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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Step niece Jessie

first-time TheDom 2017-10-16

Encouraged by what was now an obvious sexual moment, I continued my massage between her legs, inserting a finger half way into her wet and open pussy. I continued to gently finger-fuck her pussy and ass as she was rocked by her orgasm, making it last for a long time. I couldn't stand it anymore, I released my hard-on as she recovered from her orgasms and I straddled her legs as I poured more lotion on my hands and continued to massage her back. In this position she could feel my hard cock resting in the crack of her ass as I leaned forward to reach her shoulders she re-positioned herself slightly so that I was sitting lower on her legs than I had been before.

The Virgin Artist Ch. 01

first-time ElizaMix 2017-10-16

Winston Thomas, a lanky artist with lanky hair and lanky eyes and lanky everything, lean and sharp as a blade of grass, leans against the railing of the cruise-ship Allure and stares out at the ocean, trying his best to sketch the distant waves and not worry about being a member of that most ignominious of combinations: a college freshman and a virgin. Winston places the menu aside, notices that, like her mother, Luna has large breasts, and does his best not to look rudely at them while talking to her. Luna gives him a scandalized look, then tilts her head in a curious manner reminiscent of a bird hearing the distant song of a potential mate, and after a second of thinking, offers her hand.

I was fully straight before this incident

first-time madmax2k12 2017-10-16

David the younger boy just smirked at me and started unzipping his trousers to use the toilet, Ben went straight towards me and looking quite scary at me 'hey there pretty, if you dont wna get hit listen to everything i say' i was really scared and agreed immediatly to him. then i went for it, got my tongue out and licked the pee off his cock, really salty but by this point i was too horny to care, i went in for his cock again, as i was opening my mouth to put his cock in, Ben pushed Davids cock straight into my mouth 'Suck it bitch dont lick it' David was now thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth, it tasted sooo good i wanted to be their little bitch forever i wanted his cock fucking my mouth harder and harder I LoVEd it soo much.


first-time 2017-10-16

I finally seen my chance to make my move...I got up from the table I was sitting at an walked towards her ..befor I walked by her I reached out and took her hand she didn't pull away as a matter of fact she squeezed my hand and I stopped swung around an smoothly guided her to an open booth!!we continued to gaze at each other and exchanged names...I made dam sure I kept my eyes on her eyes and not all over thoes titties:)lol (fellas even if the woman ya tryin to get is supa fine!!always keep eye contact while you talk to her to gain that respect and trust cuz most men ogle as they talk you have a 1st time to make a 1st impression don't blow it!!)after chatting for about 30 mins she gave the ok to follow her to drop her girls and go back to her crib!!:)so you know I good with that !!we got to her house and went to her room and burned another blunt ..I slowly peeled her blouse over her head.

Self Comfort

first-time lavacock 2017-10-16

The man's cock was sticking out of his zipper and he moved quickly to hide the throbbing red evidence of what was going on.He stuffed his swollen member back into his pants as if he was couphing and needed to twist around not to do it in my mother's face. Now it was empty, but in my mind's eye, I imagined my mother and that man sitting together, very close, touching.I saw her rubbing the penis sticking up out of his lap. I wanted to run away, but dimly aware that Ginger was trying hard to please me, I felt reluctant to express my feelings and besides, I thought with increasing dismay, this is what grownups do, isn't it?

Simple Simon

first-time TheDarkestPlace 2017-10-16

"Well, Simon Waters, have a seat," Glasses ordered, making one the third girl, one with several facial piercings, slide over. "So, Simple Simon, you're a typical young man, why you over here by us instead of by that gaggle of peroxides over there?" She slid her glasses down her nose and looked over the top of them at the beer-bong crowd. Honestly, most of the girls he had known in school probably would have been a little put off by the fact that he fell silent and just looked like that. "That sounds good," he said, massaging her breasts and wondering what could feel better than her grinding against the front of his shorts.

wish full thinking put on paper

first-time norwichwatcher 2017-10-16

A minute or so later Amanda began to tighten her legs around Nick’s neck as she sat on the bar stool. When Nick was done Amanda couldn’t believe how hard she had cum. It was only minutes later that I began to orgasm all over my husband’s big cock as I cried out, “Oh, I began to move Nick’s hard cock back and forth across the lips of Amanda’s wet pussy as she cried husband’s big cock slid in and out of her pussy making Amanda cry out like never before. flicked my tongue hard across her swollen clit a number of times as my husband’s big cock tortured I quickly grabbed a hold of my husband’s big cock and said to Amanda,

Playing Doctor

first-time Rscott0529 2017-10-16

"Dr. Scott I hope you weren't standing there too long, I was just looking over our patients' images." He said as he walked over and shook my shook my hand. "The outfit is even more stunning tonight." He said as he opened the passenger door and guided me inside with his hand on the small of my back. "Don't apologize, you aren't most people." He lead the way out of the bar and grabbed his keys from the valet before coming and opening the door for me and helping in the car. You feel like wine or more vodka seven?" He asked as went to the kitchen bar.


