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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Bird's..Bee's...And Babysitter

first-time 2017-10-14

I ran back to my room and laid in bed for about a half hour not being able to sl**p until I saw my bedroom door slowly crack open, "Justin are you awake?" I didn't reply, she turned the light on and my eyes opened, she said "Oh come on I know your not sl**ping you don't have to fake, You can come downstairs and watch an hour of TV if you'd like while I do my homework in the kitchen" I got up and went downstairs and sat on the couch and turned on the TV while she walked to the kitchen.

Sand Sex & Suntan Lotion with london e****t

first-time londonescort 2017-10-14

As I looked down the length of Grants body I realized he was very subtly dry humping his towel and the way his ass slightly clenched was an incredible sight to me. Grant rolled over more openly now displaying his cock which was still very hard and now slightly red from the hatch pattern of his beach towel. Finding a very quiet and secluded spot, Grant insisted on applying more lotion to my body except this time with the two of us protected by the bushes and the dunes there was no pretence of hiding our hard cocks.


first-time fukkerguy 2017-10-14

i put it slowly slowly she says "please take out its hurting me badly" but in a shot my penis was in then i start fucking her ass slowly oooooooooh aaaaaah aaaaaaah aaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaah oh Rajesh its hurting hmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaah she got tears in her eyes but i didnt stop i keep fucking hmmmmm aaaaah aaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaah, then i make a little fast aaaaah aaaah aaaah aaaaah aaaaah & then in few minutes my whole was inside, i start slowly fuck her ass ooooooooh ooooh oooooh oooooooooh aaaaaah aaaaaaaaah aaaaaaah aaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaah aaaaaaaah yesassssss aaaaaaaaah aaaaaaah yesssssssss Honey fuck me im all urs now aaaaaaaah aaaaah aaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaah.

Anticipation Ch. 01

first-time 5thRing 2017-10-14

Tim told me about a dating website for virgins that had apparently not lasted very long. I turned my head towards the voice, but being a person who generally avoids eye-contact, I looked first to the new cup of tea. "Yes. Thank you," I affirmed, accepting the offering, but being consciously aware that I was not looking her in the eye, and not wanting to be impolite, lifted my gaze. Perhaps the best indicator of my state of mind, after seeing the female in question, would be the fact that the words that absent-mindedly spilled forth from my mouth were, "Tim is a good friend".


first-time foster2468 2017-10-14

The cock had swelled twice its size, The skin had pulled back a little but I could see the swollen head outlined underneath it, the piss slit was just visible. His cock started swelling even more, when he came I wasn’t; expecting it, and some blew out my nose, but I swallowed his huge load he must have come a quart, he kept filling my mouth and I kept swallowing,he went soft, and pulled out, I knelt there catching my breath My tongue snaked out and I started licking his nut sack, feeling his balls under the skin, theywereabout the size of small limes, I finally took one in my mouth and sucked it, then the other, my left hand snaked up and I was jacking his now hard cock

Can I help you

first-time 2017-10-14

I went to work as usual, around lunch time I got a text from an odd cell number. It was her address, I looked up at the screen she told me that she wanted me to pull into her garage and we would chat in her SUV. Susan started pulling my shirt off, then my pants, when my dick popped out she stopped helping me undress and began to suck my fat black dick like and sex a****l. She was working her hips until my dick reached the bottom on her tight honeypot, her body began to tremble under me, she was purring like a kitten. I slowly hit all corners of her tight married white pussy; my dick was covered in her cum.

MY first time with a TS

first-time 2017-10-14

Fransheska opens the door in a nice net dress and shows me into a small room with a large bed, a couch and some blinking lights. She is really turned on and my hands slide down to a quite hard and delicious cock, which can hardly find room in the tiny thong. She takes off the thong and I go on my knees and kiss her, first her buttocks, spread them and gives her butthole a good licking. It feels for the first time almost entirely natural to suck cock, but her body is also as feminine as it can be. She grabs my cock, giving me a long tongue kiss and climbs down and gives me the greatest blowjob without rubber that you could ever emagine!

A nice fuck

first-time 2017-10-14

By now my cock was rock hard and wet at the tip with pre-cum. 'I can feel your cock so deep in my pussy' she said 'I can feel it where no cocks had ever been, fuck me hard' As I exploded my cum into her,I could feel her pussy contracting and tightning around my cock then she let out a loud scream, her whole body shaking with ecstasy. She sucked my cock, got on top and rode me hard. 'I'm getting married in a couple of weeks' she said 'He is off to Amsterdam for his stag do' Can I see you on that day, I've been thinking about you a lot lately'

Natalie's Smile

first-time thebanana 2017-10-14

Like almost every man, Jason was a big fan of the school uniform look and had taken mental photos of her sweet cheeks sashaying down the hall as she left his class that where developed later that night as he gripped his throbbing cock. "I've got to change, I'll meet you two down there in a few minutes." said Jess as she handed the bottle and glasses to Natalie and headed into her bedroom. "So, Jason do you smoke?" Natalie asked as she reached into the little bag Jess had brought down. After a few rounds with the weed and a bit more champagne, Natalie's hand ad moved even further up Jason's thigh and his cock had grown harder and now was poking its full 8 inches through the fly of his boxers.

