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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First Time Rough Sex

first-time Ricohxxx 2017-10-17

I can hear him grunting louder and faster then he yanks my head back with my hair as i slide onto the floor in a heap as he lifts my head up firmly in front of his cock whilst he pulls himself off hard and fast as he explodes shooting all his hot load all over me covering my face, up my nose and in my eyes as i open my mouth to breathe i feel his cock thrusted against my tongue as i feel him shooting down my throat as i manage to find some energy to suck his last few drops out of him then collapse on the floor with all of his cum dripping of my face as i feel his leather gloved hand wiping his cum off my face and pushing it all into my mouth as i feel my tongue being covered with his hot load.

Tiny Tim

first-time ab-2007 2017-10-17

Remember me telling you that I'd only had sex with a woman 57 times in my 57 years? I was flattered, after all Carla's a pretty fine looking woman with a nice hard body, but there was no way I was going to put myself out there for further humiliation, so I gave her every excuse in the book. I've fucked Carla like a man should, in her mouth, in her pussy and even her asshole. She took it last week, just before she pushed me down on the floor and shoved her lips down balls deep on my tiny-tim and made me cum six ways from Sunday. So, you guys with tiny dicks, there is hope, you just have to look until you find the right woman.

Computer Problems

first-time 2017-10-17

Kim shows few minutes later, we exchange pleasantries, she begins the hunt for the corrupted file that is having wreaking havoc on my pc. I put the server down, moved closer, grabbed her hand and assured her that there was nothing to feel embarrassed about. She immediately grips the base of my cock and like a pro takes me completely in her mouth. I moan "Kim", grabbing a hand full of her dirty blonde hair, I guide her up and down the shaft of my rock hard erection. Immediately, I guide her with the fist full of hair to my mouth. I kiss her with a passionate kiss, tasting my own cock on her mouth drives me to the moon and back.

Author of Love Ch. 02

first-time Darknessreignsbeauty 2017-10-17

When Gwen awoke the next day after her 'exciting' adventure from the night before, as she showered for the day which, thank goodness, was Saturday, she quickly dressed, grabbed a bagel and coffee, her car keys, and with her head up high... Gwen smiled her relief, paid for her purchases, and after thanking the woman, left with bag in hand. "Thank you Cole," she said smiling, then raised her glass and slowly took a sip of the red wine. She rolled her eyes and downed the rest of the wine, licked her lips and smiled up at Cole with a devilish look in her eyes. She stared up at his confused face as he just shrugged, pulled two cigarettes out of the pack and handed one to Gwen.


first-time leahsmine 2017-10-17

One day at work I thought I would suprise my husband when he came home from work, so when I got home I quickly jumped in the shower,made sure my pussy was trimmed and put some leggings and a tight jumper on with nothing underneath. There was a knock at the door so I quickly put the phone down and went to answer the door, when I opened it there was Simon he had come to see my daughter. I could see him watching me and my pussy was starting to get very wet thinking of that big thick cock so I bent over keeping my legs straight and slightly parted so he had a good veiw of my arse and as I did his jaw almost hit the floor.

The Stewardess

first-time rachelfoxen 2017-10-17

The girl wore a red and black plaid skirt over dark red leggings and a faded gray t-shirt with a cartoon pair of lips on the chest. "I like the feel of these blankets on my bare legs." Smiling, she took off her shoes, arched her back and began unrolling her stockings. The shocked stewardess looked down to see a bare bottom and legs with the girl crossing them to hide her crotch. I get horny on planes too." She gently took the girls hand, embraced it, slowly put it in her mouth and then up her own dress, flat on her chest and down her own stockings.

Mom's Special Offer 1

first-time 2017-10-17

"When were you planning to tell me about these?" Lauren asked her son when he came home from school. "Mom are you ther..." Tom tried to ask, before coming to a complete pause as he pushed opened the door. "That feels so good mom," Tom groaned as his mother began rubbing his back. "I'm so glad you like it," she replied, with her hands pressing hard on her son's body. Then after several minutes of watching his mother's hands on him, he suddenly moaned, "Mom, I'm about to cum." And just when Tom thought his climax couldn't get any better, he watches as his mother bent her head down to take the tip of his cock inside her mouth.

Suffolk hotel first bi experience

first-time gazza1234 2017-10-17

I hesitated at the doorway and said OK please show me what you’ve got whilst I remembered the thrill of pulling my mother’s knickers over my erect penis in the bathroom all those years ago. He said that he’d choose something which he thought I’d like and pulled out a pair of black nylon high leg panties with see through mesh front. I felt his hand slip down under the waistband of my panties as he took hold of my penis and started to masturbate me. I got dressed and just as I was about to open the door I looked back and saw that both his hands were working his penis and testicles hard within his panties as he masturbated himself to what I hoped would be a very happy outcome!

