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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

His control

first-time 2017-10-09

He got carried away stroking the cock and the man soon fucked his ass. The man grabbed her tits and began to suck them and run his hands betwen her legs which she spread for him and so her husband could watch his finger penetrate her cunt. He sucked her tits and finger fucked her as she started to jerk his cock. Soon the cock came to life one more time and he decided to fuck her sexy ass. As he fucked her ass he reached around and found her cunt and began to finger it. He now had four fingers in her cunt fucking it hard as he rammed her ass. Her husband was jerking his cock and fingering his own ass as he watched them .

The Incentive List Ch. 03

first-time wabbit_season 2017-10-09

David awkwardly answered their questions but let James do most of the talking as he confidently shared details of their evening, and their intention to wait before enjoying a private dance. "Those, on the other hand, look lovely and real," he said, motioning towards a lone female sat on a stool at the end of the bar, but facing directly towards their table. Sarah then inexplicably turned her head to James and gave him what David thought was a knowing glance. The benefit of James being at the table, though, was that when Sarah turned to speak to him, David could perv over her body. During a trip to the bar to fetch yet another round of drinks, he noticed Sarah and James share a joke and several knowing glances.

The Sculpture Ch. 03

first-time GoodGrl1983 2017-10-09

You look me dead in the eye and say very clearly with a slight edge to your tone, "Lick your hands and play with your tits." I massage them slowly, gently, and you start to flick your finger over my clit while you watch. I feel a familiar tightening taking place in my stomach and pelvis and my hips are arching forward, pressing my clit closer to your finger. My hands slide down to your hips and I scream, "Fuck me, Professor! I reach down between us and let my fingers rest gently on the side of my pussy, feeling your cock as it slides in and out. Just as I'm about to cum again, you pull your head off of my breast and grab my hips tightly in your hands again.

First Timer

first-time VioletNights 2017-10-09

I wanted to melt into the floor right then, but he glanced around the box at me and his eyes made their way up my legs, slowly over the towel covering my firm stomach and full breast. I was smiling as I made my way to the pool, I pushed the glass door open and found myself a chair to set my towel on. My hand started to move to his but he grabbed it with his free hand and pinned it against the pool wall, his lips made their way to my neck and bit playfully. He laughed and pulled his hand away from my thighs and wrapped both his arms around me, "Look at me."

underwear housemate

first-time john1195 2017-10-09

startled, until Ben introduced the other guy as his housemate Zac. "I think you know." Zac said as he took Will's hand and started to There was no sign of either Zac or Will downstairs, but Ben picked up sniffing Zac's jocks as his cock rapidly grew hard. As Zac's back was facing the doorway, he didn't see Ben sneak closer, Zac grabbed Ben by the tie to pull him even closer to him. Zac lifted Will up and planted his dick, just as Ben had minutes "Fuck that was amazing." Ben said to Zac. Ben removed his jacket as Zac ripped open his shirt, dying to expose Ben quickly removed the rest of clothes before Zac could do any more

My Fantasy Backfired On Me

first-time 2017-10-09

You are a good fucking girl, but now I am really going to rough you up a bit more.” Holding her head up by her hair he said “Look at me Cathie you are going to love this!” Tony was still pounding away in her moffie from behind and smiling at what Mark was doing to my wife. “But there is more, but Mark and Tony told me not to tell you but to look at the video he had put on some USB for you, so take a look at all the nice pictures that we had taken.” I told Cathie “Okay I will, but first I want to ravage my sexy wife!” So we started making out and kissing but then she asked me to stop as she was completely beat from last night and needed some time to recuperate a bit.

My Sister's Friend Is Hot!

first-time himeichigo 2017-10-09

On the drive home Kate chatted with Laura and acted like nothing happened but Alex was busting out of his jeans and couldn't wait to get home to set up the party and take his mind of his raging hard on. He couldn't hold on any longer, he wanted to shoot his load into her mouth and just as he was about to cum Kate took his cock to the back of her throat, swallowed and started to hum, Alex couldn't stand any longer and his legs failed him, he fell to the ground and Kate released him from her mouth. He slid her panties to one side and started to kiss her wet pussy lips, her juices tasted amazing and Alex wanted to ravish her with his tongue there and then.

Tales of a Shopping MILF

first-time worldx 2017-10-09

I hadn't given anyone head in such a long time, my husband got a birthday blowjob last year and I had only sucked 2 dicks in my life. He asked me if I liked it and I licked my lips and said he had a beautiful cock. He fucked my mouth for a few more minutes and said he was going to come anytime now. He looked down and saw me, a mouth full of come and a little on my face. I let him know I was going to do some shopping and typed it all out as I had a huge smile on my face and my belly full of a strangers sperm.