The Plumber

first-time 2017-10-14

I left him to get on with his work whilst i paraded in & out pretending to look important,he was so damn hot & i intended to have my way with him one way or another,i went to the other room & picked up some paper's & returned as i did he turned & said think i'm all done,"wow,already that didn't take long" & just then i dropped all the paper's all over the floor,i couldn't have planned it better as i bent down to pick them up my split in my skirt opened revealing my stockings & suspenders on my thigh & i could feel the weight of his stare," sorry i said please forgive me" i said as i gripped my skirt & went down on my knees,"please you have nothing to be sorry about",i stretched forward to reach the rest of the papers & he to was now on the floor beside me helping me as i lent forward again he reached forward & i felt is arm brush against my nipple which was already very hard,"oh my god i'm so sorry "he said " "why i'm not" i said back looking him in the eyes,he quickly got to his feet, " so how much do i owe yo then?" "call it £35" he said "ok il just go upstairs & get you the money".

My office fantasy - for the girls

first-time waltenkommando 2017-10-14

You tell me to sit on my hands as you close your eyes and open your legs wide, so I can see your glistening, wet pussy. You start to moan as the pleasure builds and I tell you how I would slow a little, take my pace, bring you back down for a few seconds before your frustration can't hold any more and you beg, plead, demand that I fuck you, becoming more vocal as your need to cum takes hold. Yuo pick up pace, faster and faster as your head tilts back and you moan, gasp, and erpeat "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me with your hard cock, my pussy needs it", you stop yourself for a second, then you grind along my cock to stimulate your clit.

Naughty stepdad

first-time gooner1961 2017-10-14

I took her upstairs into the bedroom and told her to strip , she lay on the bed naked and I told her to open her legs , her pussy was wet and her little patch of blonde curly hair was wet through, my cock was soon hard again and I rubbed it up and down her pussy lips before sliding it in to her , laid on her and bucked my hips backwards and forwards , then she whispered in my ear please stop Steve , but I carried on , I said don’t pretend you don’t like it I can feel your cunt contracting round me and she let out a gasp .

Chelsea's 18th Birthday Ch. 01

first-time Submissioness 2017-10-14

She almost laughed aloud at the thought of Brent Hawkins leading the welcoming party in the Westwood Apartment building. "Yeah, and I also live right next door to you," she said trying to change the subject. Chelsea made her way back to her apartment, making sure to give Brent plenty of time to get in his own apartment. Chelsea lay on her back, buck-naked, pleading with Brent who was pushing his hardness into her as his body lay on top of hers. I am such a fucking idiot, she cursed herself looking down at her dirty tennis shoes and walking out the door of Brent's room. Chelsea pictured Brent making her feel this way. "Just nipples and clits, dude," Brent retorted making Chelsea smile.

first time i had a shemale

first-time 2017-10-14

By the time we got home, my christia was already wet and moaning.We got in the house and immediately victoria kneeled down and started eating my christina while I began kissing her and caressing her nice big black boobs with her nice big pitch dark niples. I was between her legs, sucking on her smooth pitch black dark pussy and licking and fingering her wet ass hole. We changed position, and she was now on her elbows and knees, still sucking on victoria's big smooth hard thick and geting thicker wet cock while I took her from behind with my big strapon.


first-time lovelong 2017-10-14

I made a start, spreading plastic sheet on the floor to protect the carpet, down on my hands and knees, making sure it was tight to the skirting boards, I head her come into the room, but I had my back to her, i looked around to get a quite sharp "get on!" from her, she walked up beside me and slapped me quite hard on my bare arse, twice, once on each buttock, "there will be more of those if you make a mess!". I heard the stairs creak as she came back up, she walked in with a cup of tea, looked at my now only semi hard erection, put down the tea and saying "dont stop painting" she started to gently wank me, quickly having me hard again.

The Blonde That Gave Me Road Head

first-time StarScreamUSA 2017-10-14

I'd been visiting my b*****r in San Francisco, and we'd had a pretty booze filled Saturday, which left us not wanting to do anything on the Lord's Day. The fact that it was raining didn't help, and we didn't even get around to leaving his apartment until noon, at which time we went for a short walk to get sandwiches. "No, I've got something I think you'll like a lot more," she said, placing her hand on my leg. "Lick it all up," she said, as she slid her fingers in my mouth with one hand, and stroked me off with the other. As soon as I felt the cum rising out of my balls, I put my hand on Ashley's head and gently held her against my cock.

