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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Corporate slave. How far would you go? Part 2

first-time tr3b0r 2018-10-05

The following day, back at the office, Rick had decided that he needs to speak with Ian and try and pull out of this deal. He did not mention the conversation to Chrissy for several days, but eventually decided he had to as the "guests" could turn up at any time. Rick and Chrissy stripped off and started looking after their guests, who very quickly took over the whole house and treated it as if it were their own. I am going to take your husband to your bed and fuck him, lead the way" Rick looked shocked, as did Chrissy. Tell your wife you are gay and you love cock" Rick's mouth opened but words did not come out.

Gen: First Time Sex

first-time griphook 2018-10-05

Gen on the other hand had C 30 size cup. While he left the kitchen to call his mother in the living room Gen heard her cell ring. My mom doesn't want me to walk home in this weather." DJ's voice called from the living room. She took one of his hands and slid it gently up her flat stomach up to her naked breasts under her loose silk night dress. Gen planted a long 10 second French kiss on him then she led him, hand in hand, to her parent's large shower. Gen was pulling DJ's head in to her breasts moaning, with her legs spread wide and DJ's cock still hammering away at her.

The Outing

first-time MyNameMayBeLucas 2018-10-05

Her parents had asked Matt, a seventeen year old that was friends with the family, to watch Maddie for the evening. Maddie had never had a crush before, but when Matt walked in the door that night her heart felt like it was going to burst through her chest. "Matt, what do you look for in a girl?" Maddie asked, wondering what she would have to become in order to one day get her crush. Maddie was fifteen when Matt left for college, and spent most nights after school hoping for a response when she would either text him or send him a message through social media. It was true that he had not been in a relationship for the past five years, but was he waiting for a girl like Maddie?

Hot Coed Needs to Find Her Way!

first-time andrewsixpack 2018-10-05

Ross didn't like to cook, so he found himself wanting to find a nice local diner where he could come in and eat his dinner on a regular basis and sure enough, he happened to pick the one where Pamela worked. Although most of their thoughts were turned to her big boobs, so tightly outlined in the tight fitting tops that were part of her uniform and when she walked away, their eyes and thoughts turned to her fabulous firm ass that you could make out from the tight white stretch pants that Randy, her manager said she that had to wear to work.

One Shot Deals: Vegas Gamboling

first-time Rabbleais 2018-10-05

Suzie got right out of the pool and grabbed her towel. "You sound like you've had experience," I said, hoping that she would tell me she had been fucking for some time. I had had no intention of cumming inside my virgin, but Suzie was like a bucking bronco that was determined to hold onto her rider. I knew that the simple acts of feeling up her great tits, fingering her wet cunt, and rubbing her ass would get me hard again, and it did. In it, he said to tell me that he had decided to linger in Las Vegas to take a shot at Suzie, after I told him how easy she was.


Aphrodite's Gift Ch. 01

first-time clued 2018-10-05

She has beautiful blonde hair and body that can be flaunted in men's magazines. "We are going to negotiate for your beauty, my dear," she said as if reading my mind. "You can be prettier than her, Norah." She grabs some old parchment from nowhere, "but you can only be more beautiful if you make love with anyone. "Good, Norah," her finger is tracing my cunt against the sheer fabric of my panty. She pressed a finger inside then I looked at her lustful eyes. She placed two fingers inside the tightness and I felt myself getting closer. She pushed her tongue inside and made me come nonstop. While I was dizzy with the sensations, I saw her pushed a 2-sided cock inside her pussy.

Mr Petersons Book Store

first-time spankingjenny 2018-10-04

I handed it to him open to the article that I had been reading and as he read it and looked at the pictures he said nothing but took me by the arm and walked me to the back of the store. The box was fairly high which left me unable to reach the floor with either my feet or hands and as I bent over it caused my short dress to ride well up over my bottom showing my thin skimpy panties and smooth bare legs. Kneeling in between my legs and propping himself up on one arm he held his cock in his other hand and directed it towards my waiting open wet pussy.

The Linguist

first-time juanwildone 2018-10-04

You should see what I can do with my nimble tongue when I’m not talking.” I worked my drunken smile into a drunken leer and turned to see that I was talking to a most beautiful woman. I was just about to deliver my trademark move, a thorough tongue whacking, where you suck the clit up into your mouth clamp down on it with firm lips to hold it in place then lick it vigorously back and forth, or up and down, as fast as you can slowly increasing the ‘hardness’ of your tongue. I only wish I could have sampled your bedside manner.” She drew her hand across my cheek and lips turned and walked away.

