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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Hot Spot On The Beach

first-time mouza 2017-10-14

When I remembered she gave me a hug while we were still in the water, my dick was still erected and hard like a rock, it groped her clitoris directly. But, what the fuck is this, a Brunette in my age is smiling to me with an invitation while she lies down in the same spot of the 2 girls I met 20 years ago, ok, I won’t be shy, I’ll contact her to see who’s that pretty Brunette MILF. We had a warm long hug and kisses then, and my pendulous dick started directly to respond and became erected like a rock, she noticed of course and gripped it strongly and went stroking it with a gentle hand job while talking about our personal lives through the 20 years passed.

The Monotony of Lust Ch. 02

first-time YoungAspiringWriter 2017-10-14

At this moment he had little time to react as Eva pushed him back against the wall and planted a kiss on his lips, putting her hands around his neck and pulling his mouth wantonly against hers. The skirt rode up fully and Eva moaned into Danny's mouth as she felt his hand stroke her inner thigh. After what seemed like minutes but was only seconds no one came and Eva gave Danny a look which said "let's get out of here". She thrust faster against his fingers now and Danny also moved his fingers faster and deeper into Eva. She started to moan louder and opened her eyes to look at this guy who had gotten her to open herself up in this way and smiled lovingly.

Tesco Girl

first-time Slocum4 2017-10-14

As she was sucking and playing with my penis with her mouth and tongue, she would often use her hands and fingers on the shaft and on my balls. I wasn't really sure how I hadn't come yet through the sheer pleasure she was inflicting on every nerve ending of my penis and super-sensitive head, but then I noticed that whenever she thought I might, she'd squeeze hard at the base and shaft of my manhood. Her mouth was now working my cock so hard and with such urgency that I thought she had to be near coming herself, so I slid my fingers inside her sweet young hole.

Bus stop

first-time 2017-10-14

they jusyt nodded, she stood there facing them, they kept glancing at her ,up and down, "I must look a mess she thought" then she looked down at herself, her top was soaked and clinging to her, perfectly outlining here breasts and her nipples were showing through, she blushed and turned away from them and crossed her arms, she heard a comment over the rain but wasnt sure if she heard right "nice ass" was what she thougt, but they wouldnt be so rude would they.

Convenience Store

first-time smallcock 2017-10-14

Slipping my fingers into his pants I pulled them down, out stood a good 6” of virgin cock, taking his pants off I licked up and down his shaft making sure I got all the pre-cum out of his eye, he laid back on the bed as I moved my mouth over him and sucked him up and down as he groaned away. Ten minutes later I knew I was coming, I pulled out and turned him over onto his back, spreading his legs I re-entered his ass as he looked at me, leaning down he met me halfway as we snogged, his arm hanging off my neck as he whispered “I’m coming again” as I looked down as he groaned spunk shot out of the end of his cock and landed on his stomach.

Meeting my Lovely Cumslut, part three

first-time Malkith78 2017-10-14

A few seconds after, you come crawling around the corner, wearing a very tight-fitting, black latex suit, covering all your body, yet leaving next to nothing left to the imagination… Most of your head is covered by a black latex hood with a pair of cat-like ears on it, revealing only your cheeks, mouth, eyes and your long hair hanging out the back in a pony-tail. She increases the vibration a little bit more, then begin to run her hands all over your tight-fitting latex suit, squeezing tour nipples, rubbing her hands between tour legs and over your ass, making you moan with pleasure, with my cock filling your pretty mouth… You’re eagerly trying your best, and you look damned hot doing your best.

First experience with mature woman whilst at colle

first-time edgingtillicum 2017-10-14

She then gently stroked my thigh with her hand and looked at me, I could tell she was thinking something, she didn't say anything for a few seconds...a small smile appeared on her face and then she whispered to me 'okay, well let's remove the distraction, follow me'. Sarah took her hand off my thigh and then grabbed my arm gently, she stood up and pulled me behind her. Being 17, having a wet inviting pussy in front of me and a throbbing hard cock between my legs I didn't think twice (looking back now, how stupid of me). I got on top of her and then gently rubbed the head of my cock on her pussy and clit.

Ella's Story-2-Taboo Motel

first-time billy69boy 2017-10-14

Reaching around behind her back, I slipped each of my hands under the elastic at her legs, and slowly stuffed the slick material of her panties deep into her ass crack, which caused the front piece to press against her swollen pussy, eliciting a long, low moan from my 'slave'. After I pulled up on the waistband, making sure the panties were as deeply embedded between her legs as possible, I moved my hands back behind her and massaged her tight ass cheeks while I kissed her mouth passionately. Ella's body jerked and twitched on that desk, and her head thrashed back and forth violently, as she emitted a strange, guttural moan that sounded more like some kind of wounded b**st than a young girl.

