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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

the song that became true

first-time uchiha_cain 2017-10-27

I left the club and started to walk, this time listening the song of greenday "boulevard of broken dreams" and went to a park to lie down for a while and watch the clouds and i started to think: "i fell in love with a really beautiful transsexual, i didnt even know her name, but she was very beautiful it's true, and I don't think that I'll see her again, but we shared a moment that will last till the end, there must be an angel with a smile on her face, i wanted to return to the club and talk to her, i was like dam she was really really beautiful i want her to be my girlfriend, could i have a chance, im not tall but i have a good body, that bear man looked higher than me and maybe she likes a man like him, but maybe she likes a man like me too.

Used by My High School Bully: Chapter 1

first-time john1195 2017-10-27

Even in high school we looked like maybe, at least partially, we could have practice in beforehand?" I noticed his hand moving and my eyes traced his "What the fuck faggot?" Yelled Eddie as he entered back into the room. knew I must be facing him now but refused to open my eyes to confirm "Freckled faggot fuck in my house." I felt flesh Eyes shut again I ran my tongue on his head. pull off, mouth and lips running along his cock, but something caught my "Suck!" I heard him say and knew instantly he had placed his hands on moved my mouth back-and-forth faster and faster over the head as I "Freckled faggot fuck." He slapped me with his free hand and immediately

Unexpected Festivities

first-time alittlebirdie 2017-10-27

At first I barely recognized him, the short wavy black hair, the bright blue eyes, his athletic and muscular physique, but of course it was my friend's cousin. I had long curly red hair that just met my lower back, bright sea green eyes framed with dark, long eyelashes, a pretty heart shaped face, and pale baby pink skin. The next hour or so was filled with a daze of failed hands, more cups of beer, the cold feeling of wearing less than I should have, and the prickling stare of his ice blue eyes against my bare skin. Fingers worked deftly, finding the right spot in record time and causing my moans of pleasure to become screams.

Tom Best/Worst Week Pt. 01

first-time Qwerto 2017-10-27

Can't find them, my clothes and key are gone" said Tom and in his voice was feel fear. "Well, since you live near" Eva start talking "you just go home like you are now, in your small speedos. Tom don't answered because Eva presence and her hand on his shoulder cause him dizzy. "No, it no need for..." start Tom talking, in fear that something may happen with his only clothes. Tom start lowering his hands how Eva continued in what she was doing. "Now I want for you to put your left foot up." she ordered and how she spoke, Tom feel her breath on his penis. If you want." Said Eva still close to his throbbing penis.


first-time Extreme Bohunk 2017-10-27

She stood for a time, letting her hands explore the new sensations her body was giving her. She waded in to her waist, the water felt like soft hands sliding over her sensitive skin. The sound of falling water was joined by hers as a flood of new tingles filled her. She wanted to push deeper, her fingers were stopped by the last barrier between girl and woman. Her fingers pushed again, she felt a small pain as the tiny wall of flesh inside her stretched. As the streams of water moved in and away, the vibration of the rock rose and fell. She felt hands gliding over her body, her skin came alive.

my fantasy...44

first-time tight_virginal_ass 2017-10-27

your bold stare makes my cock start 2 stir & tingle my cock feels achingly swollen as i moan & groan & gasp cuz i'm gonna fuck your tight ass !! " 7 inches of hard gay cock just 4 u !! as i feel your oozing cock-head " i'm gonna fuck your tight little hole !!! u press the thick swollen head of your cock & press my ass-hole out-ward " u love my cock in your ass... fuck my ass full of cock !! fuck my ass full of cock !! " you're gonna cum on my cock every time i fuck u !!! as u fill my ass full of cock & cum

The Birth of a Slut

first-time submama79 2017-10-27

Looking back I guess I made myself quite the pest, but seeing them naked or watching them beat off always gave me that funny feeling in my tummy and as soon as I could I would run to my room, shut the door, something my not so bright b*****rs rarely did, and rub my coochie until it felt better. Well this particular night, my b*****rs decided to have a camp out in the back yard with 2 of their friends, Todd and Andy, both of whom were incredibly hot in the eyes of a 13 year old girl. He slapped my tummy and told me to “open up and suck it slut.” Not knowing what else to do, I opened my mouth and he started shoving his cock in and out of my mouth.

Treat for Hubby Cum Eating

first-time 425olds 2017-10-27

As she had prepared herself to go out we had discussed how much she was looking forward to getting pounded by her boyfriend's big cock, what positions she was going to get taken in (all of them if I remember correctly) and at what point she would let me know she was on her way home. Karen offered me her inner thigh, a thin ribbon of glistening liquid snaking its way to around the halfway point, "Let me see you lick his cum off my leg." I drew the tip of my tongue upwards as far as I could making sure she could see me do so.

