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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Jennifer's Black Lingerie

first-time 2018-10-05

"You know, I used to have blue panties that went with this bra and I used to love wearing them," she said smiling. “Well, what do you think?” she said slowly walking up to me and laying a hand on my shoulder, looking me right in the eye. As soon as I was a foot away from her I grabbed her arm and she turned slowly with an inquisitive look on her face, but said nothing. Slowly I unstrapped her bra at which she softly said, “Byron, what are you doing?” I placed one finger on her lips and then kissed them, sucking her delicious juices as I slowly removed her bra from her body, releasing her large breasts.

The On-Line Couple

first-time 2018-10-05

He came by a time or two for our order, but I told him we were waiting on some friends and I'd let him know when we were ready to order, slipping a generous tip in his hand so I didn't come off like the asshole that I really am. I'm working on my third beer and playing footsie with Sheila under the table when this attractive couple walked up. I looked down and his cock was balls deep in Sheila's mouth. Enzo smiles at his boss with his cock in my wife's mouth. "Enzo is the reason we come back here, isn't it?" I look at my booth mates. The boss looks at Enzo as he looks at the menu.

Lovely Looking Leah Lesbian Love #1

first-time petdyke 2018-10-05

Lovely looking Leah is very happy, as Lucy accepts the invitation in a private moment. Lovely looking Leah longs to try some of the modern dance, daring dirty sexy spreads she now knows. Lovely looking Leah confides bits about Peter, who built her full wall mirror with barre for her. Lovely looking Leah first needs to find out if Lucy already knows how to play with her juicy pussy. Lovely looking Leah likes the idea to teach Lucy the sexy spreads she learned from her hot Peter. Lovely looking Leah interrogates Lucy, whether she sometimes touches her pussy and ever gets juicy. Lovely looking Leah learns enough from the shy blushes of Lucy.

Vaction for Firsts Ch. 2

first-time Darksider 2018-10-05

As both girls in Jeff's lap let their heads fall back and enjoyed the pleasurable feeling Jeff reversed roles and began rubbing down Mandy's chest while he licked and sucked on Brandy's pert tits. Finally finishing his inspection of the girls breasts, Jeff pulled his mouth away from Brandy and his hand from Mandy. Mandy climbed onto her sister and pulled her wet clinging bikini bottoms off her sexy young legs so that she looked down into her tight little hairless sex mound. Lightning like pleasure surging though her body in waves Mandy felt incredibly weak and after her soaked cunt stopped its spasms she unlocked her legs from Jeff's waist and pulled herself off of his cock and collapsed onto the bed.


first-time 2018-10-05

I had seen enough porn clips online where it looked rather painful, but daddy's birthday was coming up shortly and I wanted to give him something special and the idea just there and then fell into my lap---or rather up my ass. It was now endurance that had to be figured into this training and Shannon sat on the side of the bed inserting one new item up my ass after another, working it in and out over a period of time that gradually lengthened. Whenever daddy and I fucked (when the opportunity presented itself) I tried to conceal the pain is was experiencing in his ass and quickly brushed his hand away whenever he began to finger my asshole as it sparked a small burst of electrified needles that seemed to be jabbing at that area.

A High School Bet

first-time sexy_jessie 2018-10-05

Lizzie looked into her former friend's deep blue eyes and beautiful face and knew she didn't have it in her to be bitter at Jessie, "OK," she said. Over the week Jessie continued to give Lizzie helpful advice, not just on dating her twin but on guys in general and Lizzie was forever grateful for this as much as her attractive friends entertaining sense of humour. Lizzie thought he would sit back, understanding, but at the back of her mind she remembered what Jessie said, "he might only want to date you to get into your panties." At that moment she felt herself pinned down on the couch by one of Jesse's strong arms.

Fist of Furry Ch. 01

first-time belab 2018-10-05

I wished I could tug the tufty hair in her bushy armpits and normally I jerk off with my eyes closed but this time it was wide open as I watched him pull back, all the way free of her mouth and quickly entered it again, pressing with each fuck deeper to the back of her throat. "Your dick is gigantic that even if you put in my hairy underarms it will not even get lost in the thick long bushy hair in my unshaven pits," she said and standing up she shoved her unshaven pit into his face as he wildly licked at her armpit forest.

A fantastic Experience

first-time coollol 2018-10-05

Than my other friend get started kissing in front of me and take a pleasure of her figure, than my afraid is phurrrr. Me and my friend is going on kissing and licking her nipples than one of my hand went down between her legs. Ohhhh its more pleasure its warm and going wet pussy that I am touching. I felt down between her legs and start touch her pussy with my tongue and its get her more crazy and she moaning loudly and I have great fun to licking her pussy cunt and deep inside with the clit. I m get crazy and fuck hard and disburse my load and start sucking her boobs and kissing her again.

