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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time tjendol 2017-10-06

"I think I spent the night at his place" I replied smugly without looking at her in the eye. What if I was over-thinking and he just wanted to watch the movie? He had me pinned on the couch with left arm around my waist and the other holding my neck. His left hand was working its way up my shirt. My eyes rolled back as his other hand started working its way up my thigh. I looked at him in the eye before licking his entire length with the tip of my tongue. His eyes rolled back into his head as I took his whole length and closed my lips on it as I pulled out.

me and mom 3

first-time 2017-10-06

I saw my mom lying on the bed and closed her eyes. I shot my mom was ready to come and sit beside the bed, pulled down low Shlvartv said why? Suddenly drew himself up and said come on Lay. I did the arithmetic right, I got my head Pillow. I would like to turn Ayndfh Gshnh Trfm wolves will attack.I was really crazy was that I felt the earth or water Khv Avkhm it comes to weather. Slowly took over my mom and my mom come Let earth or water. My mom took immediate Kyrmv Dhnshv and earth or water, and Mick said. When I saw the earth or water coming back feet and sat on my chest Krdmv Kyrmv I drew his face.

Daddy and Emily turn Jenn into a slut

first-time 2017-10-06

jenn is still very horny and can see she is thinking about this and slowly decides she wants to be daddys slut just like her big s****r and do all the things she does, so she slowly comes over and kneels beside you before im out of pee and says what you did... "piss on me too daddy!" i aim my cock at her and she lowers her head so i can soak her hair then she lifts her head and opens her mouth just like you did and says "mmm, i wanna drink your hot piss daddy!" you and me look at each other still wondering about how she knows about these things, but we just go with it...

My Best Friend Stacie Ch. 05

first-time sensuallystricken 2017-10-06

Stacie's face is bright red and cum is spewing out of her mouth. She continues to massage my cock with her tongue as I fuck her mouth coaxing more cum out of me. It's okay.....uh just get to class as soon as you can." Mrs. Little quickly walks away with a big smile on her face. "You know what, Kyle?" Stacie says wiping my cum off with her finger. "Oh, okay, well whatever you want, son." My dad says with a grin finally realizing what my mom had already realized. Stacie and I stay in that position for a few more minutes with my softening cock still inside her throbbing pussy. Stacie takes a finger and sticks it inside her and pulls it out a cum soaked finger.

Tim's First Time

first-time MitchFraell 2017-10-06

When she had finished; she stayed mounted, playing with her tits, rubbing her cunt against him, coating his cock with her juices and trying, with little success, to entice him with her interpretation of a vamp. She'd let him look for a few moments -- drool was probably a more accurate description - and then held her hands up with her palms facing away from him, giving him the opportunity to notice her lipstick colour, pink, almost matched the colour of her nail varnish and was a similar colour to her nipples and areolas. By the time we'd got into bed my cock was starting to get hard again."

Little Bo Peep

first-time LeCoach 2017-10-06

The next thing she knew Kenny's brother Jimmy...J.J. to most kids in the neighborhood, and his friend Jason were watching her inexcusable behavior and even photographing her degradation. But, unable to resist the opportunity to see Jessica naked, Jimmy reluctantly accepted the phone and listened as Kenny showed him how the camera worked. "Honestly Jessica, I have my brother's phone right here and I don't exactly know how to got those pictures off of it but...but here it is." He offered. At a loss for words, Jessica simply took out her cell phone and clicked a picture of Jimmy standing there in front of the door...the little drawing of Bo Peep in the background.

Safe Sex Ed

first-time glendale22 2017-10-06

I mean, I know you may have been told certain things in church group, and maybe you have been behaving just as they teach you." As she said this, Zoe was looking more at Connie and Noah. Connie and Noah were surprised, more that Loni answered Zoe's question than that she and Pat had been naked together. Pat looked around, making that comparison to Zoe's underwear and taking in the observable differences in Connie's body from Loni's, just a bit leaner maybe. To Zoe, who got the attention of the boys if for no other reason than her bra and panties were not white and were less modest, the four teens looked like children who didn't know they shouldn't be showing their underwear to others.

The Question

first-time adel5000 2017-10-06

Until that moment, she hadn't showed much interest in sucking him, and he'd wondered if she didn't like oral sex, or that perhaps she wasn't experienced in that area, or any of half a dozen possibilities. As she stroked him by hand, he saw the wetness around her mouth, and it was sexy indeed; then she went down on him again, and he felt her heat once again embracing the head of his cock. He felt Janey's tongue press against him, her mouth as tight and wet as her pussy, and better; she sucked, and he felt the vacuum, and knew that he was going to come if she didn't stop right now, stop sucking him so well, so efficiently, so completely.

