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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Diary Doodling 'bout Sex

first-time Paris Waterman 2017-10-18

We spent several contented minutes just messing around like that, before Crotch started to rise up. Sunday afternoon we snuck into a dressing room at Lord & Taylor, emerging twenty minutes later, me with a cramp in my thigh, Crotch with a crick in his neck and a half-dollar sized hickey on his neck as well. "Let's try the library and see if Mr. Milton is at home," I said taking his arm and leading the way. Instead he took my finger into his mouth and demonstrated how he liked to have his cock sucked. Reaching out blindly, I captured his wet finger and brought it to my hungry mouth to demonstrate that I knew something about sucking long hard things too.

Teacher, Teacher I Declare

first-time Itheswag 2017-10-18

Not wanting to embarrass the boy the next day Brenda held back his paper and that of one of the girls asking them to see her after class. Even though he wasn't sure what she exactly wanted him to do or if he should do it he soon found his hands caressing her ass as if it were a piece of fine china Brenda was enjoying the boy's soft touch but was ready for a bit of hotter action as she slid onto his lap. Little did he know that near the end of the class as the students took a quiz Brenda sat behind her desk and rubbed herself through her clothing until she came thinking of him.

Demi takes a lover

first-time 2017-10-18

Sameer kept on tonguing her through her climax then he got between her legs as Demi tried to stuff his thick cook in her snug little pink pussy. I don't know how long I stood there watching them before Sameer moved his hips at Demi one last time with f***e, his head went up and his whole body stiffened atop her. I guess I looked a bit silly as I stood there with my dripping cock in hand but right then I couldn't think of anything better but Demi said, "You have just made my husbands ultimate fantasy come true". I watched Sameer's cock stretch Demi's pussy for at least another hour as the two of them fucked to numerous climaxes.


first-time BeMyPet 2017-10-18

Jane was my favorite lover at the time - a pretty face with round cheeks and a mouth slightly upturned at the corners, bright blue eyes, a mop of short blonde hair, and a lean body made for dancing. By the time I made Jane, I had come to the conclusion that fellatio simply wasn't my thing - my cock wasn't built for it, didn't respond to it, needed a wet cunt or an eager hand. I loved Jane's cunt and her talented hands, but when I told her about my lack of enthusiasm for having my cock sucked, she gasped slightly. Her mouth was locked around the top of my cock, her hand furiously stroking the shaft.

First time anal with a huge Dom cock (real story)

first-time lidacd1 2017-10-18

He was looking to meet the day after, I was anxious about the whole thing but I was so horny that I was ready for everything...At some point he asked about my fantasies, and I told him that I would like to dress up and be used by a guy, immediately he wanted to know more, and he sent me a picture of his cock and wow even though it wasnt hard on the picture, it looked really big!!! he got me to lye down on my tummy facing forward with my head at the edge of the bed, he came in front of me and said ''open'' , I did as he shoved his hard cock as far as he cou.

Vicky Ch. 02

first-time TimRailing 2017-10-18

I don't know how to shake my ass or grind, so I skipped to thinking about us slow dancing and all the other girls looking on wondering how the hell this happened. I always let myself feel a little pleasure in knowing that I probably look better topless than most of the 'popular' girls. Eric's my best friend anyways, it's only fair that if I'm going to start giving out head to people I've never talked to, that he should get at least one blowjob from me. I started cumming like a little slut the first time his balls starting slapping against my ass as he rammed home.

Not a Little Girl Anymore

first-time Virgin_Anna 2017-10-18

I hung out with my older brother Jeremy and his best friend Ben a lot. They hugged my ass tight making it look a little bigger. Hi my name is Ben and this is the time I took my best friends little sisters virginity. Of course he had this little sister who followed us around like a puppy. Are you flirting with me?" I tease "if I did your brother would kill me." He said with a very serious look on his face. He rubbed his cock up and down my pussy lips making me moan loudly. "Oh. The little girl wants to be fucked huh?" He said teasing my soaking slit. "Oh god I'm gonna cum!" He said after a little bit of pounding.

The Co-Workers: Gray & Thomas Ch. 01

first-time ChocolateKaiser96 2017-10-18

Thomas has always been "touchy" towards me, but lately after work he'd draw his lips towards my neck! Thomas being my best friend knows my neck is a sensitive place, so why does it is beyond me. Kay, thanks!" Thomas said chuckling as he ran down to the parking lot. I slowly walked to the parking lot, and saw Thomas leaning on my car. I looked down, so many emotions were crashing in my head, I just didn't understand why my best friend would mess with me like this. "I-I'm going to bed...I can't believe you think I'd ever do that to you..." Thomas said, as he grabbed my face and slowly kissed me, his eyes close & more tears started to run down his face.

