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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Husband, My Daughter

first-time lana100 2017-10-13

JoAnn loved her husband and it took her a little time to decide that she JoAnn took Cheryl by the hand and walked her to where her jewelry box be stored in the trunk of the car, and JoAnn, holding Cheryl's hand look that JoAnn wanted for Cheryl. With that JoAnn left the room to call her doctor while Cheryl continued Looking at JoAnn, the doctor said, "She even sounds like a girl." Cheryl looked at JoAnn and said,"what do you think Auntie?" "Of course, Auntie." Cheryl now looked upon JoAnn as her aunt and the Cheryl then got on her knees in front of JoAnn and looking up, said. When JoAnn's parents were informed of the possibility of adopting Cheryl


first-time 2017-10-13


my first encounter

first-time SashaCD 2017-10-13

i got it, just like you wanted, and i intend on fucking you like little girl in your tight virgin ass. " you want your little girl to suck your big, hard cock?" i teased. "mmm hmmm...:" she moaned." you better suck my cock like a good little girl" "mmm...oh god!..god yes..i love your cock deep in my ass....mmm...god, please dont stop!!" i said between moans. "Oh my god!!!...that feels incredible....mmm....yes...yes!!...punish me!!...punish me like a bad little the girl i am..." i moaned." i love when you fuck my ass!...Oh yes!!...god, dont stop! "Oh my god!!....mmm...yes!..that's feel sooo good!...please dont stop...fuck me, harder...faster...i want you to cum in my ass...cum deep in my tight little ass!" she screamed.

A Summer's Breeze Ch. 02

first-time talel81 2017-10-13

After he came with spurts of cum shooting from his cock, Nancy had thought the matter done; the fantasy finished. Nancy grabbed the towel Donnie had been laying on and tossed it near the steps that led out of the pool. Nancy watched as Donnie pulled himself free of the sharp metal and came down the steps. "It feels like everything is just fine down there." Nancy boldly grabbed Donnie's swelling shaft. Nancy took her eyes off of the tear, where her hand now was, and watched Donnie's face. "Such a lovely cock." Nancy said pulling the erect shaft free from the torn suit. OH, FUCK!" Nancy wrapped her legs around Donnie's back, pulling him deeper inside.

Amelia's First Time with Jason

first-time xerosheartx 2017-10-13

As Amelia fumbled to remove her socks she automatically went to get him out of his boxers and in to her waiting special place. As his kisses upon her neck began to warm her and make her gently moan, his hand slipped down in to her small blue thong and found a place she had never had a man find before. They snuggled up and they both made sure they were comfortable then Amelia once again slid her hand in to his boxer shorts where she began to gently rub the tip and just as she kissed him softly on the lips.

Red Riding & Mrs. Wolfe

first-time msxxl 2017-10-13

As he got older and started to see her as a woman and not just a big soft girl with pretty hair he realized she had wonderful big breasts and it seemed like all the women he saw around him even on TV had stingy ones, the ones that everyone said were big were stiff and fake looking and they did not seem to flow and bounce when the women moved like Mina's did. "Never Bad Mrs. Wolfe, I have imagined you as the Big Beautiful Mrs. Wolfe for years seducing my goodies away from me as I offer them to you and show you how wonderful I think you are." Jamie had dropped to his knees beside the lounge and Mina swung her feet back up on it and lay back.

AMANDA'S Wreck Beach Bonanza

first-time MistressMariaAnME 2017-10-13

greedily sucking a hard cock. but as the cock thrusts into her enthusiastic ass this time she began to finger her pussy two feet from cock sucking that I immediately had an enormous desire delightful sensation it was to suck a cock while an The sight of a boy sucking cock while I sucked another cock at the same time, which was a new I began to ride his penis when the man ass fucking the my ass, pussy and mouth at the same time. grasping another thick hard cock I suck it into my beautiful cocks filling every hole of mine in perfect The extravagant cock in my mouth soon began The young men pulled their tools out of my ass and

The Perfect Hostess (part1)

first-time Perales72 2017-10-13

She then guided it to her vagina and my wet fingers caressed her slippery slit… wet and hot… While she was looking with desire in her eyes, she licked her lips… And when I introduced them inside her, she thrusted her head backwards and let a long but quite groan… Kristina was moving her hips expertly…forward, backward, circling, and above all, very slowly and smoothly… I was practically motionless, but my hips kept thrusting a bit forward to push my cock inside her love hole… Her boobs weren’t moving very much, so slow she was moving, and my hands started to caress them and squeeze gently her nipples.

