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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Pursuit of Pleasure Ch. 01

first-time CarltonFade23 2017-10-19

This the story of Andre Jefferson, a 18 year old big guy with a lots fat and a lot of strength, and Annabelle Wright, a chubby girl with a beautiful English accent. As everyone walked out, Annabelle called out Andre to ask if he could come to her class after school. Mateo ended up reassuring Andre for the rest of the day but when he meet up with Annabelle after school something happened that he didn't expect. "Andre, I noticed that your weren't paying attention during class for the first few weeks." said Annabelle All she could do was look at Andre face and told him,"Call me Annabelle from now on," with a huge grin and tears down her face.


Adventures of a Indian Wife 3

first-time cuteb0y25 2017-10-19

Several minutes passed in silence. She was not prepared for that and was shocked. "Stop joking," that's all she could say. "Show me the devil inside you," he said giving a broad lick on one of her cheeks and covering it with spit. But she was not prepared for this. Minutes passed. Both mother and son were shocked to see the size of abdul Kassem 's tool. sunita was shaking amid low moans, while abdul Kassem lay still with his organ fully buried inside the love-hole. The movement got pace. She had no realization for how long she got screwed. He let lose his guards and allowed his climax to peak as he rubbed her breasts. sunita opened her eyes and smiled at her son.

Graduation Night

first-time the_bob_experience 2017-10-19

At first I was a bit quite since this was one of the few times I had been out since I turned 18 but by half three in the morning things were completely different I had already finished 6 pints of larger and had just started on my third vodka and lime when I met the girl who I had been sitting behind all year long in class and had a pretty big crush on for the last two years, I was already good friends with her so I had no bother talking to her at all and even managed to flirt with her without making a fool of myself I also took the chance to put my arm around her and kiss her on the cheek every time a camera came round to take pictures, nobody took any notice of this since I had already done this to three other girls and two guys from my class they just thought I was drunk and was kissing everyone ,which I was really only with her I would let the kiss linger for a couple of seconds afterwards and give her a smile which she always returned.

My first time... :)

first-time Ruth_Smith 2017-10-19

I got so turned on by looking at porn of other girls, She was the only person who knew I lost my virginity. hyper, she said she wanted to try masturbating. She said she wasn't really horny, so I went to a porn "I'll show you," I said, unzipping my pants. Linz was totally turned on. my finger out and sensuously sucked it. Linz was looking at me in awe. I had run my tongue along the length of her pussy. tongue around her pussy in a circular motion. tongue and licked off the stream, from my chin to my mouth, I fingered her tight ass, licked her pussy, and fingered her cunt. our share of three-way, titty-fucks, pussy fucks, anal,

Bad Cop

first-time 2017-10-18

With his hand grabbing me by hair of my head he f***ed me to kiss her feet as I was laid face down in from of her. He started to grab my cock to play with me as he fucked my ass. Leanne positioned her feet against his cock. I asked if he wanted to cum on mine and Leanne's face? On my knees I masturbate my cum on his black cock as well Leanne's feet. Splashing white cum on his black dick Leanne's small feet. Leanne and I got on our knees for him to cum on our face. It was a great time and Leanne and I will continue to visit my hot black daddy.

My Dog Sitter Ch. 01

first-time thepencilskirt 2017-10-18

Like I said, I have three dogs and you would be watching them from Friday night to Sunday night. When the line went dead I thought of Paige laying down on her bed with me on top of her. Thursday I got home as fast as I could to clean up around my house and set up the guest room . Once the room looked nice as well as smelled nice I closed the door to keep the dogs out of it. I fed the dogs, made up my bed, moved the blanket off the couch, divided the cooked chili so I could take some with me for lunch and put the rest in the fridge for Paige.

My First Anal Experince

first-time 2017-10-18

I feel like if the pussy is that good and he makes me beg for it and go without it he needs to work for! i wanted head, i wanted to give him head and i wanted the head of his super long sexy looking dick to be in me like NOW, NOT NOW BUT RIGHT FUCKING NOW! I was humping his face, sliding my pussy back and forth until i was ready for that dick. I had sled my wet pussy all the way down his face, neck, chest, stomach and hips all the way down to his dick. I started to push my ass back on that dick. i was fucking that dick with my ASS AND FOR THAT I WAS PROUD.

Britney's First Time

first-time 2017-10-18

I remember that when I did have my clothes off, she made a comment about me needing to think of something else because the pants I would be wearing would look like a pitched tent if I didn't, and that that would be pretty a embarrassing thing to happen to someone in front of 30,000 people. I started to walk out, but she grabbed my arm and pulled me to her, and kissed me hard this time. Then she took it in her mouth slowly, running her lips about half way down its length, and even though I didn't cum, it felt like I had several time over. I re-lubed the strap-on, and work it slowly into her pussy, and at the same time pushed my cock into her ass hole.

