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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sauna bitch!

first-time 2017-10-24

I knew something was going to happen I could just feel it, Locking the front doors on the Saturday, I left shutting up the sauna to the last minute, checking the changing room as normal but there was no one there, Looking around I couldn’t see Mike, my eyes darted around the room until they stopped dead, on the clothes peg there was his towel, he always took his towel in with him, turning I opened the door to the main sauna, seeing his outline through the glass door, “time to go Mike” nodding in recognition at my voice, I opened the door, fuck me, I gasped, his hard on was massive his shorts stretched tight over his cock, speaking Mike proceeded to tell me I was a dirty little boy and he had noticed me staring at his cock over the weeks, pulling that fat mushroom cock out in its full pride made me bulge instantly, he had a full fist around and at least 2 to 3 inches Poked out the top.

My Ex Slut

first-time atslover101 2017-10-24

You want my cock in your pussy?" She was caught off guard and you could tell she got even more horny by how she replied with a heavy breathed "mmhm..." so knowing I had her now, I replied, "You want me to fuck your tight pussy?" and she replies, "yeah" At that moment you can tell she was now going faster than before. Did that about 5 times and she looks at me and says, "you're such a tease." So I said, "yeah?" I pushed my cock in her and started fucking her hard and fast.

The next day - She got it again on a boat (Part 2)

first-time drbimmer1965 2017-10-24

We cuddled and kissed for some minutes before she gently worked my cock out of my shorts - With her sparkling blue eyes locked on mine she sucked my cock so I almost exploded - I told her this, but it didn't make her stop......, she just kept eye contact with me when she sucked me good -I really tried not to come, but I couldn't help it and started to pump my magic juice deep down her throat...., and she just kept sucking, swallowing each single drop and gentle sucked my sore cock up to full length again before she let her mouth go of my cock...! I couldn't help it and started pumping my magic juice deep up her hot pussy..., once again.

Sarah's New Job

first-time BIG_M 2017-10-24

It was a plain grey office with a nice view of the city and a few chairs and a desk cluttered with papers and a laptop and a little label which said 'Bryan Marsh, manager'. He began to slow down as Sarah took over, sucking and swirling her tongue around his dick. She opened her eyes to see Bryan lift her onto the desk and stuff her own panties in her mouth which were now transparent from pussy juices. He then grasped his cock and began inserting it in Sarah's tight wet ass. Bryan pulled out and moved around to her face letting the remainder of his cum drip onto her young cheeks and luscious lips.

Lisa’s Summer Vacation Ch. 01

first-time Reefkeeper 2017-10-24

When I had to give up on going to Cozumel with all my friends just so I could do the family thing to celebrate my 18th birthday at the cabin I really wanted to trade you in for another mother but to summer in the most beautiful city on Lake Como? "Hello Lisa, I'm Elizabeth Denton but please just call me Liz. My husband asked me to escort you to our cabin if you're free right now?" Liz' knees almost buckled when Lisa exposed and then began sucking her clit, so she took the young girl by the arms and led her to the bed.

My Best Friends' Fiance

first-time Johnnytames69 2017-10-24

After realizing what happened I pulled amber to her pussy and made her suck it out, then I looked at Melissa and said, "How did you like being my whore you snobby bitch." "I loved being a whore for you, Thomas isn't back for 2 more weeks which means I want to be your whore, more, more, more.

Crazy Experience at Home

first-time cutieclaudia 2017-10-24

I am going to tell you my first experience, it happend four or five months ago at my partner George, who had lived in the hostel, had loved me and was always finds excuses to talk to me . George said - you know all craved then why are so many days?and then he touched my thighs. George fell at my feet and said - I love you true, do not refuse me! eva said - what's playing in this room! luckily,mom was supposed to came in but eva entered, we stopped, she said mum will killed you both! Was so much fun, George's hands were moving up to my knees, and I was stone was immersed in the boundless joy.

Cassie's First Time

first-time James232003 2017-10-24

She leaned forward slightly, pushing her breasts into my hand, I could feel her heart beating as I played gently with them. I wrapped my arms around her, my fingers feeling for the clasp on her bra as I looked up and told her that "I think it is time for this to go." She nodded slowly, the smile still on her face. I slid up her body and kissed her soft lips as her bra fell from her arms. I asked her how that felt and she kissed me and said it was fine so far and that she really wanted this and wanted me all the way inside her.


first-time jkjkram 2017-10-24

BEFORE I AM ACCUSED OF i****t, LET ME SAY THAT I DID NOT FUCK MY MOM, BUT IT IS TRUE THAT I HAVE SEEN PICTURES OF HER NAKED. The next thing I knew, I was looking at my mom's pussy, which she was stretching open. I started stroking my cock as I continued to look at the many pictures of my nudes mom. He slowly stuck his dick into my mom's tight, wet pussy. He didn't even last a minute before he pulled out and shot his cum on her shaved pussy. She jumped backwards onto the bed, spreaded her legs and said "come fuck mommy's pussy, Ryan." My heart was pounding. I ran over and stuck my cock into her wet, tight, lovely-looking pussy.