My Renaissance Ch. 13

first-time Modern_Citizen 2018-10-04

Melissa had a wickedly cute smile and some gorgeous blue eyes that contrasted nicely with her long, curly blonde hair. I commented to Jenn about what a nice muffin she had and she told me to behave, smiling and taking the opportunity to touch my inner thigh, caressing it for a few moments. Jenn said a romantic evening is best spent with a handsome, old-fashioned gentleman who will hold the door for her and treat her like a princess. Jenn and Melissa said their good-byes to everyone and I walked with them out to the car. When we arrived at their car, Jenn asked Melissa if she was okay going home by herself.

Split Tail #98

first-time 2018-10-04

She let her foot off the gas and started pulling over to the shoulder as she squirted all over the seat, the floorboard, and my hand. I put my head back down into the book and start reading as the announcement for boarding begins. -Come sit right here *patting the seat between us* I don't like flying much either. -I don't think your boyfriend is going to want to wake up and come get you from the airport this late. As she took her titties out and watched the guy, I started to feel her lower body convulse on my dick as she began to cum. By the time we got home, which was only 15 minutes from the airport, she had yet to make a move toward giving him head.

Sissy Slut For mistress

first-time freakofleash 2018-10-04

then all at once she deepthroated my 7 inch cock and thrust two fingers deep into my ass directly against my prostate. all i could do was let her touch me and watch my cock betray me as i slowly started to throb. still i didnt ask for this and could only watch my cock bounce in unisen as it thrust into my asshole. i didnt want to like it but there was nothing i could do i was lubed an streched and taking this deep in my ass. i didnt want it to stop but the next time it poped out of my ass it was gone.


How to finger your girl the right way

first-time Erieman2006 2018-10-04

So here’s your answer to the question how to finger a woman the way she can finally start believing in God again – as you know, we take religious beliefs very seriously.And exactly like in the Bible, we think that religion starts directly in the vagina. Now it may look somewhat creepy if you put your finger in your mouth first or do whatever with your own body fluids, so just search for moisture on your woman. Maybe, she’s the kind of woman who gets really sensitive when she’s close to orgasm, so it could also be possible that you’ll have to slow things down.

Morgan's Mistakes Ch. 02

first-time TodtHill 2018-10-04

As Morgan wipes her tears away she notices Layne putting his hand down the front of his pants and rubbing his penis. She choked on his finally erect cock as she felt Chris' familiar dick slide with ease into her wet pussy. Morgan projects a high picked gasp as she feels a half erect, 11-inch black cock be smacked on her stomach. Even soaking wet, Morgan's pussy feels like it is being torn apart trying to take even a few inches of the man. "Phil come try her mouth, she could use a little stretching!" He guffawed and pulled on Morgan's hair. Just as she thought the feeling couldn't grow anymore inside of her, she was lifted up, quickly removing Chris' cock from deep in her asshole.

Sophie's Choice

first-time execuwriter 2018-10-04

"No, I'm not going to give you a blowjob!" Sophie told Max, her fellow second year medical student. Sophie stepped into the corridor and was relieved not to see Max before remembering it was not yet time for his arrival. Max most likely had never been with a woman before; probably twenty-four or twenty-five years old and still a virgin, ready to enter one of the most esteemed professions and can't get laid. She opened up her mouth and slid her lips over the head of Max's cock. When they broke apart they gazed into each other's eyes and Sophie saw a kind young man who was overcoming his shyness with women.

My Uncle's Cock

first-time ndamood4sum 2018-10-04

My dick itself is a decent size, but I loved watching videos of guys with huge cocks and tiny girls sucking them or taking them up the ass. "Hey, Joey, I thought you guys went out to dinner" I said nervously, hoping maybe he didn't notice. "Hell, I don't know how I got anything done when I was your age" he said "the amount of time I spent alone in my room with some dirty magazine or comic book." and he started laughing and I laughed back. Laughing nervously "It's okay; I never thought I would see one like this." Then without thinking I said "You have a very nice dick." and immediately thought that was a little too forward and revealing.

Breaking in the Baptist Girl Pt. 01

first-time reachertr 2018-10-04

I glanced up at her and said "I love you so much, Hannah", then kissed her pussy through the panties. She continued to squirm as I gently worked my way down each leg and back, kissing all over each thigh, but never touching her pussy. I looked up at her, lapped at her pussy a few more times, and replied "Then why does it feel so right?" I resumed licking, and she tentatively put her hands on my head. I saw the look in her eyes, so I said, "Just feel it first." I placed my hand over hers, and started stroking it with long, slow strokes.