Bi Time with Wife and Eric ( bi-sexual, Threesome,

first-time pure_lust 2017-10-18

I was hoping you wouldn't stop so I could walk in on something like this." I took his cock out of my throat long enough to say, "I told you she loves to watch." With that, she lay on the bed off to the side for a moment playing with her pussy watching us go at it. I got between her legs, handed Eric a tube of lube and told him to fuck my ass while I ate Grace's pussy. All the excitement of the evening and having my ass get a real good fucking I couldn't hold out long and was soon pumping my load deep inside my wife's pussy.

Dinner for Two

first-time JayDenton 2017-10-18

I reached down and grasped his erect cock through his linen trousers rubbing my thumb over the head, feeling the wetness of his desire on my finger tips. "I've dreamt of seeing you like this Chris, every time I've made myself cum since we met, I've done this thinking of you and your big hard cock in front of me. As my fingering increased in speed so did my mouth on his cock, overcome by excitement he then started to fuck my face, each thrust hitting the back of my throat until I felt a tremor begin through the fingers of my left hand as it gripped his right bum cheek.

Bonnie Ch. 01

first-time whitehype 2017-10-18

While I stood in the hallway talking to Rachel's roommate, Bonnie came out for a drink from the water fountain by the stairway door, shot a quick smile in my direction, then retreated back to her room. Her breasts were firm and stood proudly on her chest, shifting a little as she walked, but carried nicely by what looked to be a simple white bra under her top (could you tell what this woman was doing to me from my description of the short glance?). Now that I mention it, though, the shape of Bonnie's breasts wasn't the most incredible thing I noticed, because there under the tanktop material, the next thing my eye was drawn to was the contrasting brown of her nipples.

A Guy Gets Educated! Ch. 02

first-time madala 2017-10-18

Maybe, if Madame kept me away from Ingrid, I might be able to get a leg over the cook. A few moments later, Madame du Pont walked into my room. I’ve been abstinent for quite a while, and seeing your juice-slicked, raging cock stretching Ingrid’s cunt wide this afternoon made me realise that it is time to enjoy the same. Madame du Pont moved, spreading her legs slightly, and I took the opportunity to invade the warmth of her crack. Madame du Pont moved and I felt her lips worship the tip of my swollen cock. Madame du Pont stopped sucking, moved away and deftly rolled the condom down over my hard, swollen rod.

Anna's Valentine

first-time deepemerald 2017-10-18

A couple of miles away a man typed in delivery instructions on various web sites where he'd ordered some Valentine's Day gifts for Anna. For the next few minutes his tongue and fingers brought the woman on the screen to a screaming orgasm and Anna got to see everything in close-up detail. Her swollen pussy glistened in the night as her audience of one gave his swollen 7 inches a final few strokes before shooting his load straight onto a printout of a photo of Anna in the shower that was hanging on the wall in front of him. On her bed Anna felt compelled to run downstairs and meet him, but she knew that wasn't the plan.

Panty thief

first-time 2017-10-18

Fast forward I couple of years and I'd had the normal beginnings of a young mans sex life....fumbling about, getting knocked back, feel of tit here and there, sticky finger, then the big one when I was going out with a girl who was 2 years older than me called Anne. I tried them on, as one does, and of course they were to small, but I would always think that the material in the gusset must be right into Anne's cunt. Still, reputation or not, I was going to be in these women's houses to celebrate there sons coming of age party, and, like it or not, I was going to be doing my best to leave there houses with either mums or s****rs knickers in my pocket.

GFS bestfriend

first-time SafeSexting 2017-10-18

Danny slid his hand down Liz's body and placed it between her thighs. Danny slid his hand out of her silk panties, to her disappointment, and he pushed her shirt up her body, trailing wetness on her white skin as his finger was coated with her juices. Liz raised her ass and allowed Danny to pull her jeans off her ass and down her thighs, exposing her skimpy black panties. He began to fuck her as hard as he could, just jamming his cock into Liz's helpless body, not noticing how loud the bed was, or how loud he was making her moan. Danny washed all traces of Liz's pussy off his face, fingers and cock before climbing into bed with his sl**ping girlfriend.

Becca and her Uncle

first-time 2017-10-18

I could hear Uncle Ian grunting and groaning and I closed my eyes and imagined his cock sawing into his Fb’s pussy. Turning this way and that, and preening a little, I didn’t hear Uncle Ian come into the hall. ‘I said maybe you should be a bit more careful about how you look when you go out with your friends, I couldn’t help but notice this morning that you aren’t wearing a bra and some boys your age might see this as an open invitation!’ Before long my hand managed to slide into his boxers and for the first time I felt his raging hard pulsing cock under my fingertips.

