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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Cats Seductions - Tony

first-time hulosayla 2017-10-21

Neither of them had any idea of time but soon the breathing shortened and the gasps louder – her hand had crept to her crutch and with a final long loud “Oh fuck YEEEEEESSSSSS” she orgasmed telling Tony what a beautiful successful great lover he was – Tony did wonder what he had done but obviously it was the right thing and it certainly had aroused him. Letting go his now rock hard prick, The Cat slid down from her sitting position and spreading her legs wide she pulled Tony by his cock straight into her cunt.

Andrea's First Time

first-time raelenost 2017-10-21

They looked at each other, and Miguel thought, *God, she is so beautiful.* Meanwhile, Andrea was thinking, *I hope the movie isn't too long, I don't know how long I can restrain myself.* Andrea then smiled her quirky half-smile, and said, "You know, I thought we'd planned to keep this date cool and calm. When Miguel's car pulled into the driveway, Andrea looked over, and asked, "Would you like to walk me to the door for a goodnight kiss?" Miguel's eyebrows shot up at this, but he nodded, and they walked to the front door. I want to try to return the favor." When he asked if she were sure, she simply said, "Lean back, put your hands behind your head, and let me know when you're about to come." He nodded.

My 18th BirthdayHi everyone..

first-time 2017-10-21

I was hanging out with all my close friends Neha, Ananya, Rahul and Deepak. Rahul, who stopped kissing me, looked down to my jeans. Rahul said, “Yeah, I guess.” The strange feeling suddenly passed away and I felt horny. Rahul stared by inserting his cock inside my mouth. A few seconds later, there were 4 huge, red cocks in my mouth, Rahul was busy biting and sucking my nipples. Okay, I’m going to cum, he said, and attempted to take his cock out. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the hot liquid inside my body. Everybody took turns till late night and by 10:00 pm, almost the whole +2 batch of our college had fucked and cum inside me!

Panther Strikes

first-time Gagamama 2017-10-21

His Dad owned an art gallery, and Panther went to the United Nations private school, but he moaned that even the arty rich girls who came into the gallery thought he was just a kid. Some kids were coming on to me, grabbing my breasts and yanking at my purse when Panther ran up and shouted real loud, 'I've already called the cops. "'Panther,' I said, 'what you did was noble and generous.' I'm sure he wanted to say, 'Aw, shucks,' but his shirt was on the floor and then I undid his belt and dropped his pants. Alicia went "ooh," when I said cock, but I'm sure she knew what I was talking about.

Claire's First Time Penetration Ch. 04

first-time ostinatobravado 2017-10-21

He pushed Claire forward so she no longer was squatting, but now had her knees on the desk top, resting her ass on the principal's legs while his cock was still throbbing and buried deep inside her. She had never had anything in her ass before but the feeling sent shivers and small orgasms up her spine, especially with the principal's rock hard cock throbbing inside her pussy at the same time. He began fucking this young teen's ass for the first time, as he could feel the other man's cock pressing in her pussy from the front. The principal's cock grew in size like never before, throbbing and fucking Claire's tight ass, on the verge of a huge orgasm himself.

Wild Child Ch. 09

first-time TxRad 2017-10-21

"Did you tell her the rest?" I asked softly and then grinned as Rita's head snapped around toward me, a look of near panic on her face. Mary giggled and Rita whispered, "No shit, it looked like a lake last night or rather a river. I remember you picking me up, hazily, and heading in here, but after that it's all a blank." Mary wiggled her ass and added in a whisper, "I feel like such a slut laying here like this, with everything hanging out, so to speak."

First Night Together

first-time Billy-Shield 2017-10-21

His hair felt like she had thought it would, coarse and thick, they joked how his curls made him look like Superman - he always turned grim at that, straight faced “what if I’ am?” - she had day-dreamed after that, dancing a waltz with him and suddenly finding herself above the clouds. Once inside the room he wasted no time, he lowered her to the bed, climbing on top, kissing her fully now. He took her wrist and placed her hand between his legs, she stroked his cock through his jeans. Her legs resting on the blankets raised and wrapped around his hips, she placed her hands on his arms and felt the corded muscles.

My Lapplands Lover

first-time REDnMIST 2017-10-21

You know the type of conversation that is more well-rounded and interesting and makes you feel less sexually frustrated. Although we both wanted to be nice and respectful and get to know one another in person first, we quickly jumped in the bed in his room kissing and touching each other like mad. Oh the pumping felt so good and I f***ed my legs wider and lifted my hips to meet his. He tilted his head so he could suck the free nipple and I grabbed his ass pulling him deeper into me as I lift my hips to meet his. He pumped me harder and wilder and I tried to lift my hips each time to meet his thrusts.


first-time BackyardBottomslash 2017-10-21

"Like I need help...and its night time dumbass..." I muttered turning my head to the chess board. I dint know which face was more familiar, this, bright large eyes open wide and full lips in a classic pout, or the smug, thin lipped, victorious look she had half the time. Still, thinking quickly, I flicked back to near the front and tried to look amused as she walked in the door. "Wow", I said, "you know, you were a really whiney 9 year old" I looked round and smiled at her It was hard backed and leather, so it would blend in with all her other weird books, and I couldn't remember what the spine looked like.