Chemistry Between Nerds and Sluts Ch. 02

first-time BlewWater69 2017-10-24

They walked and talked until they got to the park bench where Cole and Stef had first met to discuss this whole plan. "Sounds like a plan," Michelle said, and she and Mark moved off down the path Cole had indicated. We can walk away now and forget about it," Cole said, but Stef could see the strain in his face. Stef looked up into Cole's face one more time before she started. Cole felt Stef take his cockhead into her warm wet mouth and he nearly jumped out of his skin. "Okay, but I warn...oh, fuck," Cole said, as Stef took his cockhead back in her mouth. Stef glanced back down at the big cock in her hands and noticed a lone drop of cum oozing from the little slit.

Leah Jane, Mani & Jess

first-time johntarquinagain 2017-10-24

As the evening wore on, conversation revealed that Jess didn't live far fron the station, so when it came time to leave Leah Jane and Mani insisted on walking her home. Her face fell into Leah Jane's lap and both girls giggled uncontrolably as Mani gave her a couple of firm pats on her nice round arse, while saying... "My god that was hot..!" said Leah Jane and lifted Jess's head to kiss her deep and aggressively while Mani gently stroked her tender, inflamed flesh. Jess didn't say a word, she just turned her head, locked eyes with Leah Jane and kissed her hard as if she'd fallen in love with her right there and then.


first-time Writer2000 2017-10-24

She began to moan as the sensations increased almost to climax until he gently spread her outer lips with one hand and pulled back the hood of her clitoris to apply his tongue directly to her little bud. He leaned forward and kissed her lasciviously then moved his insistent lips to her erect nipples; grasping each breast in both hands as he licked, sucked and flicked the nipples with his tongue. Sometimes he pushed up with his arms and raised his hips as fucked her with long thrusts while he looked down between his legs to see his huge, rock-hard cock pistoning its whole length into her tiny, tight cunt.

my new black bbw

first-time fun4yallnow 2017-10-24

I laid her face down on the bed and started rubbing, feet, legs, ass, back, arms, neck. Just all over a few nice licks around the back of her knees, ass, neck, she was starting to squirm a bit. I started to lick all around it, nibbling her thighs, all around the outside of her lips, and watched her clit slowly slide on out to see me. She was so tight....when she reached down and grabbed her knees, I looked down and the sight of my white cock sliding in and out of her chocalate lips, with the piercing, was so erotic. I gave her a little bit to calm down then she went to roll over, as I saw her ass poked in the air, I grabbed her hips and slid behind her.

Tales from the Vixen Theater

first-time tvbj 2017-10-24

In the bag I had my favorite vintage black lace garter belt with four hook and eye clasp and four garter straps and metal and rubber garters. My hands shook as I placed the garter belt around my waist. My hands were trembling as I slowly, carefully pulled on each stocking and hooked the two front garters. Slowly standing, I hook the back garter straps to the now very taunt stockings. After a quick look in the mirror, I tucked my now stiff cock under the garter belt, took a deep breath and left the men's room carrying my t-shirt and shorts in the bag. I took a seat on the aisle and began to stroke my cock.

The Virgin

first-time wastedaway 2017-10-24

Of course I was disappointed; for the rest of the day through lunch and dinner I hoped to meet Gloria and hold her hand, but of course (my rational part told me) my purpose at PacTech was to study. What fragments of my mind that survived up until then had been blown, with the smell of her long red hair and her firm ass in my hands, my hard cock in her mouth and part ways down her throat. I asked her "Why me?" at some point during our lovemaking, and she laughed, saying "Your cute, and I liked the way you tried to cover your shyness on the boat ride over." After our lovemaking I held her in my arms and ran my fingers down her back.

My Aunt Takes My Virginity

first-time zimabean 2017-10-24

As always when people drink the subject turned to sex and I admit that listening tomy aunt and Pam talk got me plenty worked up. They giggled alot and I thought they were joking, Pam looked at me and asked me if I would have my first time sex with them? pam then said that it was time for my second time and pulled me over to her and guided my still hard cock to her hairy pussy. I woke in the middle of the night and went in to fuck some more thinking that my aunt and Pam would not fuck once they were sobber. I am taking my aunt and Pam up on that offer and fuck them several times aweek.

