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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Tammy Tate Ch. 01

first-time Slickman 2017-10-12

Tammy didn't want to go to the high school party but since it was at Brad's house next door she figured she could always go home. As she moved closer she gasped when she saw the naked breasts of a few girls and then her first adult penis on a drunk boy jumping off the diving board. "You said I'm going to clum." She stopped laughing and reached again for his hard-on but he pushed her away and pulled his leg from between her thighs. "Are you sure you want to stop?" She sat on his covered hard-on and reached down to pull her robe off.

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 18

first-time BlewWater69 2017-10-12

After Jason washed the remaining soap from his shaved face, he noticed Kira trimming around the top of her pussy. "Urgh," Jason moaned as Kira's tight pussy gripped his cock like a warm, wet velvet hand. His arms and legs were on fire now and Tessa's squeezing off his balls added to the exquisite feeling of Kira's incredibly tight pussy. 'Where did this near virgin learn this stuff?' Jason questioned himself about Tessa as she manipulated his nuts and sent more thick pulses of cum deep inside Kira. "That's okay," Jillian said, her eyes moving questioningly from Jason to Kira and Tessa. "Hi," Tessa and Kira said as they entered Jillian's room with Jason. Jillian gave Jason a knowing smile as she knew why he had invited Tessa and Kira.

Guillible mom

first-time paoloozawa 2017-10-12

I started to lust for her four years ago when I was 12 years old, I saw them fuck each other one night. "but I can taste cum every morning, can you sl**p with us because I think my son sl**ps too hard to hear my screams for help."maybe your just drinking something to make you dream of those things, I mean you're not having some sex for so long."the only thing I drink is the pills for my sons project. My aunt is divorced for years and haven't had sex for years too so she told me if I will be her partner anytime she would help me.

holloween 2013

first-time shotguner 2017-10-12

The next day Kat watched for hubby to go to work then entered the house and went to Betty finding her in bed asl**p Kat checked the boys they to sound asl**p she returned to Betty striped naked and put on her 11 1/2" strap-on gently pulling back the covers Kat got on the bed between Betty's legs and rubbed the fake cock against Betty's cunt lips causing her to wake not knowing what or who was doing this to her she fought but Kat still slid it in inch by inch till Betty was enbeded on the huge cock then with her many years of found talent Kat fucked Betty hard and deep pounding the holy shit out of Betty trying her best to not scream and wake the k**s her orgasms were fast coming and intense scorching hot frenzy of brain shattering orgasms one by one till once again she fainted.

Dream Come True Ch. 02

first-time Imaginatrix 2017-10-12

I touched your hair looking down at you, watching your eyes travel up my body felt like the most intimate of caresses, it took all my control not to shudder with the intense burn suddenly causing my muscles to contract. I quickly pulled your hard dick back in my mouth and you moaned loudly arching your hips pushing further in to my throat, my gag reflex kicked in but I kept it under control, your hand in my hair began to caress my head and I moaned sending vibrations through your dick and I felt it pulse in my mouth.

Under the Table Blowjobs

first-time 2017-10-12

I said, "Hey Don, if you are comfortable, something fun to do might be for us to play cards, and for Kenzie to get under the table and give us blowjobs." This was intended to be a kind of 'intro to threesomes', where he could have an experience of being in the same vicinity of another guy during a sexual encounter, but not to explicitly see another cock, or whatnot. Kenzie got on her knees and started stroking both our cocks as we dealt out the first hand. After about 15-20 minutes of her rotating under the table, working both of our cocks like the little slut she loves to be, I could feel myself getting near ready to cum.

Cindy's First Time

first-time XXXerxes37 2017-10-12

At the same time as she took the nipple into her mouth Gloria let her hand slide down towards Cindy's cunt. "They are lovely," said Gordon moving his hands to cup and caress them whilst still pounding into Gloria's lubricated cunt. Her mother moved over to the couch and gave her a kiss before moving her mouth down to nibble at Cindy's nipples, complementing Gordon's thrusting into her cunt. Gloria was being fucked in her favourite position, Cindy was receiving a good cunt sucking and Gordon had his cock in its favourite place – A woman's cunt. Cindy was not able to enjoy a full sexually liberated life for long because when Gordon had taken her virginity and cum deep into her cunt she had become pregnant.

My wife KAT

first-time shotguner 2017-10-12

She walked over and started talking to her like she was working there and asked if she wanted to try something on they walked to the dressing room a my wife went in for the pussy she just pushed her to the wall kissing and grapping her tits basily ****ing her Dani try hard to get away but could not and soon she didn't want to get away my wife had her top pulled up and sucked her tits hard (Dani told us later that she felt like she was going to cum just from having her tits sucked) Once Kat had her under controll she fixed her clothes and walked her out to our car got in the back seat and I drove home.

