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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Day I Lost My Virginity

first-time 2017-10-29

My Mom Visited Her In The Next Day To See If Things Went Fine,My s****r Was So Happy In Her New Life,She Moved To Live In A Small Villa Not Far From Our Place. During Her Visits To Us,She Used To Tell All The Details Of Her Sex Life With Her Husband,She Described To Me How She Spent Her First Night,How Big Is Her Man Cock,How He Fucked Her Virgin Pussy. She Wanted Me To Share The Bed With Them.I Stretched My Naked Body On The Between My s****r And Her Man,Then I Had My Self On Top Of My s****r I 69 Position,Licking Her Pussy While She Had Her Tongue Deep In My Ass.

Psychology 1 - Virginity 0

first-time adam applebiter 2017-10-29

Andrew could feel the heat of her arousal as Elena's labia pressed against his penis: She was really turned on. Elena controlled the pace from on top, upping the tempo to the full flash dance pace before climaxing loud and long as Andrew, going rigid, unloaded into her for the second time that night. How were rehearsals?" He watched Patricia scrabbling for her knickers while Elena explained that they would be rehearsing very late and she was going to stay over at Bettina's flat as they had last minute stuff to discuss before tomorrow's opening night. Kisses." After a few seconds more, Andrew stretched to hang up the phone and appeared to notice Patricia, fully dressed, for the first time since she'd fled his bed.

Summer Sucks!

first-time Tx Tall Tales 2017-10-28

He'd worked part time at the video store, and when he was 17 he was given the old hand-me-down Chevy Blazer to drive, which had seen better days even then. Ok, let's see what we're working with here, young Peter." She sat down on a chair that looked like it would be amazingly uncomfortable, designed only to fill space in an artsy way. She sat back and clapped her hands like a little girl, before quickly grabbing my shaft and holding me straight upright, against my belly. She took my stiffness in her hand, at the edge of the line, and abruptly moved her face forward, my cock suddenly disappearing, her tongue brushing against me.

Don't Judge a Book Male Multiple Orgasms

first-time 425olds 2017-10-28

After what seemed like hours, she felt his balls touch her ass and realized he had buried his entire monstrous cock inside her pussy just than she scream Oh God Dave I'm cumming again having her second orgasm of the night. Her flesh was still sensitive from cumming, letting her feel every bump and vein as his dick moved back and forth, her wet lips stretched wide, gripping his thick shaft as he fucked her, deep and slow. He was larger than any guy she'd ever seen and still hard starting to thrust again into her warm wet pussy she could could feel gush of his cum juices dripping down her ass to the bed.


first-time charlessmythe 2017-10-28

Eventually Vinnie and I started to discuss the possibilities of using each other's' mouths to see what it felt like. I tried to tell Vinnie that he's never had a sexual experience like the one when you let another guy shoot a hot load in your mouth and you feel each burst of cum hitting the back of your throat. I soon realized that when I had Vinnie's hard cock in my mouth that I looked forward to feeling him squirm and buck. I started to look forward to swallowing his load after school every day and I really missed it when Vinnie eventually got a girlfriend and we stopped doing it.

Young Love

first-time bassbelly 2017-10-28

As usual, all participants are eighteen or older. She had been groped at some sporting functions, but that was about it. "I'll just have a burger, some fries, and a coke," she replied. He had two double cheeseburgers, onion rings, fries and a chocolate milk shake. "I'll get you a ring tomorrow so it'll be official. "Hmmm, well at least you are into sports. The girls returned to the living room. You are eighteen now. They're not playing some kind of joke on you are they?" Faster and faster he pumped her. Lola could feel their love juices running down the crack of her ass. Her man, on top of her, pumping her full of juice!

My cousin and I (and her boyfriend)

first-time Wayko 2017-10-28

"I think we got a guest, babe" she said as she stopped moving."I know you're here Jack, so why don't you come in? She slowly take my pants off, an excited look in her eyes, until she finally got what she wanted: my penis, freed from the pants, was standing up, harder than ever. I put my hands on her ass, and I pounded her like a madman, not giving a fuck that I was going too hard for her until I finally got what I wanted. Our rythm quickly went faster as we were close to ejaculating, but made sure we were not going too fast for her, so she would complelty feel us coming inside both of her holes.

