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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

peggys first hot wife experience

first-time dusty48180 2017-10-24

I was still kissing peggy and as he got out of hearing range, I asked if she liked it. as he left she said he was kissing her and reached into the hole and softly felt her breast. Ed said he wold drive her home(literally) if I wanted to leave. I kissed her and was going to slip a finger into her pussy but she grabbed my hand and stopped me. I said I hope you wont be mad at me but i want to eat you. Then they kissed again and she felt him getting hard again and he leaned her against the window and slid his cock into her.

Crossing Thresholds pt1

first-time mirickable 2017-10-24

The stranger shifted his weight also and leaned closer to the hole, pressing his face snugly against the wall for the most advantageous view as Chad finished pissing and began shaking off the remaining droplets of urine. Chad seldom masturbated, and it had been a long time since his last sexual encounter, so the warm, moist mouth felt like heaven to his aching cock. The stranger must have sensed this also and closed his mouth, shielding the teeth with his lips, tightening his hold on Chad's cock while moving his tongue up and down the underside of the shaft and around the head.

My first 3 way and intro to pussy!

first-time Shavedcocklover 2017-10-24

They continued and they started getting pretty into it,Ron's hands up her shirt,tongues in each others mouths and Liz moaning and gyrating her hips as Ron began to rub her pussy through her jeans. He slid down to the floor and pulled Liz's jeans ALL the way off as she spread her legs,one foot up on the couch baring a patch of dense red pubes and and a very voluptuous chubby body,thighs and REALLY hefty tits. Ron looked at me while I felt his cock,Liz rubbing her cunt while she watched us and he pulled his jeans down. As Ron moved in front of her,spreading her legs further,me sucking those big beefy tits I was rubbing her pussy with the head of his dick.

The BBW & The Biker Ch. 07

first-time Calibetsy 2017-10-24

By this time they were standing outside of Sarah's next class, so when she reached for her books she said, "Listen, I know most of the girls our age around here so if you'd like to be set up just tell me which one and I'll do what I can." Matt could see the looks Ben was giving Jeff but then he'd turn and plant a phoney smile on his face and listen to Suzy talk about girl stuff. When Sarah got up to go to the bathroom, Matt saw Jeff take his hand out of her lap and run it slyly across her ass before she moved away, then she walked past Ben and Suzy in deep conversation and neither did nor said anything, it was as though she found it perfectly normal.

My cousin D

first-time DzDog 2017-10-24

He laid me back down on the bed and cuffed my hands behind my back and pulled my little dress up so he could see my ass that only had a sexy little thong on it and he stepped back and smacked me with the whip and kept giving me lashes until my ass was red and felt like it was bleeding he then grabbed a dildo and stuck it in my mouth and he grabbed another and started fuckin me with it again and it started feeling really good again ass my ass was stretching out again as soon as I got relaxed and got into it he jabbed another giant dildo in my ass I jumped and screamed in pain as I now realized why he put the dildo in my mouth and that he was just using me to test his sexual thoughts as he started fucking me harder with them it started actually feeling good and he kept going for a while then took the dildos out of my ass and mouth and had me turnover, he kissed me on the dick and started licking it and said “its your turn to have fun with me.

Seducing Jennifer Pt. 19-20

first-time jacktar48 2017-10-24

We were talking about you and me, you know, doing stuff without getting in trouble, and she was trying to explain some things to me, and we kind of got carried away. But I want you, Jack, and I think you want me too." She directed a significant glance toward my shorts, where my semi-erect cock was clearly outlined, then looked away, coloring slightly. Come up and join me whenever you're sleepy." She started up the stairs, then turned, and with a distinctly 'come-hither' look in her sparkling eyes, and said, "But don't stay up too late...I suppose we ought to expect Mr. Vholes to show up right around nine in the morning."

Meeting for the First Time

first-time ns125 2017-10-24

Each one enjoyed writing leading statements in email about things about the weather. "I wonder if it will snow where you are?" "Maybe if you are here," he would write back. There was no chance of snow-the climate of South Texas would never allow for that, except perhaps once in every blue moon. Maybe he would consider coming out to see her in California. Her vagina was special. He unbuckled his pants and let his hardness come out. He went ahead and took off his pants and shirt and then went ahead and took off her bra. Her vagina was mooshy and very swollen. She moaned and he grunted. She loved it and moaned.

Deep in the Woods

first-time henlar 2017-10-24

"I don't mind it, if you want to swim without a bathing suit. Ulrika sounded very annoyed, just like yesterday, when we talked about going places. Don't get upset, I just want you to understand that sometimes your body say something different than your mouth and a boy may interpret what your body say and thinks that's what you really mean. "When you came back today and kind of, you know, acted like you did, I was sure you wanted to, you know, do something. We talked about, you know, rape and young people in school and, you know, it's often because the girl acts like she wants to and then when she says no, the boy is kind of not thinking straight any more.