My First Night with You

first-time 2017-10-12

You close your eyes and imagine rubbing my chest and feeling my arms trace along your back and pulling you closer into me. Your eyes start to close as you feel safe and warm as you imagine me pulling you in closer to my chest. You start to reach down as I continue to kiss your chest and you feel the bulge in my pants that is just waiting for you. You kiss my chest and neck and I press your head down and you take my hard cock deep down your throat. You feel the pressure of my cock filling your right pussy, and I grab your hips and start to thrust inside you.

Dr’s Orders

first-time msthickclit 2017-10-12

Taking her dress off fully, Cheyenne placed one leg on the arm of the chair and spread her lips wide so I could get a clear view of pretty clit. She removed her shirttails and leaned back against the bedroom door."I want you to see how much you turn me on." Sliding her hand into her pants, she gasped and let out a quiet moan. “Lay back and spread your legs; I want you wide open." Hoisting both legs up, I watched as Cheyenne pulled down her pants, reached in her bag and pulled out a strap. Taking deep breaths as she stretched me open I began to feel my temperature rise; she was making me go wild.

the first time with my stepmother

first-time rollinjo 2017-10-12

it took around 10 min and i could see he was getting hard not a full erection but it was hard in there he told me he was going to the bathroom fuck i had to make a move because i knew he was jerking off i was listening to the door i had to have is hot young sperm inside me !!!! so i took out is hard dick and start to suck him let me tell you he was not complaining about it and he was 18 yeas old so it was legal for me to play with him i suck him so hard and so fast i think i took about 2 min and my mouth was full of is hot sperm

First Male Massage

first-time maxfuckedher 2017-10-12

This was a little difficult with my head down in the hole of the table, so I let it drop and started to relax with the soft music and prepare for the massage. I heard another noise like when the towel hit the floor but could see nothing new through the hole in the table and went back to enjoying his wonderful hands on my lower back. I was looking down through the hole in the table trying to think what might happen next when I felt his skin touch my ear. I was overcome by how good his cock looked and even though I had never really thought about it I was curious as to how different it felt in my hand and how soft but firm it was.

The Wrong Thing To Do

first-time loquere 2017-10-12

Mark was about to speak, but as he looked at Mr. six pack standing perfectly still in the shallow end bubbles started to appear in front of him, and Andre rolled his eyes back, as he yelled, "oh fuck." As his hand went below the surface of the water, Mark noticed a wavy human presence under the water. "I'm going to take that camera away just like I took away that little cock tease Courtney." Andre said and then turned around and looked at Tiffany. Tiffany took Mark's balls into her mouth from left to right, with vacuum like intensity; she moved her delicate hands along the length of his cock while staring at him with her seductive blue eyes.

Great Britain Ch. 03

first-time matchdrum 2017-10-12

With my head held high, my heart pumping vigorously, and a spring in my step, I strode down the street towards…towards… ‘Where am I going?’ Better question, ‘Where the Hell am I?’ Then it hit me, I was currently lost for the second time in 24 hours on the streets of Edinburgh. She squealed with delight as I probed her mouth with my tongue and applied both of my hands to her groin, one to return inside of her, and the other to trace her patch of down, and to prance around her lovely body.

Marissa's Lesson

first-time Erica_Gasca 2017-10-12

Like any other school which is over crowded Marissa was assigned students in her class to help translate for her. When Mr. Erickson assigned the class to write about their favorite food, Marissa essay came as a shock to him. Because she did not know the names of things in English Marissa would ask her two in class tutors for help. After class when he called her up to his desk, he noticed for the first time ample cleavage (she might even be the most busty girl in school, but you would never know due to her dress) and nice round hips. Unable to control himself, Mr. Erickson took out his raging cock and grabbed Marissa's hips and began to rub it up and down her very firm ass.

Lesson in Pheromones

first-time Sinderellla 2017-10-12

In particular I want us to consider sexual pheromones and the remarkable way they can overwhelm all social conventions and attitudes concerning what we think of as taboo. We see now that he is lifting her to her feet and… oh yes of course… he’s now fingering his daughter and getting those pheromones all over his hand. So now that he’s under the spell of his daughter’s sweet smelling cunt and fingering her to make her all nice and wet, what do we think will happen next? He’s bent her over the desk and… and… oh my goodness he’s grabbed her panties to take another hit and… and… yes!

