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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Married Couzen Fucked by Me

first-time mitul_001 2017-10-07

In sl**p I moved my hands near my to check and felt that It was Radhika and fingers rolling into my vest. I came down slightly to get access of Radhika and her milky white boobs, and started licking her nipples. After fully sucking her boobs went further down to lick her navel part, that was so soft that I bite little hard with my teeth, this made her moaning hard. I slowly started rolling my tongue up and down on her pussy; this made her moaning slowly and asking me to do more and more. It was really hard, and hot, which Radhika held with her hand and started moving my up and down.

I Work Out

first-time Billysbitch00007 2017-10-07

The next night they were at the gym they decided to leave and finish their game in the car. He went real slow and closed cutely and began kissing her neck using plenty of saliva. She wanted him to kiss her on the neck and it was just as hot as the first time. She just told him to keep driving around and then she started rubbing inside his thighs. When he got to the car she started on his thighs again. Then he moved her hair and started kissing her neck. She got on top of him and started kissing his neck. She went up down and his neck with her mouth a few more times.


Virginity Redux

first-time dragonwriter 2017-10-07

Sporting a big smile and laughing a bit she grasped her substantial breasts in each hand, gave them a nice shake, tweaked her large red nipples and raised her arms up over her head saying, "Our next class will be on National Nude Day and as this is a class in Human Sexuality, we're going to do it in the nude. I don't know how much time passed, probably only seconds, then a great burning ball formed in the pit of my stomach, my hands found her head and held it firmly as my hips bucked against her mouth. I loved how it gaped open showing her big hole, I get really stimulated when looking at a gaping pussy hole, guess I'm a perv; but, very soon the burn began as I stroked my cock and rubbed my balls.

Fooling Around With His Daughter

first-time MightyZor 2017-10-07

I asked "What are you doing Suzy?" she just moved her hands to my chest and shirt and said "I am making you feel good. I said "Aren't you gonna suck my dick Suzan?" She just stretched her hand and pulled my cock to her mouth as I was on top of her. She was looking at me said "Aren't you gonna shove that stick in me?" I said "Oh yeah bitch, this stick will be in you in no time" I took my cock in my hand and before actually sliding it through, I moved and touched her pussy with it, just to make her feel good.


first-time romanticredhead 2017-10-07

I let out a slightly laugh, but the close proximity of his lips to my skin had me slightly breathless, as he clearly knew it, as I caught a glimpse of his eyes twinkling as he kissed my ear lobe, and bit it slightly, as he drew his arm around me and we carried on walking, starting to chat about nothing in particular. His hands lightly held my arms, his fingers curled around my skin, I could hear his breathing speeding up, his hot breath on my face, as he suddenly lowered his head and kissed me, his heated mouth finding mine, kissing me passionately, his lips pressing against mine, his tongue caressing the inside my mouth, tasting me and knowing he was predicting my most intimate taste as he did so.

Physical exam with my Stepbrother

first-time john1195 2017-10-07

me the doctor's info asked me to make an appointment for Paul and I to have looked at Paul and said "I guess it's going to be a group physical". looked over at Paul and his eyes were focused on my cock which was sticking The doctor pulled his finger out and said "everything appears He looked over at Paul, smiled and said 'your turn'. Paul's semi-hard cock was making a tent in his boxers. shaft of Paul's cock and pulled his foreskin back. I watched as the doctor's hand moved deeper into Paul's crack. Paul got back into position and the doctor put on gloves and Watching Paul's exam had got my cock hard again and Paul's cock continued to throb and leak precum which

Made HER CUM Hard....

first-time YungBob 2017-10-07

Once I knew she trusted me...I would work slowly on how my dick hurts most of the women I have sex with. I told her what my dick looked like one day while drinking after work. "WOOOO i know why your wrist hurts." She jerked it I knew she would she looked at it. She said " No wait a minute, let me see it again." I pulled it back out stroked it right by her titties. I piled her tight pants off as I sucked her nipples her titties out of her shirt SHIT. She told me " Why were you hiding THAT Treasure from me?" as she stroked my going limp dick taking the rest of the cum out.

Teaching Jen Ch. 02

first-time U.C. 2017-10-07

I could feel my dick starting to rise to the site of her body, but I did not want her to think I was a nymphomaniac, so I got out of the pool to get us some drinks. As I got there I noticed that she had taken of her top and pulled her bikini bottom into the crack of her ass. As she faced me she grabbed my dick and started to stroke him. I started to make my way down her body; giving her little bites as I went. With bold strokes I tongue fucked her, until I could feel how her pussy started to contract. As she got up the sun hit her body at such an angle, making it the most erotic scene I have ever gazed upon.

