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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Going Native

first-time JayTinMan 2017-10-16

The warm feeling in my body dulled slightly with time, and the cool air rolling off the water reduced my cock back down to its normal five inches, if not less. I kept an eye on her moving naked form at all times, just in case she should turn suddenly, and I marveled at her long black hair and dark skin. She never took those piercing eyes off my cock the entire time she walked, and I fully intended to scramble up and run away, but I only made it to my feet before I looked at her again and had to stop.

Emma Watson gets Payback

first-time 2017-10-16

Getting guys so hot they can’t resist stroking their cock when they see you, and then just ruining it by cutting your hair and making yourself look like a little boy.” You got that?” I don’t know why i asked, she couldnt answer as she looked up at me with fear in her eyes and my cock deep in her mouth. It kept coming, and by the time it was finished Emma was drenched, her face looked like a glazed dohnut and cum had dripped onto her little tits. “Now just you remember why this happened, you brought this upon yourself ” i said as i looked down at her still sat on the floor, “And remember what you are, you’re a worthless Hollywood cum bucket good for wanking over and nothing else.”

The Eye Doctor visit

first-time georgiam53 2017-10-16

After they were done eating and Scott had paid the bill, Stacy asked him if he’d like to come back to her place for dessert. She moaned with excitement as his fingers explored and then he began to lick around her areolas, switching from one to the other and back again, before finally beginning to gently bite on her nipples. He broke off the kiss and began to nibble on her neck, slowly working his way to her breasts. Stacy moaned again as Scott rolled her clit between his teeth and slowly slid his finger into her pussy. Stacy then rolled Scott over on to his back and began kissing her way down.

The Tutor and Jenny (Part 4)

first-time ClaudeVanFeinbode 2017-10-16

I heard her gasp as I was doing this and I heard Gina say, "look Jenny, Claude is kissing your dick….that's it Claude….worship her beautiful penis….suck her now….good man…you look so lovely with her in your mouth, my dear…." She watched Jenny continue to suck and deep throat my cock and then she quickly climbed onto the bed and got into a 69 position with me. "Ahh… oh yes…gonna cum agaiiinnnn….!!" Jenny's tongue and mine started pressing simultaneously into her pussy and asshole and as Gina's body shook from her second intense climax, I heard her say, "Fuck me…both of you..right now…" Jenny watched amazed as Gina started moving up and down on my cock and she looked at Jenny and she said, "fuck me!"

Next Door Neighbour

first-time hugslyf 2017-10-16

So I got her up and placed her on the bed and with her legs in the air I put them on either side of me with me in the middle, I took my rock hard cock into my hand and rubbed the head on her clit and pussy lips, I could feel the warmth and wetness, it could have made me cum without even doing anything else. So I placed the tip of my hard cock inside of her and with each thrust after the first my cock disappeared into her wet pussy further and further, until my cock was fully inside of her with my balls slapping against her ass I fucked her until I came.

Jake and Tiffany

first-time countrysweetheart 2017-10-16

My heart began to pound and my body began to tighten and tingle when Jake pulled me into his arms and finally kissed me the way I had always wanted him to. He moaned and said, "Tiffany, I've wanted you forever and now you're going to FINALLY be mine!" He unzipped my white wedding dress, but I pulled away and whispered, "I have something special to show you." I grabbed my suitcase and ran into the bathroom. He then grabbed me and said, "Now it's your turn!" He pulled my legs part and looked for about a minute at my wet and hot pussy.

Sex with Neighbour

first-time kokosure11 2017-10-15

She asked me if i coffee and i agreed then suddenly she started staring at my penis and It took me some time to realize what she was staring at as soon as i realized i pretended to scratch my jeans and tried to push my penis inside. I got Busy playing games after 2 or 3 hrs she came in crying and started blabbing about her failed marriage i told her that he was a bastard anyway and she started kissing me again this time she tried to leave after 5 mins but i held her hand and told her lets move on to my bedroom and practically had to f***e her to my bedroom she gave me a devil smile and told me that she likes the man who takes control.

me helping my bf rush a frat

first-time dont_tell_hubby 2017-10-15

He was not really big but at the time I had only seen two dicks in person one was Brads and the other was a guy I had dated when I was 13 we had played I'll show you mine.... Brad had Taken my virginity before leaving for college but was always so soft and easy like he was afraid he would break me, This guy didn't care he just wanted to get some head and cum down my throat and he did and for the 1st time in my young life I swallowed it .