Wack A Doodle

first-time Yubadude 2017-10-18

After I pulled my penis out, Chris collapsed on the bed and said, "God, that hurt a little, but once I got past some of the pain, the feeling was great." Chris would call me at my area and ask something like, "Want to do a quickie for lunch?" Or, she would say, "Come right home (we were not living together and never did), I need a fix. I did get a Christmas card from Chris with a long letter saying she had dropped out of school but was going to return start back up in January or maybe she was going to come back home, but she had not decided.

My sexy neighbor home alone !!

first-time fetchdis 2017-10-18

Tiffany was looking pretty hot herself with her big D's almost popping out of her tank top and her tight little shorts hardly covering her ass cheeks. "Well Jason my husband Tim is away fishing as usual so would you like to come over and have a beer with me?" Tiffany asked. It felt pretty nice fucking her mouth but soon it was time for me to try her hot pussy. "Oh yes do it Jason stick that big thing of yours into my wet passion hole!" Tiffany said. "So are you Jason because it has never been this good with my husband Tim!" said Tiffany who was now breathing fast.

For starts....

first-time kbomb 2017-10-18

I reached my hands up to play with my nipples as she finger-fucked me like that for a few minutes, I was already so close to the edge and I could feel every muscle in my body contracting as my orgasm grew closer, my pussy burned with the pressure of the now three fingers inside me, stretching me, rubbing me, my clit becoming engorged as she pressed her thumb over it in tiny circles, never breaking contact. Watching her working herself and feeling her warm wet tongue on me was too much and without warning I exploded again, with Tania sucking hard on my clit the entire time almost to the point of being painful but still oh-so-fucking-good.

Rhonda's Touch

first-time geraldf 2017-10-18

Anyway, like I said, I'd been there a couple of months and I'd serviced all types of guys--businessmen, college students, professor types. "Well, if you're a virgin, you've come to the right place." I started working my way down his back. "Okay, sweetheart, just relax." I started slowly rubbing the tip and he let out a moan. "Mmmmm, yeah, mmmmm." I had to admit it was the cutest little dick I'd ever seen and the way he moaned was kind of cute too. "Yeah, feels good, doesn't it." This tubby virgin was about to come and it had barely been thirty seconds since I first touched his dick. "Did that feel good, Brad?" I asked.


first-time 2017-10-18

Für mich war es jetzt nicht wichtig, direkt eine Partnerin zu finden, um ehrlich zu sein wollte ich zuerst einmal Flirten und Spaß haben und wenn es dann mehr werden würde, ob nur eine Affäre, One Night Stand oder sogar eine Beziehung, dann sollte es eben so sein. Ich hatte einige sehr nette Dialoge mit Frauen aus meiner Umgebung und auch welche mit Frauen von weiter weg, auch das kann man auf den jeweiligen Profilen einsehen, und ich muss sagen, dass das Flirten im Internet mir sehr leicht fiel. Man hat außerdem keine Scheu, auch persönliche oder intime Fragen zu stellen, man kann selbst entscheiden wie viele Infos man über sich prei gibt und ist dennoch anonym und vor allem ist die Seite seriös.


The Office cleaner

first-time ivorp 2017-10-18

" Sarah you are not at fault and nor am I, you are wise enough to know that our natural bodily functions sometimes are there to be accepted and then overlooked." She nodded but was more insistent; " I have tried Canon but my body is craving relief and I know no way other than to seek the body of the one man I know and trust to fulfil me" "Canon I feel an urgent need and would like you to know your needs are visible to a sexually experienced woman; my needs are only visible if you ask me to show them to you." She was offering to show him her body; he was aching to accept and in that moment he decided he must ask to retire from the diocese and leave the priesthood.

Mutual masturbation: Part Three "Can I use my

first-time Theo35 2017-10-18

 He was going to have the house to himself on Thursday, so of course for the next two days I had constant erections thinking about all the different things that I wanted to try. Kneeling down in front of me he took hold of my dick and started to touch and stroke it bringing me to full erection as he played with himself through underwear.  Grabbing our green towel from the bed I began wiping off my hand I could tell from the stiffness that was starting to form we were depositing a large amounts of cum on it. I watched as his head slowly moved towards my dick wrapped his mouth around my cock and started sucking.

Blushing Bridegroom

first-time Dash_Andrews69 2017-10-18

Sandra could feel Jeremy's erection through his pants. "Mmm, such a good boy", spoke Sandra as she licked her cum soaked hand. Sandra stuck her nipple in Jeremy's mouth. Jeremy started to suck and Sandra felt her clit swelling. She calmed herself, looked at Jeremy's cock, and saw that it was still soft. When she rolled off of Jeremy, she could see that his face was covered in her love juices. Jeremy felt her moist tongue glide over his cheeks, along his nose, in his eyes, and cross his lips. She looked into Jeremy's bright green eyes and she knew he was ready to become a man. She looked into Jeremy's eyes and the little boy was gone.