Defeated in a Female Naked Challenge

first-time purice 2017-10-07

As the waves and waves of sheer, unadulterated joy coursed through my entire nude body, I noticed that Mandy's cute toes were rhythmically curling with passion again; and, in the mirror, I could see the symmetrical soles of her lovely bare feet wrinkling as they pawed the air. In the gloom under the duvet I could make out Mandy's bare feet and toes dangling and curling right in front of my face, and I felt them softly brushing against my nose; even through my hysteria I experienced an exceptionally strong desire to reach out and tickle them in revenge, but, of course, my hands were tied behind my back The tickling sensation surged through my body and culminated in endless gusts of uncontrollable laughter, which took over my mind and body completely.

Turning Gay Pt 2

first-time davescock 2017-10-07

now that I had committed my first "gay" act by watching two guys suck each other off and stroking my cock in front of them, I was even more anxious to take it one step further. he could tell I was nervous and told me to relax and that we didn't have to suck each other if I didn't want to. after about five minutes, I felt like I was going to cum, but I wanted to suck him off first. sucking cock looked so easy in porn, but I was having a hard time getting a few inches in my mouth. he powered through and continued sucking and finished my licking up all the cum that dripped out of his mouth and onto my balls.

Naughty Naturalist

first-time Turtlelady 2017-10-07

When we reach the ground, he breaks the kiss and rises off of me, I feel the loss of body contact with a shiver, and feel abandoned, then as my sensibilities threaten to take back over he begins kissing my neck, down to my breasts where his tongue expertly teases a nipple, and then I feel his fingers rubbing my very wet pussy, and my sensibilities once again take the back seat to animalistic need. Once he senses that he is getting no resistance he thrusts his cock deep, moving in and out of my pussy with long firm strokes that get harder and fiercer, till I feel as if I am going to be split in half, then he lifts his chest off of mine and begins to slow his thrusts, but making them more demanding.

Shared cuckold fantasy, directed by a special coup

first-time matureworship 2017-10-07

I remember how crude my flirting became after a while, rubbing my stiff prick into Linda as we danced, and Mike was watching. I sit deliberately close to Linda and she reaches out to Mike, taking his hand and holding it on his thigh. Again, I rested on my hands as I sat down and pushed my fingers once more under Linda's lovely legs, smiling to myself as I knew I was rubbing some of my mess on her dress. I watch her eyes as she stares at my shaft in her hands; like an expert tart, she strokes the meat all the way back to my balls, ignoring or enjoying the slimey dribbles from her mouth that oozes over her chin and on to her tits.

A Long Way Home Ch. 03

first-time dan57 2017-10-07

Tim's brother has asked several times to swap their girl friends and each time he came to the same conclusion : Naina was extremely good in bed, ready to suck him any time and she opened her ass as lewdly as her sister Ritu but it seemed that there was a special alchemy between those two that immediately transformed good almost marital relations into a burning frenzy that consumed them as soon as they were together. At least, Tim and Tom would take their cherries but it would be a big turn on for both of them of watching Mrs Leena, their professor be fucked by her own husband and Kira's husband in front of them.

Jennifer's Sexual Awakening Ch. 01

first-time AveryTomDeaconHarry 2017-10-07

As he approached, she put the joint down in the ashtray and couldn't resist slipping a hand under her robe onto one of her bare breasts to squeeze a rapidly hardening nipple while her other hand tugged the belt cord undone, pulled the lower part of the robe open and carried on down between her legs to massage her pussy a little. She spread some sunscreen over her arms and stomach and, when she smoothed it over her breasts, she ran her hands under the cloth of the bikini, 'To make sure it covers all my skin' she told herself, "accidentally" letting her fingers linger on her erect nipples.

What Happens in Vegas ( A trip to Vegas changed hi

first-time germanboi4bbc 2017-10-07

Terri's cock stopped shooting and I held it in my mouth like a pacifier as Jessica worked hard to make me cum. I fell back on the bed exhausted and watched as Jessica held my cum in her mouth and brought her lips to Terri's so they could share my seed in a deep passionate kiss. Most of our audience was blocked from the view of Terri's cock and they likely had no idea that the pretty brunette being fucked up the ass on stage was sporting 7'' of hard throbbing man meat. I continued to suckle on Jerry's softening cock as his friend fucked my ass hard and fast until he buried his talented tool deep inside me and filled me with cum.

Dante's Inferno

first-time AP 2017-10-07

Her head thrown back, she felt him kiss and lick her, the predator at her throat...."Elsbeth," he breathed, "Let me love you." Elsbeth could no longer contain her innocence feeling this warmth begin to form between her thighs as she slightly opened them and slid one leg up to his hip. She closed her eyes and began to grind her hips against him, her moans became cries as he licked and sucked on her soft flesh. He stared down into her beautiful face, glistening with tears, contorted with an expression of utter delight and despair as she screamed for the sake of her forever damned soul, but then didn't care as she reached a point of no return and poured her creamy juices.