Grandma's Butterfly Tattoo

first-time dlcalguy 2017-10-21

Her other hand moved down between us and she rubbed my erection through my jeans. Now with both her hands grasping my ass and pulling my damp jeans against her naked crotch. I stood there, looking down at her gorgeous tattooed body, her breasts with the pierced nipples jiggling with the motion of her arm as she jerked my cock. She stopped, then took her hand away from my cock and licked her palm and then each finger individually. Her hands came down between her open thighs and she moved to the lips of her pussy. Julie's clit had felt like a little hard button when I'd fingered her.

Ramya's Journey Pt. 05

first-time indianeros 2017-10-21

"Use your tongue now and start licking and nibbling all over her body," Kajal said, and she started caressing Ramya as well when Adarsh started licking her. "Now its time for you to earn your reward - kneel down in between her legs and use your fingertips to gently tease her pussy lips," Kajal said and then she took possession of Ramya's boobs as Adarsh followed her instructions. She was starting to feel aroused as she remembered the highlights when Kajal came out of the bathroom - she looked hot even though the towel wrapped around her body covered her boobs and pussy, her wet hair and deep cleavage along with her long legs presented a very sexy sight.

The Chess Club Pt. 01

first-time taylorsam 2017-10-21

Todd squeezed harder on my tit grinding his crotch into me pushing me against the shelves. Todd stepped closed to me putting his hands on my waist, "Mrs. Thompson, I swear there is no way I will tell anyone. They have not had this kind of attention in a long while." Todd sucked hard on my nipples as I pressed his head against my chest. I stripped my running shorts and panties off after I closed the door and helped Todd off with his clothes freeing his hard dick. Todd kissed me gently on the lips, "Thank you," he said in a whisper. "For giving me the best time of my life." Todd got up starting to put his pants on.

Michelle's first ever spanking and anal

first-time petdyke 2017-10-21

Michelle is getting wet as I tell I want her to pose and let me inspect her before I touch her! Michelle feels how I pull her cheeks apart and try to enter her rose so sexy smelling sphinxter Michelle feels her first orgasm building up very fast - she comes wet and hard right in my face Michelle feels how her bums warm while I watch how they turn to pink by my hot hands hitting them Michelle loves how I carefully check with a finger sliding down her slit how warm and wet she is Michelle opens her sexy sphinxter a bit and lets my tip slide inside - soon more, with ease

Best friends 19 year old girlfriend

first-time gpo746 2017-10-21

Tammy said , Well, If you lick me out and make me cum I will suck you all the way" I said "OK!" and started to feel her perfectly formed and firm left tit,I said " What about Dave" Tammy said with a cheeky smile on her face " well, its only a bit of fun " I said "ok , if you really want to" she looked around for Dave and I did the same, She said " yeah, but when and how" I didn't waste any time, I said "come on " holding her hand and leading her away.

Winter Turns to Spring Ch. 01

first-time JohnnyRD 2017-10-21

Rosalind was still a skinny girl at eighteen, but healthy looking now, her milky white skin was as smooth as alabaster (the only good thing that she had got from her real mum). As things had been getting more and more difficult between Rossalind, my wife and Lucy, it seemed like a good idea when Sue said one day, that she was going to stay with her mother for a while, who was old and quite ill at the time, and that Lucy was going with her. As Rossalind bent over that day, just three foot from my face, hoover nozzle in hand, I was given a glorious view of her bottom and upper thighs, her white cotton panties loosely covering her dainty little bum.

A Very Special Birthday Gift (Pt. 04)

first-time Moonraker_Bond007 2017-10-21

Since then I hadn’t seen my friend Erin at all – she said she was working on a project for school, but Tara had called me and told me that she had gotten the information about vaginal strength to Erin and that she was quite certain that that was what she was working on. Kat smiled and said, “Well, I was bored, and I knew that tomorrow was your birthday, so I figured I’d drive up here and deliver your birthday present myself.” She had a large Macy’s bag with her, so I figured that must be it – although I couldn’t for a moment imagine what the hell she might have bought me at Macy’s.

