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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Me and my s****r

first-time cainne 2017-10-26

I didnt lock the bathroom door because my parents leave for work when i wake up, and my b*****r wakes up around 11am when theres no school. She kept sucking my dick like an expert, rolling her tounge and all, and in a few minutes, i was about to cum. My s****r smiled broadly, stood up, left the shower stall, took a towel, and started to dry off. "Hey meet me in my room in about 10 minutes little b*o" my s*s said, then took a small towel for her hair, and went out the bathroom door. "Hey don't feel bad about it."my s****r said soothingly "It just means that you havent met the right girl yet.

Bad Dolly Ch. 03

first-time bad_kitty22 2017-10-26

The hand holding my head slipped down to my left breast and squeezed gently, the thumb flicking over my hardened nipple a few times, which made me draw in breath sharply and bite his lip softly. 'No, my good girl, this time is different.' He placed my hand back to my side and I leaned my head back into my pillow in frustration. I gasped in fright as I felt the full weight of his body on me, then when I registered, I spread my legs and hooked them over his hips and grabbed his head, kissing him deeply again. He pushed into me, only the head, and the width of his cock caused a light pang of stretching pain, but it was accompanied by a kind pleasure I had never felt before.

Out of town for work !!

first-time PASTA11 2017-10-26

I was working out of town for a few days , I was at the motel pool just relaxing , and this mother,and daughter came to swim. I was watching them swim and thinking , I was getting horney , my cock was getting hard and i had to hide my erection. At about 8 pm there was a knock on the door , it was the daughter, She said ,she saw me at the pool earlier and said her my went clubbing aand was bored, asked if I wanted any company. She came in and talked for a while , I asked her if she wanted to watch a movie and she said ,does your tv and an x rated channel. She said she had never watch porn and wanted too.

Brandon Part 1

first-time sissytaylor18 2017-10-26

Look, Brandon, I said bashfully. I took another deep breath, put on my bath robe and headed down to the hot tub. As I walked out to the patio, Brandon was in the hot tub looking at me. Hell yeah, he said, why else would I be sitting here like this. Like I said, Taylor, I’ve always had a hunch about you, but what you never knew about me was I’m attracted to girls like you. Brandon took my hand and placed it on his cock. That’s a good girl, he said before going in for another deep kiss. He then grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face down to his cock. He pulled my head off of his cock and began to stroke it.

#1 - Nikki's First Experience

first-time Nikki_93 2017-10-26

At the local pub over the course of the night my friends all found someone and I had resigned to the fact that I probably wouldnt find anyone until a young guy in his mid 20’s approached me. He said my friends has told him about my change and he was very complementary saying I looked pretty convincing. I took hold of it and nervously started playing slowly with it as he gradually got hard before after a deep breath I put it into my mouth, feeling it grow and harden inside my mouth. I stopped for a moment and went a little rougher as I continued feeling that was what he wanted. After a good few minutes he picked me up and we kissed as I continued to stroke his hard cock until he told me to strip.

Julie and Scott

first-time kinkink 2017-10-25

She shifted her body slightly, turning just enough to let her steal her right hand into the juncture between her legs without changing the contact between her upper arm and Scott's. "But I'll have to spend the next two months with everybody feeling sorry for poor fat Julie Plunkett, who's so sweet but gosh we never did quite understand why somebody like Scott would be dating her." But behind the desire to avoid embarrassment, behind the desire to not miss out on attending the prom, Julie yearned and burned to be pressed up next to Scott in a beautiful satin dress, sky blue to match her eyes and complement her long golden hair, slow-dancing body to body with this boy-turned-man that she had loved for years even though she had no business loving him.

Jenni's 1st BBC

first-time jennihotwife 2017-10-25

I listened as they took a break and then when back at it, I could tell he had her up against the head board because she knocked off some things on the night stand, her cries of pleasure as she begged for him to fuck her hard with his big cock and to not stop as she had an earth shattering orgasm on that bbc sent me to the edge several times and even though I had stopped stroking my cock cum was dripping out the end. At this point I couldn’t take any more and shot my load into her well fucked pussy thinking of his bare black cock shooting his hot cum into her tight wet white pussy!

Jessica - The Making of a Cockslut

first-time Dillinger 2017-10-25

"Have you ever felt a guy's big fat cock between your huge tits and let him fuck them? I don't believe you!" He shifted his weight and pressed his crotch up toward her as he grinned hungrily into her pretty eyes and then let his gaze slowly lower to stare at her big tits. With great enthusiasm Jessica now returned her attention to his big cock, one hand stroking the thick shaft while she brought her other hand up to his proportionately large balls. Let me see your big fucking tits!" he exclaimed suddenly and immediately reached for her halter-top; slipping his fingers underneath it and pulling up.