Twin Summer Ch. 02

first-time jane700bond 2017-10-24

By this time Rachael was completely blue and couldn't stop shivering in the sub-zero temperature, her micro-mini was riding up above her knickers, her stockings (nice garters sis!) were in shreds and her glitzy top a damp mess that was no longer working as a cleavage holder -- we did not care, we just wanted to get through that door! Sophie knelt down on the raised bit and started to lap the warm water over sis's shoulders and her breasts and Rachael gradually stopped shivering. One hand went between Rachael's thighs and worked its way up, her other came out of the bath back between her own legs where she started rubbing herself through her panties, making them even damper.

Virgin Poker

first-time Allan_Arbinger 2017-10-24

Yes, imagine actually meeting Dross and Vigo..." Monica clasped Cindy's hand and lead as the two began to weave through the cheering concert audience that was on their feet singing, dancing, and swaying. Sometime after Monica returned, Cindy heard the lady knock on her door and ask, "May I come in?" Come out and stand in the hall." Outside Cindy saw the other girls, all a bit older than her and nervously waiting in white bathrobes. Dross music played as Cindy heard new footfalls as a new batch of girls followed and entered into the dressing rooms. Inside, the matron stood silent and watched as two models, that Cindy had recognized from outside, attended to Vigo, clad only in his gold lame vest.

Tranny, Wife & Me

first-time totallyurs 2017-10-24

Napoleons was a comfortable watering hole, seductively lit, with deep seated black leather sofas, where closeness could be achieved without disturbing the mix of gay guys, trannies and curious sexual tourists, who were conspicuous by their ability to be unable to settle. She places her big hand bag at the meeting of danni's two sleek, long, shapely legs and slid her left hand on top of her cock, or clitty, as many of our tranny friends prefer. Lilian got down on her knees and started to blow off Danni, I could here the moistness of her clit slopping around with my wife's wet lips and mouth, as i took out my cock, also shaved and slapped in Danni'e hand.

Beep Beep Beep

first-time hunglo567 2017-10-24

I crept up behind the couch and was treated to another surprise, there was my friends teenage daughter reclining naked on my couch, tweaking one hard pink nipple with one hand while the other was busy rubbing her hairless little pussy while she stared intently at the TV. We both looked back at the TV where the movie was still playing out the scene with the redhead only now she was straddling the old guy cowgirl style with the camera zoomed in on her spread pussy as his hard juice covered prick slid in and out of her wet hole. Looking down at her opened cunt, her lips spread like the most beautiful flower and her glistening hole winking at me so invitingly I pulled her ass to the edge of the couch and lined my prick up with her waiting hole.

Covert Operative Part II

first-time faggyboi 2017-10-24

His dad had flipped on ESPN. He added his Taurus .357 revolver and his Kel-Tec P-32 semi-automatic pistol to the contents. Memorize it now. He used his memorization techniques to absorb all of the information. But, Maxim had no idea, so Denis asked, “What does that mean?” While that was downloading, he placed another item on top of Maxim’s cell phone. It downloaded all of the contents. The analysts back at Langley found out many things from the emails that were on Maxim’s phone and computer. He checked bag so his disassembled handgun would not be detected as each of its parts were in different hidden compartments of normal-looking everyday items. He flipped through the channels and found CNN.

sweet emily

first-time manaliheel 2017-10-24

I knew the signs well and swept her into my arms, kissing her deeply as my left arm pulled her small body tightly to mine, cupping her ass cheeks firmly and erotically, rubbing my throbbing hard cock up and down her crotch. She asked me if we could do it again, as "I really, really liked it, John, when we, you know, when we fucked." As she said this she blushed and looked shyly at the floor. It was even better because I could last a lot longer and understanding her desire for rougher sex, I pounded my throbbing cock into her tight pussy harder and harder, and we both rode the waves of intense sexual feelings, lost in our bliss.

Assisting My Lactating Bhabi

first-time NotepadAura 2017-10-24

The nasty thought of tasting my Bhabi's milk was an exciting moment for a virgin boy like me, as my cock hardened. At night after dinner, I was in my room, meddling with my phone, when I suddenly saw my Bhabi calling. Bhabi: Normally, I pump my tits until the excess milk seeps out. Bhabi: slowly squeeze while your suck my nipple I did as told, and in no time, I felt another jet of milk entering my mouth. With more pinching I gave her tits a huge squeeze, as milk started to pour out. Thanking the higher power, I gave a hard push and felt two-third of my cock get engulfed inside her.

Tough Nut to Swallow

first-time Slipperywhenwett 2017-10-24

The next shot shows the woman, now left in only a g-string, with her head in the guys lap, her black hair completely covering everything, as she gives him a fake blow job while he makes some even more obnoxious, over dramatic faces. With that confidence I went to work on his cock, sucking a little more earnestly, making sure I had a lot of saliva on him, and getting down as far as I could, which wasn't very far till his head was hitting the back of my throat. I started to panic a little between the prospect of getting caught, to how I just made a fool of myself in front of Vince, to having Kristy laugh in my face, to having Matt see me like this.