Opening Doors

first-time fotisampini 2017-10-14

Finally, Nikki rubbed her pussy even further up the length of my dick, Kelly continued to suck her pussy lips into his mouth, his hands still Kelly lost it groaning loudly, sliding his cock deep inside Nikki's time to stick the fat head of his cock into the opening of her pussy, like Simon and I need some lube to slip into a tight, young pussy. saw, Red sauntered over to Nikki upraised ass and, like Simon, reached she reached over to suck my thick cock between her lips like an extra big cunt pull outward every time she raised her ass off my cock, sliding me loosened by Red's cock earlier, opened for Simon like a flower, but Nikki

The Casting

first-time NicoleHeat 2017-10-14

'Now he's doing you in missionary position.' Jack takes me by the waist with both hands and starts rocking me back and forth. Jack is totally fucking me with his fingers as if I'm some porn actress. Jack has put me down on all fours and started licking my pussy before I even understand what is happening. His enormous rock-hard cock squeezes into my little hole spreading my pussy lips and starts sliding inside me so smoothly. The camera guy is filming my pussy oozing what feels like pints of cum! You have to fuck me some more till I cum!' I crawl around Jack on all fours, swaying my wet pussy as if I'm a horny cat or something.

Weapons of Math Instruction #2

first-time petdyke 2017-10-14

Professor Peter Poet is surprised one morning by his nice neighbour Jenny ringing at his door for a visit to thank the Professor for the free lessons to her tasty teen dear dod, 'sexy Sara' as I call her. I promise, Professor Peter!" Jenny pouts her lips and gives him a lusty look, while she slowly spreads her legs to show her juicy pussy. Professor Peter Poet notices to his satisfaction that the sexy snatch of juicy Jenny gets wetter at every smack. Professor Peter Poet pounds juicy Jenny to two more orgasms bend over at his want. Professor Peter Poet probes juicy Jenny in his big bath. Professor Peter Poet is astonished by the similarity in looks between juicy Jenny and her sexy Sara.

Double Girls and Double Dares

first-time aguycelmar 2017-10-14

It's a good thing he was cute, but with that said it's my turn." Cindy looked at Rebecca saying, "OK. He immediately noticed Rebecca's hand on the Indian passengers crotch and looked at Cindy saying, "Wasn't she wide awake only a minute or two ago and does she know that guy she is sitting with?" The steward gave both girls drinks to Cindy, but in the process must have woken up the Indian passenger sitting next to Rebecca. With that said, now it's my turn and I double-dare you to put your hands in that hobo's pants and give him a hand job until he cums...just like you made me do to that Indian guy on the train."


first-time FDNY565 2017-10-14

ITS STARTED OUT A NORMAL DAY, me and my bf where laying on my sheets, waiting for the alarm clocks to ring, hes completely naked, and so was i ( my small c cup breast and perky nipples exposed to the fresh sun light, my pussy smooth as it could be against those silky white sheets, so as i lay there, i looked down at him ( at his amazing chest, and fckn great body, i began to get this feeling, ( ya know) so, i reached my hand under the sheets and grabbed, yet so soft his huge balls about the size of a apple.

Marcy's Playground 13 by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2017-10-14

Jean-Luc had stopped touching me, but he sneakily went back to letting his fingers dip into my folds and he was stroking circles around the magic button, not touching it. Evan put a finger inside me and Jean-Luc gave me a hard stroke across my bud. "So little girl," he said in a light teasing voice, obviously making fun of Evan. Jean-Luc or Evan, I don't know who, snaked one hand between our bodies and worked my clit mercilessly. My hair plastered to my cheek, Jean-Luc's shoulder, probably Evan's neck, even into my mouth as I moaned. Jean-Luc let out a huge shout, which must have been heard in Canada for God's sake, and came into me so hard I thought I felt it through the condom.

Wedding Night (Suhaag Rath)

first-time sheelarohith 2017-10-14

While his tongue was exploring my mouth, I felt his hands trying to slip under the 'pallu' of my saree to feel my back, hips, and started to feel my breasts. Meanwhile his lips slowly traced a wet line on my cheeks, traveled down to my chin, and then to my neck, and licked my neck for some time, enjoying the sweet fragrance (emanating because of the special preparations taken by me for the event), and his hands were busy massaging my breasts through my blouse, without removing any piece of our clothing. Rohit stopped for a moment seeing my tears but I thrust my hips up and the rest of his penis entered my virgin pussy.

New Friends, New Experiences Ch. 02

first-time vonWachstein 2017-10-13

I bet he thought I was going to do his butt or his groin next; I decided to be a little unexpected and started at his ankles, working my way up higher until I was massaging his butt with one hand and his groin with the other, occasionally switching my hands. Later that day, as I walked to my car after I got off work at Joe Bologna's, an Italian eatery in downtown Lexington, I felt my phone buzz in my hip pocket. I dated one for a while, Javier Marquez, and he looked like that tennis player, Rafael Nadal, just with shorter hair," Kelly laughed.

