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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Finally I meet my b*****r.

first-time pinks43 2017-10-19

As her body slowly came down from its earth chattering explosion, her legs finally gave way and she again sank to his lap, laying the side of her face and her hair on his cum covered chest. Chris could take no more, he warned her he was going to cum, pushed his hips up into her face and growled into her beautiful pink slit as his balls emptied into his s****rs tiny mouth. “Do you think I will ever go back to the size I was before Chris?” she said, slowly grinding her pussy lips into his face, “Because I don’t want to have to struggle like that, to get all of you up inside my fanny, every time we royally fuck each other.”

SA E01v2: A Medieval Romance

first-time OmegaZone 2017-10-19

Alicia gazed at me, her face brightening, she was about to speak, I motioned to her to not, she stopped, I softly said: "I do not know why you chose to perform your earlier actions, but I would like to setup camp, and possibly get the fire going before I let you speak, it will give you a little time to chose your next words." I for a second found myself wanting to reach for them and suck and fondle her breast, but my noble side won and I reached with my armour clad arm to her face and tenderly caressed it as I said: "Fair Alicia you need not worry about a clumsy knight like myself, but please cover yourself.

My First BBC

first-time sexy_sindy 2017-10-19

He pushed my shirt up and f***efully helped his self and took it off too, then started licking and sucking my tits!!!!! After a minute of this he undid his pants and quickly grabbed my ponytail and then pushed my head down to his dick, it was so hard and big and black, I started to lick it immediately. That made me suck his dick harder as he grabbed the back of my head and pushed it down on the whole length of his long shaft and then he groaned and shot cum all down my throat, I tried to swallow all of it but couldn't it spilled all over my tits, seat and shirt.

The Graduate Physiotherapist

first-time dan_e_gc 2017-10-19

I copped plenty of ribbing from my rugby team mates about the lack of a steady girlfriend, but it was easy to deflect because of my work, the physiotherapy clinic mentor program and my studies. At my peer work review, I was told I was personable and approachable and people loved having me work on them because they felt like I was relatable to their specific circumstances because my life had been of a similar path. I was so nervy about going to the Crossfit class that evening, but my boss told me that under no circumstances was I ever to risk my career and take on Clancy as a "fuck".

The English Sessions

first-time dererzahlernc 2017-10-19

When his fingers found her pussy lips she began to openly moan and started grinding herself on his strong hand. Stacy felt his tongue and lips against her hard nipples while his fingers slowly, gently explored her young pussy. Stacy traced her finger over his thick cockhead, and stroked him lightly as her hands explored his hard shaft and hairy balls. She continued stroking his semi-erect cock, licking the head with just the tip of her tongue until it once again felt hard in her soft hands. Stacy felt his cock sliding into her, and she moaned loudly as her pussy lips stretched and accepted his girth. She began to moan loudly, thrashing her head back and forth while he pummeled her young pussy with his hard shaft.

Give Him The Wife

first-time komodocity 2017-10-19

The thought of seeing my wife fucked by another guy was just the hottest thing I could imagine, being helpless as she was inpaled on another mans cock being pleasured just filled me with mind blowing sexual desire. I got up and left and nodded to Tom. I went upstairs to our bathroom and then stood at the top of the stairs and waited. I walked down the stairs and kissed my wife as she laid on the sofa with cum dripping from her pussy. We all got dressed and said goodbye to Tom. In bed that night my wife said she hoped I enjoyed the experience and didn't want to do it again.

Another business trip (True)

first-time 2017-10-19

We kept talking, flirting, our hands brushing up against arms, legs as we chatted, then out of the blue I just suggested we go up to my room for more drinks. I started with warming the oil in my hands then slowly massaging her shoulders and neck. Finally I took more oil on my hands applied it to her sexy ass, it was round, beautiful and totally proportional to her body. I kept licking lower, over her belly button, both her hands were on my head and my fingers deep inside her began to move faster. I resisted to tease her then finally I reached out with my warm wet tongue and licked her clit while I continued to finger her.

Finally we did it....

first-time rolandoo1 2017-10-19

that continued for around 10 months since January with only kisses and some flirt sometimes but nothing more but i got exited to taste more then her lips. suddenly my cell vibrate and i got a msg asking me: "hey i cant sl**p i wish u didnt slept yet" i replied directly " i cant sl**p too it has been one hour since im trying" she replied "and what can be the solution" i said "go outside" she replied "i want that but it is cold and i need someone to be with me" so i told her "me too i ll be there" after that i could wait to taste her juicy pussy i have gone directly to it and started licking it and fucking it with my tongue she got exited to the max.

