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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

When We Met

first-time Suverb 2017-10-23

"Hey mom," I said, just to let her know I was in the living room with her. Things like these aren't seen every day." I said yeah, just enough so he could hear me, and he dropped his shorts. I was on the ground, grinding my sensitive tits into the floor, fingering my pussy as I came all over his kitchen, right in front of him with family in the next room. Mom later explained she was going to tell me Joseph was at the door first, but instead, since the phone rang, she lost track of her thoughts and simply directed him to my room. Next thing I knew I was stark naked with a giant dick pointing up with me as he sat against the door, panting heavily.

The Deflorist

first-time Nameless_Rose 2017-10-23

The night after I called the escort company and hung up I had the most vivid sex dream I could remember, lying in my narrow bed on the second floor of my parent's house. It looked almost like a driver's license except that it bore the legend, "Jake Lewis and Company Escort Service." A small photo of the man in front of me was in the center of the card. There was a short silence, and then he said in a gentle voice, "Would you like to talk business now Elise, or do you just want to chit-chat for a few minutes?" I gave him my best haughty look, although the effect was probably ruined by the way my voice cracked when I said, "I would have thought that was obvious."

My Lust for Amanda

first-time mommyluvs 2017-10-23

She wouldn't expect it – Amanda is always so easily distracted – and god, that cute little moan would be almost enough to soak my panties. I wouldn't start with my tongue – no, I'd want to feel just how wet I made her, first. Her cunt would be tight and slick around my finger, and she'd moan like a little slut. I'd start slow, licking all the way up her pretty little slit. God, she'd taste so good, I wouldn't be able to stop myself from sticking my tongue right in. I'd tongue fuck her tight cunt, moaning from how much I love it. Amanda always said she loved having that little bundle sucked.

Naked Housecleaning

first-time Boxlicker101 2017-10-23

The possibility she would be walking around naked or even bare-breasted at home was enough to get Ronald's cock hard, and he vowed to sneak into her back yard and watch her putting on a show as soon as possible. Ronald could hear the soft lapping sound she made as her mouth caressed his cock, and the sight of his stiff organ sliding in and out of the beautiful woman's face was the most erotic thing he had ever expected to see. "You've got me really hot to trot and ready for your big cock." She started to sit up, and he raised his body from where his mouth had been pleasuring Mary and him.


first-time delightfuloddity21 2017-10-23

I still couldn't sleep but thoughts of Jaime's hot body pressing down on mine, the feel of his thick cock he wasn't sure how to use on my tongue and his huge hands cupping my breasts left my clit wet. Seeing as now I was the one all shy Josie quickly gained all confidence and was soon licking on my neck and making her way to my lips. I switched positions so she was laying on her back and I was riding her dildo, I grabbed the vibrator with my other hand and brought it to her clit while my mouth work on hers.

My first Taste of Cock and Cum-please comment

first-time bmckzi 2017-10-23

He asked if I was ready for my "acne treatment as he called it and told me to get down and he put his dick close to my cheek and I felt a warm splash of his cum hit my cheek and wrap around my nose to my other cheek and as he continued to shoot his big load it dripped over my lips...mmm..yum ! It was nice feeling his cum on my face and licking it off wax paper or the little that went across my lips but I wanted to feel his big throbbing cock shooting his cum into my mouth and suck every drop out of his big stud dick ! My young dick was rock hard when I told him I want to try his cum to see if it can help my acne and help my dick grow big like his.

A Little Different Now

first-time slostin 2017-10-23

When I would have sex with a man for the first time I would always shower first and I always liked to get undressed in the dark. I've always had small breast which I felt self conscious about, and also felt like I had a unattractive body. But over the years that I was married to my now ex-husband, he got me out of the undressing in the dark and feeling bad about my body. He always told me he loved my breast and my body. We lay there talking and he reaches out and starts rubbing my breasts. I slowly reach out and rub his back and then I roll over and start kissing and licking his chest, down across his belly, right down to his strong hard cock.

Underneath a Hard Exterior

first-time short_n_sweet22 2017-10-23

"Oh the fireworks start in like 5 minutes" Megan squealed, grabbing Ryan's hand and dragging him to a good spot to watch the fireworks. Ryan's hands started up in the middle of Megan's back and slowly made their way down to her ass where he carefully placed them in her jean pockets so he was cupping her ass. "Believe it baby," Ryan said pulling her close again and giving her one last kiss before grabbing her hand and walking back to the cars. "Hey there's no need to be embarrassed, if you want to stop we can, but I would love to be your first" Ryan said and then softly kissed her lips.


