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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A night to remember

first-time mc70 2017-10-11

My husband had always wanted to make me happy so why wouldn't it make him happy to see me stretched to my sexual limit, to see me come so hard that I would lose control of my body and that's when my pussy start contracting around his big cock. I couldn't believe how big and swollen it was it felt like it swallowed his whole face but I just rubbed and pushed all the cum out all over him, every time I thought I was done more gobs would come leaking out on to his face, it felt good but I knew my pussy was going to need a week off after this.

Deepest Fantasies #01

first-time FireSiren 2017-10-11

"I want to see you naked," I finally whispered and curled a hand against his lower back. I crushed my lips to his again, my fingers inching up under his long hair and massaging behind his ears. With a 'you started it' look, I lowered my head, engulfing his nipple in my hot mouth while I rolled the other between my fingers. His fingers stroked lovingly up and down my back, and I nuzzled against his neck, kissing him and biting only gently. Of course, I'd never talked dirty to anyone except Sean, so I wasn't sure if it sounded good, but he moaned and kissed my nipple several times. I bit my bottom lip and tried to hold Sean's gaze, but my eyelids dragged with my long pleasure-filled groans.

The Transformation of Jennifer

first-time Madge069 2017-10-11

Going to college was out of the question because, as my mother said, "It's nothing but a drunken sex party." After High School she wanted me to become a religious counselor and guide people down the path to righteousness. "Father, do you think it would be all right if Jen and I went into town tonight after dinner?" asked Kelly. "The cook's prepare a pretty good meal," I told Kelly, as we made our way from the dinning hall to the office. They've been here for three years now and Father Bob says to treat them nicely so that they'll stay around," Kelly laughed. Kelly and I were getting ready for a pretty easy day when Father Dean appeared with a panicked look on his face.

We rented a hous

first-time bart61 2017-10-11

The pool is adjacent to the edge of the mountain and has a beautiful view of the valley. I hold the edge and put my legs back to the surface area of ??the water. You let your body float on the water and I push your legs. I take a labia into my mouth and begin to suck it. After your labia doing my whole mouth on your delicious pussy and suck on it. You claim you want my hard dick in your wet pussy. We're going to the pool and your drawer falling on the lounger. I stand up and pull my dick pussy outing. I will also sit on the bedding and tongue kissing we still fierce.

My Wife's introduction to other men

first-time east_tn_gentleman 2017-10-11

I watched intently as she then reached for his now exposed brown Mexican cock and wrapped her small white fingers around it slowly stroking his brown cock till he was rock hard, she then lowered her head onto his cock and I watched as she opened her mouth and started kissing, licking and sucking his brown cock, I was in total lust watching my sexy 49 year old wife sucking her first big brown Mexican cock, knowing that she gives a fantastic blow job and really enjoys sucking cock. She stopped sucking his cock and laid back on the loveseat and removed her thin black panties and spread her legs exposing her hot little tight white totally bald pussy to him.


first-time Throwawayaccount68 2017-10-11

I kept trying to avoid looking over at him, but I noticed his cock was massive. Here, let me help." He leaned forward, my arms still pinned, and rubbed his cock bulge on my face. He leaned back a little and started to pull his shorts' leg up and let his cock fall out of the bottom. I kept trying to turn my head away from him. I leaned my head as far up as I could and took his head in my mouth and started sucking on his monster. I took his cock back in my mouth and started slowly sucking on the head. He pulled out of me and flipped me over, sat on my chest, and started cumming all over my face.

The Dance of Sex

first-time sexharvester 2017-10-10

Well here goes my name is Tom, I am 18 and I am in the sixth form at an all boys School, I am very bright at least that what my teacher tell me. I do like girls and in fact have a big crush on Emma Watson, I am really looking forward to the last Harry Potter film especially that scene everyone's talking about. I was not looking forward to it, I have been to enough in my time and they usually land up with the boys on one side and the girls on the other, the sum total of human interaction being texting each other. Katie went bright red and after checking I was all right headed off into the crowd for the second time.

Spying and Dad and s****r

first-time 2017-10-10

I looked at my s****r she had her hands on her head lying there trying to catch her breath, I got up from the stairs walked down the rest of them and stood about 5 feet from the couch looking at her naked wet body, she didn't notice me at first but eventually she saw me and her eyes got wide but she didn't move, she laid her head back down and let out a small laugh, she looked over to me and said "You were watching the whole time weren't you?" I said yea as she let out another laugh.

