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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Above 1,000 Meters, Anything Goes

first-time SilverFox300 2017-10-23

My Slovenian mom, Darinka, told me that my closest friend, her son, Mishko, had left for Vrshich, just south of Kranjska Gora in the Julien Alps, for the annual New Years ski trip. When I came out of the men's room, Mishko said, "Come on, time to sleep. Mishko told me which bunk I was to get into as we quietly entered the hallway to the rooms in the sleeping area of the lodge. Whenever I strayed over her pointy, firm nipples, she groaned and arched her back, pushing her breasts more firmly onto my fingers and holding them there with her own fingers, when she wasn't gently stroking my cock though the material of my sweat pants.


first-time k6969 2017-10-23

The moment my bossy self came out to save the day, "I want your tongue between my legs lover!" Nothing else needed to be said he kissed and licked his way straight to my clit, sucking it, flicking it with his tongue and then a nibble, my pussy quivered and became unbelievably wet. I felt his hard throbbing cock deep inside my tight quivering pussy, it was starting to twitch every time I moaned it twitched harder making my clit throb with want. His pause only last a moment and he returns to his eager thrusts making such a mess fucking me hard and fast until we were both to sensitive to continue leaving us in a heap in the middle of my soaked bed his hands still exploring my nakedness.

Teenage fun

first-time 2017-10-23

She let out such a big moan and then a sigh and said "i want your cum all over me" so i started fucking her again getting close and then pulled out and she turned around and showed me those beautiful eyes she started jerking my cock and flicking her tongue so quickly over the tip of my cock, it felt great, she jerked me so hard i knew i was gunna blow, i shot my load all over her face a little bit got in her hair over her cheeks and the rest fell in her mouth.

It's a convertible........Let's fuck!

first-time dr567890 2017-10-23

Flat on her back, her bent knees notched into my crotch, my hard cock exploiting the nubby space between her knees, dry humping as I slobbered my tongue and lips on her right nipple, her right hand pushing my face into her tits. “Suck them both”, she gasped, “ pinch the nipples between your teeth and suck hard!” I had a fair portion of her right tit engulfed with my lips, and I kept the suction on, the grunting of breath through my nose.........waggling my tongue, its wetness washing a tide of slickness onto her chest. My muffled reply was lost as she pushed herself in a slow forward motion, riding my face, my tongue caught in the trough of her wet slit, catching with a flick inside her pussy.

My Introduction to Bisexuality

first-time asubmale 2017-10-23

She would spank me whenever my behavior displeased her. I would often get spanked several times a day. One day she announced that if my behavior kept up she would get some help for my third spanking of the day. He arrived about half an hour later, and she told me to go get ready for some real discipline. He spanked my already sore ass for a good ten minutes. She asked him if spanking me made him excited, and he said that it definitely did. Melissa asked if she could see, so he undid his pants, and pulled out his very large cock. To my surprise I found her request rather exciting, so I got down on my knees and grabbed his cock.

Chance Encounters

first-time SinSeeker 2017-10-23

We went to a good little sports bar I frequent that’s just about in the center of town, and only a few minutes from my place. I didn’t want to have an embarrassing hard on at some point during our little outing, so I jerked off quickly, or tried to, but it ended up taking longer than I thought, and I ended up blasting a huge load onto the shower wall. It was getting close to lunch time and I asked her if she cared if we went a little bit outside of town for lunch. Slowly, she started pumping up and down on the shaft, she picked up speed and it wasn’t long before I blew a load on her face and chest.

Blue Balls

first-time rhinotoons 2017-10-23

I was snapped out of my trance by Dawn's melodious voice singing, "See you tomorrow Lenny!" and with a wink, she was turning, her mini cheerleading skirt barely covering her ass, swaying first back and forth and then up and down as she pranced off in the direction of the girls dorm. Great, I thought as I hopped into the shower, the headlines in the campus paper tomorrow would read, 'Geek gets his ass kicked by jealous gridiron star.' I started lathering up thinking about Dawn and how I'd love to be soaping up those magnificent globes of flesh that bounced up and down with every cheer.

Indian co worker

first-time Legoman1981 2017-10-23

I knew nothing could ever happen between my coworker Jasmine and I, but that sure didn't stop me and many other guys from checking out her sexy body whenever we could. When we hang out together, Jas likes to talk about her relationships or lack thereof with all of the Indian guys she meets, and I listen patiently and offer advice, even though I'm mentally undressing her and dreaming of injecting her tiny body with my cock. I turned to Jasmine and placed my hand on her leg, and told her I think she should be able to hook up with any guys she wanted, and her parents can't control her forever.