Letting it all "hang out"

first-time Bigrodtaz 2017-10-23

all of Bob's cock into his mouth in one deep throating Bob's head moved closer to my cock, opening his mouth Jack had stopped sucking Bob, backed his ass up onto my hand Jack then reached his hand up to my ass cheeks and started Bob looks up at us, smiles and Jack bends over Jack removed his hand, and rammed his cock deep into my ass Bob held my head still while Jack pounded my ass fast and Soon Bob let go of my head telling me to start sucking you Jack was pounding my ass, Bob was pounding my mouth. Soon Jack said that he was going to cum, Bob joined him and I felt Bob's cock oozing pre-cum down my throat and

a warm ending to hiking alone in the woods.

first-time fraterrobert 2017-10-23

his friend blew some pot in my throat before his friend, and as he leaned over to share the joint, I found myself sandwiched between them, and surprisingly not really to nervous, The guy in front leaned in again and as his uncut cock rubbed against my face intentionally, I offeded my mouth to him , and this6 or 7 inch cock stayed like a kiwi shaped un cut head, moist to tease & taste with my mouth . the rest of his shaft however widened a lot towards the base , and he placed my entire face closer to his sweaty freshly shaven cock & balls , having tasted his sweat, and allowing him to hold my head as he slowly inched his shaft,comfortably in my mouth..Having removed both dentures before drinking, this thick cock felt quite comfortable sliding slowly into my mouth, not forcing anything

The Naked Night

first-time bisexual_amy 2017-10-23

When I needed to pee in the middle of night, I'd slowly open the door and checked if anybody around there. After finishing I'd open the toilet door and ran naked to my room again. The thought of getting caught by any family member would make me excited and I fingered myself until I released my juices on the floor. If I went outside naked, my body would be clearly visible because of the moonlight. If anybody is at his/her window, he/she could clearly see a young girl standing naked. I started walking and suddenly felt wetness down between my legs. I jumped over the wall again stood before opening the main door.

The beginning of a whore

first-time 2017-10-23

Paula said " you know you are becoming a very pretty young lady." Paula had a beautiful body but it wasn't the first time I saw her naked so nothing was strange yet. When she pushed her tongue inside me I tried to get away from her but she held me reassuring me that everything would be alright. When Paula started climaxing I didn't know what to do so she held my head telling me not to stop that she was beginning to have her pleasure and that I had to keep going so she could finish. By the end of that year I had sex with Paula one or two times a week.

Tranny teacher

first-time TenderLoins 2017-10-23

Tina stood up and slowly turned then with a little movement gave me a great ass shot. Our mouths locked ours tongues played a duel my hands touched the smoothest knob and gently cupped her shaved balls. Her mouth covered my dick, softly going up and down on my cock, her fingers caressing my balls. I'm sure she got some juice and I found out when she came up and stuck her tongue in my mouth. That is the best feeling Tina, I want to suck your cock now. I laid on the floor and Tina got on top, our cocks were grinding our mouths sharing our juices. I was still hard after ten minutes so Tina went back down on my raging rod to suck out any more cum.

Three Friends

first-time millieteases 2017-10-23

Scott moaned every once in a while, and Jess and I changed places, and it was kind of erotic sitting across his thighs and leaning up against his butt a little and thinking about seeing his penis and touching him all at the same time. Just like Scott's nice, hard erection kind of rubbing against Jess's butt. When he said it I had one of his balls in my mouth, but I wanted to taste his semen for some reason, so I put my face up next to Jess's and started licking his shaft real hard and kind of fighting to get my mouth over the tip of his cock.

Stefan's Blackmail

first-time tricked-sissy 2017-10-23

Now I was looking at pictures o myself in a woman wig and various girls clothing, my face plain to see, and the message: “We should talk about this, Don’t worry, I’ll be discreet” I was beside myself. After what felt like the longest time, by which time I felt my mouth had been transformed from a mouth and into some kind of soft wet pussy-hole for this guy, he eventually did get tired of the thrusting and pulled my head from his cock. He had gotten me in this position and here I was in a hotel room dressed up in fairly slutty women clothing and a wig, with a guy fucking my ass, the taste of his cock still in my mouth.

Boys Nightmare Begins Years of Fun

first-time friendsandlovers 2017-10-23

My dick needed more attention, so I pushed down my shorts and started to stroke again, trying to see further up, I rarely thought of her sexually, but I was about to blow another load when I heard the back screen door slam, I just shoved it down and pulled up my shorts over it. It was Tom, the game had broken up and we went into the living room to watch tv and Janey came in after awhile, she looked different to me, besides being red faced and sweaty looking. I started to get up and she said, are you goin home so you can jerk off some more?, Wow that was a surprise, but I came back with, NO, are you gonna go finger yourself some more?, she was surprised but not like I thought.