Incredible Pudgy Professor

first-time NiceGuyInVa 2017-10-28

As she walked slowly back and forth in front of the podium, she couldn't help but notice that Jerry Reynold's sat with his chin on his fist, staring at her 5'4", 295 pound body, as if he were in a trance. Dana could feel the adoration oozing out from Jerry as they walked to the restaurant, and found it a little unsettling, but it felt good at the same time. Dana slowly moved her lips to Jerry's and kissed him tenderly. The two lovers once again joined lips and Jerry tentatively inserted his tongue into Dana's warm mouth. They continued to kiss as Dana placed Jerry's hands on her breast and invited him to undress her, as she was busy removing his shirt and pants.

Old Friends, New Flames Ch. 02

first-time heyyouitsme 2017-10-28

We rolled around so I was on top of her and I started kissing on her neck, my hand moving down to squeeze one of her breasts, rolling the nipple through my fingers as it then traveled down her warm stomach, which was rising and falling with her heavy breathing. I then slid my tongue in all the way and started moving it around, causing Michelle to writhe her body in response and her legs to clamp on my head. Right when I was about to do it Michelle let out a cry and gripped my shoulders hard as (I was shocked this happened) her pussy tightened even more around my throbbing member and I felt a wave of juices flow out of her around my cock.


first-time oomishay 2017-10-28

We kissed deeply, and I was instantly crazed with passion for you, flooded by the universe’s love, soaking up the earth’s pure energy pressing on my back, and your burning hot light above me; I wanted you immediately, desperately, and I felt your hands on me like electricity on metal, slowly sparking their way up my legs to my thighs as I lightly gasped and ran my fingernails along your back. Golden light flooded us both, pouring out into the forest as you kissed your way down my body, holding my hips tightly and looking into my wild eyes, sending me gasping at each small touch of your lips trailing my skin.

My first all male threesome

first-time middleman502000 2017-10-28

ithout a word I grabbed his cock and wrapped my lips around it he groaned with pleasure we went to the bedroom and got into a 69 and i loved it I couldn't believe how much I like the feel of having a cock in my mouth.After a few moments i heard a voice say can I join in? So here I was one in my mout and one in my ass and loving it, The guy I was sucking started groaning and his cock swelled up even more,I felt his hand on the back of my head and hs shot three long streams of cum down my throat and I swallowed all of it, next came the one fucking me he grabbed my hips tightly and shoved his cock balls deep in my ass as he shot load after load in me.

My Best Friend - pt. 2

first-time BigStevieAwesome 2017-10-28

His eyes widened slightly as his body hit the bed, and in that short moment of surprise, I moved over him. I slid my right hand down his body, my left keeping his arms above his head, and pushed it under his shirt, dragging the hem up his smooth belly. I walked over, gently pulling the sheet over his sl**ping body before going back to the living room for an hour or so, until I was tired. I made my way back to the bed, pulling my own shirt off and quietly slipping under the sheet, wrapping my right arm around his body and pulling him against me, spooning up behind him.

s****r and I are Close Then Mom (7)

first-time HankWilliams1956 2017-10-28

Stepping up behind Beth, I placed my rock hard cock at the opening of her pussy hole and just placed the head of my cock in her pussy like I had done to Clare a little bit ago, then I placed both hands on her ass cheeks and squeezed them, "Does sexy B. When Clare finished cleaning my cock off, she sat up and moved back and gave me a French kiss, then got up and looked over at Beth, with the cum I pumped into her pussy starting to drip out and make a trail across where the thigh and butt cheek come together, to drip onto the floor, I then motioned for her to lick it up, before it did drip off to the floor.

The Lawn Boy

first-time surob123 2017-10-28

I began thinking about how good his cock had felt inside me and how many times it had made me cum. I began thinking about how good his cock had felt inside me and how many times it had made me cum. I wanted it and seeing as how I was supposed to start my period today anyway I said, “Cum deep inside me!” The boy instantly buried deep inside me and began pumping a huge load of black cum deep inside me. I wanted it and seeing as how I was supposed to start my period today anyway I said, “Cum deep inside me!” The boy instantly buried deep inside me and began pumping a huge load of black cum deep inside me.


The Enforcer Ch. 06

first-time OmegaZone 2017-10-28

Maya quickly stopped crying and looked up, her eyes met mine; admiration filled them as she said: “You know, I have never before felt comfortable in a man’s arms, well except my father’s, maybe.” She moved my face to hers and placed a gentle kiss upon my lips. I moved my hands to her hips as she was about to thrust me deep into her body and she looked at me questioningly as I said: “Maya, I know you’re anxious to feel me in your body, but I am sizable and if tried it right now it would be both unpleasant and harmful to you.” She looked at me worried, “I can fit in your body, and I will make love to you fully, but please let me set the pace.


first-time 2017-10-28


Don't date a crazy girl

first-time SteveHarbor 2017-10-28

I felt lips sucking on my neck and licking my ear in a way that had me so completely aroused that I didn't even question where I was, I just assumed it was my girlfriend. I felt that the back of my rubber suit had been unzipped from the small of my back to around the front and my penis was exposed and being stroked and it was the moment that I thought about the rubber suit that all of the memories from the night came back to me and I looked over my shoulder and saw it was not my girlfriend who was handling me.

