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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Be careful what you ask for

first-time shotguner 2017-10-22

We rolled to are sides and just layed there in each others arms after what seemed like awhile I looked up to the clock it said 10:30 Jim had been there but left like he was told to I looked at her and told her she was the best that I have never felt that way before but he is waiting that I sould go, but she rolled on top and slid down put my cock in her mouth and again I was on my way to heaven after I was hard she rode me hard and fast she came 2 more times when I was ready she swllowed me down again reached overbed the phone and called Jim kissing me he answered (HELLO she ask did you like?

It is All Black & White in the f****y!

first-time Sugardaddy6969 2017-10-22

"That will be for me to do but my bed might be lonely when you are fucking Sandra so I want to see what fucking a black cock is like so Justin will be my lover as well." Jenny said as she looked into Bo's surprised face. "Yeah and it would not be the first time I crossed that line in this room but I have never had a black cock so would you like to be my first black fuck?" Jenny said as she opened her robe to reveal her white body to him. "Come on Justin, mommy needs her pussy licked before you fuck her!" Jenny said as she pulled him to the sofa where she sat next to Bo.

Ragna- the old neighbour lady

first-time couriousson 2017-10-22

I went around and she opened and told me to undress to dont wet the floor on the way to the shower, which I have started for you she said. Got ready and put a towel on and went to my things to get some dry cloths, when I looked into the washing room and saw her bent over exposing her pussy to me when she put the laundry into the washing machine. I quickly went to get dressed and I saw a short glimpse of her walking towards the shower. It took a long timeand I went to try to peek into the shower when I heard a strange noice, and just when I tried to lookshe was shouting that I should take care of the tea, and that she will be ready any minute now..

Virgin Steam

first-time pfr1998 2017-10-22

He leans back in anticipation; he holds his cock and lets her slide her mouth over it all the way down to the back of her throat without gagging. His hot rod slid up inside her moist crevice and she winced slightly from the pain of her virgin hood. she stopped only briefly enough to turn around to face him, and once again his wet dripping rod slid into her steaming box. He obeyed and slid inside her tight pink ass hole and rode her hard. Her warm juices flowed around his cock and dripped from her lips. He let out a loud moan and his heart raced and his cock convulsed and her mouth filled with his warm sweet syrup.

Teaching Jen Ch. 01

first-time U.C. 2017-10-22

As I started to pull them off I let my tongue trace every part of her body that was revealed from under her jeans. With my tongue I traced up her body till our lips met in a sweet and passionate kiss. With my free hand I moved around her body to the crack of her perky ass. I pulled her closer and I could feel how my dick slid between the slit of her wet pussy. The feeling of her wet pussy rubbing my dick pulsed thru my body. She started to ride my dick more as her pussy got use to my cock, grinding her clit every time she hit the base of my shaft.

chance meeting

first-time 2017-10-22

Suddenly I felt something warm and wet on the knob of my cock , I opened my eyes to see the guy standing opposite me smiling , I look down to see the girl take my cock in her mouth . She went to town on my cock for a few minutes , then stopped looking up at me with that cheeky smile and called her man over to her . She pulled his cock out of her mouth and me blew his load all over her face . With that she looked up at me gave me a big smile stop up and hit the button to get the lift going again .

Losing My Virginity

first-time 2017-10-22

Oh, I'd finger fucked a few pussies, seen and played with my fair share of tits...hell, I'd even gotten my dick sucked by a few guys on different occasions that lived in my neighborhood and were into that sort of thing. When we finally broke away, both of us breathing heavily, she said., "I've been wanting to do that since the first time I laid eyes on you". As I stood in the driveway I watched her tail lights fade in the distance as she drove away...and what she had said kept echoing in my mind..."You'll never see me again"..."We'll never fuck again"..."That's one fine dick you've got".


first-time TransContinental 2017-10-22

On screen, Chris was shoving his dick up a black guy's ass. ř% pass this little audition and go on to a nice career fucking pussy for money." He kissed my neck, and I shivered, despite the hot water. It was the most erotic and passionate kiss I'd ever had, and I turned my body to face him, my arms going up around his neck, my now rock hard dick grinding against his, as his hands dropped back down to knead my ass cheeks. I wanted to tell myself that this wasn't happening, that he was only acting, but the fact was, this sex god, this idol of mine, this guy who was everything I had wanted to be, was kissing the fuck out of me.

Chinese Takeout Ch. 02

first-time ChloeTzang 2017-10-22

"Hey Jay-Lin, I gotta run, going shopping with Mom for the afternoon and then we're off for dinner somewhere, see you at School tomorrow." I never did find out whether Jiffy was upset or not or what Ginny thought about it. Even with time dragging its tail, I had no idea what any of my teachers talked about, I was off drifting in a cloud of thoughts and hopes, occasionally sinking into a sea of fears and doubts before soaring to new heights as I pictured Keith sweeping in on his Harley to pick me up in front of all those cats. "See you both tomorrow." I gave Ginny and Chin-Chin another grin as I stepped onto the footrest nearest me, my hand on Keith's shoulder as I swung myself up and over to sit behind him, my little school uniform skirt flipping up as I sat.

