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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Day at the Beach

first-time HarryOrwell 2017-10-27

I tried to smile, said "Sorry, I wasn't thinking." She reached, and I took her hand and pulled her up. "Well, I don't think you're stupid, so let's just have fun, okay?" and she ran to the water, with me close behind, thoroughly enjoying myself while Anthony roamed the beach looking for topless babes. Then she wrapped her lips around the head, and let her tongue tease the tip, then, still looking up at me, she slowly began taking more of me inside, deeper, then out, then deeper again. We started by probing, touching, finding her wet spot, it glistened in the light she was so wet, and I climbed over her, in the 69 position I had seen and spread her apart, lowering my head and blowing cool air into her, as she whispered, "Oh Harry!"


Bobby & Linda

first-time cdod 2017-10-26

Linda looked Bobby squarely in the eyes and said, "And, I guess that Linda sat back down on the couch right next to Bobby, reached over Instinctively Bobby softly rolled Linda's warm tits in his hands "Yes I do Linda," Bobby said as he unzipped pants and stepped out of properly." As Bobby started with his tongue, Linda quickly Linda quickly spit out his prick again and said, "No, Bobby. A stunned Linda and Bobby looked around quickly to see who had A stunned Linda and Bobby looked around quickly to see who had Bobby couldn't believe how bad he wanted to fuck these women. cunt into Linda's mouth as Bobby continued to spank her.

Tonight's gonna be a good night

first-time Explctlyrc 2017-10-26

She laughed and said "I don't think my husband would like that." Like a douchebag (my words) Cameron said "Well, he doesn't have to know, does he?" She ended up turning his advance down but not wanting the fun to be over she continued the conversation with him and scooted closer to him on the bench. He ran his fingers down her long brown hair and told her how much he would like to take her home tonight. She kissed Cameron and told him that she needed to get back inside with her friends before they got too suspicious. She told me that she wanted to dream about Cameron pounding her pussy with his big cock with her legs wrapped around his waiste pulling him deep into her.

Breaking Free Ch. 1

first-time Randen 2017-10-26

If you want me to sit here and listen to you, and help you, I need to know the truth, understand?" I said sternly. "Yes, Professor, I am okay." She continued to breathe slowly as her tongue slithered more frequently across her moist lips. "You have such a beautiful body, Lucy," I said, I sliding both my hands onto the bare flesh of shoulders. "Lucy, it doesn't matter what your body looks like, the main thing is, if you can't love yourself, and enjoy yourself, no other physical attribute is going to change that. "You have such an aristocratic looking neck, long and slim, very inviting to be touched, to be kissed." I slid her dress further down her arms to around her waist, exposing her small laced-covered breasts.

the youngin

first-time bihubby55 2017-10-26

he walked up to the urinal and i knew right away that he wasn't there to take piss when he pulled his cock out, it was rock hard and throbbing. i took him back to stall and i sat on the seat looked at that youngin's sweet cock. i wasn't going to pass this up and took the seat and went to work extracting a sweet second load of cum from this beautiful cock. sucking that cock and feeling him pump my mouth, i reached my hands behind and felt his soft cheeks, squeezing them as he pumped my mouth.but i had bigger plans.

Lynne & Brad Ch. 01

first-time SKyoto 2017-10-26

Brad wrapped himself around his mate and started to remove her top; they broke their kiss for a moment to allow this to happen, and Lynne looked deep into Brad's eyes, saying "Fuck me" in a loud whisper. Turning round on Brad's chest, Lynne slowly lowered her mouth onto his meat and relaxed her muscles to deep-throat his long cock. Her small nose pressed into Brad's pubes as she began to slide back and forth along his thickly-veined love muscle, and Brad groaned and involuntarily lifted his hips as he humped her little mouth, feeling her gag slightly. Turning around again, she looked deep into his eyes and began to position her hips over his cock, which she held up with a little finger.

With a Church Girl

first-time sensuallystricken 2017-10-26

Kathy and I went to the same middle and high school but the only time we got to really talk or connect was during church events. Suddenly I feel her thighs start to quiver and she pushes my head deep between her legs. She grabs my cock with her hand and moves her face to the right of it looking up at me. "I've never done this before so you're gonna have to tell me what feels good." She says stroking my dick at the same time. "But I wanted to suck your dick for so long." She stops talking again and gives my cock two full sucks. Kathy walks over to the sink, grabs a paper towel and wipes the cum off of her mouth, cheeks and face.

