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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Punishment

first-time bv2suman 2017-10-15

On that day Dwella came to the house and cleaned the house and prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner. She said that her mother got a disease and was taken to the hospital yesterday. He replied that her mother would stay for 15 days in the hospital and within these 15 days total money should be paid. I went back to her and removed my clothes and started fucking her anus. From that day our schedule was like this: everyday she wakes at 6 and prepares food and went to hospital. On 31st day, I fucked her hard in her anus, pussy and mouth. On 31st day, I fucked her hard in her anus, pussy and mouth.

Junior College Days Ch. 02

first-time thehotness 2017-10-15

Yes!" He let me orgasm, then pulled off his boxers. Then he pulled out and thrust again, filling me more, stretching me more. "Oh baby…you're so fucking tight!" He thrust slowly again, then began to piston faster, and faster, and I came again. Suddenly, he flipped over onto his back and pulled me along with him – I was straddling him now, and he was gazing into my eyes as he thrust upwards into me. I let rip another long groan and half-moan, ha;f-yell. Water was pouring down my face, my hair, my body – and I gave my first blowjob in that shower. I managed to sneak back home before ten o'clock in the morning without my parents knowing I had spent the night at Jack's place.

Why I love BBW's

first-time Bonr717 2017-10-15

When he narrowed the field down, he said he wanted to drop the male applicant, because he was not a good match, but he also said that most likely, I would get only a choice of two of the ladies to work with, since he decided to ask one of them out after the interview. I said I thought she misunderstood, because I liked performing oral on women and loved to watch the shake and writhe when they had an orgasm. She told me she loved to suck cock and feel a guy cum in her mouth but wasn't into swallowing. She told me she got wet talking about sex all day and she really wanted to see my cock.

Summertime Sex Ed

first-time Athalia 2017-10-15

I was too short for basketball, and track was boring, but I was good in gymnastics (where small tits are a help), and I got into tennis in my sophomore year and got to the point where none of the girls wanted to play with me any more. We were like that for a few minutes, Pat and I under one shower head, Judy and Jerry under another one, with warm water streaming over us all. I looked into Jerry's eyes as he approached his climax, and at the instant his sperm started squirting out of his dick, I felt one of Pat's fingers touch my clit as another one slipped into my cunt.

Sweet Sara's First Time

first-time sweet_sara 2017-10-15

I am assuming he must have noticed I was always looking back at him because eventually he came up to me just after class and asked my number. To make this part of the story short, we started talking on the phone every night, and writing notes and handing them to each other in between classes. I can remember feeling his hard cock pushing so hard against me thru the clothes. I remember being at the verge of tears, telling him to stop because it hurt too bad, grasping at his hips and pushing back on them, trying to squeeze him out from in between my legs. He came hard, I remember him groaning hard then laying down on top of me pulling out and resting his cock on the outside of my lips.

My 0th Time

first-time HannahHester 2017-10-15

Which might surprise some of you, but you should know I was a real shy, nerdy girl throughout high school, who didn’t ever go out drinking or clubbing, and who never got asked out. My (back the pretty small) collection of toys did overtime as I fantasized about B kissing me, licking me, fucking me… me sucking off him… As this went on I slowly build up the courage to ask him for another meeting… but then all of a sudden a guy from university asked me out, and my story took a little detour…

The Break

first-time 2017-10-15

Opening their mouths, their tongues begin to softly massage each others as Gabriel pulls Heathers hips firmly agains his. Bodies pressing agains each others, Heather feels the bulge of his erecting pressing against her as the passionately kiss. u*********sly, she starts to grind agains the bulge in Gabriel's pants and he kiss every inch of her neck, not missing a spot. Gabriel gets on his knees and start to kiss her chest. Kissing, sucking, and flicking her clit in his mouth, Heather's head rolls back and pleasure starts to flow though her. Her hips start to rock as the sensations build, but he holds her still, not letting her body get a rest from the pleasure.

Kerri's Descent Ch. 04

first-time Honey_Bee_16 2017-10-15

Matt was a guy from the frat house who I'd given head to. "Jessie, look, I know I've changed a lot since I started college. I just felt too bad giving head to some guy I didn't know. There weren't a lot of people around yet, so Jessie and I got some beer and started dancing together. Zach started dancing with me, rubbing up against me and trying to put his hands on my ass. Sweet little Kerri was going to lose her virginity, here on a bed in a dirty frat house, with a guy she didn't know. Soon I felt Zach stiffen and his hot cum poured into me. I came on Zach's huge cock, moaning and opening my mouth to catch more cum.

