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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Convenience Store Encounter

first-time StoneyHill 2017-10-18

Even Joe's moments of solitude were punctuated by the screams and jeers of the large football players who enjoyed squeezing his thin, noodle-like arms and thrusting him about, mocking his high-pitched voice and tussling his dirty blond hair. There was such a sense of physical desire, yet at the core of it all, Joe wanted to feel loved; to lay beside someone special in the early hours of morning, whispering secrets in a large, soft bed and exchanging longing glances. Joe could feel her full weight on his face, as each buttock sagged over his nose, creating a tight seal and pressing his head into the tile floor.

My Arrival

first-time DurtyWriter 2017-10-18

You have a beautiful cock Jerry, feeling it throb in her hand. Krista s voice brought me back to reality, asking have you ever licked a girl? Krista pulled my head down to her as I instinctively licked up and down fast. Just like that as I slowly licked up and flicked her with my tongue. My cock began to grow and throb as she moaned encouraging me to keep licking sucking, put your tongue inside. Her grip tightened as her pussy molded itself around my throbbing cock. Krista began shaking as her pussy milked my cock for another explosion of my cream. Licked me clean as my cum dripped on my chest from her pussy.

Our first

first-time stevesthe1 2017-10-18

In no time i saw her legs start to tremble and she was panting fast she was on the verge of cumming it looked like she was trying to push his head away from her pussy but he cupped his hands tight around her naked ass and pulled her onto his face she looked at me shocked and as if to say im sorry then her head went back and she gave out a high pitched ohhhh followed by a deep groan as she cum.

Virginal Thesis

first-time bubbliebabs 2017-10-17

Once his mouth again met hers, he lowered her to his bed with ease, straddling over her body, and began running his tongue along her breast, down her side, across her stomach, and then removing her panties, he found himself in front of her smoothly shaven, sweet smelling pussy. Beth knew she needed to relax; she opened her eyes to watch Chad's body and began to meet his movements with her own. Chad looked Beth in the eyes and started to move more steadily, thrusting deeply, filling her entirely, lingering at the top just long enough to feel her muscles clench around his shaft. As the moment subsided, Chad met Beth's lips with a moist, soft, lingering kiss before removing himself from atop her and taking his place beside her on the bed.

First Time Bi

first-time Bfarr16 2017-10-17

Things start off slow and we spend most of our time nodding yes or no but soon we start to relax and it quickly looks like old friends just catching up. She pressed her breasts to the glass shower wall and reaching behind she takes ahold on my growing cock. Looking up his cock is just inches away, I say to myself it's now or never then reaching out I wrap my arms around his legs drawing him close and his cock in my mouth. Our host close himself now moans loudly, my wife pulls away say not yet. In an excited voice our host asks I would allow that and my wife answers back yes, I fuck him all the time.

A Different Way to Learn

first-time OCtantalism 2017-10-17

As you wait, you again begin to sweat, you feel hot, nipples constricting, pulling at your wrists, you need to touch, something below is aching, that tingling spot in your slit, whining, looking to your mom, asking please. Checking the fit, once more opening the thing, applying something, that jell, rubbing it into you, retracting your hood, coating your clit, so very sensitive, almost uncomfortable, unable to resist, still bound, he continues to stimulate you, gently, carefully, once more your panting, your body, the swelling within, you feel yourself again getting moist, so very wet, working you up, once more approaching that wonderful bliss, that pleasure, so wonderful, nearing completion, now on edge, your orgasm beginning, ready to start, the nothing, he stops.

A Slut's first diary entry.... over 2 years a

first-time dwadd73 2017-10-17

(Funny - i was never into black men, and never the man in the vids.) i never wanted to wear panties or gurl i couldn't wear a four inch heel - i won't be able to stand. i found a pair of sheer toe black lace-top thigh-highs - i slipped the black heel on - looked very hot on my stockinged toes. i put the black slut heels back in their proper place for another huge i as i placed my man-sized heels and three slutty large(er) sized panties on the real nice pair you like, you know?" (like i had EVER bought heels before!) This heels, in thigh-high black lace top stockings, and pink lacy panties.

Hotel Encounter.

first-time furrygurl 2017-10-17

He pulls away slightly and then nuzzles her neck, kissing it lightly as his fingers start to unbutton the dress from the top down. He brushes the hair from her face as the tip of her tongue gently licks the jizz leaking slightly from the head of his cock then he strokes that smooth hair as her lips close around him and the room seems to spin a little as she begins to suck, her mouth sliding up and down his shaft. He slides more of her into his mouth and bobs his head up and down, his right hand strokes her shaft as his left fondles her balls, it's little finger reaching for her secret hole.

