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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time OzmanA 2018-10-06

Eventually Mel told Leigh what she'd seen in the bush during the previous few weekends and her friend was more than interested in also taking a look, but the place was deserted when they walked up on the following weekend for a peep. Mel knew intuitively that Leigh was going to come at any second, the two of them in a mad gallop of sexual exertion, so she slid down to cup Danny's scrotum in her small hand and gently manipulate it until he involuntarily went rigid, groaning without restraint as he squirted just the smallest drop of semen into her womb.

My First Black Cock! Gay

first-time 425olds 2018-10-06

He was kissing my neck, I could feel his enormous black cock rubbing against my bubble ass as he dry humped me and felt my body. "Come here, let me fuck that pretty mouth." he said as he grabbed my head and jabbed his big black cock back in my mouth. I just kept swallowing his cum and he kept thrusting his cock into my mouth until his balls were on my chin and my nose buried into his jet black pubic hair. "You jack off about black men fucking your white ass?", he asked. I could hear his balls slapping against my ass as he began to pound me, he was grunting and groaning while holding my legs tight to his chest.

Beebe and Petey Ch. 01

first-time Valendon 2018-10-06

Until we started grade school, maybe even for a while after, we included BeeBe, but as we grew he gravitated to boys in the neighborhood and didn't want to associate with pesty little girls. I asked my sister first, but she said it was probably just regular cum that leaked up before a guy had an orgasm. Looking down, I said: "I don't think you'll need the magazine this time." He was on his way to a pretty good erection already. I'm so sorry!" He said he thought it was the anticipation-it was the first time a girl had touched his dick-and he guided my hand back.

Unexpected Pleasure

first-time cumwithme1 2018-10-05

We all went our seperate ways and as I stradled my bike I closed my eyes and could almost hear the sound of the surf crashing on the beach; it must have been the wind of course since the ocean was a good ten miles away but in my imagination it seemed so real! Anyway, I hopped on my bike and off I went, not really wanting to go home but after all, it was a little after nine pm and I didn't want to catch heck from my mom. It was then I came upon a park where I had often played when I was younger, in fact, it was there I had my first kiss from a young lady who was all of five years old.

Big Brother No More

first-time wombat76 2018-10-05

"No I don't want the hassle." She replied. You'll pay for this Stuart, I'll see to it that you do." He screamed at me through his hand that was trying to stem the flow of blood from his nose. If you didn't try to protect me, you wouldn't be here now." She said in between sobs. Tears welled up in my swollen eyes before I quickly nodded off to sleep. "Don't forget me." She whispered in my ear before standing up straight. Then she vanished around a corner. "Yeah, really." I replied back. We both broke out in laughter; the tension between us had vanished. What about Alice?" I said, shocked at what I knew she was trying to do.

Lost Virginity on Valentine's Day

first-time SuperHeroRalph 2018-10-05

Because it was such a big deal back then, my first love taking my virginity, especially every Valentine's Day and every birthday, I wonder what happened to Charles. Had it not been my birthday, had it not been Valentine's Day, and maybe had it not been my first time, perhaps I wouldn't have remembered him and the clumsy sexual experience, as if it was yesterday, but I do. Sometimes I think about him making love to me, only this time, now that I'm more sexually experienced and know what I want and what to do to get it, the sex, no doubt, would be better.

The summer fling

first-time 2018-10-05

"I don't know why Jamie is here, I've told you, I'm going to meet some friends when I get there!" Natasha said, just as if she'd practiced saying it, a million times. "I've waited for this for a long time!" Jamie said, trying desperately to remove his jeans, "You're everything I have ever imagined, and now you've got to come here and suck my cock!" Natasha started licking his long hard shaft, moving slowly up, and then softly biting his helmet. Before long, Jamie started to get ready to Cum, and Natasha, who by this point was on her 7th orgasm, wasn't letting go. "Maybe you can fuck it tonight, if you're a good boy" Natasha said, as she giggled, and closed the Bathroom door.....

Sexy s*s Rima

first-time sonali_behan 2018-10-05

I m also enjoying your touch on my boobs and happy to hold your cock, rahul. Ohh rahul my darling, pussy is wet now and waiting for your cock. This time my cock enter more than half and rima maon in pain ohhh raul, slow please. I m inserting my cock full inside your pussy dear…… Rima do you enjoy ??? You are really fucking nice rahul ohhhhh rima my darling I am enjoying you….. Yes still deep ahhhh ohh hh rahul I m enjoying your cock ahhhh ohhhh ahhh ouchhhhh ahhhhh rahul…… Rima ahhhhh hhh ohhhh rahul few more deep stroke dear ahhhh I m cumming rahul ahh hh ohhh hh I m cumming ohhhh rahul ……..