Bi-Curious: Part 2

first-time adblman 2017-10-24

Ryan took hold of my semi hard dick with his free hand while he kept on stroking his own growing cock. Once I was in position I stared straight at his long, fully hardened cock in amazement now that it was up close and Ryan pointed it to my face aiming it at my lips as he said, "Now, open your mouth and get ready to begin..." I did as I was instructed, parting my lips as I awaited his next move, still having his hard, throbbing cock just a couple of inches away from my lips. Not a minute later I heard Ryan moaning louder while I kept on working his cock with my warm wet mouth and he said, "Ohh Alex!...

Jerking Off At The Office

first-time BigBoobiesBasement 2017-10-23

She sucked on my cock hard and the only time her fingers left her pussy was just to reach up and twist and pull on her nipples. She stroked my cock hard as she gasped for air and took my big heavy cum-filled balls into her mouth. The faster her head moved the more moaning and groaning was coming from her mouth, and the faster her fingers worked on that wet pussy of hers. My muscles quickly clenched up and she finger fucked her pussy harder letting out moans that were so loud I'm sure the neighbors could hear! She just grinned at me as she pulled her fingers from between her legs and used them to scoop up some more of my thick cum into her mouth.

Cuckold Teen

first-time lovelong 2017-10-23

Tasha looks directly into the camera and says "hello micro dick, I'm his slut, his personal cum bucket, he is going to fuck me hard all weekend till my tight little pussy is sore, its not going to be tight when he is finished with me, he is going to fuck my mouth till I gag, and you know how you wanted to try and fuck my ass but I wouldn't let you, well he is going to fuck it with his big cock and he is gonna cum inside it, your skinny little dick wont even touch the sides after he has finished with me, so you sit there and wank your pathetic little cock at porn, dreaming of being a real man whilst I get the fucking of my life, oh and theres no sex for at least a week, I'll be lucky to walk this week never mind let you try and fuck me"

Kathy's Pool Party Ch. 02: Berni

first-time Gary_Alexander_2 2017-10-23

When I said the mood was broken, understand, I don't mean our bodies had gone back to normal: I rushed through the lobby, outside and toward Paul's car, because my nipples were poking through my shirt like a pair of thumbs -- or at last it felt that way to me. I wouldn't normally go braless to a party, but I figured I'd be changing into my bikini soon enough anyway, and the t-shirt was thick enough that nobody would know, and I knew Paul would like it. Gail walked to the edge of the pool and, seeing that her boyfriend couldn't take his eyes off of Didi, gave him a dirty look then pulled her shorts off and jumped in in her t-shirt and panties.

Because of Becky's Stories

first-time shotguner 2017-10-23

At about 10 Gil Jenny's husband ask her to get him a beer and she went to the kitchen in the dark open the fridge and there stood Tracy in a very little swim suit Jenny took Gil the beer and told him she was going to bed then came back to get Tracy with a finger over her mouth to keep her quiet Jenny lead her to the back door as she was about to tell Tracy to leave the teen started to suck on Jenny's finger and put her hand behind her head pulling her in for a kiss Jenny again melted and this kiss sealed it unable to control herself or the teen for that matter before long the two of them were naked in the backyard Jenny's face between Tracy's legs tasting pussy for the first time and loving it Tracy grind her hips and had a orgasm that shook her whole body once she was herself again she turned the tables on Jenny and very soon Jenny was seeing stars to.

Xmas, First Time I Went All The Way

first-time andtheend 2017-10-23

Fortunately for me, he didn't take me to the movie that I wanted to see or I'd be living life just like my Mom, no doubt, raising kids, instead of going off to college. Even if I wanted to have sex with you, I wouldn't want my first time to be in the backseat of your car, while having to suffer through Guns N' Roses," I said looking at all the filth back there with Burger King trash and God only knows what else. Just as I needed that memory of him to hold onto later in life, whenever I thought about the inevitable of how different my life would have been had I married Andy, instead of going off to college and invariably finding someone else, I wanted him to have that memory of me, too.

Stealing virginities pt 1

first-time 32dcup 2017-10-23

Then six of the seven other guys that I noticed in the stadium, walked into the parking lot. I stopped sucking, got up stripped butt-naked then I told all of them to do the same. I had a cock in my butt, two in my pussy and one in my mouth, I couldnt talk so I reached for the other 2 guys's cocks and started stroking I was having the time of my life. My s****r walked into the parking lot with seventh guy I counted earlier. She then turned to the guy she walked in with and she started to blow him. I looked to my s****r and I noticed she got blasted too.

My First Time, at Work

first-time mlross15 2017-10-23

I looked at the clock, only five minutes left until I was to go on my hour long lunch break, she would "coincidentally" happen to take hers at the same time, and we would both go upstairs to the training room. She came over and relieved me, so I went to go clock out for my lunch break, lucky for me the time clock was located directly next to the managers office, exactly where Erica happened to be. Erica then put her hand inside her pussy, got some of my cum on her fingers, then brought her fingers to her mouth and licked it off.