Alexs Anal Adventure

first-time badteacher 2017-10-15

Alex reaches up and turns the knobs on the washer to the spin cycle and then leaves the room with Nancy bent over the machine as it agitates. Alex continues to spread the gel over Nancy’s ass and begins massaging it deeper, sliding his fingers in to her as he moves. Leaning his hips in to her to anchor her in place, Alex removes his fingers and begins to slowly put the head of his cock in to Nancy’s ass. Nancy is surprised, but she enjoys the feeling and slowly leans back, letting Alex know she is ready for more. Grabbing Nancy’s shoulder with one hand Alex arches her back and pulls her toward him, with the other hand he slaps her on the rear, causing her to squeeze together her ass cheeks.

New Neighbor...

first-time bob282716 2017-10-15

I was on the couch watching TV the other day when my wife came in the front door after smoking outside. She jumped on my lap and said a very attractive black man just slapped my ass!!! (Now she’s an attractive 30 year old, 5’2”, 140 pound, 36D, blonde hair, blue eyed slut who likes to wear pretty revealing clothes… This day she was wearing a pink wife beater with a thin bra underneath where you could just make out her hard nipples and an old pair of cheerleader shorts from high school where he cheeks sneak out the bottom) After talking for a bit she said she was going to go inside, she said she bent over to put her cigarette out on the steps and BOOOOM he slapped her tight white ass.

First Male BJ

first-time tennesseety 2017-10-15

I started a video and slowly touched myself so I wouldn't lose my nerve when he got there. The video started and a few nervous minutes went by, but my cock was aching to be touched. It felt so good to have someone touching my cock. His hand took a break from my cock and reached under my shirt to feel my stomach and up to my chest. Whisper moans to me as he told me how hard my cock felt. I let out a loud moan and pushed my ass off the couch it felt so good. I rubbed his head as he started to bob up and down on my cock.

Mike's First Time Ch. 03

first-time Coldfinger 2017-10-15

Reflexively, she opened her virgin mouth and tasted the flaring head of Mike's cock as it pushed over her lips and met her tongue. Rachel was tweaking her nipple and kissing her ear lobe and she held her breath, tensing a little, waiting for Mike's hard cock to make contact with her eager, burning cunt. Leah was delighted when Rachel's glistening pussy appeared in front of her and she dipped her head towards it and began to suck the soft lips into her mouth, sipping the sweet free flowing nectar. Leah gave up on Rachel's cunt and began to push back into Mike riding his cock as hard as she could.

Peggy's Diary, Excerpt 01

first-time Susie_O 2017-10-15

Told her I was a virgin and thinking of having sex with Ron. I wrote down what she said in my English notebook, so this is it pretty much exactly, "God I wish I had had the chance to lose my virginity to Ron instead of the jerk who pretended to like me just to get in my pants. She told me that they weren't all jerks but that some guys pretended to like girls just so they could have sex, "That's why you need to be careful." She never said anything about her own first time.

My Second Penis

first-time Sierra9572 2017-10-15

"Shhhh", I said, looking at the stairs, to make sure Kathy wasn't waltzing down. Stan touched my temples and stroked my hair, and said, "I'm going to come soon. As he gently stroked my cheeks with the palm of his hand, I went down as far as I could, smelling his scent, when I felt the head of his penis swell—yes, it really swells! And this penis that was so pliable moments ago got stiff, his balls tightened, and he started to ejaculate in my mouth while stroking my cheeks. I took his penis out of my mouth, and it lay soft in the light of the fire over his large brown scrotum.

Alexandra Makes The Grade Ch. 02

first-time peechka 2017-10-15

I saw your cock pressing against your pants in your office Friday and if I'm not mistaken, you were just wondering what I look like without this little uniform on." Alex took a step away from his car and continued. Do you spread your legs for all the boys?" Jack sneered just a little as he mocked her, his hand continuing to rub her mound through her skirt as he held her still against his car by her hair. Do you want me to touch that precious little cunt you keep hidden between your thighs?" Jack didn't wait for an answer and he smiled as her victorious grin wilted.

Online Dating Can Work

first-time flasher974 2017-10-15

We went up to the bedroom and fully undressed and got on the bed and again fore played with each other, Antonella then opened a drawer and pulled out a few different condoms and I picked one. She told me how she used and abused him for her sexual pleasure; making him strip naked for her friends and making him get his cock out in public, in bars and other places she liked. Antonella masturbated me more under the bedclothes until I was about to cum, then she told her Husband to come and Suck my cock and suck the semen off. Once we were finished Antonella asked if I wanted to stay for dinner, I accepted and we got showered and re-dressed, but Husband didn`t, she made him stay naked and attend to our every whim.

