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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Calling Her BBC to Come Over

first-time youri15 2017-10-13

We, of course, now a days have a regular black cock that comes to the house almost every weeks to satisfy my wife's pussy and her asshole. Usually my wife loves sucking his cock for 10 or 15 minutes, licking under his balls and then laying on her stomach and hunching up her beautiful ass to her lover can stick his big, black cock into her asshole. Very often he will fuck my wife's ass while she's on all four's and then he'll motion for me to come over and watch as his cock goes in and out of her asshole! Sometimes my wife and her lover will just play on the bed, she sucking his cock and licking his balls and him fucking her pussy with a huge, black dildo.

David's Remote, Reloaded Ch. 03

first-time Thorilla 2017-10-13

I decide that I'd clean up the 'first' Gothic Lolita and pulled up her pettipants and smoothed down her flared dress and generally made her 'look' the way she did when I set eyes on them both in the elevator. Fortunately the automated doors were open and I made my way back onto East Robinson Street and I decided to take a bus ride to the Crabtree Center where I knew they had other stores which may allow me to feel women up and basically do what I liked during 'FreakTime' as I was now beginning to call 'FreezeTime' She was on the upper floor and she wore very long blonde hair held out of her face with sunglasses she looked in her mid-twenties and she wore a wrap-over dress which showed a lot of leg.

Physical exam with my Stepbrother

first-time john1195 2017-10-13

us both into an exam room and said the doctor would be with us shortly. Paul sat down on the end of the exam table until the doctor both said we were doing fine and Paul handed him the exam form from the remembered my last physical exam with Dr Banks and my cock started to get He asked Paul to sit on the exam table and he checked Paul put his hands on the exam table and bent He told Paul to relax and then I saw his cock throb as the cock was still making a bulge in my shorts and there was a wet spot where I When we were in the car, Paul said "Dr Banks sure does give a

My transformation continued

first-time 2017-10-13

and till to date i cannot forget that feeling of being wanted and being special. He said that i had smooth skin and wanted to feel it. I was doing this for about a minute or two when i heard his voice whisper into my ears - want to see something special? He got his thing close to my face. I again closed my eyes and started to lick his tool with my tongue. One day he came to the tree house with his haversack and said - today I will teach you a new thing. He licked my nipples through the bra and i felt wetness on my dick and it was bursting through the seems of my underwear.

Mona At The Glory Hole

first-time DancingBanana123 2017-10-13

I was standing at the pump, short white skirt with clit stim in place and a my tits pouring out of this top, I looked like a hooker. There was a moment where I thought he was just going to leave but then I heard the words “well, well, well.” I looked back through the hole from a distance when the hole darkened and the black meaty head came through. I turned my head back to my brown monster and yet another huge blob of precum presented itself at the tip of his pole. I was now on my way to orgasm and for the first time ever I was deep throating a huge black cock.

Aunt Susan

first-time iggyfsucks 2017-10-13

I approached to get a better look, and as I got nearer I saw it was Susan getting changed. As I heard my own name reverberate around the house, Susan looked up and in that instant our eyes met. There have been a lot of burglaries in our area recently and when I suggested house sitting for the night Susan seemed keen on the idea. There she stood still as a statue in the centre of the room wearing silky black underwear, stockings and suspenders looking so good I wanted to eat her. Many naughty and fantastic nights were spent licking, caressing, sucking and fucking with aunt Susan.

Virginity Halloween Candy

first-time 2017-10-13

We both felt the need of being little k**s jus one more time be for we honestly had to grow up. I jus knew tht I had to stay with Carol no matter what. We try to get in contact with her again but can't so we jus stay with the guys. Devin, Carol, Jake and I all try to watch another movie but for some odd reason we wanted music instead. He slowly slid his tongue into my mouth an I felt something I'd never felt before with a guy. He slowly slid my pants off me an started fingering me. He slowly slid it in me an it hurt just a little, but I knew I had to be quiet cause of other people in the house.

Nan Made Him a Man at 18 Ch. 01

first-time Dinsmore 2017-10-13

I knelt down and picked up the bar of soap and wash cloth which she had dropped and began to return the favor, also giving extra attention to her tight little ass, to include the obligatory soapy finger up the poop shoot. We played a little post cum fondle and probe in the shower, oiling each other's bodies with the baby oil, fingering ass holes, rubbing cunts and stroking cocks. She felt me start to harden, knew I was about to come, reached back between her legs with the hand she had been diddling her clit with, grabbed my cock, pulled it out of her steamy twat and wrapped her finger and thumb around the crease just below the head, and squeezed hard.