Mother's Day Weekend Part One {True Story}

first-time 2Raw4u 2017-10-27

She laughs again saying "Well it's not new but a lot of people are fucking one another because when you single it's free gain." I was stuck again and then she ask when am I turning 21 I said, "In June." She said "The whole weekend huh, I could use a weekend retreat and when you get back I'll just be in your bed napping." She also added "and by the way I sl**p naked." I instantly got so excited that my dick was ready to explode but I had to keep my composure; not like she could see me. She looks back at me and smile saying "you must be a natural." I smiled back and slightly kiss her right thigh and said, "I just had a lot of practice."{Sounds Cliché I Know But Still True}

Fair is Fair 2

first-time hunglo567 2017-10-27

Going back into the house I headed straight for the shower, careful not to let my mom see the rock hard bulge in my shorts. Reaching down between her legs Amy grabbed my cock as began rubbing the head around her pussy. The sensation of her hard nipples sliding against my chest and the feel of her fiery pussy gripping my shaft as she fucked herself on my steel like dick were overwhelming and I knew that I wouldn't last long. "Oh fuck", I groaned as I had had one last rational thought, and I pulled my dick of her just in time to shoot what seemed like buckets of my cum onto her still convulsing belly.

The Right Place At The Right Time

first-time p2sailorman 2017-10-27

The woman wearing the sundress came over to her, and said they were all heading home, but Leslie told her she was staying. She was standing at the edge of the table, so I stood right behind her to ask which shot she wanted to take. I waited until she had set up her shot, and then I placed my chin on the table rag right in line with her point of aim. She took a position beside me as we walked, that allowed her to hold hands with my slumped cock, and gave me the opportunity to finger her between her ass cheeks as we made our way along.

Sharing Cocks with my Girlfriend-True Story-Please

first-time bmckzi 2017-10-27

Then Barbara said its my turn and I sat down on the couch while she took her little fingers and stroked my cock while sucking me off- She rubbed her pussy and Rich said"let me do that for you" and he rubbed her pussy while she sucked me- he told her to take her time and he tried to pull her pants down but she got nervous. I said that they both fucked her good and she loved both of them and got on my knees and pulled out Bruce's dick and sucked him hard and then sucked up and down until I could finally taste his cum from his cock (I had tasted it in Barb's mouth after I kissed her good bye).

My First Day - Part 1 (Femdom)

first-time mikeyoctopus 2017-10-27

Laying before me are the following: a pair of frilly hot pink thong panties, a dark purple silk night gown, Japanese clover nipple clamps, a spreader bar with leather ankle cuffs, locking leather wrist restraints, my metal gates of hell, and a large black butt plug. As I wiggle my ass into them, I feel the plug moving and it sends waves of pleasure through your cock, which is quickly met by sharp pain from the cage. Your panties barely cover your cock at all, but I pull them all the way up, making sure the thong string is tight against the plug in my ass.

I finally did it!!! First time bisexual blowjob

first-time monster10 2017-10-27

he loved it so much he started to cum after like 3 minutes and I thought he was done and i was so disappointed but he stopped himself just in time. His dick was so smooth, and it wasn't freakishly big at all but it was bigger and fatter than mine and uncut like I wanted and his head was huge which really turned me on when I pulled his foreskin back for the first time in my life. I guess that makes me bisexual but I dunno cause I'd never date a guy I just wish I had a dick I could suck all the time without it being gay.

Teaching My s*s-In-Law - Conclusion

first-time 2017-10-27

As Kathy began to slide her pussy over my cock, I reached up and began to massage her tits again. A soft moan escaped her lips as I started to lift my hips off the bed, driving my cock a little deeper into her. My wife bent her head down and started to lick and stroke my cock. "Hey, what are you guys doi......" Kathy's words died on her lips when she saw my wife sucking my cock. "I love the way his cock feels in my mouth. Kathy quickly got on top of me and guided my cock to her mouth. As Kathy started to suck my cock, I reached up and stuck a finger in her pussy.

Halloween party III

first-time 1120scott 2017-10-27

Really, he said and came over to the couch and sat beside me. I asked if I could have another beer,he said sure as long as you take those things off. Pulling my shirt off Steve reached around and gave me a hug. I felt his dick pressing against me as I dropped my shirt and took a beer. Steve sat down and watched as I made a show of pulling my pants off and hooking my thumbs under the waistband of my underwear. Steve smiled and said I remember you now,and stroked my dick. I took a big drink of my beer and laid across his lap with my head on the arm of the couch.