Of Hope Lost and Found Ch. 01

first-time nageren 2017-10-10

By then, Daddy's work was pretty stable, and life in the house was a lot calmer, so my parents started enjoying more time together. I hopped up to run to James, but Daddy pushed him into the house with a smile and said, "Go upstairs and wash up, I'm sure Virginia's got a room ready for you." Then Daddy came over and sat on the swing. I could tell James wanted to push for more, and one afternoon, down by the creek, he broke a kiss and whispered, "Dammit, Dottie, I wish we could..." He didn't finish the sentence, but as his words hung in the air, I said, "Marry me."

Two Captives Ch. 05

first-time BlewWater69 2017-10-10

Sarah hoped Two Bears would only be gone a short time but Red Fox told her it could be a lot longer. Gray Cloud’s family, including Red Fox, Summer Wind, and Sarah were all to move into the center of the village as was the custom for the chief to be in the middle of his people. The winter seemed long to Sarah but Running Water and Summer Wind kept telling her it wasn’t that bad. Blood was still thicker than water though and Red Fox and Summer Wind helped Sarah and Two Bears construct their tepee. “You like the way I suck your cock?” Sarah asked Two Bears, with a wicked smile on her face.

Slumber Party Fun Ch. 01

first-time unscented 2017-10-10

Jill's head was moving around as she licked the outer lips of Sylvia's teen pussy. Keep licking, I'm going to cum soon." I could hear a slurping sound of my sister sucking on Sylvia's cunt. Removing my finger from her cunt, I replaced it with my tongue and started licking her just like my older sister had been doing a moment ago. "Did you like the way I licked you," I leaned forward sticking my finger back up her tight pussy. "Yes," she cried as I pushed my finger in and out of her slick teen pussy lips. Holding her soft ass with my rough hands, I walked her to my sister's bed and lay down on top of her staying inside the whole way.

A New Gay Neighbor

first-time prevacker 2017-10-10

I could not find any food around, but did notice that each of the creature's legs was about the size of the dildo I had designed, and I wondered if maybe it would be interested in fucking me, instead of Fred. I phoned Fred, who was at work, and told him that I noticed his house door was open, and I closed it and was going to lock it, but thought I should call and find out if maybe someone is robbing the house. Didn't take a genius to start fucking, which was exactly what Sarah expected, and I discovered that it's hole could sort of "milk" my cock with rhythmic squeezing and peristalsis that was simply fantastic- maybe I should make a masturbation device that mimics it?

Best Summer Ever

first-time DG Hear 2017-10-10

At the end of my junior year my dad called a family meeting and said he had a job offer to be the administrator at a university in Indiana. On New Year's Day dad told my mom that he wanted a divorce. The last thing mom said to dad was, "You're an asshole, you've always been an asshole and I only stayed in this so-called marriage for our kids, whom you hardly know. Playing football this year and want to keep in shape." I then started putting lotion on her mid-section and went lower toward her belly button. My sister were saying they couldn't believe the String Bikini lady let me rub her like that.

Exposing s****r in the Library

first-time paul606 2017-10-10

Allison was lying naked on Jennifer’s bed, and my s****r was also naked, crouching on her hands and knees with her eyes about six inches from her friend’s bare sex, her fingers pushing Allison’s outer lips apart so that she could look deeper inside. I had wanted to ask her if she had pushed her tongue sensually into her friend, if they held each other at night and took turns pumping themselves to orgasm on each other’s fingers… but Jennifer seemed reluctant to even look at me, and maybe today wasn’t the time for those kinds of things.

Lisa's Sessions Ch.6 My Special Uncles

first-time 6988slutty_rbckyy 2017-10-10

Karl looked down on me with his cock still twitching in my mouth and said, “Today is a special day Lisa. Hart said, “You are an especially sensitive little girl, just like your daddy Karl said.” He released my face and allowed me to breathe. He would say things like, “Now my dear little whore-girl, you feel me go a bit deeper and hold it as you cum on my cock,” then he’d push in and add, “Now, as you feel me touch the end of your little tunnel I want you cum.” He’d hit my small cervix and, as if it were an answer to knock on a door, I would begin feeling the orgasmic tremors begin.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

first-time SlickTony 2017-10-10

It was cold outside, but inside Haller's Auto Repair it was warm with the bodies and the breath of men and the cooling engines of cars that people brought in to be worked on, and fragrant with that peculiar bouquet of engine oil, gasoline and dust that characterizes all garages. He thought of Cora's face when she had opened her door and seen him, and wondered what she must be thinking of him. There was a woman, a good-looking widow who lived between Koenigsburg and the next town, who would let certain gentlemen call on her and spend the night, as long as they understood that they were to leave money on her dresser the next morning...That was the kind of advice his older brother would give him.

