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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Lessons In Love Ch. 06

first-time velvetpie 2017-10-11

Helena looked around at the smiling faces that surrounded her, her line of sight falling on Seth's face and wondering at the despair that she saw there. Helena filled her paper plate with chicken, salad and macaroni and cheese and sought out Seth, who was sitting by himself near a window. "You heard me, Seth." She drank more of her beer and set it down, forking some salad into her mouth. Helena watched him walk away and turned back to the window, wondering what she could do to get through to him. Gwennie and Archer silenced their conversation as Seth stalked past, dumping his half-eaten meal in the trash and slamming the door open as he went outside.


First Time Chubby Chaser

first-time m-i-k-e 2017-10-11

My friend( call him Joe) always stops to talk to everyone lol I'm sure he would fuck his shadow if he could catch it. Knelt over her face fucking her I reached behind my back and slide my hand up her skirt. I slide my middle finger inside her, come hither motion and finger fucked here all i had until my wrist was burning she started to shake bouncing her ass up and down and came all over my hand. 2 fingers was a tight fit with her , I thought fuck it I want to feel her other set of lips wrap around my cock. The thought of her going home to him with my cum covering her panties kind of turns me on.

New Girl in Town Pt. 05

first-time AuroraIncident 2017-10-11

"Jake, this is going to hurt but I've got to do it," Dr. Golden tells me taking hold of my arm. Staci looks around and spots Jessica, Roxie, Sarah and Jake's mom walking back towards the bench. "I'm riding with Jake and his parents and dad is taking you girls home." Dr. Golden tells them. "Ray, we need to let the team know," Coach Pennington tells him and Ray nods. I guess I can't really blame her for doing what Jake asked her to but since it didn't work out like they thought it would." He pauses and looks at Jessica before continuing. I don't want to get you grounded or anything," Ray nervously asks as Staci leads him into the living room.


He knew when I was ready....

first-time dlcalguy 2017-10-11

I wanted to slip my erect penis between the tight smooth muscled cheeks of a buff man's ass and fuck him, and I enjoyed imagining a strong manly man pushing his cock into me. I stroked my hard cock with the dildo filling my bottom, and quickly felt myself cumming. I looked over his shoulder and watched his sexy bum as it went up and down with his thrusting cock impaling my virgin ass. He reached back and caught my leg in the crook of his arm, keeping me lifted and making it possible for him to drive his cock even deeper into my willing ass.

A Proper Baptist Ch. 01

first-time jallen944 2017-10-11

"Yeah, and we were like, right in front of the school, too," Sheila said with a grin. "Yeah, that would be gross," Marcie said, but in her belly she felt a pang of envy. Marcie took a sip of punch, pushed her chair away from the table with the paper tablecloth, and walked between all the people to the other side of the basement, her hands clasped together over the front of her white dress. Mom would wonder how she got it dirty, and she would have to tell her how she went with Dean to the girl's bathroom and got on her knees to blow him. Sheila said it was pretty gross when Philip's Dad did his stuff in her mouth.

Animalistic Girl

first-time ShadowWolfe 2017-10-11

One hand slipped into her panties and started rubbing the soft, tender, and wet mound that was cradled between her legs, while the other pinched and fondled her nipple. I leaned in and said to her, "If you want me to remove my hand from you, you first need to open your legs. I grabbed her hips with both of my hands and moved forward, letting the head of my penis brush against the opening of her vagina. good." I don't stop to second guess her and thrust slowly at first, but soon enough I thrust harder inside her, feeling her clench around me and gasping while she lay her head on the floor.

Rose Lips

first-time KittyCas 2017-10-11

He reached out cautiously as if to show her she can stop him at any time and took off her glasses, then slowly stretched his hand towards her bun to let her hair loose. He lifted her easily so that she was sitting on top of his table and continued to explore her mouth, her arms wrapped around him as his hands went down to her breast, feeling the smooth skin through the thin fabric. Rose surprised him by taking off her shirt and Robert stopped and took a moment to admire her upper body. His hands began exploring her smooth skin as he continued to roughly kiss the young girl's mouth.

lucky guy (part 3)

first-time wankersoffagain 2017-10-11

before i knew it iheard may leave for work.i just lay there with all kinds of thoughts in my mind,the exposed pussy,the wet dildo and rays tits oh my god i cant beleive what im doing. it ws raynor moaning shes obviousley fucking herself with that monster of a dildo.i found myself masterbating very surreal(and perverted)i cant beleive what is happening.her moaning was getting louder almost a cry,this sent me over the edge and i found myself once more cuming.i buckled at the knees and started panting,damn i knocked the wall,there was a terrible silence as i realised i had disturbed ray.shit,i made a few obvious noises to cover my tracks and left the bathroom whistling.