From a Faithful Wife to a Cuck's Sub

first-time Alibodgeeddy 2017-10-12

I could see a shadow of doubt flit across Andy's face so I quickly told him that "this was all his idea if it didn't happen that night I wouldn't be even dreaming of doing it again for him and as we were here now, what's there to lose, nothing ventured nothing gained." He finally agreed we finished our drinks in silence, and we headed up to our modern swipe card room, not without an air of some excitement. I agreed, before hubby had the chance to think about it, mainly as I had doubts about Andy's commitment and partly because I was so turned on, I knew I liked being held down and I wanted to try this as I saw it as another step.

On the Banks of the Ohio

first-time Phrenetic_Ice 2017-10-12

Admiring her quite obviously youthful figure as we inched our way along the platform, I had almost drawn level with her, when she turned towards me, holding up one hand to indicate we should stop, before they commenced loading the lower deck. Kissing her once more on the lips, I allowed my hand to slip inside her bra, feeling its exquisitely designed contents and deliberately passing my fingers across her nipple. Maintaining steady eye contact with her, which I sensed was reinforcing both her trust and my unspoken intentions to cause her no discomfort - real or metaphysical, I eased both shoulder straps down her arms, gently lowering the silky material until both curvy little breasts were fully exposed.

My First Time I was Fucked

first-time kbking70 2017-10-12

Like most condos in Florida, it had an open floor plan and from the kitchen I could look over the counter and see the living room, the dining room and out the big glass doors to the pool area. The common area by the pool was virtually deserted so it was easy to notice Andrew coming toward the big glass doors that led into the condo. I felt my cock slip from his mouth as he began to kiss around my balls, working sideways until he was behind me. Many times I had imagined how it would feel to have a stiff cock inside my ass. When I met Andrew I was very experienced and was quite expert when it came to forcing hot cum from a stiff cock with my mouth.

Nasty Stepsister and Two Guys

first-time Funsman 2017-10-12

We were joking around as we often do, when John said, "Lets see who has the largest cock!" He closed the taps and held up his large limp dick on the palm of his hand. I noticed John's cock suddenly getting hard, and I had a strange type of erotic feeling that instantly got mine growing harder too. It took a few more threats from her before I took a deep breath and closed my right hand around Johns cock. My cock was starting to feel warm from John's steady stroking, and I suddenly realised I was about to cum. Rozanne sat back on the bed, her back against the wall, and I saw that she had her hand down the front of her tracksuit pants, frantically rubbing.

my first time

first-time nickmoses 2017-10-12

So i got my cock out again and she sat down on it, i looked at what we were doing and i saw my cock getting engulfed by her cunt, i pushed in harder till my balls were touching her ass cheeks, she moved slowly up and down, fought hard to control my cock from exploding in her cunt, so she started riding my cock slowly and soon she was nearly at an orgasm, i had to cover her mouth for fear of her screaming too loud, i started to feel this wierd sensation on my cock, it was pulsing, i realized it wasn't me it was bethany she was having an orgasm,she ground down hard on my cock and i could feel waves squeezing my cock, she was screaming like her whole body had been taken over by a monster, her body went limp, she got on her knees again and gave me another bj, where i came in her mouth again she ate it all.

Women I have had the pleasure of pleasuring Part:2

first-time Kobra_Kai 2017-10-12

We chatted for a couple of months on MySpace and eventually decided to meet one day after I got done with work. She was pudgy in a cute way, blond hair, thicker build, decent teenage tits. We eventually made our way downstairs to the finished basement which was more of a media room with some furniture good enough for us to fuck on. Rolling it over my girth, I reached the end of my shaft grabbing the base of my cock with my hand guiding it to the lips of her pussy. On only my second time having sex I finally got to experience using a woman’s pussy to make my cock cum.

My First Time With A Female Bodybuider

first-time 2017-10-12

When i change she made her way to the weight machine and walk past me and said hi with a german accent,my dick got real hard and i wanted her to see. She said her name was Kathy she was from germany and in the navy she also said i was cute and she like black guys with tattoos she made a comment about my dick saying Something in German. Half way through the movie she ask have i ever fuck a female bodybuilder I say no i started talking and she just started Kissing me. She Got Real Wet And Excited when in the bedroom she pull my belt off and put her hand down my pants and she pulls it out and say O You Have A Beautiful Dick She Starts to suck and moan and gags on it for about 20min.


first-time dig420 2017-10-12

Weesy also got a large soda, while he limited himself to a small. She went on and on about dates who wanted sex right away and how wanted?" Kelton was desperate enough that he couldn't think of any type of sex he wouldn't like, so he said yes again, this time even managing to put some conviction When they left, Kelton started right away with his housework. kept thinking about Weesy's oversized curves and imagining Gunner's hands all over liked it and he says he wants sex with me about three times a week. after the two hard, deep orgasms Gunner gave me, all I need to make my date night went out with Gunner three or four times weekly, had great sex, came home and