Uncharted Waters

first-time masculinecuriosity 2017-10-21

I glanced over at Greg and noticed that he was definitely stroking his cock over his pants. "Uh sure." I responded tepidly as I stood up and completely disrobed, taking my thick shaved cock in my hand and pulled at it, focusing on the brunette chick getting spit-roasted like a slutty game bird. I took his cock in my hand and twisted while my spit covered his meaty dick. Greg was almost hyperventilating when he abruptly pulled out of me, rolled off his condom, and positioned himself with his pulsung cock inches from my face. Greg was deep in my mouth when I sucked one of his cum pumps down my throat and I immediately began cumming myself.


first-time joeblow370 2017-10-21

I slowly inched my body closer to his and froze when I felt my painfully engorged cock contact his hand. I brought my mouth closer and sucked the head into my hot wet mouth and swirled my tongue around it as I pulled down the skin. I handled it like a pro and continued deep-throating him until I felt his hand on my dick begin to fumble around trying to release my roaring stiffy from the sticky confines of my underwear. As I pulled my shorts off, Scott rolled over on top of me and ground his dripping hard cock into my own. His hands brought our still roaring hard cocks together and rubbed slowly up and down.

Father in Law

first-time 2017-10-20

"Mmmm, it's almost a pity you had to wear a bikini" he whispered, "I'm sure these beautiful nipples would love to be kissed by the sun, love to be admired, love to be touched" His fingers were like velvet, caressing me lightly, and my body writhed back against him, my head lifting, a low moan coming from my lips. Then there was a slight sound and I turned around, and Daddy was standing just inside the door, he looked at me and smiled softly, then glanced at Kabeer and shook his head, "I thought this might happen when I saw how much he was putting away, leave this to me, I've had experience of it before" he said, and walked over and lifted the u*********s form of Kabeer over his shoulder and carried him from the room.

First time giving the BBC to a cuck couple in Vega

first-time MIKEBBCBULL 2017-10-20

After more small talk the wife said she was going to head up to the room to get ready for us. She said she would text her hubby when she was ready for us to come up. "If you want me to fuck your wife, you text the other guy right now and tell him not to come". He thought about it for a second, and then, like a good cuck, he texted the other guy. She said, "I thought you wanted him to fuck me from behind while I sucked your cock"? After a few minutes, I told her, "I have to go but, once I get a text from hubby, I will gladly come over to see you".

the first time i fucked my wife

first-time sexyfunk 2017-10-20

She had a perfect little bald mound and a beautiful pussy, tight and extremely neat, I removed her top and bra to reveal her small but delightful breasts, her nipples were very small but I liked them and kissed them seductively, she pulled me closer as I put my penis slowly up this young girls pussy, the girl who in years to come becomes my wife! When we eventually parted our bodies she climbed to her feet and i caught the first site of her fantastic bum, with a little mark on her cheek, her ass was so firm and tight, an ass that later that week I had in front of me as I fucked her little tight pussy doggy style, pulling those little cheeks apart revealing her trembling light brown/ pink bumhole.

An older man gets inside girlfriend's knicker

first-time bobsmart 2017-10-20

So now I always imagine the miserable looking, bored and buttoned-up receptionist at the office perhaps going home to be tied to the bedpost and fucked liked crazy by her husband, or the very correct secretary pulling her knickers down and sitting on her boyfriend's face as soon as she gets home hot and sweaty. Given that I had long fantasised about what Anna looked like undressed - her tits looking gorgeous whenever I used to get a chance to look down her blouse as she served coffee or up towards her fantastic full fleshy inner thighs as I peered up her skirt as she sat opposite me on the sofa, I was immediately aroused by the prospect of fucking her for real.

Dark Bred

first-time 425olds 2017-10-20

"Good girl," he crowed, grabbing my hips; "You came hard, like a woman ready for a baby, a BLACK baby for this little white pussy!" He groaned -- tensing every muscle in his body -- and suddenly I felt a rush of wetness between my thighs. "Sweetheart," Suzie said with a cold smile, "maybe you were too busy letting my husband fuck your little white brains out to remember, but right after DeWayne got you black pregnant you weren't taking very good care of your poor husband. I gave Jack what he needed, let him empty his balls in me every morning, while DeWayne was over at your place, fucking his little mommy-slut silly!" She paused to look lovingly at her swollen belly.

My First Time. (True Story)

first-time needcock21 2017-10-20

He said come and have another pepsi in the kitchen opened the back door to cool me off then said he was sorry to have held my body i could feel his breath he too was having a laboured breathing that i learned was due to his Asthma, which i didn't know he suffered with. After a short time he Rolled me on my Stomach put his hands in my back jean pockets felt inside but he did'nt just seem to feeling for the coin he was squeesing My BUTT!! YES, YOU GUESSED HE PULLED MY BRIEFS DOWN SHOWING MY HOT THROBBING TEEN COCK WET AND STICKY WITH PRE CUM.