Destiny's Child

first-time Audrey DA Hottie 2017-10-22

Boyd savored Destiny's feet and then moved up her legs licking the curves of her calves. Encouraged that she was doing it right, Destiny continued licking his belly and moving down until she came to his penis as her fingernails caressed his inner thighs. Boyd then picked up her stockings and taking her right foot in his hands he kissed and licked her wiggling toes as he tied one of a stocking around it. As Boyd felt Destiny's orgasm coming along he picked up his speed and as her body started fluttering with the first waves of her orgasm he too came deep in her vagina and fell on her beautiful breast drained and utterly exhausted but not finished.

Sex with my fuck buddy

first-time underwear1 2017-10-22

Feeling your warm wet tongue work its way around my tight asshole.. Mmmm I love the way your tongue feels on my ass, I start grinding on your mouth so you're tongueing both my sweet pussy and ass. As I'm stroking you, you let out a few quiet moans, I push my pussy down harder on your face so you're smothered. I build up speed, riding your cock harder and faster, my perky tits bouncing in your face, you reach up and start sucking on my nipples.. You start smacking my ass, you place your hands on my ass cheeks and squeeze them, pushing my ass back into your throbbing cock..

The Cheetah Story

first-time Rotational 2017-10-22

He only had to do this for a few times before I came, loudly, my arms buckling from under me, biting the sheets as I roared with pleasure and he gave incredibly strong thrusts which made me slide forward on the bed even though I was clutching and biting the sheets, until he made that low grunt I learned to recognize and love, spasming, orgasming, burying his cock all the way into me, pulling on my leash. I was just sucking up and down, wondering if he would make me give him another one of my exceptional blowjobs, when he dropped the leash, gently pulling my hair in a ponytail which he firmly held, and slowly forcing my head down until his tasty dick hit the back of my mouth, and he kept pushing until it forced its way into my throat, and again until my lips were wrapped around the base of his cock.

More Than Just Friends

first-time Badstudent69 2017-10-22

Taking a finger I placed in it her entrance and ever so gently worked my finger in and out of her tight hole, the clear sweetness oozing from her was starting to run down my wrist, when she bucked her pussy at me I took a different tack, wrapping my right arm around the underside of her thigh gripping tightly to stop her bucking my left hand inserted two fingers into her snatch, I sucked her clit in my mouth fully for the first time and lashed away at it, pumping my fingers deep inside of her, her low moans changed to a shriek, her breathing soon became laboured and a sheen of sweat layered her gorgeous body.

Caught, Seduced and Caught Again

first-time SouthernVaVoyeur85 2017-10-22

In an instant, her warm wet mouth engulfed my thick mushroom shaped tip, licking and sucking around my cock even better than Jen. I dropped my hand into Cindy's short blond hair, pushing her face farther down on my stiff dick until she started to gag. When you fuck my tight little blond pussy, Garrett, are you going to be thinking and wishing it was your adoptive Mom Elizabeth underneath you taking your big hard teenage cock?" I think your lovely Mom Elizabeth would go absolutely crazy taking this big teenage cock of yours deep inside her tight little blond pussy too, Garrett," Cindy added.

Claire's First Time Penetration

first-time ostinatobravado 2017-10-22

Claire was a real beauty, a swim suit model type and extremely sexy, shoulder length brunette with short bangs, perfect sweet innocent looking face, blue eyes, perfect white teeth, nice full lips, stylish dark rimmed glasses, very strong fit legs and butt, and nice firm smaller 32b breasts. Claire thought it would be fun to wear a shorter skirt, down to mid high, and maybe go to school with no panties. With Claire still standing in front of him and her skirt pulled above her waist, the principal moved toward her slowly staring at her. Her principal sitting behind her, jerking off his cock while he was looking at her, with a hiked up skirt, bare ass and glistening wet swollen pussy.

Angel in the Night 02

first-time ReefBeach 2017-10-22

Weeping fear of being caught (remember I'm still a shy 18 year old!) jostled alongside exultation at my escape; the wonder of Thien's glorious body lying on her bed, her spicy smell, then the excitement of my first handjob, of licking her to shuddering climax. Thien looked blank for an instant, then smiled the naughtiest smile I've ever seen on a girl's face - though I did come to recognise that look of desire later on! In high school I had one or two crushes, and those awkward lessons about "relationships" but, I didn't do 'that'." Thien's voice was so soft, if my face wasn't buried in her long scented hair I would have been too far away to hear.