first-time 2017-10-16

Thanks for being such a great friend” Annie smiled, wiping away a tear, and Nat slowly walked out of the office, her panties wet. Nat offered her hand to Annie to squeeze once the gore started, and Annie soon began hugging Nat’s whole arm in fear. Annie squeezed her tighter, and Nat began to question Annie’s fear. As they reached the apartment door, Nat pushed Annie against the door, and slowly moved her knee in between Annie’s legs as they made out. Annie’s panties visually moistened and she began to try to squeeze her legs closer. Annie pushed Nat’s head further in, and Nat began to finger her. Annie got back on the bed and began thrusting her swollen clit against Nat’s wet vagina.

First Vaginal DP 3

first-time luvcuntlickingsluts 2017-10-16

she was wildly hunching up and down with that wild slutty fucking cunt cumming wildly on both of our cocks and I think we both started pumping sperm inside her cunt within about 30-45 seconds of each other!!! I'd have given anything to have had a cam corder because she started to gargle with all that fucking cum and let it run down her chin and drip onto her tits for a little bit before dripping it back into the glass! I told her yes and she turned the glass up and emptied the rest into her mouth and kept her mouth open so I was sure I got a good picture of her mouth full of fucking cum before she swallowed it all and opened her mouth to show it was empty!!!


first-time youngsex 2017-10-16

He knew his mom was very pretty and had a great figure with big tits and and nice round ass but never guessed she was into porn. I bet you always wanted to fuck your mom." Jo looked shocked but his cock was already hard. She licked the cum and then took the cock into her mouth and began to suck. Jo fucked his mom for a long time and the camera man was loving the great porn shots he was getting. He then turned her over and got her on her hands and knees and spread her ass cheeks and looked at her hole and pushed a finger in her and heard her moan.

Sex with my x gf in a bar.

first-time 2017-10-16

I must admit that I had broken her virginity and believe me if you do that in India then that girl will certainly find ways to get you caught or get killed, sad i know. I suddenly held her by her hips and started dancing with her. Then ofcourse we kissed in pleasure and i am not sure whether it was the tequila shots or she was really into me but I didnt care and I took her to one of the lounges in the bar. Didnt care who would look or what will happen next but I just went through. I riped her dress and started drinking all the love fluid and soon enough i was fucking her doggy style until she finally swallowed every drop of my cum.

Anticipation Ch. 07

first-time 5thRing 2017-10-16

To a casual observer, she was paying attention to the movie, but her left arm crossed over my right one, pinning it down, as her hand slid over my thigh, grabbed my crotch, and started playing. She tried to remain as quiet as she could, but I heard the occasional light moan, and I just watched, her head begin to move slightly as her attention to the movie went in and out of focus. Her left hand took her panties from me, tucked them into her jacket pocket, interlaced her fingers with mine and continued watching the movie as if nothing had happened.

House Call

first-time bad_kitty22 2017-10-16

I would ask if you wanted to come along, but I'd say you wouldn't want to hang around us stuffy old people all day.' He chuckled, and ruffled my hair, 'if you do end up going out, just leave the back door open for the IT man, he's coming to fix the computer thingie-ma-jiggy. He looked unsure, like I didn't really want it, or maybe he was trying to gage how old I was, but despite it he slid his right hand up my smooth thigh and pushed two fingers inside, my tightness was the only thing that resisted them. I finally exhaled and relaxed my body, I opened my eyes and saw Derek kneeling beside me, looking partially in shock at my reeling orgasm.

Popping My Own Cherry

first-time sexmeup469 2017-10-16

I wondered: How would a great huge throbbing cock feel in my pussy? I felt hot color come to my cheeks and I couldn't stop it. "Then you'll want something life-size and life-like, I think." She reached up to a peg and took down an enormous rubber pecker. "OK, I'll take it!" I wanted to be out of there so bad, but this time not because of embarrassment: I wanted to see what this was going to feel like! I put a finger up inside me and whispered to myself, "It's almost time." I got on the bed, spread my legs over the towel, and picked up the rubber penis.

Clothes Shopping Surprise... written by my friend

first-time 2017-10-16

I felt her soft body against mine and my hands pulled her even closer. feel her hand sliding over my thigh and up my leg until it rested on my now hard more" as I felt her unzip my pants and pull my hard cock out. swirled her tongue around the head of my hard cock before sliding her soft warm I reached my hand up her skirt and felt a wet spot on her panties....I love the head and pulled her off my cock and said, I need to fuck you as I turned her so moan as she felt the tip of my cock pressing against her cunt...with one hard hands on her hips I started to fuck her with long slow strokes feeling every


first-time slipper41 2017-10-16

Your fingers leave your wet pussy and you tease them over my lips i can taste you I suck them deep into my mouth my tongue tasting every drop of you so good.Your nipples are so hard now you hand darts back to your pussy I kiss you hard our tongues together then I whisper in your ear “Cum for me please just for me then you can feel my hard cock DEEP inside” it pushes you over the edge your body reacts. looking at you,dress open, cum on your hard nipples fucking love it you look up at me and lick the still hard swollen tip of my cock feels so good.I Help you to your feet and untie your hands I start to kiss you my hand stroking your naked skin your dress falls to the floor your bra is quick to follow.