finally fucked my mother

first-time adel5000 2017-10-13

can't I?" I couldn't believe I was about to tell my mother I wanted to fuck Mom ran her hands through my hair, pushed my head back, looked me straight in Mom stood up, took my hand and let me to the bedroom where we lay case she didn't, I called out in a hard moan, "I'm gonna cum, Mom!" She Mom looked at me as I lay back and smiled broadly, "My little boy has such Mom held my hand as it explored her breasts and body. Mom's shoulders and with my right hand, I touched that wonderful pussy of hers Slowly, I slipped my cock into Mom's pussy. The rest of the time mom was at my house, we fucked every day....sometimes 2

Step-s****r's Spring Break Visit

first-time mrlolgg 2017-10-12

Earlier this year my step s****r came to stay with the f****y for spring break. I'm pretty sure Stacy, my step-s****r just wanted to get away from the memories. I finished my brushing time and realized Stacy was still in the shower brushing her teeth. It was quite some time because I heard vibrations from the shower before I even started brushing my teeth. Right when I left my room I walked passed the bathroom door the same time Stacy walked out. I couldn't help myself anymore I finally sat up and my two hands behind her head and had to lift her up. Our hands interlocked while we kissed and I was still thrusting my way into my step-s****r.

Seduced to Sex

first-time Joanmcarthy 2017-10-12

I wanted him to break out of the considerate, respectful mould that had typified our relationship - especially after that talk - and treat my breast, indeed my body, as the sexual object that, for the first time in my life, it really yearned to be. Opening my eyes I saw Tim gliding ahead but not quite as deep as me; his erection pulled downwards by the friction of the water as his cute little bum was highlighted by the cut of his pants. Still stimulated by the water's embrace and caress of my body, I frog stroked past Tim's legs towards the far end of the pool.

Shelly and Matt (Mf-teen, inc, cons, rom)

first-time Spectreofhell 2017-10-12

“You talk like you’ve never seen a pussy,” Matt said to Carl, just on the other side of the hedge. Her pussy tingled, and she pressed the fabric of her dress between her thighs as she envisioned what Matt’s face must have looked like as he came, as he filled some girl with his cream. She started to protest, like any good girl should have, but the devil got her tongue and she said, “Maybe.” And it was Matt’s turn to blush a little. Then his lips were on hers, soft and gentle, his tongue probing into her mouth, and Shelly moaned softly as she threw her arms around him, accepting the kiss and melting into him.

Jeanine by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2017-10-12

The pain took her by surprise but in a moment she felt Robert's large balls slap against her pussy flesh and she knew she had taken all of him. Her pussy was leaking buckets around Robert's pounding cock and his fingers felt incredible. Jeanine felt Robert pushing his cock head against her rosebud. Pulling his throbbing cock free of her tight embrace Robert hurried around to the head of the bed to see a bewildered Jeanine looking up at him. Pointing his cock at her Robert growled "Open up bitch, I want to cum in your mouth." Jeanine froze. As his cock shot its first load into her mouth he looked into Jeanine's eyes."Jack i t for me baby" Robert moaned "Jack it into your face." Jeanine's small hands began milking his spurting cock.

Pink Panties in the Library

first-time JRLover 2017-10-12

Jeremy heard the rustling of clothes, and turned just slightly as Lisa clipped her bra together. Lisa's thoughts were interrupted as Jeremy barged back into the room with his bag and backpack. "Well I think a cute guy like you needs more experience," Lisa said. Jeremy touched a very tender feeling place in her pussy and Lisa bucked on his hand, moaning. Then her hips began to buck on his hand, and her cries increased, and Jeremy knew that he had just given this beautiful girl an orgasm. Jeremy felt himself tense up, and knew he wasn't going to last very long, not with this beautiful girl pumping his cock.

My Aussie Fantasy

first-time RoLLy_PuSSy 2017-10-12

Walking down the gang plank, she sees him, he's even more handsome then his photo, which she'd clutched tight to her breast through the entire flight, he's so masculine looking it takes her breath away. His mouth starts a slow exploration of her body, her face, her neck, the famine curves of her collarbones. His mouth travels down her body even further, as his hands begin to slowly travel over her body. While her lips & tongue search over his chest, her hands begin to undo his pants. She is amazed at his beautiful body, all she wants to do is explore every inch, with her tongue, & she starts to do just that. She searches out his hands, & starts to suck on his fingers, one by one, to show him what is yet to come.


first-time lana100 2017-10-12

unhappy as a man and wanted to be a woman, just like Bella coached me. Bella went away for a few months, but both Liz and I stayed in touch with By the time Bella came home for the Easter break I needed to wear the I didn't like going to work as Liz's PA because I knew I was a man and I was in a rage, so confused, it looked like Liz was with another man and and when Liz came back she talked to her for a long time before I got to Ben wasn't in the house, but Bella and Liz seemed to be going crazy. While Liz and Ben were on their honeymoon, Bella looked after me.

