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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Butterfly Princess

first-time LadyCrimsonButterfly 2017-10-28

“Do you want to be alone, my princess?” Sakuya nodded, she needed to sort her thoughts. “You owe me nothing, my dear” Sakuya felt a kiss on her forehead. Yuanrang started kissing her, his hands investigating the body of his beloved. Sakuya felt the desire which he had; she took his penis in her mouth, played with her tongue at it. Sakuya kissed his lips, he really wanted to give him a good orgasm. Yuanrang gently bit on her lower lip, Sakuya started to gasp into their kiss, after feeling the hands of her lover squeezing her breasts. “You don’t need to hold back Sakuya” He said gently, placing a little kiss on her forehead.

Married man tries men at a hotel

first-time rushman1uk 2017-10-28

He let go of my nipple and took his finger and trailed it along my lip before he pushed it in my mouth. I'm not sure how long I sucked on his dick before he pulled me up and once again pushed his tongue deep into my mouth. His hand fed both balls to his mouth which bathed them as I felt his body shift off the bed and begin tonguing the area between my balls and my ass. He took his towel and wiped my spit off his cock, dressed, and leaned down and kissed me once on the mouth before he opened the door and left.

Odette Ch. 01

first-time Sellene 2017-10-28

Ms. Fawn has instructed me that I should ask you more detailed questions on what exactly you would like to do and learn before your parties." Ryan said with a sexy smile and my god his voice was husky and deep. "Turn over Odette, let me show you what Fawn told me to show you and learn well." Ryan's kissing became more firm and his hands started to turn me over and I helped, eagerly wanting to know what it felt like to make love and also to know what to do for my party. I turned to go back into the room and seen Ryan laying on the bed and I decided I wanted to learn as much as possible before my Freedom Party and he was going to teach me.

Great gal Gina

first-time petdyke 2017-10-28

I invited Gina for a gynalogical intimate inspection. She agreed eagerly and spread her legs like an eagle. I kept lapping like a cat, all juices flowing from her fanny. She kept getting keeping wetter, squirting into my face. I love to lap along her hot sexy slimy slit, every drop of it. She loves my long tongue talking dirty to her without words. I love to make love to my lesbian love from far. She loves to ride along the shaft of her best friend. If I'm not wrong my lesbian friend loves to read me. Secretly she dreams how I would enter her hot holes. I wonder whether which friends would still understand me. Whom of my friends love my pervy prose?

Dinner Dance

first-time FarmersDaughter 2017-10-28

I looked over at Jane and I could see her eyes were out on stalks – I imagine that she was thinking that there was no way anything that thick could fit inside a pussy. Jane turned out the light and almost immediately I felt Greg's hand come over to touch my pussy. As I got more excited and started fucking Greg harder I totally forgot about sharing a room with Jane and Robby. Every time I looked over I could see that Jane was getting hotter – I secretly hoped that she and Robbie would start to fuck as well – then I could watch them. As I watched Robby slid under the sheets – I knew he was going to lick Jane's pussy.

The Joy of Momdom 2: A Goddess is Born

first-time 2017-10-28

“Bear in mind, if she is interested in you, the woman who walks through your door isn’t your mother but your goddess.” What was it I overheard my son calling me while he was masturbating? “Wait here son,” I said as I picked up the bottle of wine and the collar. Now in pleasure you are born again and in wine you are coming forth to the joy of your goddess!” His wine-streaked hair and face was ready for loving. Turning to face me on his knees, my son began to pray. With my hands grabbing the hair on the back of his head, I continued to push his face forward into my streaming gash.

A Mother Punishes Her Boy For The Last Time

first-time faddy02 2017-10-28

He was going to make her pay for the torment he suffered."Mom I have something to tell you""What is it son?" she said sweetly."You've destroyed my sex live and I don't have a woman for my bed" he snarled."You never went out with a good church going woman son" she said."Maybe not, but I'm going to punish you by r****g your ugly ass" he said angerly."Get the devil out of your mind!" she said clutching her bible.John ripped her clothes off and threw the screaming woman to the floor. "John come here" she said excitedly."What do you want you old dried up slut" he snarled."I want you to fuck me, I'm beginning to like it" she said spreading her legs."Now you are talking" said her son happily.John stuck his prick in his waiting mothers cunt.

That Fateful Weekend Ch. 01

first-time RecHiker 2017-10-28

One night I came home and upon opening the front door, I was greeted with the wonderful smell of my favorite dinner and my nude wife Donna. I was curious and every time I tried to ask what the special occasion was, Donna shushed me and told me to enjoy my dinner. Both Donna and I worked whatever extra hours we could so when the baby came, we would be able to take some time off to be with our baby and more importantly being a family. One of the things that I loved about our home being situated in the middle of our property was that Donna and I had continued what we started on the beach during our honeymoon.