Make Me Your Bitch Blacken Gay

first-time 425olds 2017-10-25

"You like daddy's cock you fucking whore, I know you do." He pumped my mouth faster and suddenly he stopped and pulled out. Tyrone then continued to fuck my mouth calling me his girl, a filthy little white bitch, slut and whore. He pulled his cock out of my mouth calling me his good little girl and bitch. Tyrone turned around and asked me to be his good slut and suck Gerome's cock in the back seat. You're going to suck are black cocks whore, and lube up to penetrate that tight pussy of yours." I got on my knees like a submissive little girl and began to suck their beautiful cocks- yummy they tasted so good, salty, sweet...

The Student

first-time Eros con Pollo 2017-10-25

"Hand in your work as you leave," Penney told her students, "and have a good weekend." They surged toward the door as the bell rang, leaving a disorderly stack of stack of papers on her desk. Penney Clarke did not have petite extremities; she recalled a joking rhyme her younger brother used to repeat: You're a poet, and didn't know it, but your feet show it—they're long fellows! Rising to his feet, Ron asked, "Miss Clark, may I have this dance?" He reached out to take her hands and pull her up to him. "I…I think…I'm going to…" Penney felt the hot, thick fluid burst into her mouth, across her face, as Ron reached an explosive orgasm.

The homeless girl

first-time dickanderson 2017-10-25

I came to an abrupt halt when my guest stood at the kitchen sink wearing one of my shirts which reached her knees. “As long as you desire Mr. Anderson”, my hand which had scooped an enormous amount of scrambled eggs with my spoon suddenly came to a halt mere inches from my hungry mouth. As I chewed softly on her breasts alternating from the left to the right, I slowly pumped my big hard dick into her second hand virgin cunt. She stood with her back to me wearing a white tank top and a black yoga pants that clung to her like a second skin, her perfect butt swaying slightly as she washed the dishes at the sink.

Club 18-22

first-time abroadsword 2017-10-25

It all started nearly two months earlier back in Yorkshire when Irene found a club 18 - 22 leaflet in the College Library, she showed it to Sandra, "Look, a week in the sun for just a hundred and fifty quid," she laughed. Sandra and Irene woke to the sound of urgent knocking on their door, Sandra staggered across and opened it, "Yes?" she said as a sun bronzed Spaniard wearing swimming trunks and a tee shirt stood smiling at her. "For fucks sake stick the bastard in me," Sandra said seductively in her best Yorkshire accent as the other John rolled his condom neatly onto his shaft while gazing into Irene's rather bleary brown eyes while trying to avoid the alcoholic fumes she expelled with every breath.

The Virgin

first-time myhiddendesire2769 2017-10-25

Even though he sounded as if he was joking, he wanted Anna's tight virgin hole stretching to fit around him. He wanted to feel her tight pussy clenching his thick cock, strangling him until he burst with pleasure. He grabbed Anna by the nape of her neck and with the other hand he gripped his cock and guided her mouth to it. He threw his head back as he began pumping his hips in a steady rhythm and Anna reached her hand out and massaged his balls. He then moved between her legs, grabbed his cock with his hand and rubbed it along her slit getting it nice and wet with her juices.

The Seduction of Aisha

first-time QuietStorm1970 2017-10-25

Instead of pushing Michael away, she gently grabbed his pulsing cock and guided it to the opening of her wet slit and slowly rubbed it against her lips. Michael poured a small amount of flavored lubricant in his hand then began to rub Aisha's ass cheeks gently as she slowly turned over to offer him easier access to her bottom. Michael slowed down his pace, admiring such an erotic sight, this innocent young girl naked on the bed being fucked in the ass by a strange white man. Michael stroked his cock back and forth, going as deep as he could inside Aisha's tight hole, savoring every inch of her virgin ass.


first-time stevesthe1 2017-10-25

"Where's the uniform, Becka?" Kevin asked Rebecca who We got backgammon out and Becka and Kevin started a Kevin ran his hands slowly up her ankles to her knees. Kevin's hands slid up her top to her buttons. Kevin's hungry hands. Kevin was back at her pussy licking and touching her Becka jumped when Kevin started sliding two fingers Kevin stopped, sat up and pulled Rebecca's his mouth back down onto Rebecca's wet pussy. to me," she moaned and came as she grabbed Kevin's "Oh, fuck!" Kevin said as he pounded it in to Rebecca Kevin slipped out of her pussy with a slurp and moved Kevin took her face in his hands and kissed her slowly,

My First Sexual Experience

first-time AnnaHouseWife 2017-10-25

He told me to keep sucking his finger, while he reached down and grabbed my breasts over my wedding gown, squeezing each one almost like produce at a grocery store. He was standing so close that I could feel his deep groans and smell the stink of his breath, as my hand moved up and down his penis. The recurring prayer in my head was that my father or one of our guests would knock on the door and tell us it was time to come and rejoin our wedding. His big hands held my head in place like a vice, as he pleasured himself with my mouth, tongue, and tight throat. I looked over at the mirror and saw myself on my knees, in my wedding gown, orally pleasuring my new husband.

