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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Another First Time Story

first-time zimabean 2017-10-20

The redhead got up, giving me a shot of her red haired pussy, and we helped the blonde out of the bathroom and into the empty office. The blonde let loose with a moan and started to buck around, her pussy clamping tight around my cock causing me to explode a huge load deep inside her. I just kept pounding away till I got to thinking about how I just fucked these two chicks and that was when I hit the point of no return and buried my as deep as I could get it and drained my balls filling that little redhead's womb full of my spunk.

Glory Days Ch. 03

first-time Lyndon 2017-10-20

She started out flattered that I worried about her, that quickly turned to annoyed over my lack of trust and soon to anger concerning my stupidity. On one of these enlightening days after just such an argument, we parted ways because I thought she could use some time to cool down. If you'd only have a little self-confidence you could probably have your pick of girls in this school, she is so happy to be with you." Then Jess just turned away and sat down, she was obviously getting mad too so I decided to leave her to herself. At the end of the day as I walked to my car I saw Sara closing in, this was it, I HAD to say something romantic this time or I'd lose her.

Amber The Teen Tranny

first-time panteeluvr 2017-10-20

I squeezed my ass muscles trying to f***e out her jizz so it would drip onto my face too, but to my surprise, Amber leaned over and licked the cum off my crotch and from my crack and placed her mouth right over my loose ass hole and sucked her own cum from my ass! When she was done felching her cum from my ass, and I had used her cock as a spoon to wipe up and feed myself with our mixed cum from my face, Amber leaned down and kissed me, dropping a huge load of ass jizz into my mouth before helping me up and leaning her head back on the bed telling me to snowball everything in my mouth back to her!

Red Handed by a Nanny Cam (Lilia) PART 2

first-time ilialenyc 2017-10-20

She grabbed my sweet checks from behind and said: "I want to see Iliana and her lingerie, lets see if she is as sexy as Lilia in lingerie." I said yes but with one condition, "Lilia, you must choose a set of bra and panties and have to model for me!" Do you want to be blond or brunette, ok brunette so we cant match too, Iliana I think your panties....the ones I am wearing now, they are going to be dirty...." She agreed laying down in my bed I took my white panties form her beautiful body, she spread her legs and I could see her radiant lips, and venus mount just with a little trim.

Beth & Ian

first-time dw001 2017-10-20

Beth sighed OK I can't f***e you, just turn around and look me in the eye and tell me no and if you want we will try and forget this happened and put it down to the alcohol. Yes said Beth sensing Ian was starting to come around. Beth very reluctantly said OK fine then go back downstairs Ill get dressed and we can try and put this down to the alcohol. OK look said Beth I was rather pissed last night despite appearances and I take the full blame for what happened and I know I have ruined our friendship, but Ill try and fix it somehow.

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 15

first-time BlewWater69 2017-10-20

Come closer," Stef said taking Trevor by the hand and leading him to the side of Pam while Kyle moved to the other side. Stef heard her moan as she saw that these new guys were eying up her body and the wetness of her nipples as Chad switched between them. When Stef removed her mouth from Trevor's cock and looked up, his head was still back and his eyes were closed. Jason glanced back to the other group to find Chad pulling his cum soaked cock from deep inside Pam. He shifted around to her head as Kyle moved towards her pussy from the other side. Chad moaned with the pleasure of her mouth as Jason also watched Kyle push himself deeply into Pam in one swift stroke.

Rainbow Creek

first-time TxRad 2017-10-20

Taylor could see the creek in front of her and the road opened out onto a soft looking sandbar. Her right hand came up, slipped under the cloth covering her left breast, and massaged the oil into her skin. She used her left hand to pull the top edge of her bikini bottom away from her body and shivered as her right hand slipped inside to rub the oil into the bare hairless skin of her mound and outer lips. Taylor turned into the long straight section of road and whispered, "If half naked is good, how would completely naked feel?" She took two short steps and then two more, her head was turning right and then left as she tried to look everywhere at once.

The First Chronicle of Jenni

first-time surgo28 2017-10-20

In fact for my personal taste you are my dream girl" he stroked his chin as he stared at her naked teenage breasts, the nipples petite but hard and pointing, "to be honest l only saw you as a favour to Gary, thought you must be some bimbo who he was trying to impress and get into bed with, so you have very pleasantly surprised me by being so beautiful. "Now the other nipple baby girl, god l adore your titties Jenni" as she moved her left breast to his mouth she felt his hands wander down her back to her firm smooth bum and he stroked and squeezed her cheeks whilst sucking and licking on her breast.