The Blind Girl in the Rain: part 4

first-time Ian56UK 2017-10-14

In that hour before Janet came back, we had danced around each other making small talk and feeling our way as the real reason we were together sat in the corner of the room like some giant pink elephant.  Her eyes were closed as I looked down at her with my arms either side of her head and my hands caressed the shape of her face as she reached under me to grip my shoulders. I pulled my chair around so I could put my arm around Heather's shoulders and looked up at the cafe owner who was staring at the blind girl with a slow smile crossing her lips.

Take in the Ass Like a Man Pegged

first-time 425olds 2017-10-14

It was early on in our relationship when Mac asked if I would let her fuck me in the ass with a strap-on, and I was d***k. After I surprised Mac by agreeing to take it in the ass she asked her now ex-girlfriend, who apparently wasn't as open to their open relationship clause as she had let on, to be sure to send her dildo and harness along with the other personal items she was shipping from Ohio. Soon I found myself bent over on Mac's bed, my chest pushed up against the mattress, while she strapped the harness around her long legs and smooth hips.When she penetrated me for the first time I tensed up and let out a long succession of soft, high-pitched "ow"s.

My First, with my friends Uncle.

first-time fursnz 2017-10-14

Once seated in the car and in a world of my own, dreaming of haveing several older lovers, he again embraced me but this time kissed my lips and neck as he started to play with my cock and rubbing it against my silk dress as he said that hewould once at his place do all the things I'd drempt of and heard about as a man and a boy could do to each other, but even more as I was his boy dressed as a woman for his pleasuers.

Valentine Surprise

first-time RubenR 2017-10-14

While entering the bistro, I manage to discretely ask one of the waiters to delay our order until Kendra and Shawny have arrived -- They have been informed on beforehand, but just to be sure... We talk about football, my ongoing fight with the music store about my malfunctioning saxophone, our worries about how politics of the world are going these days, until finally Kendra and Shawny show up. Greg punches my shoulder till it hurts, telling me I'm a sneaky bastard, while Kendra showers Shawny with kisses. Greg gets behind the steering wheel, Kendra next to him, so Shawny and I take place in the back. Kendra takes Shawny aside, while Greg comes my way. Apparently, Shawny and Kendra are done talking, and come our way.

The Honours Student

first-time Alibaba 66 2017-10-14

The required extra work including staying late after school one day a week, by both students and teacher. At the start of my third year of teaching senior physics, there were five students who wanted to study for the Honours level credits. Then she reached out and took my hand, and said, "Ever since then, all I've been able to think about is how much I want you to kiss me again." We continued our lessons after school each Wednesday, but each week there would be a little 'extra curricular' activity before the work started. Cassie said that this helped her to focus on her studies I'm happy to say that our efforts were well rewarded, as she scored the highest marks in the state in her physics exam.

Patricia's Sexual Adventures Ch.10

first-time cumn2xtc 2017-10-14

I told my friends and they came up with the idea for me to ask Mr.Palino if we could borrow one of his cars. He said his good byes to his boys and told them that I was in charge and that if they got out of line I would call him and tell him. I should have known then that this wasn't going to be normal house sitting job with the Palino boys. Tony told Paul that he wanted to pull out his cock so badly and fuck me right there he couldn't stand it. He told Tony that he thought I looked like the girl in the picture. I imagined them looking at mens magazines and Paul and Tony telling the other boys of their sexual exploits with me.

Lust in the Rain

first-time KreepyKats 2017-10-14

Their tongues made love inside their joined mouths as their hands explored and fondled each other's bodies. His hands kept their grip on her breasts while hers found their way back to his throbbing hard dick. Her wet little slit was glistening with love juice and it started to drizzle. He eventually slid his dick out of her and she moaned louder as her bloody juices poured out onto the blanket. He pushed his dick back inside her tight little opening and gently began to push it in deeper. He responded by taking her hard little nipple into his mouth as he shoved his shaft inside her all the way until his hairy crotch was slapping itself against her smooth mound.

Going Fishing

first-time clarissaj1982 2017-10-14

"I don't think it's a good idea for you to be spending time alone with Jimmy Tingle anymore, Agnes." Mom said. He laughed, "that explains a lot," he said, "your mother must have called my mother because my mom told me the same thing - that I wasn't to hang out with you anymore. Jimmy reached for his shirt and grabbed a pack of cigarettes; he fished around with his index finger in the pack and pulled out a joint, lit it up and hit it hard. My mom took me to move into my dorm room two days later and Jimmy went away to basic training.