From Farm Girl to Au Pair Ch. 01

first-time The Big Bopper 2017-10-15

His lips plunged on quickly, tracing across her smooth breast skin until his mouth pushed his own hand away from her nipple and his slightly parted wet lips devoured it through the satiny sheen of her skimpy bra. Megan's hand slipped under her other breast, cupping it up for Brandon and he didn't hesitate now, his mouth dropping onto it quickly, his tongue and lips busy lapping at her nipple through the flimsy material. 'If she doesn't want my fingers touching her there, she could use her hands to pull them away,' so with that thought convincing Brandon, he determined to leave them there.

The Lake

first-time RedHotMama21 2017-10-15

As I lay there on the sand, I slowly began to explore my body with my hands. Feeling the moisture begin to build in my vagina, I open my eyes and am shocked by what I see. He explored my freshly trimmed muff with his nose, slowly sliding two fingers deep inside my moist, swollen pussy. I moaned with pleasure as he continues fingering my vagina, his tongue now flicking and licking my clit. Slowly, my mysterious lover began to rub the tip of his throbbing, rock-hard cock against my moist, juicy vagina. " I want your cock as deep and hard inside me as possible!" Immediately I feel his swollen member as he begins pounding his way in and out of my dripping wet pussy.

Mrs (not so quiet

first-time stevesthe1 2017-10-15

The last time they went to another car park / layby near us that is a dogging hot spot with truck drivers! After the recent change in my mrs i now know she is being fucked on a regular basis by her new boss,probably others too as they have taken to parking up at local dogging sites and meeting others. I have followed them on several occasions,now and then i have lost them but other times i have seen them shagging in the open,shagging in his MPV,shagging in the back of the shop where she works (overheard not seen) and as i say parked at three of the local dogging areas and involving on at least one occasion others.

The Field Trip

first-time nancyallen 2017-10-15

I knew I could fuck her like this for hours more but it would soon be time to go to dinner and I didn't want her so sore that I wouldn't be able to use her pussy again later after her punishment. "If you say anything else I'll gag you with your panties," I said as I slid my finger completely into her ass and slowly started to fuck her. "I should replace my finger with my cock but I'll cum too fast and I want to fuck you for the rest of the night." "I'm going to take a shower and I advise you to do the same thing," I said as I stood up and slowly let my cock slide out of her ass.

More Confessions

first-time aliassmith 2017-10-15

I knew full well what a hard dick looked like, but seeing another one, in the flesh, was exciting. I enjoyed the rush and the warm glow that filled my head as I watched the screen, stroked, and began to admire my new friend's hard dick. And then I understood what it was like to want to suck a dick, feel it in my mouth. I held his dick in my hand and sucked one of his balls into my mouth, and then the other as I continued to stroke him. He continued to whisper to me as I made love to his dick with my mouth and my hands and wiggled my butt to will his finger deeper inside me.

Lost my V-Card on a marching band bus (Continued)

first-time just1morepost 2017-10-15

I just got done having an intense finger fucking session with Roselia on a packed bus of band students, when she turned to me and said, “I want to suck your dick”. I reply “I know, only for you babe”, she gives me a big smile and says “only for you” then she opened her mouth and began to slowly slide my cock past her small lips and into mouth. The sensation of cumming in her mouth as she sucked and stroked my still hard cock is a something I can’t fully explain and will never forget, Then I experience one of the best things a man could see, Roselia looks and me and takes a big gulp, I see my swallowed cum make its way out of her mouth and down her throat.

A fun day in the sun

first-time DrLoveMonkey 2017-10-15

That sounded fun so I went to an hotel to get set up near the beach. I started my adventure to my spot trying not to look at the beautiful naked bodies that lay around me, figureing it would be rude to stare. I felt the walls of her pussy contract on my dick sevral times, her movements started to slow. "My name is Bella" she said I guess trying to break the ice without saying "hey thanks for letting me take your dick for a free ride". "I saw that you were laying there and your cock was hard, I could't help myself." she said trying to explain the situation. My cock still in her was now rapiddly looseing its hardness, and it finally fell out of her still open pussy.

Sam's New Journey:Part One:

first-time privatelust 2017-10-15

The first she never showed for because her nerves got the best of her, it also resulted in a fight with her good friend Amy, who, is the cousin of the girl she ditched. It was the newest lez club to hit the city, set apart from the others, it was all the workings of a co-ed bar, except there where less likely to be fights and no possibility to get hit on by d***ken males pumped up on bravado. "That girl is way out of my league." She thought back to when her best-friend Nikki showed her Zoe's picture. Sam snapped out of her daydream to a wide eyed bartender who had a rather perplexing half grin on her face. Sam gave a half smile, looked at her watch and her face turned sullen again.