My Wife and Her Coworker

first-time AndrewArrow 2017-10-17

She smiled and said, “I’m going home with someone else tonight and think Greg wants too, as well.” With that, she got up, gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and headed to a booth where a bunch of Robin’s other coworkers were sitting. I moved my hand down to her knee and said, “Okay, but do you want to?” Robin shook her head and quickly answered, “No, hon, he’s just young and follows me like a lost puppy.” Looking over at Greg, now playing pool with a fellow male coworker, I said, “Hey, he’s young and probably full of cum.” Robin hit me hard in the shoulder and burst out laughing.

Fantasy Truly "Blind" Date

first-time coolluke530 2017-10-17

Feeling the heat from my hands, you want so badly for my fingers to touch you, to rub your clit, to thrust inside you but my hand remains a fraction above your skin. "Touch my pussy." Almost as if taking their cue from your hips, my fingers have already begun to shift, leaving your tits and gliding lower. In an exaggerated slow motion, you feel my tongue running from the bottom of your pussy lips up, up, over your clit, and the world spins away. Your body rises with the swelling wave, every muscle firing together taking you higher than you’ve ever imagined possible before being hurled thrillingly down, pussy, tits, ass, nipples all pulsating - all throbbing.

The Cuckold

first-time 2017-10-17

 Within seconds I'm trussed up naked with my back pressed against our bedroom door, my cock in chastity, and Missy wrapped around a strange young guy! Missy, still in her short dress and heels, drops to her knees right in front of me and eagerly pulls the guys jeans open and releases his enormous cock. His rhythm is building and with it too is the f***e, as he fucks Missy harder and harder in front of me while I'm strapped to the bedroom door with my cock under lock and key.

Jamie's Encounter Pt. 01

first-time fiftyshadesofwade 2017-10-17

Alex turned away from everyone else surrounding her and looked at Jamie properly for the first time that night and gave her a sexy half smile. Jamie couldn't look Alex directly in the eye, instead her eyes flickered over her bulging breasts which the material of her dress also clung to. Alex took Jamie's hands as they passed over her breasts desperately and pulled away from her kiss, her red lipstick smudged over her face. Alex fumbled with the keys but this time gently pushed Jamie back away from her, seeming a little irritated. Jamie pressed herself right up against Alex, grabbing her bum and nustling her face into her neck, breathing in the intoxicating scent of her perfume.

The Sales Lady Part 2

first-time 23tim 2017-10-17

As I began suck her clit she started to hump harder and grabbed my ears, rubbing her pussy hard int my face. I asked if she had ever let anyone fuck her in her butt and she said that her husband wouldnt go near there, but that she had always wondered what it would feel like. Her butt hole was already wet from her pussy juice and I worked a finger up her butt and began to finger fuck her. Working her clit seemed to relax her sphincter muscle a little and I managed to pop the head of my cock past it. I continued to finger her clit as I began fucking her harder.

Dear Diary: The Beginning

first-time Ginger_grl 2017-10-17

After I finished explaining the passage to him, all the time continuing to innocuously and gently rub my arm against his cock, while at the same time giving him a good view of my breasts. I hadn’t given any thought to what I was doing, but said to W, that seeing as there was only 15 minutes left of class he could help me collect some books together from my storeroom and continue his work at home. Slowly I began to unbutton my shirt, I needed to feel my hand caressing my soft skin, I unclasped my bra and felt the cool air kiss my breasts.

Goodnight treat.

first-time Brad400 2017-10-17

our company provides us a staff house so all the employees in one branch live together. Me and my staff decided to go to a disco bar since we don't have work for tomorrow. As I'm sucking him a felt his hand on my head. He grab my head and return it to his hard cock. I suck it again this time with passion and eagerness. Grabs my hard cock and wank it so fast. I have hooked up with girls before but the passion I feel inside was like everything. He holds my head and pushing it slowly upward like guiding it to kiss his abs, his nipples, his neck until I reach his lips. I feel like exploding on that very moment.

You don't remember what happened? I'll t

first-time pancakesarehere 2017-10-17

I slipped you out of your dress and stared at your beautiful naked body for a moment before you sat up and sat on my lap, wrapping your legs around my waist, and pressing your crotch to my throbbing hard dick. You slid up and down the shaft -- slowly at first, but you built up some speed, only to stop at just the right moment -- all the way to the base of my rock hard dick. I slowly pushed my dick inside you, and you gasped each time I gave a small push. I positioned myself at the edge of the bed and placed my dick near your pussy lips.

