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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Place of Remembering

first-time adam applebiter 2017-10-11

His fingers instinctively cupped her breast but for the most part his mind was still elsewhere and his attention soon returned to his private world. Lying there in his bed enjoying their first post-coital fugue, she'd said "Thank you Michael." It was the first time Terese had used his given name – until then he'd always been Uncle Mike. Yes, Terese could recount every sexual experience but there was no need to – Michael had witnessed them all. "A good point." His fingers stopped circling, dipped into her now very moist vagina and started spreading her secretions around her ass. His hands cupped her bottom and his finger continued to tease her ass, slipping in a little further each time.

Porn Virgin

first-time TraceTheMaid 2017-10-11

Kendra looked at the time and saw it was 10:23 and knew that she was going to either tell Christine client whose name was Drake Earn Warder that Christine was sick and that he would re-schedule or pretend to be her. "Then I looked up at him and the only thing he is wearing is a pair of boxer briefs and was getting a bulge, I looked at him and ask what was he doing in there and he replied 'We've been dating for five and a half months now and it is time to collect payment' and I clenched the covers which he started to laugh horribly." She breathed in and out as Drake sat next to her.

First Time

first-time bentspear 2017-10-11

Betty and I were talking about things in general and how we needed to get to know each other better when she invited Mark and me over to her house for a cookout. He was busy with the steaks, but still found time to pass numerous quick compliments my way, saying how smart I must be or Betty would not have kept me, and how nice I looked this evening. Mark had barely gotten the door closed behind him before I moved over closer to Art to watch him tend the steaks. Art probably knew he had shown me a lot more than Betty would have liked, and said a lot more, but I think his confidence level had tripled since he had me in his shop.


first-time PaganBliss 2017-10-11

She moves her hand between them, grabbing his dick, lifting her hips she moans as she slides him inside her. She reaches in between them and plays with her clit then slides hand down further to touch him as he moves in and out, in and out. She smiles, moans, and moves faster. She grabs his ass, pushing him deep inside her, and holds him still..letting the vibrations do their job. She places her hands on the side of the bed to support her as she scoots down on his hips, forcing him deeper. She sits back up, riding him as hard and fast as she can...the vibrations are driving her insane as much as him inside her is.

Max Hardman: Porn Star Pt. 02

first-time jamisonroberts 2017-10-11

Tony wasn't terribly keen on the idea but Sam had it in her head that she wanted to try and hook up with an older lady. With a combination of the incredible blowjob he is receiving, the sloppy wet sound of Sam's fingers working at her pussy, and the gasping moans she is letting out, half muffled by his cock, Tony begins to feel the surge of orgasm come on. Suddenly her frantic clit-rubbing came to a halt and she began to moan hard, all the while making sure to not let Tony's cock escape for her lips. It took her a moment to get the angle just right and to line everything up but when she finally succeeded both Tony and Sam let out deep moans of satisfaction.

Davy Knew a Tainted Dove

first-time dannychellette 2017-10-11

Davy Stoddard walked into Hoss Harry's Saloon in Cheyenne, Wyoming, pausing at the swinging doors to swallow his fear as subtly as he could muster before he fixed his eyes on the first open bar stool. Wiping his hands on a towel that Davy looked at and reckoned did more harm than good cleaning off those big Russian hands, Hoss sauntered over to him and propped up a giant boot on crate. I was hoping for a rye and some company." Davy smiled like a man, but inside his boy's heart pounded. I figured you wouldn't want to as much with me smelling like a cattle drive." He had smelled the men around him for weeks.

Charlie's Way

first-time Curious_Chick007 2017-10-11

So you can imagine how strange it felt to hear my lifelong girlfriend say that the most important thing she wanted to do right now, horny and covered in cum, was to fuck the brains out of my little kid sister. My hand had still been on her mouth, so I expected a muffled answer, but instead I felt Charlie's tongue doing it's best to lick through the cracks in my fingers in search of semen (I'd been jacking it a little in my lead up to Charlie and my dick was candy-coated in the stuff, almost like a giant cum-covered Tootsie Pop).

Curvy Baby a real amateur - Woke me up with a BJ

first-time 2017-10-11

I dropped my head back on the pillow and just laid there for a couple of seconds engulfed in the feeling of being instantly turned on, getting really horny real fast, all while having my dick sucked which is what we all want when we are getting horny, all at the same time! She watched the base skin stretch as she tugged my cock on the up stoke, then she would watch the head and shaft as she slowly slide her back down pushing her hand hard into me. She looked back at me and said that she loved to suck cock and with that she tightened her pussy like a vise.