My slave and My New submissive, One very proud Dom

first-time Pacemen 2017-10-20

2. Yes, when I want to take you sexually as I do now, or when you are a good girl, you will still be able to ask me for sex. Diana you can look at the way I handle it now, and all of our accounts, after seeing that, you need to tell me, us, if you are okay with it. 4. I will treat you in the same manner I do Alice, when I want to take you sexually I will, the time and place matters not to me, if you are a good girl, then you can ask me for sex.

Loosing Virginity in a Sex Club

first-time xnxxlover 2017-10-20

Then we decided to do the 69, she turned her ass over my head and laid her stomach on my chest, her pussy was mere inches away, it was pink and hairless, she had already resumed sucking on my cock, I then pulled her pussy lips apart and then darted my tongue inside her pussy. I then decided I wanted to fuck her, we went to the missionary position, I put on a condom then inserted my cock into her pussy and at that point I had lost my virginity, all the years of fantasizing had finally led to this moment. She wrapped her legs around me pulling me closer towards her, I started cupping her breasts and playing with her nipples whilst my cock thrust in and out of her married pussy.

Intrusive Neighbour Ch. 01

first-time EagerlyAwaited 2017-10-20

"We've got four here: Anna, Beth, Carla and Debbie." Sara said, pointing to the girls. Anna couldn't stop herself from imagining herself with Hank, she had never been with a man before, but she sat there thinking of how to get into his bed. "Great then, I don't suppose you were going on holiday, having just moved?" Hank said, talking mostly to Anna's parents. *My teacher wasn't that old, I don't think he was much over twenty-five.* But Anna knew she had a thing for older men, and today wasn't the first time she had fallen head-over-heels in love. Forgetting to turn off the spa, Hank helped his girls trough their night-time-routine, his eyes barely open.

The Alchemist

first-time adel5000 2017-10-20

The Alchemist was getting ready to close his tattoo shop when the bells on his door pages of flash art lying on the counter and tried to ignore the look in her eyes. "You want to fuck me for a tattoo?" His smile was thin-lipped and without humor. It sat right under the area where he wanted to mark the tattoo. that looked like burn-marks on her lowest chakra, where the body's life f***e was He set everything in place on the table then raised his head, closed his eyes and He pressed his palm to her lower back then gently slid the fingers of his other hand Just as naked, the delicate girl gazed at her new tattoo while peering at a hand mirror

Sex Studio Secrets #22: Jennifer-3

first-time petdyke 2017-10-20

Jennifer loves the taste and is amazed by her hot freshly discovered talent to cause also an orgasm for Petra, who teaches her next how to 'kiss your bottom by a bare hot hand', as she calls it. The moment Petra uses two fingers to feel all along her slit and softly touches het mount Venus close to her clit, Jennifer comes awesomely for the third time. At that moment Peter enters the scene after taking his time to watch on closed circuit on the large screen in his bedroom how Petra initiates Jennifer. His caresses are as soft as she can imagine and soon her inner thighs are wet with her pussy juices, which inspires Peter to offer her his favourite position all along his long legs, while hers are wide.

How I learnt to love sex...

first-time timea87 2017-10-20

But that’s alright as long as you let us teach you… maybe time for a new instrument in your life, no?” That was John who said it and he stood up, opened his pants and took them off. One was longer, the other one larger… I like Pat because he tried to be so nice and I felt less sure of myself with John, but I didn’t want to sound as if I preferred his buddy for fear of making him mad… John said “You want Pat to do it, hon, right, that’s ok, don’t worry…” and he made me stand up and took my skirt and panty off.

Wife Is Tricked Into Having Sex With My Black Neig

first-time jostwo 2017-10-20

As I pulled my face away from her pussy her juices and Al’s cum was still on my face, as I made my way up she licked my face as I entered her pussy and fucked her for the first time that night, I also came the hardest I had ever cum because my fantasy had become a reality. Sandy said “oh Al I love your big black cock fucking my little pussy, please Al fuck me harder cum inside me I want to feel your hot cum” As my tongue lick up her juices and Al’s cum from her pussy Al walked out of the bathroom with his cock swinging between his legs and walked up to Sandy and let his cock touch her lips.

Shy Girl

first-time Ashson 2017-10-20

After seeing Charles slip through Melissa's door I went into the second bedroom and from there into the en suite where I could see what transpired in Melissa's room after I cracked the en suite door a little. "You will be once your father finds out you've been sleeping with me," said Charles. "You're kidding, right," Melissa said, sound quite appalled at the idea. "Charles won't dare come into my room looking, but he's quite capable of checking every other room in the house. All-in-all, I felt comfortable with the way things were and just stayed like that, totally relaxed. Melissa stiffened slightly when my hand slipped beneath the waist of her pyjamas, tangling in her little curls and hunting for more places to touch.