Love in the Eye of a Storm

first-time toast37 2017-10-24

As I grabbed our bags and cooler from the car, trying not to get completely soaked from the rain, with little success I might add, Delilah came rushing over with the food. A moment later, she climbed back onto the bed with me and started planting kisses along my chest, making her way up and along my neck. After a few minutes at her breasts, I continued to kiss my way down Delilah's body. A few minutes later, she got out of bed and started looking around the room. A short time later, as I was talking about something I now can't remember, Delilah started to kiss my neck.

After School

first-time fotisampini 2017-10-24

She had a slim adolescent body, with small breast still not in bloom, but quite a handful, as far as Dave could tell. Caressing his penis with light fingers, she brought down the condom to sheathe him, slowly pulling back the latex to envelop him, protect her. Then they began, together the brought themselves to execute the coupling: bending her knees and Dave rose to meet her, his penis ascending to her open flesh. The other hand holding her raised leg moved on to a breast, squeezing and fondling, dexterous fingers drawing circles around her aureoles and then timidly pinched her hard nipples. He (reluctantly) removed his hands from her breast, and roamed downward: tickling her belly and fingering her navel and then brought down to her pubic.

The Virgin's Bag

first-time RandomCitizen 2017-10-24

"I guess you're going to find out a little bit of what's in my bag before the appointed time." She said with a sly grin and pulling out a fifth of Gentlemen Jack, their favorite. Pulling down his pants, she took his dick in her right hand and looked in him the eyes for a second before putting it in her mouth. "You've got to run that towel through the my ass and pussy or you're going to taste soap" she said while sucking his tongue in her mouth. She pulled herself from him and pumped his dick in her hand while sucking his balls and all of a sudden, she could feel the cum exploding, getting her mouth over his cock just in time.

Katie's First

first-time DevilBuni 2017-10-24

While she hugged and kissed me, I slid my hand up her shirt. But this time when she pulled my cock out to suck it, she unzipped her jeans, threw them on the floor, and slipped her hand into her panties. I looked at her with disbelief at first, but without any hesitation my tongue flicked out towards her pussy eagerly – tasting her sweet juices for the first time. Without any hesitation or time to recuperate, Kate slid back down my body toward my cock. "Want to know what else I've been thinking about?" she asked between licks and sucks. "I want you to put this rock hard cock deep into my tight wet pussy."

Matt meets the GayMaker

first-time 425olds 2017-10-24

His eyes went big and it was obvious my turning of another straight boy would not be a onetime thing (it almost never was, once you take a beautiful cock like mine between your lips and eventually swallow my addictive seed you are forever a cocksucker; once you bend over and take my long, thick cock up your ass, your man pussy, you are forever yearning to feel yourself filled by my cock). His eyes showed the hunger a just turned straight boy always has as he said clearly, staring at my cock, "Please fuck your cocksucker's mouth with your beautiful cock.

A good Start

first-time 2017-10-24

Any nervousness on Gerald's part at what her response may be was immediately banished as instead of objecting, Stephanie smiled, looked intently at his throbbing cock and slowly reached out with one hand, wrapped her small soft fingers gently around the shaft and murmered, "Mmmmm, bonne, si possible pour toucher?" "Oui, pas de probleme, oooh, yes" Gerald answered as the touch of her hand caused it to spring even straighter in the air pointing directly at Stephanie's gaze. "Ooh" Gerald gasped with pleasure as she murmured and with one hand cupping his balls and the other around his hard shaft, gently proceeded first to lick and then to suck the warm head of his hard stiff cock.

Goodbye Ch. 01

first-time iwritestuffs 2017-10-24

"Goodbye," said Ruby, planting a quick kiss on my cheek and flashing me a look of that cheesy smile she wore so often before walking away towards her house. If I were to turn my head just a little, then our lips would meet and I could finally share the kiss with my best friend that I had dreamed of so many times. Our lips met and I felt an electricity pass through me that I had never felt before and before I knew it, our tongues were entwined and my hands were exploring, running themselves over her body. Finally my hands were rubbing the curve of her gorgeous arse and I was tasting her lips.

Our Helper

first-time Ashson 2017-10-24

Mary had that word and Samantha nodded and said she'd try harder. "Samantha," I said, still smiling nicely, "Mary thinks that I might have upset you. Now me, I think that if you go whining to your mother again, or if you don't pull your weight, or if you inconvenience Mary in any manner whatsoever, I'm going to get out a ping pong paddle and apply it to your bottom until you see things my way. Eventually I helped Mary to bed and settled down to watch some TV and wait for Samantha to get home. When some ads came on half way through the show, Mary asked Samantha if she minded making some coffee.