Unexpected surprise from a friend!

first-time Almostthere 2018-10-05

Randy asked if he could play with my cock and I don't know if it was the beer, joint, or my hard cock, but I told him he could. I was moaning and telling him how good it felt and he took his pants off and was stroking his cock as he sucked me. Randy asked me if I wanted him to stop and I said I didn't know cause it felt to good and I didn't want to say no. Randy said he liked to break in virgin ass and he asked if I wanted to taste his cock. He said it was my turn for releif and he started sucking me and I knew it wasn't going to take long.

Tropical Tutor Ch. 02

first-time writerjab 2018-10-05

Macy told John she passed the sailing school there before, had her certification card, but just thought it would be best to go with a strong man who could control the boat better in case she got distracted. A bit further and basic instinct kicked in as John's head, as if remembering what it was like for him as a baby, slid down between her pendulous breasts kissing and licking as his hands continued on her nipples. Macy took the first blast in her mouth then pulled his shaft out as subsequent eruptions plastered her cheeks, nose and hair; then sliding his magnificent cock head back inside she set about milking all the creamy spunk from his love muscle.

My wife an my boss

first-time 2018-10-05

When my wife and my boss began to make love I enjoyed the expression of pleasure and delight on her face. My wife sat facing him with her thighs spread, moving up and down, and saying, "This is so wonderful," as she looked at him with the most beautiful expression of love and desire. I told myself that I loved my wife, so I wanted her to enjoy the pleasure and happiness my boss could give her. When one of my boss's friends visited the city where we lived he would enjoy a night on the town with my wife, and an evening of love making with her. My wife would need to ask my permission before making love to a man my boss introduced her to.

Asher, Lilith and the Tigress Ch. 04

first-time ReefBeach 2018-10-05

Her skin felt the sheet, the sunlight and Asher's gentle stroking. His skin could feel everything - Lilith's naked body against his, the sheet underneath, her fingers sliding up and down his shaft, her tongue rolling around the head of his cock, her teeth grazing it delicately. Lilith now felt a surge of tender care for this wonderful man, and a swell of desire. Fuck me really gently, love." Lilith stroked Asher's head and shoulders. They made love slowly, endlessly, pausing to kiss, for Asher to feel his cock buried so deeply in his lover. Pausing for Lilith to clamp her legs around him and feel the change of angle of her lover's cock.

Deep throat tech

first-time Bnice2rambo 2018-10-05

allowing the penis to slide in deep. your throat muscles to perform deepthroat. your throat open will counter the gag reflex length of the penis into your mouth and along throat, you may feel a little resistance and will penis from you mouth, extend your tongue out great technique because the head of his penis able to perform a 'throat massage' on his penis while it's in your throat. penis while it's in your throat. length of his penis is deep in your throat. Remember: lubrication, extend While learning to perform deepthroat, it's best on the back of the tongue and throat to on the back of the tongue and throat to on the back of the tongue and throat to

My first cock experience

first-time welshrod 2018-10-05

I had also started to watch porn films regularly when my wife was on a night shift. I watched two guys kissing, getting naked, and sucking each other. I watched the whole film, slowly wanking until I had a fantastic orgasm, long lasting and loads of spunk. I asked him to sit next to me on the sofa, he came over and straight away I rubbed his leg, then my hand went up his skirt and I felt his bulging cock through his lace knickers. I was desperate to try it too, so we went into a 69 and I had my first taste of cock - he was actually a good 7 inches and very hard.

Playing in the tent

first-time randyguyuk 2018-10-05

"What you mean?" I said, Dave replied "We reshuffle the deck and who ever turns the next pic the other has to strip naked and go for a walk down the field and back again." Heading back to the tent I slipped in red faced "Shame no one saw you." said Dave "I don't want you to feel like a looser, how about we flip a coin so you might be able to win." Dave said I slowly put my tongue on the bulbs head of his cock and began to lick the shaft before taking him into my mouth, Dave groaned "MMMM" he said as I began to suck him off.

California Virgin

first-time Cat5 2018-10-05

I said good-bye to her parents and then opened the car door for Paula. As their car pulled away, my mother turned to me and said, "That was really nice of you to take care of Paula. When I finished the second page I realized that my depression was gone—searching to write Paula about the good things in college had helped me. It was mostly a happy letter, but at one point she said, "I'm really lucky that Gran is letting me live with her; I think I would be lonely without her to talk to." The driver of the car interrupted my thoughts when he said, "Joe, we're going to be at your motel in about twenty minutes."