Their First Adult Book Store. Part 2

first-time Michelle_Satin 2017-10-10

While Albert imagined that he was the man in the porno, getting his cock sucked, Joe wondered what it would be like to be doing the sucking. Knocking on it, Joe said, "Albert, I'm gonna look around a bit." He thought he heard something like 'yeah alright' from inside. He could see that Gary was standing in his own booth, rubbing his bulging white briefs, at eye level to the glory hole. Seeing no reaction from the stroker next door, Joe feels OK to pull his pants down and rub his growing dick, through his tight red bikini briefs. Joe focused on the girls panties, while the door opened on the booth to his right and a young, long haired man entered.

Introducing Me to Her Friend

first-time 2017-10-10

Finally, slowly and deliberately, in great detail she asked me if I wanted to be given to him as his personal bitch, on call anytime he wanted a warm wet mouth to cum in, to be his cum slut anytime, anywhere, no matter who else was around, to suck him on demand, dress anyway he liked, go anywhere he liked, to even offer up my tight cute little ass to him if he wanted. With my tongue up her boyfriends ass I heard my girlfriends friend laugh and say “What a little faggot” and knew she would never see me as a man or sexually attractive, and knew she would help her boyfriend humiliate me in every way possible.

Dorothy Surrenders

first-time SkyBubble 2017-10-10

Although she was thirty, just getting her to hold hands or kiss me (other than a peck on the cheek) took repeated effort. I couldn't help but notice that Dorothy, who was almost always prim as a librarian, had left her top button open. Dorothy took my hand. Dorothy put her hands on my waist and pulled my shirt loose. "Dorothy," I said, "what is going on here?" Again we kissed. Dorothy took my hand and eagerly led me down the hall. We sat on Dorothy's smallish bed and again we kissed. "I'm ready!" With a big kiss she spread herself wide and I entered. Dorothy had a big, wide smile. I could feel Dorothy moving from the initial pain to excitedly shaking, kissing my body, and shivering.

Beach Party

first-time Ashson 2017-10-10

Margaret continued to exchange kisses with Brian, forgetting their audience, just enjoying the feeling of his mouth on hers and his hands gently stroking her. Margaret slowly became aware of the new touches, her body enjoying the sensations being raised within her, and she was pressing herself against those wandering hands, trying to keep in contact. Brian gasped as Margaret took hold of his cock and he shuddered slightly as he felt her hands dancing lightly over it, touching and exploring. Feeling her frustration and lust rising Margaret pushed hard against Brian, at the same time closing her hand tightly upon his erection. Then as she saw Brian start to slowly penetrate Margaret, she could feel her own personal assault begin, with a large cock pushing into her.

Black Lover Girl

first-time TediumsShadow 2017-10-10

Anita pushed me into one chair, then coaxed the much taller and larger black man into the other. Then reached a young slender hand inside to pull out the black snake she wanted. Anita was trying to let her saliva run out her mouth, but the negro cock was so thick and wide that it was a tight seal pushing between her stretched lips. The large veins all over the cock were like speed bumps, creating slurping sounds whenever they passed in and out of Anita's face. The negro was not happy that 4 inches of his meat had not yet enjoyed the wonderful sensations that awaited inside Anita's head.


Explorations Ch. 02

first-time Manny2314 2017-10-10

Working her way up to the head, she said, "The tip feels different. "That feels so fucking good!" I said, as she was stroking my shaft. I don't think I like to say cock." She started stroking the shaft up and down faster. "And now I think it's time for you to lick something." As she said that she was moving up on the bed, and pushed her breast into my face. Like I said, you are my best friend, and I don't want to lose that, but I don't feel like a lover. But having just had mind blowing sex and having Laura wiping off my dick, it seemed like a good time to be vulnerable.

The Sitter

first-time 2017-10-10

She then turned me over with her arm still in me, and started to fuck me, pulling almost all the way out until the muscle stopped her fist, when she did that, cum would shoot out of my weiner, and she put her mouth on it, and started moving it in and out, drinking my cum every out stroke We did this for about half an hour, until she got tired, and untied me, and took off her outfit. I lubed it up with butter, and proceeded to work it in her pussy, until I was ramming it home as fast as I could, she must have cum 5 times, I pulled it out after her orgasm, and started trying to put it up her behind, and itI was tough going, she cried, and kept moving around until I slapped her face and told her to stop and take it like a woman.

Fucked A Guy In My Society

first-time 2017-10-10

I became happy and before I could realize anything he had taken off my top and jeans, seeing no bra and panty he gave a naughty smile to me and then started pressing one nipple and sucking another nipple, while his other hand was busy fingering my wet pussy. He again started kissing me wildly but this time it was different, the taste of my pussy’s juice and saliva mixed together made a great taste and I loved it very much but soon he broke the kiss and took me on the bed where first he took off his tshirt and told me to take off his shorts, he was very dominating just the way I like.