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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Passion-Soaked Summer Night

first-time AoiSakura 2017-10-09

A bead of sweat ran down my head, splashing off to the ground, as I walked. It was a little hard to open the apartment door in the middle of a make-out session, but I didn't want to stop. "I know." he murmured, his eyes still drinking in my body, glistening silver in the watery light. He softly caressed my breasts, then lowered his mouth on them, kissing, tonguing, arousing. He began to move more frantically, and the room became thick with our sweat, sighs, and groans of pleasure. We lay there in the darkness, just breathing, sweat embalming both our bodies in the summer air, as I fell asleep in my love's arms.


first-time Poet-PETER 2017-10-09

BATAVIA BAR BOOK #3 unveils how I first met Sasza in the net in an enormously erotic foxy Facebook. BATAVIA BAR BOOK #3 unveils how I secondly met her nice naughty sexy s!ster, our noice nun Natalia. BATAVIA BAR BOOK #3 unveils how I thirldy met their tight tiny tit tough terrific tanatalising teasing tasty teen. Sexy Sasha and nice naughty Natalia grew up as tall tasty teens in Russia in very sexy s!sterhood. Soon I get to talk to that sexy s1ster, as she moved in with Sasha after selling her place there. Sexy Sasha tells me her nice naughty Natalia is her sexy subby since teen times, back in Russia!

Mum 3

first-time sandhilman 2017-10-09

I went in and closed the door, she had already got into bed and had pulled the duvet up to cover her breasts but her nighty was now in a crumpled heap on the floor. I worked my tongue as much as I could over her exposed genitals feeling her jerking and gasping softly as I did, then with my face saturated with her juice I began kissing my way up her body again. After all these years here I was inside my mother, enjoying her body, feeling her arms round me holding me to her, kissing my wet face and listening to her soft moans as I started to actually fuck her.

Malcolm, and his big cock 2: The Sequel

first-time joanne1976 2017-10-09

when Leigh mentioned to me in the corridor that she thought Mark was really REALLY gorgeous, and she'd like to fuck him!! "Malcolm's got a very VERY big cock" Leigh told Mark Leigh's peachy bum was slapping his thighs as she rode Mark's cock. "fuckING HELL, Leigh, you dirty COW!!" I replied but I dutifully went and sat in Malcolm's Parker Knoll recliner with my legs I dug my tongue in, Leigh watching closely, her mouth open in a silent gasp, as I made contact with her flint-hard little I could hear Mark groaning, and labouring behind me, his thrusts getting more frantic as I lapped Leigh to a huge Leigh and Malcolm married three years later, by which time Mark and I were long finished but we attended together,

"Oh yes! Eat me! Eat my pussy! GOD! I’m

first-time 2017-10-09

“Oh fuck I feel like I'm on fire!” she moaned as she saw his hand pull her blouse up fast and yanking her bra down. Finally, she arched her back, lifted her ass up off the floor and slammed her pussy on his cock as she rotated her hips and began to orgasm. She threw her head back and began crying and moaning as she humped up and down on this big hard cock inside her pussy. She pumped her young beautiful body on his swollen hard cock as her hand held his hand on her clit. As she held him he sucked on one of her nipples like a c***d as his hand slowly stroked her wet slippery cum filled pussy.

Good Hearted

first-time OregonDavid 2017-10-09

The city library offered free internet, plenty to read, people to talk to, and a couple dozen regular elementary school students that Ethan helped tutor when they needed it. The woman was startled but looking at Ethan's face she could tell he was a young man to be trusted, in a city where a woman alone was safer not trusting any strange men. A nurse came into the room and Ethan felt warmth spreading from his left arm and across his body. Ethan wished he could make the doctor understand that he needed to speak to his mother, to make her feel better, to let her know he was going to be ok.


A Promise Made, A Promise Kept

first-time Calligirl71 2017-10-09

She used to always tease my about my conservative dressing so she was going to help me pick out something that would let Scott know that I was ready to cash in on that promise. Finally dinner was finished and as we were walking outside Scott pulled me back to him and I could feel his erection pressing against my back. I think Scott knew how I felt because he took me in his arms and kissed me. I told Scott that I was going to take a shower and if he wanted he could use the other bathroom. By the time I came down I opened my eyes and saw Scott leaning over with a smile on his face.


Her...(true story)

first-time 2017-10-09

As she leaned closer, my best friend captured my lips into a sweet but passionate kiss, making my eyes grow wide and to my body freeze. I was a second later that I started to kiss back, closing my eyes to the feeling of her tongue against my full lips, brushing against them… tasting… I slowly part them to give her access to my mouth, her hand slid around my waist and she leaned closer to me. and soon my fists clenched the sheets and my back arched as my orgasm started flowing out of my body and into her mouth, leaving me panting as she went back up, kissing me, letting me taste myself.