The Photo Shoot - An Adult Story

first-time therealbk 2017-10-12

"You look great, Buck...Come stand right here." said Jen. I walked over to the left side of Jen. She put her hand on my lower back. I need Jen sexy body for these next shots." said Audrey. Don't stop." said Jen. I kept fucking her as Audrey came on Alex face again next to us. I started to kiss Alex as Audrey began to run her hands on Jen body. Audrey inserted the big fake cock into Jen pussy. I entered Alex hot ass as Audrey pulled out and had Jen lick off her juices. Audrey had Alex lick the tip of the cock from Jen's hot ass. I fell on top of Jen. I then felt Audrey and Alex lick my cock clean.

the new doctor

first-time john1195 2017-10-12

I looked at this body and said, I have got his parents and said he wanted to see me in his office after rounds tomorrow The nurse came in and Ken said, "What are damn good doctor." As I walked back into the room, Ken We came back inside the hospital, and I said to myself, I need coffee. cards in her fat little hand and said, "Nurse, when you need a doctor give me a " I finally said, Nurse Rachet, if you don't like the way I do said, "Nurse let me do it my way." I went back inside, and she left me alone I said guys, so that I don't fuck Nurse Rachet's papers up here, I

Lisa and Me: Our First Time

first-time LucOuarm 2017-10-12

I let my fingers appreciate the softness and smoothness of her breast, but soon my hand was moving slowly under the covers across her silky body. Now pulling slowly on my cock, Lisa whispered, "Please, Greg, I want you to fuck me so bad, but I just can't right now. Lisa looked up at me and said, "I've never done this before," and lifted her head, taking the end of my cock into her mouth. When I began to kiss her soft fur, she opened her legs, allowing my lips to press against her moist cunt. Soon she lifted her legs and flexed them around my head while her hands pulled my mouth harder against her hot, wet pussy.

Six Month Anniversary Present

first-time tigresa 2017-10-12

"I didn't need much reminding baby." He said looking at her, about to give her a long kiss when Gyna placed her finger against his lips. "Patrick, I've been thinking about this of awhile, and well I want to give you something more personal then just the chain for our anniversary." She said taking a long breath. Patrick knew the workup was going to be important tonight, and slowly began to caress her soft skin, as they lay on the bed besides each other. Gyna smiled and gave him a long kiss as he caressed his face, slowly running her hands through his hair. "Patrick, just let it go love, cum inside me." Gyna cried out looking at him, as she began to experience her orgasm.

Caribbean Tales: Emma's Initiation

first-time AlwaysHungry 2017-10-12

"He took me to many different places, introduced me to other cultures, and when I finally came back here to live, I must confess to you, Georges, that in some ways, Jamaica began to seem just a little provincial to me. Much of the time, the two girls chattered with each other about the social life among the members of their orchestra, and otherwise, Natalie flirted with me shamelessly and with little finesse, which made me uncomfortable and seemed to make Emma jealous. Emma said brightly, "If I get accepted to the conservatory, maybe I could visit you!" And then, thinking better of it, she continued, "...but if I don't see you again, that's all right, too.

First Time

first-time OrdinaryAverageGuy 2017-10-12

A few days later John and the girl were at her house doing some heavy kissing. John said sure but we may ditch you later cause we are planning a trip to the tittie bar. John did not know but Janna and Marie had a plan. Nothing really happened at the restaurant except that Marie was now giving John a ride home because his buddies were headed in the opposite direction. Marie then took John's hat off his head and said why don’t you come to Janna's tomorrow. He gave her soft kisses and sucked lightly on her neck as his hands began lightly searching her body. She looked him in the eye and while squeezing the tip of his cock asked if he knew what came next.

Shilpa and English teacher

first-time cuteb0y25 2017-10-12

"Miss shilpa?" I heard Mr. pathan's deep voice call my name and I absolutley loved the sound. I'm not virgin but I can guess Its gonna be hard to fit my tiny hole onto his cock. I moaned a bit as his tongue entered my mouth. Your a good little student aren't you?" he asked me. "You want me to fuck you, little girl?" he said. Yes, I do want you to fuck me!" I shouted. I whimpered, in a little pain but soon he had his cock inside me buried in my juices. "Oooh Mr. pathan!" I screamed "I'm cummmmiing!!!" Mr. pathan, or, as I call him now, Bruce rested on top of me his dick still inside my cunt.

It starts with a pat on the ass

first-time pantacy 2017-10-12

Later, as I'm standing at the counter still wet from swimming, he walks up behind me and gives a playful little pat on the ass. After some hesitation, I work up the nerve and wear the tight little speedo I bought, instead of swimming trunks. I turn around in disbelief and find myself being kissed a man for the first time in my life - the stubble of his beard against my cheek, his hard chest and abdomen pressed up against me, his erection standing straight up against my belly. His firm hands tracing the outline of my wet speedo and my ass crack and lingering ever so slightly as they pass my anus, making little circles on the spandex.