Summer Break

first-time HornyHuman 2018-10-05

After being home for a couple of days, Mum and I sat down to have a chat about what's been happening in both our lives since the last time we saw each other. I said, "Well, tell me what the gossip is on him." Mum and Dad started telling me things like, his wife had left him, and he hasn't been going out; only to go to work. Mum said, "Mrs. Peters from across the road has been going there to see if he is okay." Then Mum said, "How did it go when you went next door?" Mum came in to the living room and asked, "How do I look?" I said, "Okay, thanks." But, before I sat down, I took my jacket off.

88% glen

Eat me, little panty-fucker

first-time adel5000 2018-10-05

stealing a fresh pair of Penny’s panties, and I’d hide away in my room, gingerly On occasion I’d get pre-cum on the panties and lift them to my tongue to taste the clear With one hand I held her panties to my nose and caressed my face with bathroom with Penny’s panties in one hand, and my rock-hard cock in the other. With that, she parted her knees slightly, and said, “Lick me, you little panty perv. Penny coaxed, “that’s it, little b*****r, lick your s****r’s sweet pussy. my throbbing cock, it’s head purple, and the veins looking like they my burst from the your cards right, my little panty-boy b*****r, and I promise that mom will never have to

The Endless Night Ch. 02

first-time sexygirl76 2018-10-05

"Oh god, Finger me." I cried pulling at his head as he continued to suck on my hard nipple. "Do you want my hand on your clit sweetheart?" He asked pulling his fingers from my body and gripping my clit, twisting and pulling at it as I cried out in pleasure. "I want to cum..." I cried pushing hard against his thrusting hand. I had just started to cum down when he finger fucked me hard almost digging his whole hand inside me and my orgasm rose again. "Just let yourself get used to it baby." he held my hands in one of his as he moved the other between our bodies and rapidly flicked his finger over my clit.

LISA #1: First Love

first-time petdyke 2018-10-05

LISA and I is a long story of love from far - which started well over two years ago! LISA Love and I, we hope to live long together but we do not know when it will start LISA is in real as my life long dream has been: smart sweet sexy boyish blonde beauty I remember long talks with red wine with the very best lady friend of my mourning niece whose guy died Lisa Love and I - often my mind already lives in the near future, as can be seen in my earlier stories Lisa I call the first story in this series First Love for several reasons, only you know them!

Victorious: Bi the Way...

first-time crystalwaters69 2018-10-05

She might be with Tori." Shortly after Beck and Jade broke up during a poker game at our house, he started to date Cat. Don't know why when he has all this before him available. Tori looks up and over her shoulder, her mouth and chin wet with Cat, and asks, "Can you close the door, Trina? Even as I wondered at that statement, my bra goes flying over to the desk and Jade says, "Damn Trina! Jade opens her mouth further and manages to completely cover me, her tongue still dancing wildly in my pussy. Breaking the kiss after several long, luxurious moments, Jade smiles evilly, saying, "Your turn."

Girl Next Door

first-time girliekiller 2018-10-05

Cradling her head I kissed her while running my fingers over the soft flesh of her stomach, waiting for the right moment when she was relaxed enough for me to feel her breasts properly for the first time. I wasn't disappointed, Amy was already reasonably wet, her clit was poking out enough for me to feel when I brushed against it as I parted her pussy lips and sank a finger deep into the young girl. For a few minutes I played with Amy, rubbing her clit and finger fucking her, while I kissed her breasts. That was enough, I felt her already tight pussy grabbing at my cock trying to stop the hard fucking she was taking as the sweet young girl came from her first screw.


first-time greystardust 2018-10-05

I let my hand move up above your waist, onto your flesh, just as if I was headed north...and then like a predator, I dove south swift and firm, into your elastic track bottoms, down and down, into your panties, down and down, into your young fine bush. Just as soon as I had broken you, let my guard down, you had righted yourself, my finger was out, my hand out of your pants, and I on my back. I kept my right hand in front of my cock, put my left above my eyes (supposedly to block the intense light, but really to block his intense mind attack). "I think you'd better go home right this minute" angry and loud, your dad gave me his orders.

First Time I saw and felt some pussy!

first-time coolboomer 2018-10-05

She was a curvy Italian, and cooked meatballs, sausage and pasta. When she brought me my plate she had arranged the sausage to be between two big meatballs! After the phone call she came into the living room and her bra was still undone in back! She had big pink areaolas!. Now I understood how it worked! I had to tell her I came all over her and she said "You did"? I understood. This went on for a few weeks until our next big makeout session. If you like I will continue with the story of how my wife and I first got horny with each other and how we had sex in the next part.


first-time Ashson 2018-10-05

One of the braver students took me aside and quietly explained to me that I was insane to have Stella actively work on the practical side of the project. We had a room set aside for the class to work in, and as the questionnaires came in they got sorted into different piles, based on certain answers. Stella was still just standing there, holding her skirt and looking slightly stunned. When Stella reached twenty, with what sounded like a sob of relief, I spun her to her feet and then pulled her back down so she was sitting on my lap. Stella was writhing and gasping, pushing her breast into my mouth and at the same time trying to bring my mouth across to her other breast.