Friends with Benefits...PART 2

first-time rocketstud 2017-10-26

Sonia pulled her towel down, but kept her arm in front of her breast, covering up her nipples, and at the same time, keeping them pushed against her chest and preventing them from sagging. As Sonia lowered herself into the hot water, she removed her arm from her breasts and let them fall free, giving Mark a good view of her big, brown areolas and nipples before they went under water. Mark’s thigh occasionally rubbed against mine, and Sonia was leaning up against me, letting me feel her smooth naked body against mind in the hot, bubbly water. After Mark and Diana left, Sonia and I went straight to the bedroom, still wet and wrapped in our towels.

my life

first-time marsnd 2017-10-26

im 31 i currently live in okauchee lake ,wi. i was an all american in highschool football and played baseball, and basketball too. I also spent 9 years boxing. i never made it out of Golden Gloves, but that was by choice to pursue a college degree. Afetr playing a year of d1 football i dropped out. im not proud of it, but being a student athlete at my college wasn't easy. I then went onto my passion...COOKING. i went to culinary school in chicago,ill for 2 years and hyde park NewYork for 2 years. I did a year internship in southbeach miami. all in all i like being close to my f****y here in wisconsin though. there like my k**s.

Ice Cream Girl

first-time SlickNick2412 2017-10-26

The shirt was snug enough to accent the gentle curve of her breasts, which looked to be small handfuls, maybe a nice 32B if I had to guess, yet she always left the buttons undone, which let it dip open as she bent over into the freezer cases to scoop ice cream. I took in the view for a second or two: her slight face framed by her straight jet black hair that hung in chunks around her, breasts partially exposed inside the wide open collar of her shirt, one ankle-sock-covered foot on my chair as her other leg dangled to the side, leaving a beautiful vista of creamy white inner thigh topped off with a pair of rose pink boy shorts, through which I could already make out the slit between her lower lips.

The Scene Ch. 02: Not a Dry Seat

first-time YoureWet 2017-10-26

"Oh, Tom, you know how much I love you," Chloe said as soon as I turned back around. "Yeah, you know, you need to open your legs for me," I replied, looking her dead in the eye, "if you want me to pop your cherry." I pushed my hand further, deeper, lower, the leggings stretching to accommodate my arm, until I knew for sure that she was telling the truth - she wasn't wearing any panties. "Oh!" Chloe squeaked when she felt my finger touch her pussy inside her leggings. I looked into her eyes and growled, remembering the feeling of her warm wet pussy clutching the end of my finger.

Unknown Benefits of Life Modeling

first-time live987 2017-10-26

"Well" Sandy said with a smile "I look forward to seeing some of your work later on." She then excused herself, saying she was going to change into her robe and prepare for the class. "We're examining and drawing the female form tonight" Barb continued "You'll notice, Sandy has lots of nice curves, and the lighting in the room will cast some lovely shades and contrast her skin tone..." Fully dressed again, Sandy was standing in front of me and it looked like she was trying her hardest not to smirk as she looked over my 'drawings'. "Now, in here is the stuff you would have seen in your school diagrams." Sandy had taken both hands and pulled open her hair-covered pussy lips, exposing a glistening pink wet hole inside.

The Big Bang

first-time Erlikkhan 2017-10-26

Just as a surge of cum was about to explode up his shaft Beth pulled her lips from his cock and squeezed the base so tightly that she choked it back into his balls. "Do you like the way that tastes, Larry?" Beth asked as she climbed off his body and removed her drenched panties. Whatever Lawrence thought it was going to feel like having a hot pussy wrapped around his cock it had to be ten, fifty... "Ohmygod," Beth gasped as her pussy clenched one more time around his throbbing member, "You cock is incredible. Lawrence slid his hands to her ass cheeks and dug his fingers into the smooth skin pulling her down on his cock each time he plowed into her body.

Carmie and Me

first-time 356guy 2017-10-26

This time I ran my hands up the legs of her pajamas and began to massage her along inner thighs and along the sides of her pubic hair but not putting my fingers into her pubic hair. Thus, I began by cupping each breast in one of my hands and started to rub and massage her areola and then her nipples. As I rubbed and kneaded her breasts and nipples Carmie began to sigh and moan and move her body back and forth, up and down to meet my hands. When I woke up a few hours later I saw that Carmie had wrapped her legs around my left leg and her pussy was touching my thigh.

A Bus ride to remember

first-time maverick3489 2017-10-26

"Come sit next to me and lay your hand open on the wet spot." She said after a small pause. I moved over to sit next to her and while she stood up, I positioned my open hand on her pee stained seat. As I licked her panties, she pressed her pussy on my tongue, while the flow of pee kept coming in small squirts. After she couldn't pee anymore, she let go of my hand and reached over to my cock, which was as hard as a rock again. And I'm more than happy to experience more in the future, but I gave up my house and planned to search for something in the city." She looked at me with her beautiful dark eyes and said, "I know it seems hasty but, if you're okay with it, you can move in with me.