My friends sent me this she says it is true.

first-time funbicouple2015 2017-10-11

He start thrusting me getting harder and harder after a moment he looked into my eyes and said shit we forgot condoms again I just held his face and said its ok I trust you he asked if I was sure and then carryed on fucking me in many different possitions untill he pulled out and cum on my tits. He started kissing me and playing with my pussy and soon he folded the seat back and got on top of me and pushed his cock into my pussy and fucked me hard I had my foot on the stearing wheel and I hit the horn a few time by accedent but the sex was amazing.

My first time

first-time pleasureisme 2017-10-11

Once day we went together on a day trip and on our way back she turned to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and placed a wet tongue inside my mouth. My cock got hard right away and I wanted to fuck her right there and then. really bad!" "I want you too", I said to her, "but can't do it here, baby!" We were outside in a public place. I was caressing her beautiful body, kissed her lips and breast, running my tongues all over her nipples until she was panting hard. She said it was OK, she wanted to taste me and kept licking my dick.

The Virgin Hunter

first-time xtcnymphette 2017-10-11

She began shivering and came as she turned the corner into her block and as she pulled the car to a halt shuddered in pleasure as his nimble finger slid across the white silk panties finding her clit and then sliding them aside and exploring her wetness as he kissed her and moaned in her ear. They got out of the car and almost ran up the stairs to the apartment and the moment they were behind the door Felicity put her hand on his rock hard cock and kissed him. My pussy's going to be so tight darling I want you inside me so much." She spread her legs and guided his cock to her wet panty front sliding the tip across the shiny silk surface.

Girls night in,

first-time 2017-10-11

Still sucking her boobs and licking her nipples I brought her jeans down and immediately began to stroke her bum running a finger along the crack. My head went back as she slid her finger inside of me I let out a moan and began to kiss her again. I began to lick her fanny and placed my hands on her legs, she then moaned and my tongue began to make brushing strokes across her fanny lips, catching her juices as they dripped I then began to finger her again as I moved up to her bum and began to kiss and lick it she moaned heavily then tensed up as she came.

Hidden First Flashback

first-time JWRoan 2017-10-11

Sera was just about to take Doran's arm when they heard the unmistakable sound of armour. When they were almost an arm's length away Doran kicked dirt from the floor into their faces and grabbed Sera's wrist. She jumped slightly as she felt something touch her face; it was Doran, his hand slowly stroking her cheek. Sera gasped in shock as he held her hands with one and guided himself inside her with the other. They both groaned as he slid inside her, Sera bit her lip. He kissed and nuzzled her head gently and Sera cuddled into his chest and arms, their clothes were in disarray and their hearts were beating so fast...

Wifes Teaching Style

first-time gdhubby 2017-10-11

My wife would tutor collage students in mathematics, and had said many times that she wished she could motivate some just a bit more to help them pass. So I wrote it in our sex diary, and she wrote that it was something she wanted to try.The next semester she had 6 students which she tutored in a small study at our place two at a time for an hour or more. Even though I'd heard it countless times before it still made my aching hardon throb more hearing her say " It feels like a teacup full of cum in me." and she ask if they jack off in their showers thinking about her, and that a B will get them the same reward at finals if they want it.

Wedding Night Virgins

first-time virtuouslove2007 2017-10-11

Since I wanted Mira's first time to be as exciting as mine, I decided to make sure she achieved pleasure before me. As her orgasm subsided, she looked at me, and said, "I want you in me, making love to me, NOW" Oh crap, I thought, and remembered that I was still wearing my briefs. While waiting for my stiffness to return, we kissed, passionately for a few minutes, savoring each other's tongue. I told her I've heard this may hurt for a moment as I break her "cherry", she just nodded and gave me a look that said, "Well, what are you waiting for big boy?" I decided quick and painful was better than slow and painful so I gave a quick thrust, and felt her hymen break.

Shemale Stewardess Seduction

first-time freegre 2017-10-11

Her cock was still rock hard up my ass, and despite the burning, screaming pain in my rear, I asked her, almost begged her, to fuck me again, which she did happily, lowering me to the floor to take me "doggy style." She didn't come a second time, but her dick was still erect, so she left it in. I got to fuck Monique's hot, tight butthole, which felt incredibly deep, satiny and sexy, but Sherry never did let me enter her "pussy" as she called her great, round little ass. She was every inch as talented at anal love-making as sexy, stewardess Sherry, but not as painfully large as Monique, making her dick feel just right as it worked its way deep inside me.

