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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Forbidden Fruit - The Sg JC girl

first-time Labouroflove 2017-10-25

Lilly placed her little hand on the base of my hard cock and looked up at me. Lilly looked a little disappointed to release my cock from the deep constraints of her pussy. I was still in her and i felt warm cum and her pussy juice drip out of her young cunt, down my cock shaft and onto the floor. She squatted down and licked the head of my dick and I smiled noticing how innocent she looked with that cheeky smile on her face and a cock in her mouth. "What did you think I was coach?" she asked demurely, picking up a tissue to wipe her cum soaked face "An innocent little girl?" Lilly asked.

Horny Holly

first-time adel5000 2017-10-25

You’re sitting there in your chair at home, sipping a beer with your computer on your lap, doing image searches for ‘handsome guy’ or ‘dark haired man’, or ‘nice looking male’ so you can set up your fake life and your fake friends and your fake everything else and you start typing ‘how to tell if you’re being stalked’ because you want to make sure you don’t tick off any of those little bullet points. In her stylish little condo Hot Halloween Holly asks me why I don’t take it off and then laughs when I tell her it’s not a mask; this is what I really look like, I’m an Ugly Monster and she’s my Hapless Victim.


first-time crazyxxxcash 2017-10-25

When the outer door slammed shut, and Sammy was sure he was alone once again, he looked around the locker room once more and then pulled his jeans up and tucked his junk down into them without putting them inside his underwear. “Now there are a number of issues that can cause male genital problems, and honestly I don’t think you’re likely to have any of them, but we’re gonna do a little exam to make sure, okay?” After a short time, his penis stopped moving and the woman reached for the handle on the end of the device once more and pulled out on it, increasing the negative pressure inside the tube…and his penis began to lengthen again until it passed the five inch mark…and as they all watched, it crept toward five and a half.


first-time TxRad 2017-10-25

"Shut up, Ely!" Ann said as a big grin covered her face at the sight of his dick. Ely's hips started to jerk as if he was trying to come again and that just blew Ann away even harder. Standing there in the hall with her hand holding Ely's dick and naked from the waist down, Ann felt strange all of a sudden. Ann sighed deeply and started to turn away when Jenny's door opened an inch or so and remained that way. Jenny's eyes opened and then she moaned loudly, her hips jerked as she moved the purple vibrator faster and harder in her sex. Ann felt Ely's hot manhood press against the left cheek of her ass and his hands slipped around her waist.

Summer Ch. 14 Gwen's Story 2

first-time TheTyke 2017-10-25

Gwen had never heard, lost in her own world of flashing lights moving fingers and never saw her mother, suddenly blushing furiously as she recognised the sexual message carried blatantly in the her daughters sighs, move away from the door and slowly walk away, suddenly looking younger, smiling, her own head suddenly full of the memories of when she herself had moaned like that. He pressed the heel of his hand hard against the front of her pubic bone and she gasped as he curled his palm down over her sex, his fingers slipping between her lips, travelling through her wetness, searching for and quickly finding her already erect clitoris, instantly stroking wild sensations up from her groin to explode behind her eyes.

Confessions of a serial swinger: Origins of a sex

first-time nastyj1 2017-10-25

Now slide two of your fingers in and slowly twist and rotate them in and out of me," she said. I complied with her instructions working my fingers in and out while slowly twisting. "Mmmmm that's good sweetie now take your other hand and jack yourself off, good keep doing it, don't stop," she told me. She was undulating now, rotating her hips and pumping her pussy toward my hand. She reached up and pulled her night gown over her head. "ok, good I want you to give my pussy a kiss. Just like if you were giving a girl a french kiss." Working her hand and mouth in the most exquisite motions. She grabbed my T-shirt, using it to wipe her mouth and hands.

B.M.O.C. - Big Man on Campus Pt. 02

first-time youngwriter42 2017-10-25

Matt's mind flashed back to last night, when Katie yanked his boxers off and marveled at his erect cock. "I mean, she has those tiny, little mosquito bite tits," she said, staring at Matt's hands over his crotch and gently pulling the robe untied. Besides, he had only lost his virginity to Katie so that he could have the necessary experience when it came time to have sex with Sheila. Matt felt her full breasts press against his bare skin; his cock lightly throbbed. Matt slid his hands around her waist and up her stomach before, eagerly, grasping both breasts, squeezing firmly. Matt let out an inquisitive "hmm?" as he continued to run his tongue up and down her lips, occasionally probing it into her wet hole.



first-time ariy_rusi_hypeboreyskiy_vedicheskiy 2017-10-25

"Come closer." Mary lowered my shorts and began to stroke As I began to come Susan quickly moved to get her Mary took my cock back into her mouth finished I saw Mary's tongue slip into Susan's waiting Both Mary and Susan had several orgasms and it looked like their spell by moving my erection between Mary's mouth and Susan's When I felt Susan's opening yield to my cockhead I leaned fucking two-inch pencil dicks, Susan had been a virgin just seconds While I fucked Susan I watched her tongue work Mary's pussy When Susan came on my cock it was like an True to her word I felt my s****r's pussy come to life all pulled Susan's snatch to my mouth while Mary mounted me.