Carful Consideration

first-time Decayed Angel 2017-10-28

But then other friends talked of the seemingly incessant grinding as they endured the entire way until finally, finally the guy got to where he was going. Ah, but just the thought of feeling him inside me for the first time, the smooth motion of him as he slides in and out, as he stretches me out for all I'm worth and then slows to caress me around the curves, the bump and grind as we sweat in the heat, dripping all over each other. You know, I'm not a whore, a road girl, but for the right one I'd open my doors wide and rev my engine just to feel his hands on me, to feel him slip his fingers into me, prying me open just to slip inside.


first-time WetBlossom 2017-10-28

Her arms were trapped, the right at her side, the left between them, so she protested, tried to move away from him by arching her back, which turned out to be a complete mistake; all it did was simultaneously wiggle her hips to match his thrust while grinding her chest against his. We could be the horniest college kids in the world, and if we didn't genuinely want each other, didn't feel a real attraction, you'd be home right now, and we'd both be wondering why the hell we'd tried that disgusting kiss. And you wouldn't have to worry about the first time being with somebody who was just trying to use you." She took a breath to speak, but he kept going, laying a finger across lips swollen with kisses, then gently tracing their outline with his thumb as he spoke.

The Powerless

first-time PoeticAvarice 2017-10-28

A few weeks went by and things were slowly returning to normal, I was still trying to get quick feels on Amber when I got the chance and she was a little more hesitant to let me watch her dress, and I couldn't possibly stop jerking off in her bathroom afterward... As I closed the door behind me, I never took my eyes off of Amber's naked body. Before things got too intense, I broke off the kiss and Amber helped get my shirt off. I came to my senses and grabbed Amber's head and pulled her up to me and kissed her. Soon, Amber's legs started to spread open again and she began to hump her hips at my fingers as I came closer to her clit again.

The Librarian

first-time kap007 2017-10-27

The pretty young librarian is lying on a long wooden table, a book in one hand the other slowly sliding over her dress, gently squeezing one of her breasts. The hand flicks up to the book, quickly turning the page, then returns to her breast, the long fingers running up the side towards the nipple pressed against the thin dress. She slowly gets up off the table, adjusts her dress and picks up to book, looking at it with a little smile spread across her face. Her hand starts to caress my cock through my pants as my finger brushes over her hard clit and down towards her pussy.

Surprise Encounter Ch. 02

first-time Ladyhespa 2017-10-27

Then I start to lightly stroke his thigh, going all the way up until I feel his slightly engorged cock, which I squeeze softly. It feels so good, I have my head back, my eyes are closed, and I didn't notice the car had come to a stop. Taking his hand, I step out of the car smoothing down my dress so that I am covered as we walk into the house. We part from our kiss and stand there looking at each other, when he begins to move his hands from my waist down my hips, taking my dress along for the ride. I turn lying back on the bed with my ass on edge he takes my legs in his hands and plunges back into my pussy hard.


Big Beautiful Babs

first-time NiceGuyInVa 2017-10-27

I had to stop her because I wanted to savor this moment, and I placed my hands on the waistband of her bikini bottoms and slipped them over her huge buttocks which shook magnificently, released from the restricting material. We kissed again when we reached her double bed and our hands explored each other's body, wanting to know every sensitive inch, crying out to be caressed. I then moved my hands around her body and began to stroke the thick wet hairs of her crotch, as she once again stroked my cock and caressed my ass. I moved between her massive legs and took my rock hard cock in my palm and slowly inserted the head into her warm moist opening.

Dartmoor Pussy Adventure

first-time Archiebald 2017-10-27

Someone will have to come and steady me." We all understood it would have to be the other girl, who immediately protested, "No way, it's not my job to help you pee; you'll just have to hold it!". I think I was being facetious when I piped up, "If it's the only way to stop you complaining, I'll come with you." Obviously, the youth leader couldn't allow that, but even as he opened his mouth to forbid it, Andi grabbed my wrist and yanked me off in her chosen direction. Then Andi took a little of the wet stuff on her fingers, and began to rub it in, like hand cream, to the very top of her slit.


first-time 2017-10-27

It was a warm day and and I was enjoying the heat and water, coming out of the water with my back turned to the back door I got out with my naked ass propping up into the air. Do u want that?” nodding his head he said yes, then slowly leaned in to give me a kiss. As he was about to cum I took him out of my mouth and began to jerk him off only holding his cock tightly in my hand and moving it as fast as I could I herd him grunt and a spray of his seeds colored my body.