Anticipation Ch. 08

first-time 5thRing 2017-10-15

Her eyes still hidden, she began moving her fingers over and around my shaft, causing me to let out a sigh. Completely ignoring the wound and the light smear of drying blood near her hand, she stared at my length and began running fingers of both hands along either side, from base to tip. She had gradually worked her way halfway down my length, and in a moment that our eyes connected, and she knew I that was watching, she plunged her head down until there was nothing left of my cock to see. She moved her entire tongue, and along with her throat, she was, at one time, massaging every inch of me, and that pushed me right over the edge.

The Sober Young Man

first-time AnAmericanDarling 2017-10-15

The next day Jeff called me up, and we started going out on dates as often as we could. He took off his jacket, his shirt, his shoes, his socks and finally his pants, till finally he was standing only in his pair of light blue boxer shorts. There was a brief silence, and then I heard the phone clatter as it was being picked up, "Hello?" Jeff said. There stood Jeff, looking flustered and blushing. We had barely muttered a 'hello' when I fell into his arms and we started kissing madly, passionately. "Push it all the way in Jeff," I said. His kisses always did something to me, and I could feel my pussy lips quickly grip at his cock.

Lesbian classmates. (P. 1)

first-time regeret 2017-10-15

But after class much to my surprise she came to me and asked me to go with her to the bathroom to hold her door. As I stood amazed and petrified I didn't know what to say so she pulled me in the cabin holding my t-shirt and started kissing my neck. "Oh, Jasmine if you would know since when I want you.Please...please suck on my nipples." While she's doing it she pulls of my pants together with my panties that are soaking wet by now. By now she put her right hand down her panties and she started working her own pussy.

OUR first anal experiance

first-time bazzaa 2017-10-15

"WOW this is really turning you on isn't it?" she said as she gripped my cock and pulled me into her. Walking/running into the bedroom, I was greeted by a fully naked Sash, legs spread rubbing her clit, "You took your time" she said with a smile She gripped my cock and started jacking it HARD, while looking deep into my eyes, she said "Anything you wanna do?", shocked "she said what was that", I did it again and replied "my tong, do you want me to stop?" She pulled forward, turned around and grabbed my cock and started to suck all the leftover ass juice and creamy cum off it.

Fun with Cousin - Day 1

first-time tman22 2017-10-15

I told his I was going to get drinks and I would be right back. Nothing compared to my 6 inch dick He saw me and said it was ok. So we watched some more when I finally pulled out my dick and started stroking it. As we went up stairs I saw his nice round ass in the air. Then 5 minutes lated he same in fully naked with his dick hanging there and said. I went up to him an grabbed his nice ass and kissed him so much. I finally got on my knees and started licking his balls. So after 15 minutes I finally got his dick in my mouth. He bent down and started licking the come out of my ass.

Doing the couple thing.....part 1

first-time 2017-10-15

The sight, the sounds, the smell of pussy in the air as i watched them both play with themselves ever so often licking their fingers off, I had forgotten I wasn't the only guy in the car as I noticed Jack who was driving at the time stroking his dick as he did he would ever so often look over at his girl and in the mirror at my girl both rubbing their pussies to orgasms after orgasms, moaning and shaking as the sheer pleasure of it all ripped through their bodies. I watched as Jill licked her fingers cleaned unbuckled Jack's seat belt and before you knew it had his dick in her mouth slobbering all over it, at the same time almost like clock work my wife was infront of me getting in my pants pulling my dick out and into her mouth.


first-time Marygraves 2017-10-15

I had, after three years of moaning, finally convinced my dad to rent me an apartment close to campus. I couldn't help but laugh once I found out my dad not only interviewed Diana, but gave her the thumbs up. Diana couldn't believe it either. It wasn't until my dad gave Diana my address that she realized the ad was serious. I really didn't want to see Diana dying, but I knew I had to help. I wanted Diana to take him to the point of no return. Diana slipped behind me, wrapped her arms around, and pulled me close so we could spoon. Suddenly, One of Diana's hand slipped through my shirt. I didn't want to admit it, but Diana pulled me even closer.

davids lucky day ( be kind its my first attempt )

first-time 2017-10-15

Manoeuvring herself so she was squatting over David’s cock she smiled at her son, it had been difficult making sure David never shot his young load as she adjusted her position, slowly she lowered herself feeling him stretch her like his father never had as her pussy swallowed his eager cock, “oh David, mummy loves your thick strong cock inside her” she rocked enthusiastically on him wanting to feel his cum in her pussy, wanting the moment to never end as David tried to match his mother’s thrusts, her tits bouncing in gay abandon, suddenly she threw her head back, released the base of his cock and felt him shoot his load of spunk into her as she collapsed on top of him, kissing him and tasting her own pussy juices on his lips.