The ex files - Emma's boss Samantha

first-time olly01 2017-10-25

In fact, sex was all she ever talked about but Emma didn't mind as she found Samantha highly amusing and loved hearing her make lewd comments about the men they worked with and hearing in great detail about what she and Mark had got up to the night before. In fact Emma said that her panties by this point were soaking wet and she wanted nothing more than to rub herself when suddenly Samantha moved toward her and pulled her gently to her feet. Emma said she nearly collapsed at this point but Sam carried on and began to pull Emma's panties down and off finally pushing her legs apart and burying her face in Emma's crotch, probing with her tongue and working her fingers into Emma's swollen pussy.

Debby's Debt

first-time QSQuinn 2017-10-25

"Well Debby, a man like me, see, we not only get lonely for talk with a woman, but also for the touch of a woman," He looked me up and down real slow, "and you certainly is a woman now, darlin', and the prettiest one this side of the Rio Grande, unless I's completely lost my wits." He held out one of his big, soft looking hands,"All I ask is you hold my hand a little and talk to me." Ester and I must have kissed half the boys in town behind the church, afore she said it weren't decent for girls to do such a thing and, if'n we wanted to practice for marriage we ought to practice on each other.

Tease Me!

first-time MonoiBlossom 2017-10-25

I didn't believe him at first, but the way his hands were shaking, his cheeks blushing and him not able to look at me straight in the eye, got me convinced that he was indeed speaking the truth. His hand continued to go up, stroking the inside of my thigh, teasingly sliding one finger inside my pants, but not touching where I wanted to be touched. I decided that this was where my limit was, so I bowed towards him and whispered in his ear: "If you continue, I am not going to let you sleep tonight." He swallowed thickly, seems he was just trying to act brave, teasing me like that. He licked my fingers clean, took them in his mouth and sucked, before removing them and giving me a small kiss on my lips.

Second Time Camping

first-time cherrycokezero 2017-10-25

lucky for me, me and him were sharing a tent for the night with some other guy bu he started looking at the stars so i wasted no time in shoving my hand down the front of his boxers but he took my hand out i was disapointed but then he just took off his boxers and before u ask yes he is a natural ginger i then proceeded to suck and kiss and lick his magnificent shaft then he f***es me down it making me gag i only got about half way down but he was loving it as was i.

New jerk buddy

first-time idonatesperm 2017-10-25

in 11:27 she told me i have to go , and i said wait , i am hard now dont go i will cum soon.So she sit on the bed and i was stand up , and i bring her hand and put on my dick,so she jerk me off harder.She put out her tits of her bra , and i continued jekring off , and cummed all of her tits.She was impressed.I have told to her thank you very much , and she answered no problem for you beauty , next time we will have more than this.

The 24-Year Old Virgin

first-time blondewaitress 2017-10-25

I arched into him and begged him to continue, reaching down to start working on my zipper myself, but he grabbed my hand and pressed it up over my head, holding me down on the mattress and resting his full solid weight on top of me as he licked my lip and kissed me so deeply I couldn't breathe. All these nights of coming on his tongue, feeling his hard cock pressed against my cunt but always kept demurely behind those tight boxer-briefs, I couldn't take having him so close and never getting to feel him buried inside of me. He was speechless, mouth open and breath rough as I slid up and down, slowly, carefully, taking time to feel every ridge of his cock against the skin of my cunt.

Daddys Little Girl pt.3

first-time 2017-10-25

Mark finished tying my mother back up to the fireplace before he came over to watch me fuck my Dad. My mother was licking her lips as she watched his fat cock enter me. Next thing I know my father is looking at Mark and nodding his head, “Yes.” My cunt was filled to the max with two fat cocks. Mark slowly slides two of his fingers into my tight ass while both of them continued to fuck my cunt. Here I was, sitting on top of my father’s cock while my boyfriend was fucking my ass and my mother was tied up to the fireplace coming all over the bricks.

bang with Call girl

first-time 333johnwick 2017-10-25

My mind was full of kinkiness and new things to taste, finally i landed up on the locanto selected like 10 advertisements, i called everyone, few didn’t answer so, and few picked up but they were far away from my place, so finally i got down to one guy, the pay was 1500 for one shot, he asked me to come to kukatpally in hyderabad, i went there and then ringed him again he the asked me to come to the South Indian mall, so i went there, then again i ringed him, he said to come near to the BSNL Office after a long search i got there, and to my surprise that place was filled with boys hostel

Breaking in the Barista Ch. 01

first-time omicron25 2017-10-25

Her breathing got heavier and in between her deep breathes, she whispered, "" Always one to please, my hand continued downward to discover a pair of lacy panties. My fingers started to do some work as I circled them around her swollen lips teasing her. I could feel her body shutter as she was stroking my hard cock underneath my jeans and boxers. She took a deep breath as I slid my index finger into her tight pussy. As I kissed back down her neck to her soft breasts, my hand found its way back down to her virgin pussy. The feel of her soft breasts and the smell of her perfume sent me wild as I plunged my fingers deeper into her pussy.