Rachel and Stephanie (part 2 - nearly caught)

first-time 2017-10-09

Although they were small and not fully developed I loved the way she would breath in deeply to puff up her chest and push her breast more firmly into my hand and I loved the way that her nipples would harden to my touch becoming hard and puckered - clearly aroused. She was on her back with my knee still between her legs to keep them open, we each had a hand between us, I was rubbing her pussy paying particular attention to where I knew her clitty was and she was feeling the shape of my hard cock through my jeans. As I moved my hips forward, pushing the head of my cock against her panties right above her pussy entrance, she opened her legs wide giving me full access to her; she smiled at me and we kissed again.

After Yoga, Alicia

first-time mischievousj 2017-10-09

In fact, as I looked over at Alicia with her midriff starting to show as her shirt rode up in Downward dog I couldn't help but get a little turned on. The third or fourth time, I pressed the tips of my fingers into her lower belly and slipped my hand under the waistband of her pants - continuing to slide my fingers down until I could feel her patch of down and kept sliding lower until my middle finger slid between the lips of her pussy. "Yes, it is a bit bigger, but I mean why does the tip look like that?" She asked as she slid her hand up and down my shaft a few times a little bead of pre-cum leaking out the tip.

Best Friends

first-time Maria24 2017-10-09

His sole guide were the texts he had read on the Internet, during the countless nights spent browsing for porn and for "how-to" guides; he tried to spell the alphabet with his tongue on her clit, he flicked his tongue rapidly up and down inside the pussy; Laura's moans and withering caused burning sensations to his own mind and body, and his cock was beginning to get erect once more. She caressed his back gently, kissing him on the neck; slowly, Bob gained some control over his body and excited for having saved himself from a second embarrassment, he pounded Laura with more bravado, driving his cock balls deep inside of her.

My Friend Wes

first-time charlessmythe 2017-10-09

The first time an XXX-rated movie was playing Wes had two of us guys and a girl over and we were all watching. I'd get dry mouth when the guys would jack off and truth be told was excited by the sight but fought back the urge to get involved with cock. I got the rest of the day off, so I went over to Wes place for the first time during the day. Wes started jacking off while watching, which wasn't uncommon so it didn't bother me much. But it was the first sex I'd ever had and I got so excited that I took out my cock and jacked off with him still in my mouth.

Daddy Makes Amanda Feel Good

first-time Biman2015 2017-10-09

When I felt her responding I took my cue and lowered my mouth onto her right breast holding her firm large tit in my hand while I slowly licked and sucked on her beautiful long and dark nipple. "Stroke it nice and slowly for Daddy baby girl" I told her as I moved her small hand up and down on it. "Oh baby girl that feels so good." I told my sweet little Amanda. "Oh Amanda you are making Daddy feel so good" I told her as I removed my swollen cock from her mouth. I sprayed her sweet pussy about six times before I stopped, completely spent and laid over her as my cock slowly began to soften inside of her.

Memory of a friend with a dog aunt true story -1

first-time stif266 2017-10-09

The dog was licking away at it for all his he was worth as my Aunt frantically masturbated her swollen clitoris with her fingers at the same time. The next thing I heard was Bill barking too inside the house as he heard us, Aunt Meg had no doubt heard us too so I hurriedly pulled down my dress and made a lot of theatrical noise as I went across the yard to the house. On the way back I again sidetracked from the track down by the pool, put the shopping bag down and leisurely finished off what I'd started in the Barn, Ben just stared at me as I played with myself but this time I was thinking about my Aunt, and imagining I was getting the dog watching me a hard on, not some guy in the bushes ...

Japanese GF number 2 - MILF Nurse

first-time drpepper23 2017-10-09

I also distinctly remember a nurse behind my mother checking things on my tubing etc. The next morning I woke up to the sweet voice of the milf nurse, she needed to check my bl**d pressure and other things when I noticed I hadn't pissed since the first night. I later found out that while I was out cold she had to check my wee wee in a professional manner and remembers how nice my dick looked although I had a tube down my hole. Later in the afternoon, the doctor came in with a few other nurses that helped me, while I was preparing to leave, I thanked him and the others for everything.

Sexting with a Co-Worker Ch. 02

first-time damkkr 2017-10-09

I feel her hand move to the front of my hips, finding my erection in my loose fitting khakis She slowly strokes me through the material as I continue kissing, finding her cleavage, freeing her right breast from her bra and taking it in my mouth. I hear begin to moan, softly, building as my finger moves faster, deeper, until soon my finger is inside her up to the knuckle, her hips bucking against my palm as she begins to come, "Oh god god god god OH GOD!" she cries as her entire body convulses, her face red and her eyes wide as they stare into mine and she bears down into my hand.