Teenage Fundraising Pt2 - Joanne visits alone

first-time Technodunce 2017-10-23

“I don’t want to stop Joanne,” I told her, “and your ass tastes almost as good as your pussy.” I resumed flicking my tongue over her asshole, teasing it like I had her clit earlier. That turns me on so much, I am going to cum soon, but I want to cum in your mouth, so you had better get your mouth back onto my cock before I cum.” Joanne continued to ream my ass with her tongue, pushing it as deep as she could into the tight muscle of my asshole. I love looking at your face covered with my cum.” Joanne continued sucking my cock, until my cock began to soften inside her mouth.

Bi Ebony MMF

first-time licucksocker 2017-10-23

I thought I was going to cum right there with Marcus's cock in my mouth and his girlfriend rubbing up against me with her finger up my ass. Vanessa gave me a series of long f***eful kisses as Marcus's cock was inside me. She let go of Marcus's cock and gave out a yell of ecstasy as I started to cum inside her. We both got on knees, our naked bodies drenched in sweat, as Marcus pointed his shiny black cock at us, telling us to finish him off. Then I looked over at Vanessa and saw the white cum dripping down her dark ebony face just like in my fantasies.

The Neighbor's Daughter Ch. 01

first-time jallen944 2017-10-23

"Thanks," Ethan said, breathing hard, and took the glass of lemonade. Her skin had cooled and her nipples were hard points that looked like they might push right through the fabric. "I never met a girl yet who didn't like it," Ethan said, watching her hand move casually over his shaft. She lay back and closed her eyes as he moved between her legs, pulled her bikini bottoms all the way off, parted the lips of her cunt with his fingers, and licked her. She giggled but quickly got the idea and sat up, straddling his thighs, raised herself over his erection, held the lips of her cunt apart, and guided the head of his cock into her.

Fucking my mums friend on holiday .

first-time MatureLoverUk123 2017-10-22

I instantly hid away wondering if she saw me , after a few seconds I carefully peeped round the corner and she was stood next to her bed drying off with the towel , I could basically see everything , her saggy tits were so hot and i could see her hairy bush ,after she had dried her self she slipped on her bikini and put a White bathing dress over it , she then started to walk towards the balcony ,I jumped back knocking a glass off the table which smashed i then ran straight in my room FUCK ! I stood up and put my sandals on , Karen tapped James and said we won't be long just going for a little walk down the beach .

First time tasting cock

first-time Peter15 2017-10-22

As the years went by I always found time to try out different sexual experiences, from getting handjobs, massages, blowjobs, footjobs to my very first fuck and them came the day I thought I would never see. The thing is I do look young for my age, so even though I am 18 it threw him off a bit meeting up in a public place like this. Stroking him and using my hand to feed his cock deeper into my mouth I practiced giving him the “PERFET BLOWJOB” that I would want to receive teasing him when he stopped and asked me if he could suck me off. I felt like a total slut in one way knowing that I gave the best head especially better than his wife.

The Chocolate Sale

first-time nmc 2017-10-22

We started working our way down the streets going door to door and every once in a while I looked over at her and it always looked like she was giving me this look of "I want you to fuck me" little did I know this would soon come true. Then she started pulling off her shirt to show those nice perky tits and when she had it completely off I found out that whole day she didn't even wear a bra. I started to suck and bite on those nice tits while moving my hand over to the front of her thong. She began by unzipping my pants and taking my cock in hand and started stroking it nice and slow.

A Friendly Bet

first-time XXXNoBounds 2017-10-22

As we started the next game I found myself staring at Jen, imagining her on her hands and knees sucking some guy's dick while she gets fucked from behind. As much as I didn't want to wear a shirt that labeled me as anyone's bitch, it was the prospect of fucking my good friend in the ass that was driving me on. As nice as it would be to have Jen suck my dick, I'm sure it would feel much better imprisoned in the confines of her beautiful ass. With that I grabbed Jen's hips and slammed myself into her, driving my cock deep into her tight little cum filled asshole. Jen was holding her own legs by her head, splaying herself wide open for me as I resumed fucking her wonderful little hole.

first times

first-time horneebabe 2017-10-22

One guy I met shared my ass smell fetish and we chatted online for a few weeks, camming and sniffing dirty underwear, he'd sniff his wife's and daughter's and I longed to find out what they both smelt like! It turned me on to know I was in her house, about to fool around with her dad, whom I'd watched numerous times sniff her dirty panties! After he was done licking my ass, I asked if I could sniff his daughter's panties and he smiled and went a grabbed a pair. I sniffed the raunchy sk** marks and masturbated right in front of him, cumming, imagining his daughter on all fours in the change room at school, letting me sniff her ass!