Corporate slave. How far would you go? Part 1

first-time tr3b0r 2017-10-19

It started with Rick being called into a meeting with Ian. It was impossible to be in his presence without feeling nervous. However, on this occasion Ian was showing a nice side, explaining to Rick how impressed he is with him and his work. "The thing about the parties are that they are sex parties." Ian continued to explain that these happen around once a month and gave them just 5 minutes to decide. Ian and Chrissy were almost ignored to start with. "What the fuck are you wearing?" Did Ian not explain to dress sexy?" We were shocked! "Or hand me the keys back and fuck off!" Chrissy got busy serving drinks..

First time Anal Fucking - True Story

first-time 2017-10-19

Basically, from practising with the toy and having it in while Im fucking, I've been starting to enjoy anal stimulation more and more. I could feel his cock get hard and push against my ass cheek. So I moved a bit and with him lying behind me, he pushed the tip of his cock into my ass. I started pushing against him, making his cock sink further into my ass. I was moving the bunny vibe and he was pounding like mad. I pushed back on him as hard as I could and came like a crazy woman. He waited until I was finished and then pulled his cock out and came all over my ass cheek.

The Babysitter

first-time MagicaPractica 2017-10-19

Jack pulled the car over on to the side of the road and turned to look at Marie. He pressed his lips gently to hers then brought one hand up to slide into her hair as he pushed his tongue in to explore her soft, warm mouth. Still drunk on the kiss, Marie simply nodded then watched breathlessly as Jack unzipped his pants and pushed them down a little. Marie reached out with both hands and caressed Jack's cock. Marie cupped her breasts and started to rub and pinch her nipples lightly, breathing deeply as Jack stroked her body with his. She closed her eyes and gave herself over to the feel of Jack's hand on her clit, his cock filling and stroking her, her own hands teasing her sensitive nipples and the air caressing her everywhere.

My Celtic Cumming of Age

first-time jayco666 2017-10-19

That all changed when a new girl moved to my town and started at my school. We started hanging out just about every day until my balls dropped enough to ask her to be my girl. We were together for about eight months before the subject of sex came up and she asked me how many girls have I slept with. She looked at me slightly confused and said, "I find that extremely hard to believe. She started to slowly thrust her pussy back and forth gently forcing my dick of move in and out of her before straightening her back and rising up and down, providing the most incredible sensation I had felt in my entire existance.

Connie's Request

first-time man_as_dog 2017-10-19

That made things very tough, because getting that sexual experience almost always led to the kiss of death for husband hunters: the Bad Reputation. She had come (as had Connie and most other girls at this church affiliated, expensive and exclusive little school) to find someone to take care of her. "Yeah, Connie, let's play doctor, ha ha," said the little devil on my shoulder. Someday, you'll be able to share that feeling with a husband or boyfriend and it will make you closer to them, spiritually." In fact, I wasn't much into spirituality, but I knew that idea would motivate Connie to learn more, because it fit with her concept of romantic love.

Cheerleaders Navy Seal

first-time Lawlzorbeamz 2017-10-19

"You'd love that wouldn't you, you dirty fucking whore!" I said, putting my hands back on her head and slamming my dick back into her throat, fucking her fast and hard. I suddenly, felt my balls began to swell, I pulled my fingers out of her asshole and placed them back on her waist, increasing my speed until she was literally screaming into the night, screaming at me to fuck her, to slam my huge, hard dick into her small tight little virgin pussy. "Cum inside of me Leo, make me your fucking slut!" She screamed as loud as she could, her voice cracking, her body tightening with excitement, as I suddenly, blasted into her with more force than even the time before.


first-time 2017-10-19

So I never thought much about it the first time I made him lick me to orgasm after he had cum in me. I said to my husband, look at that cum! I asked my husband to lick slowly on my nipples. It took a couple of tries, but we finally found another room with a huge load of cum on the furniture. This time, I scooped up the cum, in a plastic water cup that was in there, layed on my back with my open pussy in the air, and told my husband to pour it in. Having said that, he tipped the cup up, and cum slid out, and into my pussy.

A Mother and Her Son 1

first-time 2017-10-19

Tommy wanted to date, but every time he was around an attractive girl, he would become tongue-tied and embarrass himself. After all, I still remember what girls like." Sue stopped when she realized that he might be embarrassed to go out with his mother. "Come on, let's get dressed and you can take me to dinner and a movie," Sue said, reaching to the table and picking up her car keys and flipping them to him. When Tommy opened the door of the car, and his mom slid in, he tried not to look at her exposed thighs again. Suddenly, Tommy realized that his fingers were touching the top swell of his mom's breast where the soft flesh was exposed.