Teaching My s*s-In-Law Part 1

first-time 2017-10-17

I came home from work one day to find Diane and her s****r Kathy at the kitchen counter drinking wine. I took Kathy's hands in mine, gave her a quick kiss and agreed to be her lover for a night. I kissed her shoulders and neck and moved her hands to my cock. Kathy began to relax once again and I continued to stroke and caress her body. I felt her hands cover mine on her breasts and then she moved them down to my head. Her legs shook wildly; her feet felt so good on my cock that I came, showering her feet and ankles with my cum. I continued to gently run my fingertips over her body; face, neck, shoulders, breasts, stomach, pussy and legs.

My white wife is having a black baby

first-time 2017-10-17

expecting that Mary was in the bedroom, perhaps showing The black boy cocked his head at me, perhaps unsure of my In no time at all, the black boy was positioning himself once Mary's lips at once parted, and as he eased slowly black boy's tip pushed further and further inside her, and time for me to push myself inside Mary, even if I'd juices, mine, his and Mary's, back inside her dripping I asked Mary how did she end up fucking the black teen Every time the black boy shot a load in her I licked Mary and I would share a kiss as I held a load of his cum in my

First Time With Tranny

first-time jay01973 2017-10-17

She was a smooth slim tranny and she loved to suck cock and get fucked and that's exactly what I was looking for. Sarah was going to town on my cock and working her way down to my asshole. I really worked her tight little Asian asshole good with my tongue. After a while of sucking eachother's cocks and tonguing and fingering our assholes I wanted to fuck her. She pulled her cock out and demanded now that I fuck her bare and seed her ass so I did, but only after she ate my semen filled ashole out! I then bent her over doggy style and squeezed my cock into her tight, smooth little asian fuck hole. Looking at her wet, worn out asshole dripping with cum was fucking hot.

How I became a GURL -- Part III -- Fulfilling the

first-time jenn1 2017-10-17

I wanted to have a man treat me totally like a woman, take me to a hotel and make love to me, completely as a woman. Finally there was a nice guy who just flirted with me, treated me like a woman and tried hard to get a DATE. White stockings, white pumps, a pink teddy with garters, pink frilly panties -- very virginal stuff -- and wore a tight gray sweater and a long purple pencil skirt that went below my knees -- certainly not the kind of slutty stuff I like to wear now. It was a moan that told me how fantastic I looked, how much he wanted me, how much of a woman I was!

Sumissive's Diary Episode 2: Restraint

first-time ebonfire 2017-10-17

Going through what looked like hours of preparations and two Weeks of planning only to forget to ask the teen if she was a virgin? I want you to feel what that little lie of yours is making you miss out on." My hands were playing with her breasts again.  Are you sure you have learned your lesson?" I couldn't help but smile at that moment, beginning to pull the egg away and push back again to keep her at that level of excitement. I'm happy you liked it." She smirked and worked her way down my body, gently licking every inch until her head stopped right above my Jeans.


first-time ghostyiam 2017-10-17

Tim kept rubbing his arm on my tits which made my nipples go hard and my pussy start to run with my juices.  Then May said she needed the bathroom and moved off through the crowd. As they moved off to the bar Tim grabbed my arse you look fucking horny he said.  I feel fucking horny I replied.  Can I touch your cock I asked him. My husband took the  empty glasses to the bar and May went to the bathroom before we left.  I turned to tim and said I want you to fuck me with that cock.

Sibling Rivalry

first-time granger59 2017-10-17

I bent forward and licked each nipple in turn for a few seconds, this changed the angle of my cock in her pussy and I felt Jodie spasm as she pumped her hips harder, she gasped “oh shit……… Dan, oh fuck no….I’m going to come”. I felt my own orgasm coming, I shut my eyes in pleasure and anticipation of shooting my load, when I heard a desperate whisper “Dan, Dan, please don’t come in me….please…..” “Shit……” I hissed and pulled my cock out of Jodie’s pussy. Jodie was just taking it; I think she was in shock that she was being fucked in the ass, so I thrust my hips faster and harder to finish quickly, then Jodie started to moan every time my cock plunged deep into her tight little hole.

Waited So Long For You

first-time jennywren7 2017-10-17

Yeah, he had wanted to call her and ask how the job was going, but somehow every time he tried he hung up the phone and attempted to forget his curvy friend. Charlotte had always loved how sexy Dan looked in Jeans and a shirt. Charlotte lived on the second floor, so Dan said he would walk her home before going to his floor. She walked slowly, and seductively towards him, giving him a passionate kiss as she undid the buttons of his shirt, revealing a hairy toned chest, and her hands reached his belt, removing it quickly, and unzipping his jeans giving his erection more freedom. Without encouragement she wrapped her lips around it and began moving her mouth up and down the entire length, somehow fitting his full length inside her, deep-throating for the first time in her life.