The Bottom Drawer

first-time xtcnymphette 2017-10-22

‘Go back to work now and at lunchtime come and visit me again I have a little something I want you to do for me.' I smoothed my short skirt as best I could over my bare ass and adjusted my camisole to look presentable again and went back to my desk feeling the wetness dripping down the inside of my thighs as I sat on my vinyl chair so conscious of my naked pussy and aching to be touched. My pussy gushed uncontrollably as he fucked me screaming out ‘Oh God you're such a hot little girl.' ‘OOH you're so damn tight.' He adjusted my legs and fucked me in all kinds of positions his hot thick cock never leaving me.

The Passion of a Virgin

first-time alexcarr 2017-10-22

When eventually her busy fingers found me, pulled my length out which was very substantial and still growing, it was sheer heaven on earth, just being the one she wanted to explore, I was treated to all the desire eighteen year old girl in her full prime could give, all the discovery , the feeling, the touching, the kissing, the sucking, yes even that, she soon found herself wanting even more after first having just licked my there, stretching it back ands complimenting me eon me scent, how it was so good to be with a guy like me and how much she had been waiting for this moment

Lance's First BackDoor

first-time txbiker 2017-10-22

After resting a while, Caren began to stroke Lance's semi-hard penis. Lance moved to where his face was near her swollen vulva and began to gently lick the outer folds of soft, pink skin. That feels so good." Her hips moved to push her butt into his face. Lance got his tongue into the opening as far as he could, getting the hole as wet as possible, then inserted a finger where his tongue had been. Caren groaned and spread her butt, the orifice seemed to open wider the longer he probed at it. Lance did so and marveled at the sight and feel of her very tight anus capturing his erection. The liquid fire poured from his penis, filling Caren's bowels with jet after jet of hot cum.

Reuniting with MY s****r

first-time 2017-10-22

On the long bus ride home i don't what it was but there was an instand connection and I got turned on a bit. We finally got to her place and I met her mother and my neice who was 11 at the time. I don't know what got over me but i got really turned one and preceded to only slip down my pants and expose my fully erect cock the just waited till she removed the sweater covering her face. After every last drop came out i got up and had her clean my cock again with her mouth. Afterwards I bent her over again and beggan slowly fucking her from behind while started fingering her ass hole till I got it ready for my dick.

Night Out

first-time Lance1ot 2017-10-22

Sitting down, Kim let her towel drop, ‘well is this ok?’ she said running a finger from her lips between the swell of her breasts and between her thighs before flicking his towel with her foot. Kim noticed not only had her date being sucked by her but another woman was kneeling over his head and by the sound of it, he was busy licking her as well as she rubbed her breasts with one hand and played with her clit with the other. ‘Don’t let me stop you’ said the new man, ‘I’ll just carry on, as long as you’re ok?’ as he bent his head down and with a sweep of his tongue licked from her perineum up across her pussy and flicked her clit.

Awesome Experience With Married Woman

first-time shadowpndt 2017-10-22

Have started smooching her deeply…licking her neck, boobs, navel… she was moaning, saying (pichi ekkisthunav raa) you making me mad and you are awesome in pussy licking… pls don’t stop. I f***efully pushed my dick into her pussy in missionary position and she locked my waist by her legs.., it was great feeling when she say I going mad because she’s having sex after a long gap. She kneel down started playing with my dick with hands in a flash of seconds she took in her deep mouth…its heavenly feeling she was sucking as if she was an expertise after sometime I told her am cumming..She wants me to shoot my load in mouth..

Wife's first time with Craigslist stranger

first-time NaughtyCouple4more 2017-10-22

He said he wouldn't last long because of how tight and wet you are" she was hesitant and reluctantly agreed saying "I guess but I don't want to catch anything" he laughed and said "I'm clean I promise" she said "well ok then let's try it." He laid her on her back and slid into her and they started fucking. He stopped and looked at her and said "hold your legs back, I want to get as deep as I can in you so I can feel every inch of your little pussy and you can feel every inch of my cock" she pulled her legs up and that's when I started the video.

Cousins in Lust

first-time SURFERGURU 2017-10-22

Somehow an exchange of s/n’s and emails between myself (Brody) and 15 year old cousin (Dina). I missed taking her cherry by 1 dick but will have her young 15 year old body for a whole week. Dina smelled like youth mixed with the taste of candy I was licking from her lips. Although anxious from intensity of the moment she was stroking with her right hand, lubricated from her saliva, as her mouth moved with experience. My hands moved through her, short, light brown hair, down her soft, youthful cheeks, holding her face. Dina detached her lips from my bone and says “Let me see you finish it.” Unexpected by the request, yet willing to give unconditionally, I masturbated with her face still close.