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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Frank's Barn Part Three Dees Story

first-time 2017-10-10

"Did he fuck you that night?" She shook her head no, and said, "It DID get sexual." I just said I was very hard thinking about all this and asked how old she was again at that time. He held out a hand over it, looked at my face and waited for me to nod my head to let him know it was okay to touch me there. "Mike's finger moved to my slit first messing around." She lightly touched her slit as she said that. I could see his hand on his shaft and his balls moving." Dee was stroking her cunt lightly as she told me about the rest of the night.

First Time

first-time lou4short2000 2017-10-10

In the morning, he tiptoed to the bedroom door to close it(he lied to himself), and peeking in he saw Betty laying on the bed with half of one breasts exposed. Discarding the flimsy piece of material, she gently cupped one in each hand and offered, "Would you like a closer look?" As the nipples began to stiffen, he heard "Go ahead, touch them. "The night is young, Tiger!" she smiled, though her cum trenched lips, taking control she stood, "lets slow it down this time!" When her tongue entered his mouth, he could taste the whiskey they'd shared, her cigarettes, and a hint of his own cum.


first-time 8075brownsugar 2017-10-10



Last Chance

first-time wee_one 2017-10-10

As I thought of Paul, the tears on my face mirrored the moisture between my legs, and I couldn't resist brushing my finger against the nipple of my B-cup breast. Reaching under my airplane blanket, I ran my hand down my tight stomach, under the waistband of my underwear, and brushed my fingers against my damp lips, sending a tingle through my body that made me lose my breath. It slid in easily, and I closed my eyes, thinking of Paul's hard cock pressing against me. Making sure the blanket covered both of us, I grabbed his cock and pressed it up against my sopping pussy, and he closed his eyes and groaned.

Big n Blessed

first-time SabinGerad 2017-10-10

Mom was called in to work the night I flew back into town, and needed my old babysitter, Kelly, to pick me up from the airport. "So, it looks like it's just you and me, buster," Kelly said. When I got into the bathroom I quickly stripped off my shoes, turned on the hot water, threw my shirt in the hamper, and said a quick prayer. Kelly was sitting on the living room couch, her pants around her ankles and she was pushing and pulling one of my Mom's candles in between her legs. I knew I should stop, I knew it was wrong, Mom always told me so, but I needed Kelly to keep touching me.

Employer Benefits

first-time fotisampini 2017-10-10

One of my fitness assistants is a girl named Jen. She is eighteen and works out regularly three times a week, giving her a nice, tight body. She stared at my cock for a minute, rubbing it, then she gave it a little kiss. "Your mouth is incredible," I said as I watched her work on my cock. "Oh yeah, Jen!" I said as I started to fuck her. "So fucking tight and so fucking wet!" As soon as the words had left her mouth she came, screaming out loud. "I want to ride your cock," she said. She bobbed up and down on my cock just two or three times, then I started shooting a huge load of cum into her mouth.

Homecoming Sex (BEST EVER!)

first-time fuckqueen89 2017-10-10

After taking a few shots I was getting pretty tipsy and started to float around the party, showing off my goods and looking for a hot boy. Before he stuck his dick in he licked my pussy and ass which made me go crazy, I begged him to fuck me. I went back on the bed and lied down, pulling my dress up to expose my pussy and ass and Lauren did the same. Lauren looked at J.P.’s cock and her eyes almost bulged out of her head, “OMG are you seriously taking that cock?!, its HUGE!” she yelled, the boy she brought up blushed as he only had about a 5 inch dick.

Teenage Lust Ch. 02

first-time meowman 2017-10-10

It was after a soccer game when Desiree saw Frank walking out of the locker room, it was late and there were only a few people in the school, mainly Janitors. Desiree had been at the game and was waiting for Frank because her ride wasn't going to be there for a while, she was sleeping over a friend's house that night and was looking forward to it. He pulled up his pants, flushed and walked out of the stall a resigned, but somehow mischievous look in his eyes. Desiree, now pressed up against the side of the stall, now directly in the stream of water but dripping with steamy liquid slowly. An understanding passed between them and Desiree placed her head on Frank's chest, and began to dream.

my Japanese-Filipina OC Minami Kousaka

first-time Labouroflove 2017-10-10

She kneels on the bed and runs her hair over my body and groin area, and at this point I started to get abit turned on. She kisses my didi, pulls back the foreskin and begins to suck on my head. As she continued to suck on my hard didi, I slipped my fingers between the lips of her pussy and could feel that she was already wet. After awhile we switched again and she started riding me, this time kneeling with her body and face over me, so we could have the eye contact, and so that I could feel her pants of ecstacy on my face.