My Xhamster meet in hotel parking lot

first-time denny1001999 2017-10-18

She asks me if I like what I see, I tell her yes that I would love to kiss her. We kiss long and hard for a little bit, I reach in and cup her breast in my hand, she is so firm and her nipple starts to get hard under my touch. We are behind the hotel now and I am in the passenger seat, we are kissing and I am rubbing her wet pussy as she starts rubbing my hard cock through my pants. I go over to her side of the car and I’m standing there, she unzips my pants and reaches in and pulls out my hard cock.

Best Summer

first-time zimabean 2017-10-18

"Well lie down on the bed, I have an idea." Mom got some hand lotion from the night stand and said "this is what I have to do for your father sometimes." Mom squirted some lotion on her hands and started to stroke my cock. She got to working it real hard, even my balls, but I was way past that as now my cock was numb and it was a little wierd to have my mom stroking my dick. Hearing those words from her got my balls boiling and I was trying to hold back, but then mom hit her own orgasim screaming and convulsing, her pussy clamping down tight around my cock.

A Seducer at Sixty Ch. 02

first-time touchmate 2017-10-18

After a couple of days, during which I realized how badly I missed our love making, I visited Rekha at her home. Just before I left, I asked Rekha if this girl Lakshmi was not too young to be thus employed. Rekha was back at her job in Bank, with Lakshmi taking care of Murty full time and doing a very good job of it. I moved a little closer to her and looking at her magnificent boobs, I said "Nice oranges." As usual, Lakshmi walked with me to the door and before she opened it, I just gave her a little pat on her back and whispered, "Okay, see you tomorrow." Next day, when I went to Murty's place a little after two, the hall door was ajar and Lakshmi was waiting.

My Sweet New Addiction

first-time LongSet 2017-10-18

Too many times catching myself wondering, Is either one of them is going to reach over and touch the other's cock? He told me he wanted to lie behind me and make me cum with one hand stroking my nipples and the other teasing my cock. I'm going to leave the door unlocked if you want to come in." And then I rinse off and just wait there, thinking I'm going to hear the door, that Sim is going to come in and brush his teeth like we planned. The only thing I register when our cocks touch for the first time is a slight shock.


Kayt takes Phoebe in the Bathroom

first-time Secretlesbian1992 2017-10-18

Each night, when she wanted to get off, she would turn on some lesbian erotica and imagine herself fucking Phoebe. Kayt slid her hand down phoebes back, and traced her underwear line until she got to the warm lips that she had seen seconds ago. She moved her fingers under phoebes panties, feeling the moist soft lips that she had fantasized about for so many years. She could feel her wet lips pass under as her fingers moved across phoebes pussy and out of those panties. Kayt brought her fingers up to her lips, she wanted to taste phoebe. Phoebes breasts sat perky and perfect, her medium size nipples hard, her shiny pink pussy lips slipping out of her panties.

Behind open doors

first-time richgoodtimes 2017-10-18

As I was being blown away she grabbed me with her free hand and jerked me off the bed onto the floor, looked me dead in the eye and told me, no actually ordered me to suck that dick, make him cum and let him cum in your mouth, but don't go too fast i want to suck too. Trying not to show the enthusiasm I had just learned I went down on that dick all the way as far as I could take it, then he put his hands on my head and pushed-hard and I felt that huge dick going into my throat.

My First Time

first-time Longneckbtl 2017-10-18

Our neighbor had called Barb and asked if I could check out the water situation in her kitchen sink. Barb told me to just go in through the patio Jada would be in the kitchen to explain the problem. Jada left to change into clothing and it takes me about 20 seconds to find that the shut off valves under the sink have been turned off manually. Milking my dick she licked it clean of cum, her mouth worked the head and without warning I came again. As she licked my dick clean again she asked that next time I shouldn’t pull out of her mouth. A youths cum is all salty and sweet and so fresh” she explains all the time rubbing the head of my dick over her lips.


first-time samvimes 2017-10-18

“Oh, Hi Dad,” my son said looking up from his computer as I walked into the lounge. “Looks like you could do with a bit of hand relief yourself, Dad.” Tony said with a grin and indicating the bulge in my trousers. Sitting here, next to my naked son who was pounding his cock, I was enjoying watching it. “Oh, Fuck,” Tony said. I looked at the computer screen and watched Carole taking my cock deep in her throat then looked back down as my son, his eyes fixed on mine, opened his mouth wide and engulfed my rigid prick. Looking down at my son, his father’s cock deep in his mouth, pumping it out.