Swinger’s night out

first-time JimmyNJenny69 2017-10-22

I said ‘you two ladies look great together on the dance floor.” Cindy said, ‘yeah, I didn’t want it to stop, what did you think Jenny?” Jenny agreed and said “yeah, we should have stripped for them too” laughing. Jenny looked at me with a surprised, yet eager look and said, “yeah, I guess we could see if it works out, but I’ve never eaten pussy and don’t know if I’ll like it.” Cindy said not to worry that she would not f***e her to and would guide her. We got to the hotel, and while in the elevator, for a short time Cindy faced Jenny and began to caress her through her body.

Julie in College Ch. 03

first-time Julietravels 2017-10-22

The next day, Saturday, Jason called and asked if I would like to go see a movie with him on Sunday. I was not at all displeased when Jason kissed me a few times during the movie. After the movie Jason brought me home and we kissed on the porch for a while. I masturbated in bed and my thoughts kept drifting between Robert and Jason. I was pretty excited about that and went home to call Mom and study up on taxes. After lunch we sat on the couch and I was telling Jason about my job and how much I had learned about income tax in college. Jason had seen my panties before and I liked how his kisses and attention felt.

Skiing Tights: Morning Run

first-time MFrederique 2017-10-22

First, I pulled the tight nylon up, away from my body and then eased it back, allowing it to settle over my cock and balls. I felt her kisses on my neck, her breasts pressed against my back, her fingertips and nails running up and down my chest, pinching my nipples -- making me hiss with pleasure and pain Squatting, she pressed her cheek against my ass, ran her nails up and down my hamstrings then reached between my legs, rubbed my balls and massaged my cock. "And we both know how sexy you are with the French lacey pantyhose, how good they feel, how aroused you get and how badly you want it."

Best Friend's Girlfriend Part 2

first-time Fmdave 2017-10-22

Mike and Emma were having sex and Daisy and I still hadn't but I was bringing her to orgasm a lot faster when we took our trips to the woods. It was a fun party and Daisy, Emma, Mike and I had a good night. We looked at each other and laughed, but whilst Daisy and I resumed making out it wasn't long before the banging stopped. I thought "that wasn't very long" but any other thoughts I had passed when Daisy started to pull off my t-shirt. I continued lick the clit and began to lightly suck it whilst my fingers moved faster inside her. I broke up with Daisy as I felt bad leading her on and it wasn't long before Emma broke up with Mike.

Love at Cannes Film Festival 2015

first-time rider8344 2017-10-22

Natalie Then wrapped her amazing legs on while i stood up I grabbed her Thighs to stabilize her she then went on my cock and started bouncing.we both were moaning hard I decided to grab her amazing ass she smiled shortly after I did that.As she was rocking my cock and she was enjoying it too(since I was taller than her) and we were both naked. she then was letting out louder and louder moans and she stopped briefly and we kissed passionately then I started to pound her I caressed her both butt cheeks with my hands, she moaned louder and Louder and Natalie said Admist her moaning”Come in me Baby” and I was responded “Yes,Oh Yeah,Oh Yeah Baby” I continued to go harder and harder with my cock pounding her pussy.

Weekend Encounter Part 3

first-time campinguy 2017-10-22

Don’t stop, keep going, I’m gonna cum big again!!!” She took it all the way out and sucked the head and next thing I was shooting another load in her mouth. I said “Well if that’s the case…” and I slowly pulled my cock out and squeezed out the last couple of drops right on her asshole, then rubbed it all over and put a little inside too. We were both starting to get a little cold so we headed back to the car and as we were walking she kept telling me how hot it felt to have my sperm squishing around in her panties and how it was making her ass cheeks slippery.

The Blind Girl in the Rain: part 3

first-time Ian56UK 2017-10-22

"Ahhhhh," she laughed as she dug her hands into the deep pockets of her coat, "You'll get me into trouble!" She bit her lower lip and tilted her head to the right, "But who would know?" She looked around and sat forward again, "There's only me and you here, right?" "Oh," she said quietly as she turned to the sound of the door opening and walked carefully over to where I was standing, "Well, I mean, I thought the way you said it," She began to say before she stopped and shook her head, "Never mind.

how i got my sex education

first-time 2017-10-22

She you can't cum yet you gotta make me cum one more time so she held my head so my mouth was on her pussy and clit I started in with long strokes than short ones it didn't take long for her to cum again than she said get up, get up, I want you to fuck me again hardder this time and I did she came one more time and this one was so hard that she almost blacked out on me Oh yeh I came with her too I was so hot an horny she said I'm going to suck your cock and make you cum for me in my mouth wow I didn't think I could make it but her mouth was so good that after about 20 minutes I was cumming all over her face man and this was lesson 1.