The Love of My Life

first-time Eric of MI 2018-10-04

I guess Ann's Dad wanted her brother to check me out, to make sure I was good enough for his little girl. "I want that too, Ann." I replied and I think that was the first time I said anything that made sense since she asked me out, the week before. We got shooed off to class and later that day, in class, Ann and I held hands the whole time. (Of course if he knew what his little girl and I were up to, I wouldn't be here writing this 25 years later.) I stepped in to the house, and there was my little Ann. Still pretty and sweet.

My First time as a e****t

first-time matureenglishlady 2018-10-04

As the old rickety taxi bounced over all the bumps on the way, I could feel cum starting to flood out into my satin panties, I squirmed around trying to stop the flow but it just cover my gusset with cream; I had no choice but to continue there was no time to turn around so with a brave face I rang the buzzer and was invited up to the flat, when the lift door opened there was a man standing in the door of one of the apartments I assumed this was the client I started walking towards him, he was wearing a nicely cut business suit and in his late fifties maybe a little older relatively slim looking.

Brittany the Babysitter Ch. 01

first-time Chucky1902 2018-10-04

About a week after her 18th birthday party in March, my wife and I had gone out for a nice dinner for a couple hours, but had hurried back a bit early because Brittany had mentioned that she might be going out with the boyfriend later that night. When we got to her home I walked her to the door as usual and leaned in to give her a hug. I was a bit nervous as I walked home, but soon heard my phone chirp the arrival of a text message. When I got home that night I had to jack off in the shower, then woke up my very drunk wife and fucked her hard, but I still could not get the taste of Brittany out of my mind.

Prom Week

first-time 2018-10-04

Frank was serving Brick a large piazza when his daughter Melany came in. "I've been such a cock tease, with my big creamy tits, that it is about time you taught me to act like the fuck toy that I should be." Melanie added. After Melanie had another screaming soul sucking multigasmic explosion, Frank fill his daughter's tiny pussy with his seed as the poor young woman was fed a litre of semen by her b*****r. Frank bent Lisa over in response and shove his entire fist up the pretty piazza girl's asshole. Frank started milking Melanie's large hooters while Lou milked Lisa's firm jugs. Lou pissed on Melanie's lovely tits, while Jack pissed on Lisa's pillowy jugs.

Rida Having sex with office Prince Rohit

first-time 2018-10-04

After some 30 mins she came out of her room,wearing a body fitted t-shirt and shorts,she sat near me,looking at me she said "u workout every day" I said "yes" she replied "i can see it",she sat very close to me,i hold her waist and asked her "so what is the plan now" she replied "u tell me what u want to have in lunch and dinner,anything special u want" I said " I already got special, i asked "u have condom" she replied "just put it" I inserted my dick in one go inside her,she screamed loudly "aaahhhhhh", I bent over to her kissed her and said "liked it" she replied "hmmmm",i slowly started fucking her with a little pace,while my mouth was kissing her body.after fucking for a while, I made her stand on her leg and made her bent forward and fucked from behind,

First time ass played with (Fuc***)

first-time Lonerwolf25 2018-10-04

(Extremely Hard) as i pulled out of her she says baby "were not done" as she gets up an licks my throbbing cock clean" an opens the box an in it was this little butt plug. She swallows my cum dripping throbbing cock, an starts sucking me as she is pulling an pushing the plug in, I am moaning louder than I have ever moaned, she stops sucking me an gets something out from under the bed, (her 6" slim vibrator) she pulls the plug out an spreads my ass apart an says mmmm baby beautiful, she then plows her tongue deep inside my ass one more time before pushing the vibrator deep inside my hole.

Bound to Happen

first-time Sugardaddy6969 2018-10-04

"Take off your clothes Juliet." The professor said quietly as he pushed and pulled the plug in and out of Lisa asshole. "Juliet you may now eat Lisa's pussy." The professor said as he stepped back to watch. As her mouth filled with the taste of aroused pussy her eyes opened to see what looked like a pull for a stuffed a****l sticking out from Juliet's asshole. Juliet lifted her pussy off of Lisa's face and her hands went down pulling her legs up. Lisa was grunting as her pussy adjusted to her first ever cock and while she felt pain she looked at the intense pleasure on his face and she knew he was pleased.

Baker's Dozen 1

first-time walinzor 2018-10-04

The hours passed, Marsha took her bread, and when I got home I slept after masturbating with an image of her in my mind, ass in the air and filled with my cock. Twelve women to play with, and one to have forever." My cock disappeared once more into her mouth, her hand stroking shaft and balls being played with. "You're always such a nice guy, Mike" panted into my ear, pulled close by a hand in my hair. "I'd like to be nice back." Shirt yanked out of pants, replace by a hand gripping my cock. After a breath my hands grabbed her hair, entangling themselves and pushing her head down again, my hips coming up to meet her, my cock entering impossibly deep.