Dear Becky

first-time Erlikkhan 2017-10-23

I had let Mark touch me inside like that and Skip was being so much nicer than Mark ever was so I opened several buttons on my blouse. Still, I was nervous partly because I didn't know what Brian and Molly would do in the front seat and I knew I shouldn't go to a place like that with a boy I had just met. Once Brian turned off the motor he and Molly began kissing in the front seat so Skip pulled me close and kissed me. I thought we were going to leave but Molly and Brian began kissing again so that's what Skip and I did. I had never let Mark touch me down there although he had tried enough times, but I wanted Skip to do it.

If Not Tracy, Mother Will Do

first-time alexcarr 2017-10-23

I massaged his balls and went for it, feeling the joy and the utter thrill of good hard cock prize my tongue, teasing and tasting its tip, wrapping my tongue around that gorgeous bulbous head and for a whole while we were both enveloped into the sweetest of mutual sucking, for he was like a natural and that first sixty nine was something very special. He was well and truly ready and I was too, I undid the tie, pushed my panties into his face and guided that lovely sample of stiff throbbing cock to the place it wanted to be ; deep up inside me - and it was a frenzy of movement and moans, He fucked like a piston engine and it was superb.

My Father's Affair With Our Maid.

first-time lovesfun86 2017-10-23

I didn’t know how the time passed in that excitement and saw Parvathi returning to her room and realized that it was 4.30am. From next day onwards I kept a watch on them for a month and noted that they fucked at least 4 times a week and my father checks for the lights to be switched off in my room and exactly after an hour of that he goes to Parvathi’s room and knocks at her door and they both move to his room. I was a little embarrassed to have reached the climax so quickly but Parvatih smiled at me and said “Don’t worry I’ll clean the floor and for a virgin like you it wasn’t bad.” Hearing this I felt a little better and hugged her again and started kissing her.

My Younger s****r

first-time loflo 2017-10-23

Nora stood up thrust her little titties at Jose and told him she would suck his cock too. His pants fell down to his ankles and Nora grabbed his cock, she kissed it once twice and then sucked just the head into her mouth. Nora started sucking the rest of his come then climbed on top of him and stuffed his cock in to her. Standing over my twelve years old s****r he grabbed his cock and placed right in front of her face, Nora did not hesitate, she started sucking for all she was worth. She moved over on top of me and said don’t hold back, come fast because I want his cock in me.

She discovers my foot feish with her sexy red pain

first-time newtothescene23 2017-10-23

Her sexy size 6.5 feet were so close to my lips all I wanted to do was pop her big toe in my mouth and pound my cock in her pussy. I instantly moaned at the pleasure of her sexy foot coming so close to my lips. Her eyes sparkled and she moaned, "Yesss, baby that's it , fuck me." She took her foot and deliberately ran it down my shoulder onto my chest. As I was cresting the orgasm she looked me dead in the eyes, started biting her lip and with her sexiest voice said, "Don't cum yet baby, I want you to cover my feet with your cum."


first-time hottscott40 2017-10-23

voice spoke: "Hey, this is Dan, and I'm looking for a room As Dan looked around the room a final time, I noticed he was Dan's hand hadn't moved from my crotch. cock in your mouth now, but I think it'd be good for a cocksucker like "All right, dude, I think that's enough." Dan was rising off my chest. buttfucking...especially a cute ass like Dan's. Yeah, I like to suck cock, but I'm pretty sure you need a Dan went limp a little and let out a big breath. I took a look at Dan, whose eyes were still closed, and went cock at Dan and, moaning like there was no tomorrow, drenched his

The Train Ride Ch. 01

first-time red_thigh_highs 2017-10-23

However, a train ride home from Manhattan to Brooklyn on the New York City subway system one evening changed her life for good. As the train began to twist and turn through its underground tunnels, she felt something that she knew was not her imagination. Her stop would come soon and she'd get off the train and the ordeal would be over. As the train pulled into a station, about two stops before hers, he withdrew his fingers from her wetness. Before he got off the subway car, he looked over at her and licked his fingers, grinning at her. As the doors were ready to close, Cindy stepped off the train too.

Multiple Melia Part 3

first-time realityischoice 2017-10-23

"That's good baby, relax and let me're doing okay...damn you look hot taking my cock!" and she leaned forward, pushing another inch in, releasing my own cock, "easy now, we don't want you to cum yet-it'll be better to wait, and besides, as horny as I am, I'd have no choice but to keep fucking you until you came again!" I felt her hands on my shoulders, pulling me down into her upward thrusts, much harder now, ramming me fast and hard, her scream announcing her orgasm right before she was pounding me harder yet, our bodies slapping together so fiercely I was sure my ass would be bright red.