Naughty Boss Gift

first-time madavi2 2017-10-28

Boss came to my desk and told “Now, it is confirmed that you won’t leave the place and I appreciate white colour is also good for you” He went out with a smile on his face. It was really provocative, grown boobs looked like jumping out because of low cut neck bra that I worn with the strap fixed close to armpits. I adjusted slim shoulder straps of the bra to keep the boobs perfect and rose up the tiny waist band of the panty to look sexy. I removed white color blouse opening the front buttons and got freed boobs from black colour bra.

Dear Diary, A Mature Wife's First Unexpected

first-time lancepearson 2017-10-28

In a few more minutes he asked me if I was still okay with this and my answer was putting one of his hands on my breast then reaching down between us and feeling his cock and balls through his pants while starting a very deep kiss which I remember ended with him taking my hand and leading me into the closest bedroom, a guest bedroom, where he pulled the hem of my skirt up with his hands and rubbed my butt while I touched the skin of his back after pulling his shirt out of his pants.

Bob Gets Laid

first-time flyingcarpet 2017-10-28

"Lee Anne responded with passion, and her hand slid down the front of my jeans, feeling my hard cock and squeezing it. Standing in front of me, Lee Anne raised her arms together over her head and slowly danced, swaying her body from her hands down to her toes, somehow making me even more excited as she looked me in the eye and licked her lips seductively. Lee Anne let my hands go and pulled my head tight against her breast. Lee Anne slipped her mouth off my still hard cock, and turned to straddle me, her soaked pussy hair tickling my sensitive member. "Lee Anne rode my cock like a pro, speeding up and slowing down, stretching the pleasure out as I felt her soft smooth skin and squeezed her tight ass cheeks.

Educating Ella

first-time PurpleButterfly 2017-10-28

"Okay, what you want to do is to start with light strokes, like this" Janet demonstrated on her banana, running her finger tip up and then back down the banana's length. Have you done this to Adam?" Ella's hand still wrapped around the base of the banana, her question caught Janet off guard. "No, but you might want to spit on your hands before you start." This time Janet couldn't hold back the giggle "Put some on your hands before you start, and I swear Aaron will love it." Janet was pleased to see that Ella was loosening up a bit; she appeared to be approaching this exercise as a game, enthusiastically rubbing the banana up and down.

Work Head and Facial!

first-time FreakyScorpioNig347 2017-10-28

As i bent over to suck them i held my face right in front her tits looking stariing at her big nipples and areolas. Through her moans she said i wanna suck ur dick. She said damn papi, as she crouched down, she grab my balls and pulled my dick into her mouth. I whispered im cumming, she then begins to jack my dick super fast. I had to look down to see what the hell she was doing cause i never had my dick jacked so fucking fast lol. As she opened the door and walked out she looked at me and said sorry but u know how long i wanted to do that.

Brutal b*****rs – Part 2

first-time 2017-10-28

This time they didn’t do the individual facefuck and instead Raj took my ass and Sameer was on my pussy and Dinesh was on my face, and the session started i was moaning like a real slut and they were also spanking me and biting my nipples in between after some time they switched positions and my all the holes were filled for the next few hours they fucked me brutally without any break they cummed after one and a half hour and everyone was down and tired after few mins my fucking was over and i was breathing heavily there was a knock at the door they asked me to open the door ” i an not dressed” i said ” ohh shut up bitch it’s your dear b*****r” Sameer said and it was none other than Rohan as i opened the door his dick was already out of his pants and he entered the room and caught be by nipples ” hey slut did i miss something” Rohan said.

Taralee's First Time Ch. 06

first-time cubalover 2017-10-28

I laughed, and thought nothing of it until ten days later, when my mom said Virginia had called and they'd like me to babysit while they went to an early Halloween party. I finally let his limp cock slip out of my mouth onto his jizz-stained trousers and pulled my fingers out of my dripping cunt, hoping he hadn't seen how I'd done myself. He'd changed into that sexy purple silk gown with the black lapels that always made me feel as if I'd walked onto an old-time movie set, where the handsome star was about to make love to the young ingénue.