Getting Back

first-time rickoshay 2017-10-10

"I won't be jealous, but I want to know everything." And she knew from the butterflies of excitement in her belly he intended to find out and that she was looking forward to Wayne forcing her full revelations. "And did he feel you up like this?" Wayne's hands moved to cover Georgina's breasts. "Tell me about the first time you let him do this." Wayne's fingers undid the buttons of her blouse and he slipped his hands in to cup her breasts in the light support of her bra. "You have to come like you did for your little Willie." His fingers took over and he smiled down at her, whispering, "Cunt. Georgina and her nice polite boyfriend Wayne were dressed and having a cup of tea when daddy arrived home an hour later.

Massage with Indian AUNTY

first-time ranasangram039 2017-10-10

Night I went to her apartment and asked her shall we start massage and she said wait for fifteen minutes, I will do bath and come and I have said her to collect some fruits and make an juice . She removed her panty and on same procedure I kissed her pussy with my mouth and started licking her pussy and she said he is so happy so have such type of massage and started sucking my cook and after some time I kept my penis in her vagina in doggy style.

husband fucking s****r part 2

first-time 2017-10-10

slowly into my closet get my bags of toys i want to feel a big cock in my pussy as i enjoy viewing my s****r geting fucked by my husband. i finally got it cracked open and i begin to watch my s****r is maoning so load i can see my husband is enjoying the little sluts pussy so much. that little slut enjoys that cock he suddenly pulls it out hers pussy and begins to press on her ass hole as she screams no not my ass. my pussy is thrbing and driping wet as im about to cum i can here her screaming fuck me as he tells her is this what you want you little whore and shes said yes.

when the fire burns part 2

first-time addictivemale 2017-10-10

they looked at eachother eyes... as the night of lust began with the best way possible he wanted more.. he wanted to work more for her pleasure only.. he wanted to see feel taste and hear her going in heaven.. after this explosion of lust he gently kissed her lips and put his head between her legs.. he started kissing her clit and shoving his tongue into her... he thrusted hard and gone all the way in... he wanted to feel her orgasm and looking deep at her brown eyes... after a few thrusts she closed her eyes and took the cowgirl position.. the sex in everyway possible kept well until the sun rised...

Mom Thinks She is Control; bymomChristina

first-time women_ass_licker 2017-10-10

I showered, got into my nightdress and gave Tim a kiss goodnight and went to bed. Tim thought for a while " I gave your calf a massage the other night and you fell asl**p". OK I said " I will give it a try tonight but I will need a couple of towels --one for the bed the other for my modesty" Do you still want to try Tim?" He thought for a moment and answered "Ok if it means not taking tablets lets try it" Then I felt his hand gently massaging my right breast and then my left, as my nipples hardened he began to play with them.

My Time with Kelli

first-time Magnumgrimlocke1977 2017-10-10

Her hands guide the water down her body, over her breasts, along her firm, flat stomach, and down to the strawberry blond patch of neatly trimmed hair perfectly framing her pussy. Kelli stands up, eyeing my dick that's so hard, the skins pulled back from the tip on its own. With her other hand, Kelli lightly drags a single finger up-and-down the length of the underside of my shaft, from the hair of my balls to the sensitive tip of my cock. The condom is so tight and her hands are so warm, I want to cum, to blow my load, but the look in her eyes pleads with me to hold back. I raise my head up to let them beat against my face while Kelli rolls her hips, teasing my cock.

Giving My First Blowjob

first-time Unholy1 2017-10-10

After finding a spot, I wasn't to sure about kneeling down amongst the pine needles and such, so we decided to go back to my car, and try it in the back seat. I was pleasantly surprised that it was a nice feeling having it in my mouth, and closed my eyes and began sucking, moving my head up and down on the shaft. We have talked already since then, and although no date is set yet, we plan on getting together again so that I can suck him off again, and although he's said that he doesn't feel interested in sucking cock, he is willing to take me up the ass which is something else I hope to experience with him soon.


first-time DDDDave 2017-10-10

Given the opportunity, the teacher took a quick look at the massive bra that Abigail had revealed. To a girl they had declared that boys did not like large breasts, at least not ones as large as Abigail's had come to be in her years at the convent school. "Oh, thank you, sir!" Abigail reached behind her with both hands as she said this and began struggling with the hook-and-eye fasteners that joined her bra at her spine. The teacher watched with increasing awe as Abigail's gargantuan boobs shook and quivered, the broad points of the bra cups describing ever more complex figures as she struggled with her bra's clasps.