Deep throat Made Easy

first-time bigdaddycoolzz 2017-10-25

Some of these techniques are letting you partner ejaculate with the entire length of his penis in your throat. Remember: lubrication, extend tongue, flatten back of tongue, f***e throat muscles open, go slow and be patient! After you've become very comfortable with taking a penis deep in your throat, you'll be able to accept a more passive roll and let your partner control the depth. One of the most exciting visual aspects of deepthroat is your partner can watch your neck and throat expand and bulge as the penis slides in deep. Another trick the adult film stars who perform deepthroat use is spraying a topical anesthetic on the back of the tongue and throat to deaden it.

The Meet

first-time misterbankey 2017-10-25

I planted kisses on the inside of your thighs biting and sucking your skin till I got to your cock. You picked me up so I was standing, my hand still between my legs, you layed back on the bed and I crawled over your body stopping at your hard cock so you could feel my wet pussy brush over you gently. I needed your tongue around my clit and inside my soaking wet pussy You licked at my pussy, biting and flicking your toungue at it as if you’d never experienced this situation before and I was so turned on I could feel myself getting close. I started slamming my mouth over your cock I wanted to feel your cum spraying down my throat.

Give Me An "F" Ch. 02

first-time Slickman 2017-10-25

"Shit," Tim said when Tina stripped to her tiny pink lace bra and matching panties and Amy to her almost transparent bra. As Jake fucked up and down Joy's ass Tina moved closer to Amy and put her hand on her leg. "I dare you to.........kiss Sarah's bare pussy." Joy knew she was taking a chance because Tina could say double dare. "God Jake just touch her," Amy cried out feeling bad for Sarah and a little jealous that he was taking so much time and getting so much pleasure. Sarah took Joy's and Amy's hands and held them tightly as Jake's thick shaft pushed where his finger had been minutes before.

Older Man, Great Time! Ch. 1

first-time Acebottom 2017-10-25

I sat there for a moment waiting to experience the feeling of having a real life warm cock in my ass for the first time. Every time he pushed his cock in me all the way, I could feel him hit this spot and just felt so damn good. I always heard that older men couldn't fuck for very long but Steve was still going strong after I don't know how long. Within minutes, Steve started to slow down on working my ass and told me that he was getting close and he asked me where I wanted it. I had always wanted to know what the feeling of hot cum in my ass felt like but I wanted so bad to taste his cum.

Mobil Phones part 2

first-time yg55slo 2017-10-25

she worked her way up to my cock sucked it a bit then rubbed it between her hands how I never spunked I dont know, but she must have sensed I was about to cum cos she stopped next thing I knew she was astride my head her pussy was aver my face, fuck she was wet, Lick it Fuckin lick it she shouted and at the same time her whip hit my balls. She asked me to wash my cock before entering her pussy so I did we fucked like a pair of sex starved rebbits till I eventually unloaded my cum deep inside her.Irolled off and lay there panting and she rolled over ontop of me giggled and once again planted her pussy over my face, lick me clean she demanded and boy did I, I licked and slurped for all I was worth and was rewarded yet again by another shower of pussy juice.

The Window

first-time venomlegions 2017-10-25

The music had taken half a step up with pieces like the Bee Gees singing "To Love Somebody," and the Rolling Stones doing an old Solomon Burke tune called "Cry To Me." These were followed by a pair of songs by Eric Burden and the Animals: "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood," and "House of the Rising Sun." Still Andy had to endure a pseudo-soulful rendition of "Come Home" by the Dave Clark 5. As Helen Heloise moved carefully into Andrew's slim but strong arms, the overall atmosphere of her dwelling changed as the emphasis of the songs slipped softly into such classic ballads as Aretha Franklin's "Natural Woman," the Staple Singers emoting "I know A Place," and the Ronettes again with "Be My Baby." Through those three songs the young black man and the older white woman held each other closely.

My English Teacher

first-time indian_stallion 2017-10-24

Without warning she took her hands away from my face and began to undo her blouse, and pulled it from her skirt where it was tucked in, and opened it. She then looked up at me and moved closer to my cock and I watched her run her tongue up the length of my shaft, until her mouth eventually engulfed the head and she started to suck. ' Now pump your cock in and out of me' I began with her help to move in and out of her warm tight hole, listening intently to every instruction she gave, her hands still on my ass pulling me ever harder into her.