Tommy's Tongue

first-time badteacher 2017-10-27

Nancy: and i tell you how bad i want to fuck and i just can't wait...sooo i take out my toy and turn the vibe on...i rub lightly over my clit and it makes me shiver. Nancy: over the phone you tell me all the ways you want to fuck me...the best is in the i take my toy and run a bubble bath...i lay back and play with myself in the tub waiting on you still telling you about gets me so hot i cum on the toy...just as you walk in the take the toy and lick it...then lick me

My Visit with an Xhamster Friend

first-time Loganlong 2017-10-27

Although we talked about our kiss being more sexual in the station, like me slipping my hand under stress and fingering her wet pussy while we embraced each others lips, it was actually more passionate and innocent. The smell was amazing and I couldn't resist any longer and I started licking, kissing and tonguing her sweet pussy. I lifted her legs and licked her tight pink asshole covered in her pussy juices, she let out a playful moan. She got on her knees and started licking and suck my cock then she took it out of her mouth and spit on it asking me if I liked it. She grabbed my ass cheeks and started to lick and tongue my ass as I sucked my cock furiously.

Gangbang for car

first-time cuteb0y25 2017-10-27

After a few seconds he added a third finger "that feels tighter, I guess we're getting near her limits, lets see how much this bitch can take" and he pushed a fourth finger into my pussy, stretching me wider than I've ever been stretched, creating a burning pain, but also a small amount of pleasure which increased as he fucked my cunt with his fingers. He grabbed my ass cheeks and lifted me up and down his cock a few times to loosen me up further then the guy who had just been fucking my ass slammed into my pussy and they continued their rough treatment of me for another ten minutes before finally, they both came together and sprayed my insides with their cum.

Becoming a Fuckbuddy

first-time 425olds 2017-10-27

"Oh yes sir, I want your big cock stuffed down my tight, eager throat," I moaned as I felt Vince's cock swell to semi-hardness. With additional work and instruction, I freed his large, hanging nuts and took turns massaging each of the hairy balls in my warm mouth as Vince's hard cock lay heavily across my exposed head. "You ready to try working that big cock back down your throat, bitch?" Vince continued. Letting out a hearty chuckle, Vince grabbed my head in his masculine hands and taking dead aim, thrust forward, impaling my face on his throbbing hard-on. After several minutes of sweaty face fucking, Vince pulled his sloppy cock from my mouth and slapped my faced hard with his meaty appendage.

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 10

first-time BlewWater69 2017-10-27

Jason began to think he might get what he wanted without any discussion of training Pam. He lost the first hand and so did Stef. Jason watched, as did Stephanie, as Pam undid the zipper and removed the sleeves from her arms. Wonderful Stephanie was busy practicing her deepthroat skills when Jason resumed kissing Pam. His one hand had slid down her flat belly and found the wet spot on her panties. Now his fingers played in the crease of her cunt, drawing more moans from Pam. Jason also groaned as Stephanie sucked his cock deliciously and palmed his balls. Jason could feel Pam working her pussy on his big cock as Stef moved into position over him.

My first time part 2

first-time longnthick2001 2017-10-27

I went to move past him and again i brushed passed his upper thigh with my hand this time on purpose, his huge penis found my hand and i let it linger there for longer than it should have, he moved himself away from my touch and i instantly said i was sorry, i was so embarrassed, he said to forget about it, because that is what he has to do every time he see's me, " what do you mean " i asked " look at you, your hot , every time i see you i get all nervous and exited, iv been watching you all night, and iv got to tell you your the prettiest girl i have ever met, and thats the problem your just a girl, i would get linched if anyone found out what i was thinking" " im not a girl i am sixteen" i told him sounding slightly offended, " im 35 he said much to old for you, again i saw him look at my body, and i wanted him to see it, my clit was on fire and i could feel me pussy getting wetter, i squeezed past him again and again i touched his big dick then i walked away and i said your right your too old and winked.

My BFF Jenny

first-time LdyGenieve 2017-10-27

And as I made her cum, I felt the hard, familiar pleasure of my boyfriend's cock ramming my wet cunt. After a few mind blowing orgasims from the ladies, my boyfriend turned me around and pushed me to my knees, placing his cock deep into my mouth. Ever minute or so, I'd reach over, grab the back of her head and kiss her, squeezing her tits as my boyfriend waited. My boyfriend reached out to grab her tits as his cock slid faster and harder into my cunt. My friend looked down, licked her lips and sucked the rest of the creaminess from his cock. My friend, my boyfriend and myself were granted this pleasure that cold night.

Blowjobs: Every Mouth is Different.

first-time 2017-10-27

I enjoyed it so much that I'm stealing the idea and publishing my own recollection of oral pleasures, here are four memorable women (in no particular order): We did it a few times in a parking garage where we nearly got caught. Funny thing is, at home in bed she wasn't into oral at all. I came in her mouth on the first date (only time that ever happened). Liked to come to my office at night when only the cleaning crew was around (nearly caught by them, too). On her knees naked, as I sat in my big swivel chair, she worked her mouth like a cunt on my cock. She held my cum in my mouth until I gave her permission to swallow!