A Fantastic Night

first-time supertex 2017-10-17

She is blindfolded, wearing only her bra and panties, and tied down to the she is really starting to get wet and totally horny. Then my hands move down a little, and one finger slides all the way in her ass, as far as it can go, and then right back out...just more of a tease. We both go crazy now...just thrusting each other penis going deep inside her...deeper and deeper each time. In her panting and yelling, I hear "I'm coming, I'm coming, I'M COMING!!!"...and with that, I give one more massive penis goes in as deep as it can go, my fingers as deep as they can go...and we both come at the same time.

Married man across the street

first-time lilchub4u 2017-10-17

“You think I don’t see you staring out the window every day? His cock began to grow through his briefs while his warm hands stroked my cheeks. Once his shirt was off I stroked my fingers through his chest hair and sucked on his nipples, our cocks rubbing against each other through our clothes. I put his hard, hairy cock into my mouth and began fondling his balls. He then began undressing me and gave my cock a good stroke but couldn’t wait to get his inside my tight virgin hole. I still peek through my curtains every morning and he’s there staring right back at me, but this time standing on the bed allowing me to see that sweet sweet cock.

The New Neighbour Ch. 01

first-time ridged 2017-10-17

"Kayla," she smiled at me as she wrapped her fingers around the base of my cock. Kayla pulled her hand out and wrapped it around the base, so all but the middle of my cock was held by her hands. She moved her top hand to play with my balls, revealing my pre-cum glistening head. "My God...Kayla, that was wonderful," I breathed, leaning back on the rail, my cock now half erect. "I loved the taste of your cock, hun," she smiled again, "but I don't think I can work in these conditions," she must have sensed my confusion, because she lifted up her shirt, showing her amazing breasts and erect nipples.

Gumbuya Park

first-time Ashson 2017-10-17

I pressed a little harder, my head pushing between her lips and easing towards her passage and found that she was telling the truth. At the same time I was telling her to decide I was roughly massaging both her breasts, squeezing them and rubbing my hands over them, feeling her tight little nipples dragging across my palms. She gave a sharp little peep of pain as her hymen yielded, but seemed more interested in pressing herself harder than ever against me, settling herself fully onto my cock. "Um, you do realise that the next time you're mucking around with your boyfriend, his cock's not going to stop at your hymen?

Girl in the park

first-time sillver67 2017-10-17

Now after fucking her tight pussy i was about to cum so i told her to come down and ask her to eat my cock so she sucked down on it right off the bat slurping and licking my tip and fondling my ball sack it felt great then she started jerking hard after sucking on my cock she moan and told me sexy things like " oh god baby i want to be your cum baby" or " cum all over my face im ready" and that encourage me so much so i moan hard and cum all over her face and cumm into her mouth after i shoved my cock into it with some f***e she gag'ed after i pulled it out and then we kissed again for awhile and then we got up and left the park together.

Monsoon Night

first-time cloman25 2017-10-17

"The bus stop." I considered that as there were no buses running at that time and I was sure her house wasn't close by. "Look you can wait here cold and alone, this time a real creep may show up or I could drop you off wherever you want before that rain hits." She considered it. There wasn't one person who guided me and after an hour of hopeless searching, I finally ended up on the first floor balcony trying to figure out where I was, when I dropped my bag over the edge. "I better get out of this ridiculous thing before I embarrass myself anymore." She walked away from me, took the towel and headed for the bathroom.

Sex with a mature lady!

first-time 2017-10-17

I did a bit of yard work, and was organizing things in the garage when she came out and asked me if I would hang a shower curtain for her. “You know Baur, I thought that some handsome guy like you would be staring at a girl younger than me,” she said. I slowly wrapped my arms around her and started rubbing her hips, and then I quickly made my way down to her ass. “Oh my God, you are a bit excited aren’t you?” she asked, “Why don’t you sit down.” I quickly made my way to the toilet and sat down. More… fuck me more, give me some more, oh God.” I started to stroke her boobs moving my hands over her chest.