For the First Time

first-time RufusLeMont 2017-10-26

Dropping the tissue in the waste basket, Kassy turned and kissed him on the cheek giving his cock one last rub and said, "don't be to long, everyone else is already mixing a drink." With that, she smiled and slipped out the door and back to the party. Dan pulled his hand away and let Kassy lick her juices off, this was something that Dan loved to see and his cock was getting so hard it was becoming painful inside his jeans. For Kassy the world was a million miles away, she had wanted Dan's first time to be special but once she got his cock inside her, she was only concerned with getting off.

Wait Until the Wedding

first-time budd100 2017-10-26

She said, "You just want to stick your thing in me and shoot all that old nasty stuff in me and on me and I am not going to let you do it. When I got to the break room, Russ and I talked about how things had been going and then he said, "I know this is none of my business and I don't want you to get mad at me but I have seen Patty around town a couple of times with Derek Brown." That night Russ and I got one of the cars off the sales lot and drove over to Patty's street and parked where we could watch her house.

Shy GF Turns into Slut Pt. 01

first-time shyone121 2017-10-26

It started very light with getting Jess into the habit of looking at porn videos with me of other couples and eventually introducing a dildo into the bedroom for some role play, all of this work being introduced at particular times when she'd had some alcohol in her system. After slowly bringing her out of her shell, I finally found the best hint that Jess' mind was starting to wander, which got me insanely excited at the thought of. Jess ran upstairs and came back down a minute later wearing a tight small black skirt that made her ass look even bigger than in jeans, in fact you could nearly see her pants peeping out of the bottom.

Got Fucked By Old Guy In Bus For Money

first-time 2017-10-26

Old guy had time to came so I took off my top wear my bra and wear my top back I adjust my boob’s over my top and I took off the check that he had put inside my bag is was looking original valid so I put it back. Stared for him for few second and put all thing’s back in my bag & went to sl**ping position .Same thing again the old guy do after an hour he started touch my ass I was moving his hand away but still was trying after 10-15min . I got complete naked where my bra & panty got dress up and went to sl**p in morning the guys who was with driver came to me & said…Madam wake up and touching my boob’s.

Painter's Delight

first-time Alex_Mann 2017-10-26

"Hold on." She said, "I was looking for a woman, but you seem like such a nice guy I guess I could show you the room" I don't think I said a word, but I'm sure the look on my face was all the answer she needed. I had three really big jets that covered her beautiful breasts, I remember seeing it cling to her nipples as they swayed and jiggled from her hands continuing to pump me. I moved my head between her legs and reached my tongue out and tasted a pussy for the first time. At some point I reached up and cupped a breast in my hand, feeling the nipple poke out between my two middle fingers.

Playground Tales Chapter Two

first-time GoddessAtPlay 2017-10-26

This year was my second Christmas Party with this company, when I attended last year's party, I had only been employed there for about a month, still very new and didn't know many people. I undid his pants and pulled an already hard cock out, stroking up and down the shaft a few times before I bent my head down and took all of him into my mouth. I buried his cock into my throat so I could swallow each hot, sticky spurt, then went back to a nice steady rhythm of stroking and sucking, bobbing on just the head and then taking it all the way into my mouth, pressing my nose against his pelvis as I gagged a little.

Such Stuff as Dreams are Made Ch. 05

first-time solvemymystery 2017-10-26

The champagne was already warming my head, and with his fingers running softly through my hair and his cock pressing against my stomach I was losing control. I made a mental note to make sure Natalie and Anna put their lingerie back on later, and smiled down at him as he exposed my sex to his hungry mouth. Every time he touched me, with his tongue or lips or fingers or nose or the whole of his face, he brought new sensations to my body. It wasn't until I felt something warm pressing against my lips that I realised he hadn't come yet. I smiled and opened my mouth, kissing his head as he slid back inside me.

Kate Lets Loose Ch. 02

first-time bigjerseyguy 2017-10-26

He didn't want to cum, fall asleep and ruin the night. Andrew took the hint and started licked and sucking with gusto. Andrew climbed on top of her and started kissing her mouth. He kept rubbing her, licking her, pushing into her. Kate felt him starting to cum. As they laid together, holding each other tight, Andrew kept up his licking. Andrew figured that he had a good night, but she beat him, 6 orgasms to 4. The next morning, Andrew woke up before Kate and took a shower. Kate didn't want Andrew to leave, but she was too used to guys getting an orgasm and then abandoning her. Kate held on to Andrew for the next couple of hours.

Unexpected Secret

first-time nova169 2017-10-26

From that day on, I started having all kinds of sexual fantasies about Linda. Linda told me that the only sex she got anymore was by masturbation because of being afraid to let anyone know her secret. Linda must have read my mind, because she said, "Eve, I thought we were going to masturbate." Linda lay on her back and started stroking her dick. I started going up and down, taking more and more cock in my mouth with every stroke. Linda went back to stroking herself, but this time with a vengeance. I could actually feel her orgasm start in her balls before it happened. Linda reached up and started feeling my tits. I took hold of her hand and said, "Linda, finger fuck me!"