Their Best Homework Session

first-time JammyJay 2017-10-09

'I'm John by the way,' I said, looking back at her face, taking in her green eyes and perfect lips. 'I'm Melissa,' she said, smiling slightly for the first time. 'Mmmmmmmmmm...' she said again, fully moaning this time as her body jolted slightly under my relentless kissing and rubbing. 'Neither have I, but I know it would feel right with you,' she said, her smile back in place. 'Well...' I said, starting to run my hand slowly up her leg, '...I don't think a bit is good enough,' 'This feels so good...' she said, her voice trailing away into another soft moan. She broke away from my lips and started moaning almost uncontrollably, pulling me even closer to her.

A hotel room

first-time canev8 2017-10-09

Sucking her puss and licking up and down her lips she was soon moaning as her body tensed up as she started to orgasm from me muffing her. As our lips aparted Cassi asked what about putting a condom on and I told her I'm not going as I'm going to fuck you and then pull out and cum on you body. Although Cassi was a bit grumpy at first when I shoved my cock into her cunt without a condom, she admitted that the skin on skin contact between her puss and my cock felt real good, but asked when we fuck again just now if I could please use a condom as she would like it hard and rough without stopping.

Creative Writing

first-time mattmatthews 2017-10-09

Unable to accept the fact of her own beauty, she liked being complimented on her looks; she had once said holding hands was more intimate than anything else; and in her opinion, a man who maintained eye contact had nothing to hide. Each of the last three times she had said exactly the same thing, but kept initiating contact, wanting another rendezvous. She lowered my hands to her thighs and let go, but I took hold of hers again, readjusting my grip, liking the way she smiled when I did. "You don't know what love is," she replied, eyes closed, still making slow, tiny hip movements. Each time I made made eye contact with her in class I wondered if she had read my note.

Sue and Julie and the ex cop

first-time SFS 2017-10-09

She looked to her left, Julie had two guys, one in her mouth, the other she sat astride, his cock pumping in and out of her cunt. Sue and Julie had been here before, they leant against the table, legs spread, Lisa was brought to the table, and stood beside Sue. Then Sue felt the first cock penetrate her cunt. “Sean,” Julie said, “Sue and me, both think something is not right with that new girl Lisa, she’s always asking questions, nosing about. “Maybe, she didn’t want to fuck last week, that’s for sure, she was trying to leave when she was pinned against the table, and taken from behind,” Sue told him.

It was dildos and the web cam at first

first-time mariafatima 2017-10-09

He had it on one nite , the first time, and I thought we were just seeing different videos online when he said it was on a free web cam site for adults. I said " that is a really nice cock" when I meant as far as to look at and my husband heard me say it but thought it meant I liked it. He said "well you're looking at naked people more specifically a naked black man" so relax. I was scared and yet realizing my hubby's plan had backfired, realized he wanted me to do this apparently and decided after being fucked with the porn star dildos I'd oblige him and become a whore if that's what he liked.

why me

first-time 2017-10-09

Jen tried to push away but his grip around her waist was to tight,"listen I just want to go back to the hotel,please let me get my stiuff and go" she felt his hand move from her ass, and slide between her legs from behind, his foot moved sideways and her legs parted catching her by suprise, his fingers were on her pussy, rubbing back and forth like the cock that was just there, he started kissing her neck, moving lower, kissing from one boob to the other and eventually start sucking on a nipple,at the same moment his hand found her clit, her knees went week, she grabbed his head and pulled it towards herself,he took the clue and tried to slide a finger inside her, he parted her lips and pushed, there was a lot of resistance, he looked up at her" are you still a virgin" " no, but probably as close as you will get"

And I Realized Am A Bisexual Too

first-time 2017-10-09

Okie now back to that day ..He then slowly took my balls in his mouth and started licking .to be Frank guys…From my all sex experiences, guys are better cock suckers since they do to our dicks all those they wished on their dicks. I then took both his balls and dick in my mouth and started fondling with my tongue and saliva . He then started with small stroke then moved vigorously …again will slow down…then increases his pace …after around 15mts he was fucking me like his wife .he also started stroking my cock reflecting his pace on my ass .we both reached climax around same time and I felt liquid hitting my walls .

The Waitress

first-time captnspank 2017-10-09

Without me knowing , the cheeky little madam had silently come out of the back for a quick fag .She picked up my phone and read it out allowed. I told her not to tell anyone in the work place about what she had just read out. Pulling slightly but making sure she could see me out of the corner of her eye. Raising my right hand skyward I connected with a loud quick smack. She dropped down to her knees mouth open and pulled out my fat large cock. I pulled out of her mouth as she inhailed coughing and catching her breath. She grabbed my ass pushing my whole manhood back in her mouth right down her throat.