Sweet Child 'O Mine Ch. 01

first-time SamTaylor 2017-10-10

"When I came into the cafe', I almost collided a seemingly seething and pacing Anna, who gave me earful about the rude guest sitting with his feet up on these rustic chairs, who had disturbed her mood because he did not allow her to mess with the sound system as she usually does," he said, swatting my calfs, wordlessly asking me to keep my feet off his chairs. That is why you let her mess with the sound system and the iPod, whose playlists are my life's work in curating the best music that stays true to the rustic theme of this cafe," I said, trying my best not blow a lid because I was being told-off by one of my closest friends because of a girl.

We really shouldn't be doing this

first-time Lizbiz1983 2017-10-10

I went upstairs to look for him and found him coming out of my room with my favorite pair of panties in his hand. I went back to watching my movie and John came back a short time later. I went up to my room and found the panties on my bed the crotch was full of John's cum. I asked how he liked my panties and he smiled and said didn't the size of my load tell you? We'd fuck fast and he'd fill my pussy with cum and we'd quickly get back to the rest of the f****y. He fucked me missionary style and made me cum just before he blew his load in me.

Adulterer Wife Diane

first-time raveriusmax 2017-10-09

Finally Dian admitted that She and Paul started having sex 4 years ago even when Paul was only 16. Since Paul was only 16 and she was 28, they were not suspected of having an affair, they just look like Aunt Nephew even when they go watch a movie, and sometime with our daughter going with them. I partly felt jealous, maybe I'm getting old and there's no arguement Paul is younger, good looking and at this time had a very macho body, while I'm starting too look weak with graying hair. I watched Paul and Dian dance in a mixed feeling of jealousy and also getting horny.

College Boy Part 2

first-time pleasureseeker420 2017-10-09

Charles looked down and brushed a hair from my brow, "Just relax Timmy, you're doing a great job." Undeterred I dove my head back down again, stretching my mouth wide and taking his cock as deep as I could. As I sucked deeper and deeper I felt Charles' hands gently on the back of my head, holding his cock deep in my throat just a little longer each time I gagged. Thick gooey saliva started to coat his cock and my mouth and I used my lips to cover my teeth as his hands became more and more f***eful, driving his rigid shaft farther and farther back into my throat and holding it deeply there even after I would choke for air.

Trophy Wife by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2017-10-09

Neither of these women had the sexy looks or killer body that Lea did, so over the next few years, the macho talk continued between George, Ray and I. As was pretty common, the talk eventually turned to women and Ray made a comment that he still could not believe that I could have landed somebody as hot as Lea. And even though it had been a dozen years since we all graduated, she still looked as hot as ever, especially compared to their wives.

Come Here, Honey

first-time Abitclose 2017-10-09

Their kissing looked much more practiced, more fervent and I watched them shyly as David's hand made small circles on my lower back, gradually stroking the skin between my shirt and the top of my jeans. When I realized I was staring at Jed and Michelle making out my embarrassment drove me to look away and I saw David's fingers entwined in my own. I recognized the hands that brushed my hair away from my neck as Michelle's and I felt her kiss along my shoulder blade. My attention was divided between Jed's cock in my mouth and Michelle's hand between my legs. I pulled my mouth off and looked up at Jed. But his eyes were on Michelle who still knelt behind me.

Genuine Ch. 02

first-time shawnsgrl22 2017-10-09

My mom loves Cam. I hurried down the steps, because I knew Mom would keep him in the living room all night, laughing and joking. Cam must have noticed because he said goodbye and dragged me out to the car before she started asking questions. Looking into his eyes made me want to kiss him, touch him. He finally turned to me, looking straight into me eyes, and started to speak. I know you're leaving for a few weeks, and I'm going to miss you, but I don't want you to think I'm leading you on." His voice took on a twinge of sympathy. I had pretty much decided it was time for me to leave when Cam told me to come outside with him to talk.