A Bedtime Story

first-time Knot_By_Numbers 2017-10-16

She had spread herself in front of him on the bed, legs wide so he could see her swollen pussy, glistening with her juices as she rolled her clit beneath her fingers. Watching him release his cock from the confines of his clothes had stirred the fire beneath her fingers. After a few strokes she rubbed her wet fingers over her engorged clit, watching the precum shine on his dick. Propping several pillows up behind her she watched him slowly stroke his cock as she started working on her own throbbing cunt. “Come here,” she moaned, “I’m thirsty.” Licking her lips she watched as he came across the room, cock in hand. Pinching her nipple gently he watched her suck him in while she continued to stroke and finger herself.

Erotic Encounter

first-time 2017-10-16

Feeling upset, I decided to go Mike's room and retrieve some of his chemistry notes, which I felt could possibly help me. "Oh well," I replied, "I guess I'd better just get dressed and get back to my project before Mike gets back," I said trying to hide the disappointment I felt. As I continued to slowly move my hard, pulsating cock in and out of Ashley's bald pussy I was entertained by her constant shouts, "DON'T STOP," she exclaimed, "THAT FEELS SO FUCKIN' GOOD!" I felt like Zeus, god of gods. I kissed her goodbye, got dressed, left Ashley's room, and waited for Mike to return. "Sorry," he said, "I would have come home sooner but Ashley made me pick up some groceries."


first-time SpikesNaughtyGirl 2017-10-16

We used to be so rough at times, I was so proud of the bruises that remained after our passionate, often hurried love making, on my hip bones, my breasts, my neck. I wrapped my fingers around the shaft and stroked out to the head, and he moaned, and slid his hands in to my hair, fisting. I looked up at him with a coy smile, and his eyes were already closed, lost in the feelings my hands had elicited. We made love for the first time a few days later, in nearly the exact same spot. I looked at him, simmering with need, and this time he pulled me off the sand and up against the boat house, which promptly tried to burn my skin off.

The Neighbor

first-time lioness13 2017-10-16

With her vibrator in hand Sandy starts to slide it in as Ryan takes his underwear off. Ryan sees Sandy's shadow as she's using the vibrator on herself and he starts to get hard. Ryan positions himself in front of Sandy and she grabs his semi hard cock and sticks it in her mouth. He realizes he's doing it right when Sandy starts screaming that she's cumming. Ryan is getting more excited and fingers Sandy until she cums. With her mouth and a hand on his hard hard cock and a finger in his ass, Ryan starts to move a lot with the motion of Sandy's finger in his ass. Ryan cums all over Sandy's face and mouth and she licks him clean and he can't stop twitching.

Monica's beginning.

first-time 2017-10-16

2-3 years into our relationship, our sex life had started to become a little scripted. She got home and said that the atmosphere was a little more flirtatious and he asked her out for a drink later that week. Some dripped out on her beautiful tits, but she didn't care, she bent over for him and he slid his semi hard cock into her dripping pussy and started fucking her like a mad man. I got back on top of her and fucked her like I have never fucked before, and when the time came I buried my cock deep inside of her and filled her pussy full for the second time that night.

My Mum, the model - part one.

first-time SFS 2017-10-16

“Look Mark, I know you’re not due in tomorrow, but could you come in for the afternoon shoot?” Gerry asked. “Well if you think I could, I’d always secretly fancied being a model, but I’m not sure Mark would be…..well you know.” Mum said. If you’re asking me Gerry’s assistant, then I’d say Linda, that you couldn’t be in better hands, Gerry is a great photographer, me, I’m his assistant and will help you during the shoot as much as I can. You came to do a lingerie shoot, we’ve still got to do that, but we can push the boundaries, if you want to?” Mark said.

Suckin off an old cock... part 2

first-time tgirlluvin 2017-10-16

pushed his way in my pants and started touching my asshole. I started sucking like a mad an. I didn't tack that old dick out of my mouth. It tasted so good. He asked me if he could push on the back of my head... He placed his had on the base of my head kinda on my neck. He started slowly pushing little by little... I had to stop for a min to show him were to go. As soon as we stopped he started uniting my pants. I still wanted to suck on it: 0 he could sickness dick let me tell ya. I shoved that cock so far I hardly tasted the load.. I want to try a new dick...