago, and to all common knowledge the feeling was more than mutual, however their relationship so far was intimate but not sexual. Jumping in the shower Grant was starting to feel really excited and anxious thinking about what was to come that night, but more than a little apprehensive. Grant and Jessica talked through the entire meal, laughing and drinking, feeling more relaxed than either had felt all week. Grant grabbed both of her wrists in one of his large hands and span around, catching her in his arms and pressing her body to his with his lips against her ear.

After The Late Night (Part 2)

first-time 2017-10-29

Dont you want me to slide inside of you...isnt that what you wished for? -What you dont think I know you want it? -Listen to me when I speak to you!- He plays with me twice more vigorously- Didnt you want this? I beg you...-and I know I really mean it, my body is twitching in a mix of orgasm and desire, it's not over, I want more. and then as he pulls out I squirt...but he doesnt stop he keeps going and the sweat is leaking down our bodies and my cum is leaking down my ass and it's leaking down his balls. Now it is his body that is shaking with pleasure. Both of our bodies have been shaken by this mutual pleasure.

2 horny sluts

first-time mrtonight918 2017-10-29

Tay can feel my dick getting harder and harder in her mouth as she continues to suck it and lick on my balls i look down at her then run my hand down her back till i reach her ass then pussy sliding my fingers in that wet tight pussy as i lock eyes with Cay i know shes enjoying watching her friend take every inch of my thick big brown cock in her mouth.