Tonight's the Night

first-time StarKat 2017-10-27

He kissed me back and moved his hands up my legs and went to slide them under my shirt. I rubbed my hands over his chest and crotch, as I watched his eyes and facial expressions. I then rubbed my hands over me, while continuing to watch his reactions. Then I slid my hands back up him and sliding his shirt up and kissing the newly revealed skin as I went. I rubbed my hands over the exposed skin on my torso, and slid my shirt off. I slid my hand under my panties and rubbed my hand over my pussy, enjoying the feeling, and his eyes on me while I played with myself, while he couldn't do anything.

first time story

first-time Randomfacts 2017-10-27

Eventually we got down to underwear, then nothing, and then the dares got into that sort of boy thing that happens: "If you lose you got to kiss my butt." "If you lose, you got to kiss my butt outside the tent." Then "touch my dick", then hold on to my dick" and of course, "kiss my dick." I remember that when it got down to "blow my dick" that I had no idea what that actually meant and when I had to do his dick, I put it in my mouth and puffed on it like I would have blown up a balloon.

finding out i was gay

first-time lottie999 2017-10-27

i was seeing a girl for nearly a year and one day out of the blue she asked me to watch some gay porn i said "no way i'm not gay and and don't fancy guys . after the first 2o min i felt realy turned on so much we started having sex there and then the whole way through i could'nt stop thinking about all the men fucking and getting fucked . it was the 1st time i met up with another guy we talked 1st then we stared kissing then he said come back to his place i did we starded having sex in his hallway, kitchen every where it was then i knew i was gay.

The Virgin Trilogy

first-time MrNiceguy777 2017-10-27

We'd actually spent a fair amount a time talking and eventually realizing I didn't want her to feel trapped by the washrooms with me I said, "Maybe I should let you get back upstairs to your friends." Meanwhile, the girl that I'd been seeing was also at the party and I knew that I'd have to deal with her if I was going to take Tori back to my place. I don't like to complain about things when I'm having my cock sucked, because even a bad blow job is still pretty good. At which point Tori pulled away from my cock, brought her hands to her face and in a weak voice said, "Sorry, I've never done this before."

She Doesn't Pt. 04

first-time barnabus 2017-10-27

A wonderful, loving, patient man, holding me and caressing me, never once trying to force me to do something I didn't want to do. As her orgasm passed, I continued to kiss her, but moved my hips away so that I could open my belt and pants to free myself for action. But if she relaxed, I could get into her that much easier.) With some trepidation, I felt her relaxing, releasing the thy-grip on my hips, her hands running up and down my back as if she didn't know what to do with them, finally coming to rest beside her shoulders, her fists clenched, her eyes pressed tightly shut. She broke the kiss and took a deep breath, closing her eyes, and moved her hands to grasp my buttocks.

Blackmailed by sisster part 1

first-time 2017-10-27

I stood naked in my parents room, my young teenage cock throbbing as i rubbed with a pair of my m*ms small black silk lacey panties, their senstaion sending shivers over my body. I was too far cock twitching throbbing aching, again the sound and light, omg i was about to expolde , my hand dropped the panties and cover the end of my exploding manhood, eyes flicked open searching for tissues..shit shit shit i ahd gone to far " Now lie still" she said, she bent forward and kissed my forehead before dipping a finger in the spunk on my belly...she drew patterns in it covering my belly.." now remember , two weeks one pic, no pyjamas any more..just your gown at breakfast, and every breakfast"

Frat House Visit Ch. 01

first-time jester4747 2017-10-27

Entering the room, her mother pleaded, "I'm sorry Manny, its just that my baby-girl is going to look at a college and I'm going to be puttering around this house alone soon." In those days Manny was a tomboy and spent her time trying to keep up with her older brother. Manny slept with an extra pillow between her legs at night, rubbing it against her groin to satisfy the need to be touched when she had these dreams. His fingers rubbed her lips on the outside, and that hard little spot at the top she would focus the shower on when she caressed herself in the bathtub. Josh was watching her scurry about the room in amazement, wondering when his tomboy sister started caring about how she looked.

The Spankotron 3000

first-time spankingjenny 2017-10-27

Well it was too late to go back now, the machine started to change shape to accommodate the bigger area to swing the horse whip, leather straps sprung out from the platform to secure me into place, a gag was stuffed into my mouth and lastly it spread my legs wide apart so the whip could find every little spot. SWISH WACK SWISH WACK SWISH WACK, OOOOOHHHHH I moaned, my hips and bottom were one thick mass of welts and then it stopped, I thought good it is over but no the machine was changing direction, it was turning me so it could whip vertically, catching the inside of my legs and then right up the middle.