The Boss's Son

first-time griffen1 2017-10-17

A few days later another waitress told of this trick said that they needed to go to the banquet hall where couldn't wait to meet this little sex pervert! round hard ass that I loved on other boys. anything about the magic trick so I casually asked him, He started walking away and he stopped and turned to look at me catching me checking out his great ass. go to the banquet hall I want to teach you a magic "So you said something about a magic trick?" I and his hard little dick pressed up to my upraised ass Juan answered, "Nothing dad we just wanted to sit and I put my arm on Juan's shoulder and he said, "Tomorrow,

Step father

first-time bettyross1515 2017-10-17

I am going to eat that pussy and lick and taste that cum as I make you cum over and over." His face went down between my legs and he pushed me on to my back as he licked and sucked my pussy and pulled my clit with his teeth. He pulled me to the edge of the table and spread me wide as I felt his cock at the entrance to me wet cunt. You are going to feel so good as I fuck you deep and hard." He then pushed inside me with his big cock and I screamed but it felt so good after he got inside me. Now suck my cock and I will have another surprise for you." As my head hung over the table he pushed his cock to my mouth and began to fuck my face.

A Good Person

first-time Ooshnafloot 2017-10-17

According to rumor Julie had liked him from the beginning, saying 'no' for two years to all the wrong guys until the right one finally asked. But Julie wasn't absent, and I felt hollow and shallow every time I talked Maggie out of her pants. Usually the parties were at a karaoke box or at a privately hired bar or hotel suite, but this particular year's head boy and girl were a serious couple and had had every intention of getting away from the bright lights of town and into the darkness for some snogging. My friends and I let the darkness hide the anxiety in our faces as we followed older people, walking to a flickering light in the distance without getting in their way.


first-time dig420 2017-10-16

This boy Jamal started to pull down his pants and said “I fucking others started to join in “let’s fuck this white girl Anthony, why you let white pussy getting destroyed by that big black dick ain’t it”? moaned in my ear “that a girl, you take that big black dick in your little a huge hug and said “You a cool-ass little white-girl, know that Holly”? every black guy that fucked me could cum right inside me without me fucked your tight-little-white-baby-pussy we’re all going to prison”! I sucked their dicks, licked their balls, let them fuck my tiny-white-pussy He said “Well Holly, I want you to stop fucking all them boys anyway.

The mystery gift

first-time ivorp 2017-10-16

She wanted to masturbate but her son would be able to hear and she was not quiet she thought to herself, perhaps she should try to be quiet now as the neighbours may hear the vibrator noise- but she relaxed they were away on holiday. She took a deep breath and slid on top and loved how powerful that was up inside her convulsing vagina then she came hugely from relief/release and pent up needing to. With just a little vibration she rammed it home savagely and came for minutes, one leg on the floor the other along the bed and loving the deep powerful thrusting, she then went to maximum power and came messily with it somewhere around her navel she thought/wished!

Breaking in Stallions

first-time LC10 2017-10-16

That night as they lay in bed in a mood of post-coital satisfaction Janet proposed a plan of action to seduce the new boyfriend into bed with and thus leave the field clear for Norman to resume relations with Angela. 'Look at my cunt Norman it's ready for your big fat cock so come and fuck me again'. A few days later Angela went round to Norman's house leaving Michael at home with her mother. Janet heard the sound of the front door opening and moments later Angela and Norman entered the room. The noise coming from Angela's room provided clear evidence that Norman had finally got his cock up inside Angela and that she was thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Manipulated Virgin Secretary

first-time Unkith 2017-10-16

As she began buttoning up her bra she looked up worriedly at Sameer who was still acting as if he was in complete shock at catching his secretary masturbating in his chair, when in fact he was noticing how moist her fingers were from her drenched pussy. She kept moaning as his mouth moved to her left nipple and began sucking and nibbling on it as his other hand grabbed and pressed her right breast. Now remove your left hand from the tip and cup my balls with it and continue stroking my dick with the right," Sonia obeyed as Sameer sat himself down on his chair with her face in the middle of his legs.

I'm the Man of the House

first-time HankWilliams1956 2017-10-16

When mom stood up and stepped to the side for me to close the door and I turned to go around to the passenger side of the car, she stopped me by putting her arms around my neck and gave a big hug, with me hugging her back too, then she leaned back and looked into my eyes, “Since we are supposed to be married tonight, we have not had a proper kiss like, two in love married people do.” then she leaned in and we kissed mouth to mouth, tongue to tongue, and as we kissed, I let one hand slide down to her ass and gave it a gentle squeeze, and soon mom’s breathing became heavier than usual.

Amazing sex with my teacher

first-time YoungStud92 2017-10-16

As she continued to swallow hard, my cock slowly stopped cumming, and she lifted her head up and licked my shaft with her long, wet tongue. As she lowered her finger into her pussy, she moaned, 'Oh yeh, fuck me good, I want your cum.' I replied, 'Oh baby, you have a tight pussy' and I lowered my cock towards her open pussy as I stood up. After a few minutes she said 'So, you have fucked my tits, I sucked you off, you fucked my tight pussy too, and now I want you to fuck my ass real hard, and give me a pounding.'