My aunt seduced me!

first-time 2017-10-13

By this time she was so close, i could see her black bra, and her bulging breasts prominently and my brain started yelling at me and i couldn't control myself. I started kissing her neck with passion, slowly going down to her breasts, and then down to her navel. I started kissing her flat belly all the way down to her panties which by this time were really moist! I started thrusting my fingers with medium pace and at the same time i was licking her clit. As soon as the full length of my penis went inside of her, she let go of her breath with a soft moan and closed her eyes.

A First Time for Everything

first-time BTH2406 2017-10-13

After doing this a few times I brought my hand upwards on the inside of her thigh; she shrunk back a bit as my fingers pressed up to briefly touch her pussy lips. When I thought she had relaxed enough I slid my hand down further and gently drew my fingers up and down the sensitive area between her anus and her vagina, her body twitched every time I did it. After a few hard thrusts she said she was getting closer to coming and that she would like to finish off having me lying on her back – and that’s how we finished a glorious long session, with her legs spread as wide as she could get them and pulled up alongside her body as far as possible.

Life Change for s****r and I pt.2

first-time HankWilliams1956 2017-10-13

Clare was trying to match my strokes in and out of her pussy while trying to lift her butt up again, but I kept her penned down, then I put my arms down, placing my hands on each side of her about where her tits were smashed into the bed, to get more of a down stroke position with my pumping of my dick in and out of her pussy, "Oh fuck me baby, I've never been fucked like this before, and I'm about to cum again, damn, fuck, I'm cumming again, shit."

Handsome Ch. 09

first-time Paris Waterman 2017-10-13

And Brittany was a lot more sexually experienced than Kassi at the time, having already allowed the two boys she'd blown to finger her, with one licking her to a climax. "Open your mouth, silly," Brittany scolded gently when Kassi kept her lips sealed. The second Kassi felt her friend's tongue in her mouth; she responded as if touched by a cattle prod, and leapt away from Brittany. She did and I took my fingers from Brittany's twat, and stuck them in Kassi's mouth. Kassi's eyes went wide, apparently not having seen Brittany's cunt on display before, much less seeing another girl frigging themselves.

Meeting Tara.

first-time b84bomber 2017-10-13

As she withdrew he huge cock i saw a glint in her Eye and a smile on her face, she was loving drilling hard, she went all the way out just so she could start all over again, she said i was going to gape for her which i hoped i could do, my assshole was really warmed up now and getting stretched to the limits. We were both building and making less noise as we were concentrating as she started to make more noise i knew that she was going to cum at this point i couldn't hold back anymore, i open my mouth and was frantically trying to help her shoot on me, it started with a clenching of her ass and Then she took over from my hand she started to cum and it felt so good on my cock i was right there with her.

My First time sucking cock

first-time 2017-10-13

then i felt hands on my ass and reached back to to figure out what was going on , I washed the soap off my face and turned around to see my best friend Dan standing there with the biggest dick I've ever seen in person. I had my best friends dick in my mouth and he was moaning and pushing my head further down til I gagged again , he said lets try it this way we laid sideways in a 69 and sucked each other for a while . I looked up and winked and went town sucking his dick he let go of my head and leaned back on the bed and just unloaded a big sticky sweet load in my mouth .

For Claudia Ch. 02

first-time joelafayette 2017-10-13

"So, I don't want to put any pressure on you or anything," Jen said as she playfully reached out and touched my lower lip with her finger, "but would you mind getting him ready for me?" Bob pulled her cheeks apart with his hands, and just like in the best porn movies you can see, he pulled his cock out and left a giant hole where Jen's cute, tiny pussy used to be. If I wasn't going to lose my cherry in a wedding bed or at least to man I loved, suddenly the exotic and taboo appeal of a big black cock in a hot threesome just went way up.

Aunt teaches me Respect

first-time klammer 2017-10-13

She held my head then put her feet on my shoulders; slowly she began to rubher panty covered pussy against my nose. The bump at the top of her pussy grew like a little cock and her panties grew wet with her juices. Once again, she held my balls while she rubbed my cock as I rutted like a pig in her panties trying to catch all of her scent. Uncle Jack was cooking breakfast dressed only in his cock cage while Ms. Mandy wore just some She seemed to like rubbing my nose on her clit as I tongued her pussy, her large lips spread like a flower across my face.