An Unexpected Release

first-time LaceyLove 2017-10-07

He watched her turn the pages of her book for a few minutes as he toyed with the idea of approaching her, but soon gave in to his need and decided to join her on the bench at the edge of the woods. Her grabbed her hips and pulled her in for a kiss before resting her ass back on the bench as he slid her stretchy pants down over her hips. Through the holes in the lace he felt her wetness and even thought it might be oozing out onto his fingers. This sent him over the edge, and he plunged his fingers into her lace panties to feel her wet lips and swollen clit.

Clit Crazy Jeanne's Pool Party--Part 2

first-time julesbtp8 2017-10-07

Jeanne knew that she probably shouldn’t know what a hard dick looked like…but her parents had such a porn collection! Jeanne knew what another woman’s spread pussy lips looked like long before she ever took a mirror to her own. Did any woman know what it felt like to have a hard, dripping cock slide along her lips and rub her aching clit? Jeanne started stroking her pussy, sliding her fingers along her lips, dipping them into her cunt, tapping her clit and sliding deep inside herself to rub the rough patch on her front wall that she knew (from online) was her g-spot.

The Hot Tub

first-time peaches2 2017-10-07

"Okay," he responded heading to the bathroom, "but first, I want to hear all about your marriage, because marriage trumps college on the scale of life, I think." When he emerged from the bathroom, Angela motioned to him as she yelled, "Over here, Chris." He joined her on a screened-in sun-splashed deck of paved multi-colored stones surrounding a large pool of clear water. "Well, don't beat yourself up over that, Angela," he said gazing intently at her thick curly hair, "because at that age, we boys didn't exactly want to be thought of as sweet. Look, Chris," she said taking her hand out of his suit and sitting upright, "I'm going to move over here away from you, and I'm only going to say this once. Finally, Chris said methodically, "Yes, I want you.

Homemade Boudoir Photo Session-Wife and Her Sister

first-time azguy2025 2017-10-07

We never did get a chance to send that photo, but her s****r is texting, looking forward to seeing my handy-work, and these photos that “are not naughty, but just beautiful,“ is how I put it. Now I find out that my wife and her s****r are coming back together, looking forward to seeing my homemade photo studio and being the models. My wife being the way she is just not going to have a problem with giving her s****r a night of fun and fantasy taking pictures, and even giving a little pampering with a massage with everything else that might go with that. Then having fun taking sexy pictures not wearing much as well as nudes; my wife’s going to encourage a massage, a massage that is more than just using my lubricated hands.

Janie and Me: How I Lost... Ch. 01

first-time LuciousBi-Writes4U 2017-10-07

Janie said that was cool and she said to have Misty's boyfriend bring us up to meet them around 8 that night-in the old A&P parking lot. Misty decided to go home with her boyfriend, 21 year-old Chad that night because his parents were out of town at a convention and he had the house to himself. Misty went home with Chad...and that left me to spend the night with Janie. When Janie headed back into her room she took a running start from down the hall and jumped onto the waterbed...sending me flying and my 94 lb little ass got stuck in the crack-the crack between the bed and the wall-and with a thud at that.

Doing The Nine Sisters Ch. 01

first-time CalWriter 2017-10-07

With all the fucking, her pussy started to loosen a bit, and the pain gave way to pleasure. We went behind a secret door into a room that looked like something out of a spy movie. And a virgin to boot.” The other brothers in the room shook my hand and congratulated me, saying it was quite a thing to be the first in my pledge class to score. I looked at the screens and saw three others in my class fucking in various rooms in the house. The pledge trainer took me back to the pledge room and made a check mark on the chart where my line intersected Alpha Phi’s.

My wife's first interracial experience

first-time livin1214 2017-10-07

While i was fucking her with this new toy I finally asked her the question, "what's the biggest cock you've ever given this pussy to?" She lightly replied, "no baby, I don't want to discuss it." I said, "come on baby. I said, "you need another session like we had last night don't you?" She said, "that would be great but we don't have our third member." I said, "well let me text him and see what he's up to." I sent a text saying, "Amy woke up horny as fuck and wants another steamy fuckfest." I immediately got a response saying, "I'll be there in 20 minutes." Amy read that and said she didn't actually think he'd come back.

Summer Houseguest Ch. 01

first-time alan9 2017-10-06

He soaked it all in for a few moments before getting out and walking up to the door where he would see, for the first time since he was 8 years old, a woman he remembered as being "real purdy." He wondered if Rachel would look older than the 18 years he remembered. Rachel shut the door behind her, paused, took a deep breath and adjourned to the kitchen leaving Nathan to look in wonder at his surroundings. Rachel spent a couple hours reading in her room, often stopping to think about Nathan asleep in his room, imagining his tall frame enveloped in those silk sheets. Nathan lay on his left side facing Rachel, his chest and head were still hidden in the pitch black of the room.