Angel in the Night 06

first-time ReefBeach 2017-10-09

I was free to kiss and lick my way down Thuy's soft plump tummy, nuzzling her deep belly button and coming to her jeans. I can't hold her up." Thien had been watching and enjoying everything, but Thuy's pleasure was straining her little hands. I wanted Thien to enjoy her part, so I used long deep strokes on Thuy's cunt. "Nick's a big boy, with a lot of come." Thien, you are turning me on even more. Her tongue moving!" Thien let go of my head with one hand and started to rub her clit. "Nick, sweet boy, fuck my friend for me, oh, I'm coming, oh OHHH!" Thien gasped. I stretched over Thuy and cupped my hand against Thien's face.

My boss and Her Cousin

first-time jackbear 2017-10-09

were talking for awhile when she says her cousin is there and she is watching me stroke my hard dick and she is liking the show. in my hand giving it a couple long hard stroke pumping that bl**d in it good swelling up my mushroom head turning it a deep reddish purple with a clear Macy came off my dick for just a second still stroking me she said "you can cum in my mouth if you want". Macy goes back to slowly making love to my dick for just a little while longer comes off with a soft pop looks into my eyes and ask "did you like that"? I look over Macys head that is still sucking my dick while her cousin is asking her.

Terri's Cherry

first-time Lucky Mann 2017-10-09

Every time I tried to stroke the top of one of her breasts, Terri would smile and gently moved my hand away. I then lowered my head and planted a long wet kiss in the cleveage between Terri's big tits. As I tended to her nipples, Terri began massaging the sides of her tits and pushed them toward my eager mouth. Just as I got my finger inside her outer pussy lips, Terri seemed to freeze up. As my mouth returned to her tits, my hand soon found its way into her panties and began sliding a finger up and down her tight virgin slot. Very gently and slowly, I pushed just the head of my dick into Terri's tight hole.

Swinging Couple turned me BI

first-time lasslover 2017-10-09

Heidi touched her face and said" it's ok sweetheart, just let it all go." Casey closed her eyes. Garth withdrew from Casey and Heidi quickly took his place finger fucking her cum filled pussy and licking her clit. Heidi immediately started to suck on Casey's pussy getting a mouthful of Garth's cum. They kissed and Heidi let Garth's cum flow into Casey's mouth. As Casey worked over Heidi's clit with her tongue she started to buck and grind on Casey's face making the feeling even more intense. Garth poked his head into the tent and said "Up and at 'er you two" Casey couldn't wait to see what they had in store for her the next three days of her amazing adventure.

Mind Games Lead to Body Games

first-time Fredsowner 2017-10-09

Tammy: I can't take any more of this - I need a drink." Come on - I feel like another glass of wine" and at that I stood up and pulled Eric up and we walked into the kitchen and I poured another two glasses of wine. I've got hold of it now and I've moved it up to touch my clitoris - it's nice and hard and my clit is very sensitive - it feels very good when I do that. Tammy is looking into my eyes feeling the new experience of my pulsating dick exploding inside her vagina.

Sex and Religion part 3

first-time badpenny72 2017-10-09

right now i needed satisfaction and the release only good sex provides and as he was the only person interested in my body right now he'd have to put aside his thing with god and administer to my needs and his so the boyish enthilusiasm he obviously felt kind of wore off on me and before long we were on tje bed, intertwined and kinda making love together. Yes i was enjoying his touch immensely but right then I wanted him to fully explore another man's body, feel his balls, his arse cheeks, my erect penis, pubic hair

An oral education...........

first-time 2017-10-09

I asked at one point about joining them and was laughed at and told that perhaps when I was a bit older I could handle hanging out with them away from work. We hung out till about 2:30 am and when everyone got up to leave a close friend of Barbara's named Kim asked if I needed a ride home. When I replied that I had not she followed by asking if I wanted to taste one but could not look at who I was eating. I have no idea how long I spent with her but I remember a pillow being placed beneath my head and another woman climbing on my face, she was not as gentle.

I Accidentally Sucked Dick! Pt. 01

first-time CDJulie 2017-10-09

He asked me things like how long the place had been temporarily closed, if I was there to return some movies, or if I was going to the theater, what I was into, etc etc etc. He said "Hey buddy it's a little bit chilly out here, mind if I wait in the truck with you." I was scared shitless. So I had to lean over a little bit to touch the head of it with my finger. I stroked the underside of the head a little bit when I realized my finger was dry. The realization that I had the flavor of cock in my mouth shocked me a little bit.