Fuck a Friend

first-time muschris02005 2017-10-13

I took his dick in my mouth and sucked like my life depended on it. I let my mouth lose his cock as I sucked and licked his balls. As I took his dick back in my mouth, I grabbed his sexy ass cheeks and rammed his cock down my throat. He took hold of my head and started fucking my face. “I am getting ready to cum,” he said, and started pulling his dick out of my mouth. He took my 5” dick in his mouth and worked it like he knew what he was doing. After a few minutes of getting my ass ready, his cock went completely, all the way to his balls.

Milking Machine Alan

first-time tankengine123 2017-10-13

Alan had his sweet little tongue buried inside a tight hole... Holly: Alan, this is daddy’s staff-of-life; you can just call it his “staff” if you like. While Alan milked and watched, Holly rubbed one of her fingers on Ben’s asshole and then inside. Holly: before you put your sweet tongue into daddy’s bottom, I want you to learn the best ways to please him with your hands. Holly: Keep your hands moving but reach up with your mouth and kiss daddy’s honey hole. Holly rubbed Alan’s back and belly while Alan slowly dropped down further onto the small dildo. That night Holly taught Alan to take blast after blast of their dad’s sweet milk directly into his mouth.

The Story of Love Pt. 01

first-time SparkleKitty 2017-10-13

I will be taking you to Miss Akemi's and you must do whatever she tells you without fail." My mother then began to tell me, in explicit detail, the things that men want women to do for them. As you suck the man's penis, you should caress it with your tongue and lips." She took Orochi's penis in her mouth and began to slowly move up and down the shaft, her tongue curling around as she moved up and down. Take off your clothing and lie down on my bed." I must have looked reluctant, because Reiko reminded me, "I am your teacher, Love, and you must follow my instruction if you want to learn."

My Cherry (virginity at 22 story)

first-time 2017-10-13

Looking back upon my naïvety I smile still as my lips parted he said "hunmft" and click he opened his entry way door. "yesth" he said and yes again and his fingers exploring, pulling my red satin caciques out of the way he cannot bear to know, cannot push through the flower of life to see that Yes, ben, Yes, this is my first. So warm, So large, So dark he pulls his smile away from me and with a wink he says "yes, mmmm error on in"...he thinks I can not hear and that is the way so I say "fuck me"

Jill Ch. 01

first-time 5425TVR 2017-10-13

(Apparently, her mother's first time ended with a pregnancy and she wanted Jill to be out of high school before having a kid.) At such a young age, sex wasn't real high on my list of priorities. I marveled at Jill's cute peach fuzz covered muff and her rock hard erect nipples extending nearly an inch on her self described 'man boobs.' I was transfixed soaking in the beauty of my girlfriend as my cock throbbed with lust. Jill kissed me quickly and pulled her body away from me as she quickly darted around the room looking for her clothes. So, I slowly began to dress as Jill frantically transformed her room from the ocean side love shack back to a bedroom.

My first stranger: Mark

first-time 2017-10-13

He said, "get your sexy, slutty ass in the house right now." I said, "yes sir." We walked in his home and it was dirty and a mess. He looked at me and sternly said, "No Yelling!" I said, yes sir it won't happen again." He sat the and slid the cucumber in and out of my ass as I moaned. It felt so good he was fucking me hard slamming my ass using me like the bitch, slut that I am. I sat in my living room getting the cum in my hand and I ate it while I jerked I was so horny after what happened I came 2 more times at home.

Nun Gives in to Lust

first-time MrRusty2000 2017-10-13

It was late July and Sister Joanne was walking back to the convent after inspecting the apple orchard. This took place as quietly as possible, she always knelt by her bed supporting herself on her left arm whilst her right hand caressed her clit. Whilst Mr Robins was rambling on about his recipe for compost, Sister Joannes mind was racing as to why the plants reminded her of something. One week later Sister Joanne was passing the painters cottage again after a mornings trimming, and was pleased to see him hard at work. He had imagined fucking Joanne many times since last week and his cock quickly responded to this attractive nun knelt just before him.

A Good Patient

first-time smut_princess 2017-10-13

He asked her simply to address him as “Dr. Maddox.” She agreed, thinking to herself that he looked too young to be a real doctor. He pushed all the way into her, leaned in close, and whispered, “Maybe this will solve your problem.” She could only moan as he began to pound into her wildly, taking one hand off of her hip and feeling under her tight tank top. Dr. Maddox said nothing as her pussy walls squeezed his cock tight, like a warm, wet hand. Dr. Maddox handed her the skirt and thong from the floor, and she took them and slipped them back on. He handed her a cherry-red lollipop, winked, and said, “For being such a good girl today.” She blushed and looked away from his glinting eyes.