Behind the Glory Hole

first-time john1195 2017-10-11

thought of sliding my cock into a warm mouth sounded great. my jeans, I got out of the car and headed into the men's restroom. The guy on the other side was definitely there to suck cock. next and slid my throbbing hard cock through the hole. He needed to start sucking me soon or I was going to go nuts. The guy seemed to understand my need and took my cock into his mouth. He held my cock there for a moment, letting his tongue Austin flicked his tongue against my slit and I let out a moan of my own. I let out a moan as my dick throbbed and my nuts contracted.

make sex with a lot kinds people

first-time badrabbit 2017-10-11

one day he make something beautiful thing for me .. He ask me to follow the paper .. First the paper said go to the bridge. when i go there a little dark .. i can't see where is the paper? other paper said search paper and the paper said go to so dark place and this paper said used handcuffs and face mask...when i put it already .. some one touch my Mimi..i felt a little interest . because i don't know who is the guy.. but even have more and one guys touch me like this . but actually only one person i like and i love. and i love him very much than other .

Priyanka’s Sex Journey – Chapter 1 – The Beginning

first-time 2017-10-11

He then took the measurement tape from my back and placed the starting point of the tape on my right boob. He started staring and me and said “the moment I saw your slim and fair body, brown hair and brown eyes and you requested for money, I knew you would fit for this job.” I was shocked. He said “then your yesterday’s money was a gift from me.” He removed his dick again, went behind me and made me bent on a table and shoved his dick in my pussy in just one jerk. I have to fuck atleast 3-4 customers every day in the bar and over the week end (Saturday and Sunday nights) I will be rented to others

Sarah's First Time

first-time sexytime_friend 2017-10-11

The room service guy showed up and quickly laid out our food and left, trying not to look at Sarah's cleavage. "Yes, and did you even request a dress with this view?" Sarah asked, leaning forward. The kiss was soft and sweet and a bit romantic, and when we finally broke apart, I could see in her eyes the same thing I felt - she wanted it to go on. Sarah tried to pull my vest out, but I stopped her and unhooked her bra with one hand, doing something she had taught me how to. Sarah reached out and held my head, and ground her hips against my face, letting me know I was doing a good job.

The Hunt Begins

first-time Demi_Jones 2017-10-11

Jackel." she said breathing deeply into his chest, taking a moment in his scent; before finally pushing away, and moving towards the door. He took some of her hair ebony into his hand, and gave it a good sniff; causing Mihra to pull away. Dragar slammed his shoulder into Jackel's body, sending him flying, and causing him to drop the sword from his right hand. "Mihra, and so the prey coincides?" Jackel said unbuckling his belt, and unwrapping his massive dire wolf pelt; letting it drop to the ground with a slight thud from the weight of the pelt. Jackel reached under Mihra's waist, with his left hand; pulling her body, tightly against his own. Jackel began to kiss down her neck; letting their body, and groins rub gently together.

Insanity Plea

first-time MrPezman 2017-10-11

"Mr. Reid, I'm so sorry," her voice quavered and her words rushed forth, "I don't know what the heck came over me, it's just that my boyfriend and I started fooling around a few weeks ago, but he's so ignorant, never does anything to make it feel good for me, that's why I haven't gone all the way, because I'm sure he'd be so horrible and ruin my first time, and I was know, that I just had to take care of myself, and I checked six times to make sure Andy was asleep before I...

First time with teacher and her assistant

first-time 2017-10-11

I kept on pumping in her tight pussy as she hadnt had a single good fuck since her latest son's birth , i made her cum twice before i shot my load in side her pussy, i then switched to the assistant who had my sucking on her clit till she had her first orgasm , them i lubed her ass while the teacher was sucking my dick again. I penetrated her ass which was extremly tight ,she kept jumping on my dick while screaming and the teacher sat on my face , so i would lick her pussy , while she kissed and licked the assistant's boobs.

Anticipation Ch. 10

first-time 5thRing 2017-10-11

The cotton material touched my lower lip, and for an instant I stopped breathing. She moved her hips in such a way that her mound rolled my lower lip down and then released. "Yes", she breathed as her right hand captured the back of my head. Between strong exhaled whines, she undulated to grind herself against my face and mouth covered in her juice. When she relaxed, I slowed my pace, then just gently cleaned the surface of her with my tongue as she lay collapsed and breathing heavily. I moved my head over hers and looked into her eyes, smiling, "You're not the only one who studied." She grabbed my face and pulled me to kiss once, twice, and pulled my head to her chest.