His Sexytary Ch. 01

first-time blogdoctor 2018-10-05

The first thing Richell noticed after walking in (aside from a stare thru the HR department), was Willy. Its a big tattoo, so I gotta put lotion on it to ease things, but its just getting annoying right now." Richell felt her thighs tense as she thought of the bad boy's tattoo. "So anything exciting happen over the weekend?" Willy asked. Shoot, get enough drinks in me, I might've taken you home." Willy laughed as he turned around to smile at Richell. Willy paused for a second to ask her "Are you sure youre ok with this? And if it doesnt work out, I dont want it to get weir---" Richell kissed him hard and told him to be quiet.

How I Became a Slut Ch. 01

first-time sophiewilliams 2018-10-05

"It's a little early don't you think?" I chuckled, "What about these photos for the school magazine?" "Oh, that can wait, come and have a glass with me and relax." He smiled. "You're so beautiful , Sophie," he whispered, "Your hair, the way you smile, your body and even your soft hands, everything about you is so wonderfully beautiful." I blushed at his words as I felt my heart begin to flutter. I don't know why I said it because I was happy he had chosen to wear a condom but I heard myself softly saying, "I'm on the pill." His response was to smile and gently kiss my lips as he slid between my legs.

Calling Her Bluff

first-time awayne31 2018-10-05

I lift my hips to help her slide my jeans down to my ankles and she swiftly places her succulent lips on my swollen cock-head, opens her mouth to briefly flick out her tongue then nearly swallows my whole shaft. Her wet tongue taking long wet strokes on my extra-sensitive underside, then swirling her soft pink tongue in circles over the head, all while grasping the base and massaging my balls with her delicate fingers before suddenly engulfing my cock with her mouth again and furiously bobbing up and down; sometimes lowering her mouth completely down to the base of my shaft where I can see her lips nearly reach my pelvis, then pulling back and sucking hard on the soft tip.

A Cool Breeze From The Windy City

first-time Solomon87 2018-10-05

She undid his pants and took his rock hard throbbing cock out and began to stroke it. When he felt the warms of her mouth wrapped around his throbbing cock he damn near fainted. She worked his dick like he never had it worked before, she rolled her tongue around his balls and sucked them into her mouth, and even ventured into his tight little asshole a bit. He rocked his hips and grabbed the back of her head and started to fuck her throat. It was only a matter of time before his hard cock erupted in her mouth. His balls could not hold in the cum anymore, she squealed as she felt his rock hard pole spray thick jets of hot creamy cum inside her mouth.

Jenny Meets Sam

first-time Twilightlove 2018-10-05

Encouraged by Sam's winning smile and focussed attention Jenny began to talk freely about herself, her excited anticipation of her approaching university experience, about chess and her thoughts on her future career. Sam gave both breasts some attention, while Jenny looked even more dreamy and began to breathe more heavily. Jenny's was heavier, her head was back, her eyes closed, lips parted, her face flushed, as after a few quiet seconds inside her he began to slowly withdraw and commence thrusting. Sam ejaculated uncontrollably and relentlessly with surges of extreme pleasure which, like Jenny's uncontrolled contractions, thrashings and cries, went on for some time. Jenny lay back, completely spent, blissed out by the pleasure of Sam's still rock hard member filling her warm wet hole.

My first real teacher

first-time strawhappy 2018-10-05

Lisa had one condition about setting me up with Wanda and that was I would not introduce her to the alternate lifestyle, I told her that I wouldn't push it on her but if she wanted to go there I would be her guide, she agreed. It wasn't until after we got there, got set up, and were sitting back partying that I found out that Wanda was still a virgin and that Lisa wanted to be there with her when she gets deflowered. I've lost track of Dave and Teena, but I still run into Wanda once in a while and she will tell me how Lisa is doing, she didn't stay married and couldn't give up the lifestyle, and none of her boyfriends could handle it.

sex with collegue

first-time indianb88 2018-10-05

As I moved in to take a closer look, I could see a shiny black dildo smeared in her love juices coming in & out of her snatch while her other hand was furiously stroking her partially exposed boobs. She quickly turned around to see me standing there stroking my cock with one hand & holding her shiny black dildo in the other hand. I was now standing completely naked with my cock buried deep inside her mouth while she was expertly giving me the blowjob of my life! I was lying on my back with my hands firmly placed on her fleshy butt-cheeks & my tongue probing deep inside her swollen pussy lips.