Julia's Encounter

first-time redaura 2017-10-09

She sat with her hands firmly on her knees clutching her dress, head slightly slumped partly because she was a little scared & partly due to the man's proximity. Julia placed her hands on his chest and pushed down as she started to move her hips harder and faster. Julia ran a finger across his wet tip of his penis, she felt dirty at the thought of tasting him as he had done with her juices. Julia instinctively moved to place her wet crotch over his face and moved down to rub David's groin against her soft skin. She moved her hands to clasp his still shuddering cock to her mouth, sucking and licking it clean, The whole time rubbing the cum into the skin of her breast.

The Bikini Try-Out

first-time Bridlington 2017-10-09

At this current imaginary moment I was naked on a brass bedstead and the young man from work who sorted the post and refilled the photocopiers was plunging his enormous purple cock inside me whilst I howled like a dog for the third or fourth time that evening. James and I had had real sex several times in the few days since we had arrived and I wondered if I could give him a sly nudge that he would immediately recognise as an invitation for another round so that, with his expert assistance, I could temporarily bury these burning thoughts far inside me. James and I had met in my final year at university and he frequently took me back to his home town in Northern England where we socialised with his old school friends and their partners.

A Misdirection of Affection Ch. 03

first-time nageren 2017-10-09

At the mention of Ian's parents, Dessi got a little concerned and asked, "Did you tell them...?" Dessi started tearing up, thinking of the hurt and loneliness Ian must have felt. "I remember it was like he never wanted to come home- I felt abandoned," said Gina, looking away. Dessi reached out to hold Gina's hand and said, "I'm so sorry- I wish I had talked to you then. But I thought this way I look a little more like a guy, and know...maybe you would like that...Maybe it would be easier to...try to have sex, if you can imagine you're with a guy...And besides, I was able to slip in the dorm by walking right behind you and your friends, and no one noticed- camouflage!"

How I Lost My Virginity at 18 1/2

first-time lustyem 2017-10-09

One of the boys Brad said to me don't tell your sister, if you want when I get you an orange drink I'll get a vodka and orange so she doesn't know. The security man had been watching us all night and saw what was happening so he came over and Lisa said Brad is taking her back to our room. We began talking about the night and he said he saw Brad feeling me up as we danced. He stopped for a moment, looking down at me with his cock all the way inside my poor little pussy and said god girl you are so tight you must have been hey.

Cousins at the summer cottage

first-time Raiz3R 2017-10-09

That's when I looked at her and said your in the middle of the lake with a shark you know that right? I looked around thinking how strange it is to be naked in the middle of a lake standing up to my waist in it. I began to grow, so hard, and so fast that it almost seemed like it was a machine turning on. Wiped the water from her eyes only to look right down at my shorts and says. But at that point without even looking down and still staring away at those perfect tits of hers I pulled my cock out to show her. We are now in the middle of the lake on our knees with water both up to our necks.

I and mature.

first-time 2017-10-09

See what happened was, I would go by my friends house to play basketball all the time, and I had never seen his mom before even though I had known him for 6 years, because of her job traveling. Ofcoarse his parents said it was okay because after all these years I had been friends with there son, his Dad considered me another son, and his Mom know...what ever. Even my own f****y is starting to notice something strange about the relationship between me and my friend, and I'm just really scared because I feel like sooner or later, everybodies going to find out, and it's going to just be some big massive drama.

Mare finally cucks Jim

first-time 2017-10-08

Went to spare room, pulled comforter, laid on the floor with Gus & Nick on couch and said "I'm clean, need to get dirty", spread comforter, laid down and I had both guys attention. It's getting dark and Nick comes out in his birthday suit, lays his cock on Mare's shoulder and bends down to say hello with a big kiss. I pull off Gus, hit the floor ready to congratulate her and I see a good five inches of wrist thich shaft looking for a home. Nick then pushes up, lifting her ass up on his cock and I witness the root of his shaft start to spasm as he loads her up.

The Rendezvous P6

first-time nicenhard50 2017-10-08

You grab the base of my cock and short stroke me pumping bl**d to the tip making it turn an intense purple. A moment passes and I feel you slip something over my cock and I look down and see you have a cock ring now in place and tightened it to keep me hard you drop between my legs and look me in the eyes as you take the half empty bottle of oil and pour a good amount over the now engorged head of my waving cock. You lick your palm and glide it over the tip and head then stroke me firmly to pump me up even more. I bite harder and your hand presses on the back of my head and you lean forward.