Saying bye to my student

first-time 2017-10-19

I tried to get up but she gently pushed me back in my seat, lifted her skirt and set down on my lap. She let out a short ow, looked up and slowly pushed down further grabbing my head and pushing me forward towards her titties, stopping short of letting,me touch them. She closed her eyes as I tried to open her pussy further and gently pulled her lips apart. With that she slowly lowered her body down and gently pushed my dick inside. I took control and slowly moved my dick round in little circles. Man, she was pushing down so hard now, still having a very tight pussy that it felt she was milking me.

Adventures with Karen (part one)

first-time anthonyglasgow74 2017-10-19

I knew she had a thing for me because every day when i was coming home from my work at around 5.30pm she would always be right outside the flat, walking her dog. Within a minute i was squeezing her huge tits through her tracksuit top, she breathed heavily as we slipped our tongues into each others mouths. I moved back a little and unzipped her tracksuit top, she was wearing a really tight white top with no bra, which made her tits look enormous. I pulled down her tracksuit trousers to reveal her pretty little white cotton briefs, with a small wet patch on the front. I stripped naked and Karen instantly wrapped her soft hands around my hard cock and started wanking me off.

On-line Bi-play turns real

first-time JimmyNJenny69 2017-10-19

Jimmy could feel Randy’s cock get slightly bigger in his mouth and know he must be getting ready to blow, and right when randy started pumping his mouth harder, stopped. Jenny took my hand, and Randy said ‘relax, I’ll go easy on ya.’ And I could feel Randy’s dick rub up and down along the crack of my ass. That really got me and Randy off, because right as Jenny was burying Sally’s face, Randy pulled his big cock out, and I could feel his mushroom head pop out of my asshole while his cum blow all over my back and gaping hole.

just aconvo between me and a gril m8

first-time sexyginge 2017-10-19

ok ur in my room u undress ur self say u lie on my big dubble bed, walk in n drop my food on the floor i hhave a big smile on my face i start to walk to u n get in my bed u undress me as u kiss my lips, then u put ur fingers up my pussy to get me nice n wet then after u slide ur dick up me xx U stop and stand up u kiss me as i slowly push you onto the bed as soon as you hit the bed u feel mi dick slide slowly inside your wet pussy

Extras at work 2

first-time 2017-10-19

as ive said before im not exactly the behind the door type and having my share of experience of this i got the conditioner bottle sample and was soon knealing in front of him massaging it into his flacid cock and balls as he sat on the edge of the bath , clearly he shaved most days and it didnt take long with my experience and in no time i was soon using a cloth to wipe of the excess conditioner before getting his bottle of moisteuriser he flinched as the cold cream touched his skin and i began to massage into him .

Rachel's Summer Job

first-time darkrose93 2017-10-19

In the last email from Mr. Summers he said that he would have a driver pick me up from the bus station and take me the rest of the way to the house. HANK: Well Mr. Summer's house is a ways down the beach, he likes his privacy you see, and so you have to drive down the beach to get here. I first called my mom letting her know I finally made it to Corolla and told her that "I" got a room at a "Red Roof Inn" for the night because we couldn't drive on the beach at night. I thought about just going to bed, but I felt like I should at least take a quick shower if I was going to meet Mr. Summers tomorrow.

Young boy fun

first-time querico44 2017-10-19

Just relax and try to enjoy it." I put my hands around his hips as I leaned forward taking his soft smooth cock into my mouth, sucking every inch of it gently. Now show daddy how much you like him, sucked daddies cock some more, it feels so good." I slid to the edge of the sofa spreading my legs further apart. "Come on up here and sit next to daddy, let's watch a little more of the movie." He sat down next to me and snuggled up close reaching out his hand rubbing on my cock.

3 young men and Me

first-time ladymagick333 2017-10-19

I began to look at my Young male friends, in new ways. My eyes slowly looked at his, such long fingers too. My eyes were transfixed on the action of these lean, long fingers, taking such each, and do this..My mind began to drift as his hands kept moving ever so gracefully I watched and Imagined.. Oh yeah baby..I can See..this weed is having similar affect on Chris..yes, his hands are not the only Big thing on this luscious boy seated well within my reach. suddenly I felt the urge to see what new things I may discover when I looked at Them with these newly opened eyes, and dripping pussy.