Sex Club for College Students

first-time RaleighBoy 2017-10-25

The closest Calie had come to "sex" during her freshman year was when her roommate had brought a boy back to their room and she had walked in on them "doing it". One thing Calie did know for certain, this talk about the "Sex Club" had her feeling horny and her panties felt like they were soaked. A number of the gals came up and congratulated Calie and told her what a great time she was going to have being a member of the club. Calie asked Heather, "Why would the Virginia not approve a date card?" While she had been introduced to most of people at the club, Calie realized that she probably wouldn't be able to put a face to the name of her Thursday date.

The Office

first-time Robin P 2017-10-25

Jimmy spun on his heel, ready for flight, only to be confronted by a wall of vibrators of wildly differing sizes, shapes and colours, massage oils, cock rings and more items of sexual attire, in rubber and plastic. Jimmy found a seat at one of the tables in front of the dais and waited for his eyes to adjust to the darkness and a waitress to get his order. Not more than six feet away was this lithe creature performing acrobatics with a steel pole and showing rather more skin that Jimmy had seen before. Jimmy blushed and desperately wanted to bolt from the room, but the women took no notice of him and carried on applying the theatrical paint to their faces or adjusted their costumes as if he wasn't there.

sl**ping Over At Friends House

first-time B0ngman420 2017-10-25

But it didn’t feel hot and moist like his tongue so I open my eyes to see him trying to stick the head of his dick in my foreskin. Then started to stick his dick inside, I moaned as he slowly slid my foreskin over his head. Wasn’t sure if you’d get mad but once I saw your cock, I guess it was déjà vu or something but my head got flushed and I didn’t care what happened next.” I could only moan for a response and he knew I was in lala land so he let go of my thigh grabbed my dick and started rubbing his finger in under my foreskin.

Kayla and Their Friend Ch. 08

first-time Petersimpson 2017-10-25

I went on to explain to Kayla that I'd developed an increasingly strong arousal each time I thought of Greg having my wife; but despite various attempts to encourage her into investigating things further and perhaps even letting Greg feel her up when dancing together, Mandy had been absolutely adamant in her refusals and at one stage had become quite agitated with disbelief that I could possibly want another man to kiss her - let alone fondle her, or even worse, that I should suggest she should let him go still further.

Watched As Wife Fucks Her s****rs Husband

first-time paul10600 2017-10-25

It is so incredible for me to watch my wife slowly remove her clothing in front of Jim. I see her thick legs her pussy mound bulging thru her panties and then her bare tits flop loose as she removes her top at this point I'm shaking like a leaf my whole insides are quivering. I'm over in the corner of the room already nude and my dick is so hard it's throbbing as I'm watching my wife standing there bare ass naked as Jim is stripping and his monster of a cock springs free as he's staring at my wife's nude body.

Kyle fantasy 2 - Bedroom encounter.

first-time leena666 2017-10-25

So it was my turn, as he handed me the control his gaze fell upon my partly exposed pussy, I pretended not to notice as I jumped into the game, so there I was before him, 2 feet away, everything he desired, my breasts thrusting against my pajama top, the nipples pointing toward him invitingly, and my pussy glowing moistly, I looked his way for an instant, and saw a look of raw pubescent lust in his eyes as he stared down at my pussy, I could feel the wetness down there and could imagine this slick wetness running down my thigh and onto the carpet.

After The Ball

first-time Ashson 2017-10-25

Karen tensed a little, lifted her hand and placed it on Andy's, not to push it away as such but just to hold it in place and stop it exploring. Relaxing, enjoying the gentle suckling on her breast, not noticing that part of the warmth was being generated by a hand that had slipped back to her leg and was slowly stroking her inner thigh, moving up in easy stage. Following her instincts Karen moving her hand up and down the shaft, enjoying the feel, rubbing her thumb over the head and feeling a rush within when she felt Andy gasp. With a sigh Karen relaxes and lets Andy continue kissing her relishing the feel while his hand was busy lighting little fuses between her legs.

flower joint local sg gal

first-time Labouroflove 2017-10-25

then she dun want my cock inside, but I said I will cum outside and continue to finger her and dirty talk... I told her I was going to cum inside , she try to stuggle but I grabbing her tight and not to let my cock slip out..she said pull it out, but I just wanna cum inside and asking her later can go wash out, final thrust and my army just chiong inside her pussy..she also gave a loud moan while I thrusting my cum inside(like those Japanese porn).