Meeting Rikki

first-time tripper87 2017-10-15

Her dear friend Todd, helped nudge us together again and arranged for us to be able to meet during the day for what we both knew and deeply wanted was going to be filled with sexual pleasure. My own hungry took over and my mouth went to her breast, taking my lips to her bound nipple, and sucking on them, her body shaking with pleasure against me, as I devoured her breast and moved my tongue across her nipple, mixing hard bites against the nipple. I was enjoying this pleasure so intensely I don't know how long I had been at it, but was wonderful to feel her pussy juices run into my mouth as I drank them up.


first-time aprilatnite 2017-10-15

Jerry felt himself get more excited looking up at April in her green lace bra and panties, feeling her weight on top of him, and her smooth, stockinged legs pressing against his chest, and being controlled by her. No one had ever teased him like April had; no one had ever humiliated him--and he wanted to please her, to wear her panties, to do whatever she wanted; and she was a woman--not a girl--mature, and larger than the girls he had slept with before--and, she was Julie Ann's mother! "And I want you to, but I don't want you to cum now." April sat up, and looked at Jerry's cock sticking out of his panties. "You'll cum when I want you to." April pulled Jerry's panties back up and stood.

A Warm Summer Night

first-time pcolabill2002 2017-10-15

It began to travel at will, leaving the warmth of her breast and moving down her body to her flat stomach, her navel, and a small patch of fine, soft hair. This time I felt her hips begin to undulate, a rocking, thrusting motion which I assisted by placing my hand on her tight ass. She squealed louder now, pulled my hair harder, and began thrusting her hips up to meet my lips and tongue. The moon light made her skin glow a bright white, her perfect 34B breast were tipped by eraser-sized nipples which responded to my lightest touch, and her eyes were fixed on my cock which was fully exposed to her vision for the first time.

Strip Club MFF

first-time travis_bickle44 2017-10-15

Ashley and the dancer struck up good conversation very quickly and it was almost at this moment that I knew it was going to happen. I had the biggest grin on my face and I think Ashley knew right then and there that I had said something to the girl. "I told her, babe." I grinned rubbing my cock through my jeans "I think she's into it." Ashley looked at the dancer and we had this weird quite moment. We took a break for just a moment and Ashley said that she wanted to see her ride my cock. After she left, I fucked Ashley again with the dirty, juice-soaked panties between our noses, smelling the girls scent as we made love.

Girlfriends Mom

first-time zimabean 2017-10-15

My dick was rock hard when she then looked me straight in the eyes and said "I showed you mine, now let me see yours." I was not prepared for this but thought what the heck, we are just having fun so I stood up and took off my shirt and then droopped my pants and underwear. After playing with her pussy for a few minutes she said she wanted to feel me inside her. When she had me all the way inside her, Terry looked at me and told me that I felt amazing inside her. Then every body laft to go eat and Terry and I were to meet them at the restaurant but we took ten minutes to get a quick fuck in before we left.

I Didn't Mean to Have Sex with Him

first-time meganbridger 2017-10-15

. A week before our wedding we went for a walk and we were being silly throwing water on each other when we both got all giggly and started passionately kissing each other. I wasn't going to last much longer, I had gotten into kind of a rhythm of raising my hips to meet him as he thrust his dick in me until went limp and laid back onto his arms. I let out a loud moan and my pussy started contracting on his dick several times. Because I was cumming, I didn't realize how close he was also to cumming; when my pussy contracted his dick he also let out a loud moan and I could feel the inside of my pussy get warmer as he came inside me.

Mirrors and Memories

first-time Downspout 2017-10-14

Specifically, W.M. Smith "The Third" spent most of his college days wearing pink polo shirts, drinking mad dog, and driving Miss Princess-Queen Bee around in daddies Mercedes like he owned the whole world. Like everyone, I want to laugh, be happy, and look forward to something. Slowly, I unbuttoned her shirt; one button at a time, spending way too long revisiting her lips before moving down to the next button. Instantly, she moved her hips forward and her panties slid off her perfect ass and down to her knees. She paused, looked me straight in the eyes, smiled, and with a gradual roll of her hips slid herself down on me. My whole body shook and neither of us could stop fucking for what felt like a long time.


First Time Anal Gay

first-time 425olds 2017-10-14

The next 5 or 6 strong spurts lept from his cock he had popped out of my mouth and went streaming across my face. I felt Anthony's cock pressing against my virgin rosebud! I felt the head of his cock press against my hole harder. I felt the head of his hard slender cock f***e itself into me, and there was a flash of heat around my hole. It made my cock quiver, started to leak pre-cum and I was getting used to this stiff intruder. The hands let go of my shoulders, and I turned to see a look of sheer ecstasy on Anthony's face. Is he going to cum inside me like he said?