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 27

first-time BlewWater69 2018-10-05

Beth kissed him and said she'd just be a minute and left to go to the bathroom leaving Jason alone with Haden. "Bye, Haden," Jason said as they walked to the door. Jason continued smiling as he watched Beth stare at his already hard cock. Jason followed Haden's eyes as she looked at them before moving to close the door. Jason realized after Haden had shut the door and walked by to her bed that the sheets were off Beth's breasts. Jason thought for a while about the virgin Haden sleeping so close by to Beth and him. As she took her time covering up, Jason looked to Haden for her reaction to seeing Beth nude.

The Beach Hut

first-time IsabellaKing 2018-10-05

Adam looked up from his newspaper, shocked and a little afraid he'd said out loud the thoughts that had been running through his head, and for a moment he couldn't quite meet his wife's eyes. He held his breath, waiting for the inevitable no way, but she nodded and he quickly wrapped his hand around hers and guided her across the sand to the little blue painted, beach-side hut he jokingly called his shagging shack. With his heart in his mouth he lowered his lips towards her left breast, and working on instinct more than experience, he touched his tongue to the puckered flesh; tasting her, breathing in her sweet scent, and sucking her nipple into his mouth whilst his hand went intuitively towards her other breast -feeling more confident as she began to respond to his inexperienced fumbling.

my wife in the 80's tx

first-time fishy75503 2018-10-05

That night she came home Friday like nothing was wrong and she ask me if I wanted to go for a trip this weekend. I told her I got an email form a gut who said they had a relationship and she looked off thinking I could tell and then answered no. I received an email from a guy in new Boston and he told me that he knew her and had her name correct and that she and a friend went to a bachelors party back then and gave me details but I asked for pictures and he could not said did not remember any being taken .

A sl**ping Beauty

first-time 2018-10-05

Even though I enjoyed getting some boob action and occasionally grinding up up against some ass but like I said before I was determined to get some so I know I had to make some kind of conversation with one of these beautiful girls. I pulled out my cock and began to rub it while looking at her. I slid her blouse to the ide and moved her bra then began to suck and flick my tongue on her nipple while rubbing myself. As I sat up on the bed and looked over she was laying there out cold with her wet boobs hanging out her blouse. So I stared at he little pink panties and began to slide them off.

My first encounter with a shemale!

first-time onceuponanas 2018-10-05

i really enjoyed sucking her cock and having her in charge of me. within no time she had 3 fingers in my tight virginal ass and it felt great she began to fuck me and i was moaning, i begged her to fuck me harder and she did, spanking my ass hard and telling me i was her dirty whore. she said i was gona come and she wanted to save it so i got off her cock. she started to suck me off and as soon as i was hard i fucked her back. within no time she had her finger up my ass as she sucked me off to make me come for a second time.

my dads friend

first-time bi-wifey 2018-10-05

He pulled me up and pulled me close he kissed me and i responded his hand touching my breast over my nighty ive wanted you for so long he said to me do u want to fuck me he asked i nodded he pulled my nighty over my hear to reveal my naked body he layed me back on the bed and parted my legs i felt my body tingle as his tongue flicked my clit then i felt his finger enter my pussy pulling it in and out as he tongued my clit i was getting wet and squirming on his tongue he climbed on the bed and grabbed my legs pushing them behind my head as he slid his cock into me i felt my pussy stretch open it hurt but i like it he fucked me soft for a bit then got faster and harded he said he has waited a to long to fuck me.

Tutoring isn't Always by the Books

first-time DavidMasters 2018-10-05

"Um, like...uh what?" It was the best I could come up with caught red handed and foggy headed. She reached down in front of herself between our bare stomachs and pulled the knot loose on her pants then she leaned upward so the knot was in front of my face. Looking down at me she raised herself upward and leaned back guiding my cock into her pussy with one hand. Her timing and movements were perfect as she would lean far enough forward that my cock head rested at the edge of her pussy, then plunge down on it before repeating the motion. My hands came to rest on her hips, smooth and pale, like ivory yet warm and alive.

His First Time

first-time young indy man 2018-10-05

After that I went to my room and through my regular routine; and I was watching TV around 7 p.m. I heard the knock on the door, so I went and answered; Mrs. Robinson was right there with her tight black pants and with a sexy red top. I began licking the inner and outer circle of her areole and I traced my tongue all over her chest, I was heard loud moaning sounds seeping out of Mrs. Robinson. She said, "Come her and kiss me!" I followed Mrs. Robinson's instructions and I got on top of her and began passionately kissing her neck. As soon as she started getting tired, I told her to stop and she got up and went back to the bed.

76% bbw