College "Boy" Loses His Cherry

first-time davidinwc 2017-10-11

Steve and Sue had decided, on the spur of the moment, to hitchhike to the Blue Ridge Mtns and find a trail to hike for a couple days. As they continued their hike, Sue noticed that the boys would get erections at various times. Sue, who has told me that while just noticing an erection, like on a dance floor gets her wet, the thought of fucking her first virgin almost made her cum right then and there. Sue told me he was so awkward that after the first couple ejeculations his cock came out and the rest of his cum was sprayed over her pussy fur and stomach.

Extra's at work 3 - So it continues

first-time 2017-10-11

another orgasm took over me as i held his face on my tits as i pushed as hard as i could on him until with a deep groan his finger tips squeezed into my hips and we groaned together as i gripped his cock with my pussy .even with his usual large cumshots the lack of f***e of them added to with the condom i couldnt feel him cum but it was more than clear as we both held the position while our orgasms subsided until finally he pulled his face from my chest and his hands relaxed their grip of my buttocks he fell back on the bed with a grin that spoke all without him having to speak .we both let out a little moan from still being sensitive as i reached down and holding the condom on him i unstraddled him and slowly removed the filled condom and wrapping it in a tissue i disposed of it in the bin ( guess ill have to stop complaining about other guests doing that when im clearing up lol )

I took some convincing…

first-time chris_108 2017-10-11

We started talking about sex, about what his first time was like. Jonathan described everything about what it felt like to have someone's dick in his mouth. Jonathan sat in the chair across the room and pulled his pants down. He actually looked huge and he wasn't even close to being hard. "It's okay if you touch yourself too" Jonathan said. Jonathan asked me if he could kiss my dick. Jonathan asked me at that point, "do you want to kiss mine?" The part of me that did not want to surrender told him no. I came in a little closer and placed my hands and arms over the top of his legs touching the side of his hips.

The Gift

first-time Nomufftootough 2017-10-11

Several times later I happened to look over at the bar and see that my wife and Jeff were sitting facing each other with his knees between hers. Finally I looked over and my wife had propped her heels on the upper of the two rings that braced the bar stool she was sitting on and I knew she was giving Jeff, and a dozen other guys a show. Jeff walked his uncle and the other guy to the door while I sat down at the bar next to my wife. Jeff returned to the party while my wife stopped in the bathroom on the way to clean up as best she could and straighten out her dress and hair.

He Completed Her

first-time DevilsAngel369 2017-10-11

Vimal looked at her moonlit face, the reflection of the moon in her eyes, her skin radiant, her lips moist, her breathing slow, and felt like the luckiest man he knew. The way her eyes were still sparkling, the way her long hair was falling over her shoulders, her smooth and flawless skin still radiated, Vimal fell even more in love with Vaishali as he gently took her face on her hands and kissed her forehead. She then felt Vimal lift both her feel up, and she opened her eyes to see him kissing the tops of her feet , gently placing them on the bed and heard him say, "Hope that was to the madam's liking."

Mom In Te Shower

first-time bioralpleaser 2017-10-11

When my mom went for her shower I crept outside the lips of her pussy looking right at me!! looked and there was my mom holding a bunch of towels!! Mom starts to come up from being bent over; I’m how damn nice my cocked looked hanging there. I guess." My mom asked me to pull my cock out of her want you to smell and lick my pussy, just like the bull of my cock head around her pussy until I find her open the bull does, give your mom’s pussy a couple of short thrusting my cock into my mom’s pussy. smell my mom’s sweet musk smelling pussy making my cock poking my cock at her pussy till it finds the opening.

The Purple Panties Eater

first-time Angelpheonix 2017-10-11

She starts by leaning over the table from the other side to take a look at where I am having difficulties, as she does, I see her shirt open slightly and expose some of her breasts to me, the milky white flesh becomes irresistible and causes me to stare down her blouse while she talks until she finally catches me. Her climax builds inside of her until it is obvious to even me that she is going to climax, her muscles tightening in pattern as she fights to hold out as long as she can until it all becomes too much and she lets it go with an intense moan that reminded me again that I was in the grips of a predator, a prey to her delights, a victim to her pleasures.

After Hours Adventure

first-time sirhugs 2017-10-11

Imagine how I felt, then, after hours, coming upon a beauty ensconced in a back corner, a woman who combined the full lush ripeness of Rachel Weisz with the fine fair features and cheek bones of Gwyneth. We ended up across the wing chair, me on top of her, hand on her bosom, hardness firm against her loins, nose sniffing the sweet jasmine scent of her hair, lips just beside her cheek. Instead, she moved her head an inch or two left, planting her lips on mine, her tongue sliding past my teeth , snaking inside my mouth. " Mmmmmmm, I love a fast leaner," Sharon purred, pulling me again by the hair, this time to give me another deep tongue kiss, tasting herself on my lips, my tongue, and inside my mouth.