My First Sex with my Gym Trainer , I was just 18

first-time lesbianfantasy7 2017-10-20

In college many guys had given those lust full looks when I wore western cloths which highlighted my tight ***. I wanted to do with a fit guy, some one who hits the gym regularly. Choose a fit guy from the gym, seduce him until he cracks! When I entered gym, I saw very few gals and lots of guys. I saw there were many guys, and three male trainers, Sudeep, Raja and Biswajeet. I asked for change of timing from morning to evening as there will be less number of people and also female trainer will not come in the evening. I asked Raja to be my trainer. I said look Raja, this is my plan.

Protecting Our Daughter

first-time MonicaJane6969 2017-10-20

Thinking that our evenings play was over, I leaned in to kiss Kate goodnight, but her hand rubbing my cock again, told me she wasn't ready for sleep. Kate told Dane how to massage and kneed her breasts and moaned as his fingers moved over her dress. Sitting there in the comfort of the garage, I watched as my wife moved her face closer to Danes cock. Dane began to gently lift his hips up and down, gently fucking her gorgeous face as she took more and more of his cock into her warm accommodating mouth. Kate stopped Dane, before she reached her own climax and told him it was time to feel what a real woman wrapped around his cock was like.

punished by parent in laws chapter 10

first-time lippy100 2017-10-20

As I wandered across the yard the three males, Ben (my Father in Law), John (Debbie's husband), and young Troy (Rachel's boyfriend) all turned to stare at me letchurishly. "Put your boots back on, then hand the rest of your clothing to Troy," my Father in Law directed. After taking a few moments to silently take in the view from the summit we all set off on the descent, my Father in Law and I holding hands until the track narrowed to the extent we had to go in single file. The father and son looked like stunned mullets as this naked woman strode past them, so closely that they could have reached out and touched me.

Good times to mend a broken heart

first-time dreamythoughts 2017-10-20

I didnt care, i figured it would make her uncomfortable becuz her shower curtain was see thru. I had my back facing her at first, and when i turned around i seen her sitting on the toilet in just a tshirt. She said its not like im gonna suck it-i just wanna see it grow, but im no dick diver. I asked her whats a dick diver? She explained in short a lesbian that likes to service dick every once in a while. She looked at me in the eyes until she massaged my dick hard. She looked at it and spit in her hand and started to pay more attention to the shaft of my dick.

It happened

first-time jimntn 2017-10-20

Keep in mind I had never had a cock in my mouth before so I just kept licking his balls and fingering his ass. He said he was going to cum and I dont know what came over me but I slid my mouth over his cock, started bobbing my head and felt his cock twitch while fingering his ass with one hand and massaging his balls with the other. After he was thru he got up, used a Kleenex to clean his cum off and I sat down on the couch with precum flowing from my cock. I knew he liked to be told how to suck, so I told him to go as deep as he could when he felt my cock start to cum.

My s****r Maggie, not a short story...

first-time lynnp123 2017-10-20

About a week later, and I had not been able to hook up with Connie, and other interests were not panning out, the old cock was letting me know that it was missing something, and I was beginning to understand the fact that I was young, dumb and full of cum.. and then the feeling of her warm mouth, kissing and sucking up and sown on my raging cock, the sight of her very pretty face there... looked at me hard cock, and said she didn't think this was gonna happen.. she opened them, looked right into mine, and told me she could feel my throbbing cock inside her...

My Awakening, Part One

first-time 2017-10-20

We spent the first hour just chatting and telling stories of the crappy men in our lives when one of the women called Sam told us about an encounter she had recently had with what she called an extremely sexy woman. Emma's other friends also were kissing and caressing and this just added fuel to my already raging fire. My hand trembled as it came near to Emma's very wet pussy and just as I reached it, she stopped and whispered in my ear, "I've waited years to have you and I want you alone in my room." And with that we headed on home to her cottage. In the candle light, Emma stripped naked and said, "see you in the shower" and then she ran upstairs.

Blackmailed Forger

first-time bigdick2012h 2017-10-20

"Leave them," he said suddenly, "you won't be needing clothes around here anymore." Peggy blushed brightly and released the handful of skirt before straightening up and scurrying out of the room. Now if you will excuse me I would like to discuss a few things with Miss Culpit." He rose from the table and shook Darrel's hand briefly before looking over at Peggy. "Peggy," he began slowly, "this envelope contains all the evidence I have on your forgeries." He pushed it towards her; "I want you to have it as my thanks for helping me with this deal." She waited open mouthed as he continued, "I also want you to keep the car.