First time with best friend

first-time scifo84 2017-10-11

We were sitting watching a film, talking about girls and eating crisps, as we would usually do. So we sat in our underwear, as we felt comfortable around each other, and watched this film. Around half way into the the film i feel his little finger stroke past my leg, it sent shivers up my spine and i so wanted him to do it again. I decided to return this, so i started to stroke his leg, getting closer and closer to his inner thigh. I moved my hand up and took his package in my hand, it made him shake a little as my fingers stroked over the head of his penis. I wanted to taste him, as he looked tasty.

Problem Student Ch. 01

first-time spamwich 2017-10-11

"What problem, let me see..." she reached forward and James handed her the shorts. "What's wrong?" The attractive young teacher asked "move your hands, let me see." She pulled his hands to the sides and saw at least two inches of James' flaccid, circumcised penis hanging out the right leg of the red running shorts. Taking hold of James' shoulders, and looking him in the eye, she said "Listen James, you have nothing to be ashamed of, believe me." she smiled in a way she hoped was friendly, and not lustful "but we can't have you attending my class like this! "Shhh..." Mrs. Myers said, putting her hand on his shoulder "it's perfectly normal for a boy your age.

First visit to a Adult Theater

first-time Jmuncut 2017-10-11

One switched to red and a guy stepped out he walked quickly to the exit, to my amazement another guy came out a couple minutes later, he walked further inside to the other corner and leaned against the wall he was mid 30's. I walked to the booth looked at the door looked at the video it was a guy sucking a guy and fucking a hot blond. My cock got hard I stepped inside and the floor in the corner had cum puddle on the floor. Slide the door shut put a couple coins in and the video came on. When I slid the door open there was the guy I seen earlier coming out of the booth he was naked jacking his cock.

Revenge is Sweet Ch. 02

first-time LukeCoolhand 2017-10-11

We knew it was hotel policy for maids to leave the door open when they cleaned the guest rooms, so it meant either of two things: That the maid had already cleaned up the room, which was highly unlikely, given how quickly we'd returned; or that she had discovered something worth taking a second look at, and didn't want anyone walking in on her. "What is going on in here, Ems?" I said loudly as I strode into our bedroom, not pausing even as I noted the naked back of the girl who was facing away from me. I could observe Phyllis' expression in the mirror on the wall next to the bed, and almost burst out laughing at the look on her face as her eyes alighted on Ems' delightfully plump and denuded vulva, now gaping a little and inviting further investigation.

A Friendly Blowjob

first-time fotisampini 2017-10-11

"Like you're one to talk, Lisa. "Of course I won't forget about you, Lisa. Chris stopped talking and looked over at the computer screen. He blinked rapidly in consternation. I coughed politely. How did he taste? He coughed drily. "Lisa..." he choked out. "I'm so sorry, Lisa. Even now, in the depths of his refractory period, it was still impressive: thick and heavy. I blinked. It was hard to believe something so tiny and limp could grow to become the hard, massive tool that had been threatening to burst out of his pants just minutes ago. Glad that I was? Ecstasy crashed over me, sending me tumbling into the depths of euphoria. "Glad you didn't choke. It's an acquired taste. "So, uh, Lisa. "So, uh, Lisa.

One Step at A Time With Liz

first-time DirectFromCanada 2017-10-11

Because of the age difference and our particular friend group we decided to keep it on the downlow for as long as we could, which was tricky because the truth is I wanted nothing more than to scream from the rooftops that this woman liked me. I knew she was a virgin, but could this possibly be the first time she ever felt a guys dick against her? Knowing she was a virgin I knew I would have to take my time. Her eyes were closed and she looked like she was somewhere else. My cock was still hard and pressing against my pants, but I was able to fall asleep knowing that this was just the beginning for us.


Popsicle Girl

first-time bultacorider 2017-10-11

A little stream of red juice slid out over her bottom lip, and she wiped it away, then tilted her head back and sucked the entire length of the popsicle into her mouth. I could not stop--I kept licking, sucking, teasing with the ice stick---eventually I buried my face in her cool wet warmth, trying to take in everything I could of Sarah. In fact, Sarah was still slurping on the last bit of popsicle, and it was dribbling out the sides of her mouth and spilling onto the floor.This drove me into a frenzy, and I rested my weight against her and began to pump with increased fury.

My Luckily Unlucky Summer

first-time big_mike610 2017-10-11

"Let's see, for my question, I want to know how many guys have made it to second and third base with the lovely Cheryl." I'll just skip the next 24 or so hours because its kind of embarrassing making up lies to your parents about how you stupidly tried to get Cheryl to jump off the roof and wound up falling instead and how the operation to put my ankle back together took so long and and the pins and the hospital bed, the pain killers, etc. About that time my parents and Cheryl's grandparents came in talking like they already had everything planned out.