Mature white wife in workout room

first-time jameshung27 2017-10-13

I started working more and more in with each stroke, I said "you like having this young black dick in you don't you?" and she just moaned and nodded her head and said yes she couldn't help it. I had all but about 2" of it up in her and cold feel I was hitting the back of her cervix and she was moaning "oh god you are making me cuuuum." I said "you like cumming on my big black dick don't you?" She said "stop talking to me like that, you're making me cum even more." I asked her if she wanted me to shoot mine in her?

Good Golly, Miss Molly

first-time BogartsBoss 2017-10-13

"But, I come out for the same reason, to turn the women away from this sinful life." "No, I didn't think what the weather would be like when I came out." He tore at the cloth, trying to get to the source, licking avidly, discovering for the first time the taste of a woman. She wanted more, ripped the blouse off, released the plain cotton bra, pulled him to her breasts, fed them to him. She yelled out words she didn't think she knew, "Fuck, God, Fuck Me, Oh Shit harder, come harder, pound me, FUCK ME. She sat up, eyes closed to slits, eyed the man below her as if he were prey, and began riding his cock.


My Milf Neighbour

first-time qwertyu54321 2017-10-13

As i first started to be attracted to her i would always just masturbate in my room when she came over, but soon that wasn't enough and i had to start seeing more of her by going to their house and pretending to want to see her son. Her hands had reached my dick by then, which was so hard it felt like it would break out of my jeans. i dove in and licked all the way up her pussy, then i started to kiss it and put my tongue inside her. I felt like i was going to cum, but i wasn't ready yet, so i pulled out and said "let me see your ass".

Sara AKA My Sister's Best Friend

first-time Bloop22 2017-10-13

"Do you want to fuck me, Carson?" She asked as she leaned over and started to run her delicate hand up my thigh and stopping just before it reached my balls. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, she plunged her warm, wet mouth onto the head of my cock while her hand started beating faster up and down on the shaft. She removed her hand from my cock and started bobbing her head down the length, making sure I was completely in her mouth before she moved up to the give the head a hard suck then back down. Sara looked into my eyes and smiled, a little disappointed.

A day of dreams - Part 3

first-time didi_galtier 2017-10-13

And....I look at myself in the mirror in the halfway as we walked to the cocktail party...and here I was not only a woman, but dressed for sex. And if that doesn't work, you offer them the one option that most men seem to lust after and very few women will allow....your sexy right ass!” I started walking towards them, but before I was even half way there, an arm came around my waist and pulled be against a firm muscled male body. Now it's time for you to stop teasing and deliver that erotic promise you've been flashing all night!” He was holding me firmly now, one arm right around my waist, the other hand touching my little breasts. You just be a good slut whore and suck my fucking cock!

A Happy Ending

first-time SirAerus 2017-10-13

I work my way down your back, rubbing my hands and fingers into every inch of your skin. I slowly work your ass cheeks apart, trying to get a peak at your tight pink pussy. I apply a little more lotion to my hands, then start with your stomach. I slowly slide one finger into your tight virgin pussy. I slowly slide the head of my cock into your pussy. So I slowly continue to slide the rest of my cock into your pussy. You walk to the head of the table, and lean down and kiss me. For making my first time so amazing." I just nod my head and lean up and kiss you again.

Jenn's Awakening Ch. 01

first-time DemisOSprey 2017-10-13

As if by divine command, Anna almost immediately slid her hand down Jenn's stomach and over her mound, cupping it, the fingers questing and finding Jenn's stiffening clit through her clothes and softly massaging it a little. Anna rubbed back and forth a little more, then allowed her hand to slide further down the wet crevice inside the knickers, till they were flirting with the entrance between Jenn's pussy lips. As Jenn picked up the rhythm of Anna's hand movements, she started a matching set of movements of her hips to meet and swallow a little more each time of the fingers, so deftly sliding within her.

Pure Bliss

first-time Clive Cromwell 2017-10-13

As James enjoyed the feeling of Lauren’s nipples firming up to his touch, she ran a hand down his chest and under his T-shirt. She could feel James’ disappointment when she moved his hand away, but… And when she had touched his penis through his shorts, she was a little surprised at how solid he had felt. “I really liked the scene where she reached into her blouse to touch her breasts, then moved her hand between her legs.” As he whispered to her, James continued running his fingers over the skin of her arm. James pulled away slightly and, with Lauren’s breasts in front of him, gently licked her nipples, alternating between them as she placed her hands on his shoulders.