How I meet women...

first-time 2017-10-18

going to church/dating socials, woman looking at men or volunteering. going to professional assns, like Rotary/Lions, meet women single or have men who can't be intimate. shopping at lingerie stores, like Vics Secrets, where the staff are either single moms or milfs or young women, who can be there for personal enjoyment, and to meet women and men sometimes. Sometimes I meet a woman in food court or by chance and ask her for help. Most women don't want one-liner bad boys with cock pics, ok, some do, but intimacy and being held and given to are ones I connect with. Learn to accept their abuse, because it isn't you, but other men who have hurt them, and you get to be the target, since you are probably a nice guy.

Annabel's Awakening

first-time deepemerald 2017-10-18

He'd let them seduce him in return for higher grades and he'd been the envy of all his friends, fucking all those willing young girls all the time when his wife had long since lost interest in sex and just lay in bed like a dead fish. Jason forced himself not to smile and said that she had to go for the once in a lifetime career opportunity and if Annabel hadn't found a solution by graduation that he'd let her board at his house until she could afford a deposit. "Jason!" Annabel exclaimed, splashing water everywhere while she tried to figure out whether to cover her tits or her pussy and all the while having her eyes locked on his rapidly expanding cock.


first-time dawn1958 2017-10-18

She knew Joan had a strong hold of the hair on the back of Cari's head and was holding the young woman's face pointed straight at the mirror. Then her knowing hands surrounded Sandra's bobbing head and held the woman's face tightly entrenched in her crotch until the last body-rattling tremor rocked her body. Sandra listened knowing the woman would befriend her young friend and there was nothing Cari could do to stop Vicki. From her earlier experience, Cari knew Vicki would have Sandra stripped in no time and she wondered how scared it would make her dear friend. Cari's gaze returned to the desk and Sandra who tried fending off the woman, but Vicki kept slapping her arms and hands away.

New Adventures Ch. 03

first-time Starkraven 2017-10-18

As she continued to play with his seminal fluid and rub it all around his shaft, she watched and felt how Scott tensed up every time she got near his mushroomed head. "Oh, Audrey, please don't stop, that was feeling so good," Scott nearly whined as he felt the warmth of her body leave his lap and her hand leave his needy member. Kneeling down to get a better view, Audrey looked down his shaft from the backside and saw a long stream of clear viscous fluid glinting in the sunlight as it hung from the head of his cock reaching nearly to the floor. Snapping his eyes open he looked down to see Audrey squatting below him with her right hand on the bottom of his shaft and her mouth wrapped around his cock head.

The Weekend Sleepover Ch. 02

first-time spaldan 2017-10-18

I thought about it for a second, looking at Jenny and Brenda watching me from the steps of the pool. Looking over at Brenda and Jenny, looking magnificent in their bikinis, water glistening over all their smooth curves and exposed flesh, only made me more nervous. Brenda's soft fingers closed around my shaft tightly while her mouth sucked the head of my meat back between her lips. Brenda went back down on my cock, her lips kissing the underside of my sensitive shaft while her hand pumped the fat knob at its tip. Jenny still looked uncertain as she removed her bikini bottom, but as Brenda was already completely naked, that too soon fell away.

The Bet Ch. 1

first-time AhMyGoddess 2017-10-18

Simone won and now she was calmly telling me what she wanted me to do - have sex with her older brother, Peter! Everything was ringing too true, I realized that Simone had probably been planning this for some time, and she had gathered info about my attitude towards sex over the past weeks by asking questions here and there. I'm not sure how long I stood outside of Peter's door, I finally realized that Simone was probably getting anxious. The hand on my thigh slipped up inside the leg of my shorts and I felt Peter's thumb slip inside my panties and stroke over my pussy. Peter's mouth began to kiss and lick its way down my stomach and his hands slide my shorts and panties off.

Skiing Ch. 01

first-time UTOutdoorGirl 2017-10-18

"Yes, I love a hot shower also after a long day on the slopes," Nichole said as her eyes wandered over my body once again. I stood there for one more second, thinking about the idea of Nichole's hands working me over, feeling the heat pulsing through me one more time, and then excused myself and headed into my room closing the door behind me. "We have plenty of time before we need to go eat so I thought I would just relax a little before my shower." Nichole sipped her wine, looking at me over the rim of the glass. Just as I was about to pour another glass of wine the door to the bathroom opened and out stepped Nichole, with a towel wrapped around her head and nothing else on.

A Tender Night

first-time Nice2U 2017-10-18

I return my face to your breast, where I take your tit between my lips and continue sucking, pulling, and licking your nipple. I pause to run my eyes over your body, your beautiful face, your neck, your breasts and firm nipples, your waist, your pelvis, the moist, slightly swollen lips between your legs. I move in closer, take the base of my cock between my thumb and two fingers and rub the head of my dick over your lips: all the way up and over your clit, then down over your lips to the bottom of your slit. I pull back, kneel in closer, lower myself, take my cock and lay it flat against your lips, the head laying up above your clit.