Little Red Dress

first-time Imaginatrix 2017-10-06

“That's okay,” I said, leaning back to look in his eyes, “I think I’ll enjoy having control of your body.” An evil half smile crossed my lips. It took only a few short moments of pulling it in and out of my mouth for him to tense and start pushing my head making me bob faster. “I love you,” he said, he pushed into me and I closed my eyes, I could feel the barrier, he stopped for a second, I knew he hated the idea of hurting me. He pulled out and pushed back in, and when I moaned he looked down at me, afraid I was in pain, I just smiled and said, “Harder.”

After School Special

first-time fotisampini 2017-10-06

Miss Ross placed her hand on my head and as she began playing with my thick black hair, said, "Look up at me Todd, let me see those big blue eyes while you eat me." "Okay, no more making fun of you." She slid closer to the point our hips were touching and resting her hand on my arm said, "You know Todd when I first opened this story I was pretty shocked, and honestly more than a little pissed." At the thought that it was going to happen, that I was really going to fuck Miss Ross, I slid my tongue from inside her and started lapping up through her soft wet lips, intent on getting to her clit and making her cum so I could drown my cock into her hot little box.

My first ginger

first-time fiona_cdf 2017-10-06

imagine 1970/80's dress style - high block platform shoes - high waist oxford bags - nylon bikini panties, short mini dresses, knee high boots and dreaded tights I called her over and said to her wait for me outside and I'd walk her to the train station (she caught the train in to work everyday). So we started walking to the train station and she was quite cold so the old arm around the shoulder came in. It was pretty deserted so we ducked into the shelter and soon started kissing and fondling, she gorgeous pair of tits and with the cold night air her hips really stood out.

Sudden Sex

first-time Anton_Ko 2017-10-06

"I know I'm pretty crazy, but I saw you," she said – in a tender voice, "and I thought, like, yeah – he looks pretty good, you know? I squeezed her tightly to my chest and pressed my lips hard against hers, sliding my hand up her back, like I'd seen in done in the movies. I wondered why I was even there, felt thirsty, and inwardly mocked the stupid girl under me – her mouth wide open and her dull – witted eyes looking into mine. I felt like flattering her, and began to lick her body, and smother it in kisses, while I rammed her with all my might.

Katie's Exploits Ch. 02

first-time swingingpuss 2017-10-06

There was a post-it stuck on the pot which said that Kirk and Pat would be bunking classes for the day, and I should let them know what happened with Dan in the evening. Brushing tears of laughter from his eyes Patrick got and said “I better get ready Jerome is coming to pick me up” and then he headed towards Kirk’s room. Jerome however had other plans in his mind .He looked at Pat in the eye and said “Why don’t you two carry on and we will follow you after a while?” Ending the kiss I stared into his eyes and said “Do you want to fuck me or play like teenagers?”

Early Education

first-time kenkx 2017-10-06

Glancing in my rear view mirror, I saw Lori's sweet smile and I visualized what she and Chuck would have looked like as they raced each other getting their clothes off the previous evening. "Lori, tell Barb what you were working on in the lab this week," Chuck suggested with undisguised glee. Lori leaned forward and kissed the head of Chuck's cut cock, then let it slip between her open lips about an inch. I watched Lori's cute little butt as she continued to give Chuck a first-class blow job, my wife only inches away from the action. "I'm sure Chuck would let you suck him off, Barb, but you need to be imagining do it to your husband, Ken." The sight of Barb's head on Chuck's belly as Lori sucked him off was arousing enough!

Catholic Girls!

first-time Codis 2017-10-06

She began to rock her legs together, opening and closing them as she sat there. "I'm sorry Megan, but you'll have to tell me a lot more than that if you want me to understand, let alone help you." I protested. She just didn't know that her white panties were peeking out at me as her dress rose up on her wide open legs. My cock began to pinch again but with a quick movement I stood up and took the inseam of my trousers leg, letting its now slowly magnificent length gorge with blood in perfect freedom down my leg. Megan wasn't satisfied with that, and pushed open my legs. "Yes. It was alright Megan." I began to unbutton her blouse. "I want you to put your dick inside me and fill me with your cum Father.

Crowded Train

first-time marsh16 2017-10-06

On day i was traveling by Train, i was late for my work i got in a compartment with hurry, after long struggle to get in side the compartment, i took one corner and stood, after a while i realized one hand rubbing my pant over my cock, i did not give attention but after some time i saw a person intentionally dong it. as a crowded compartment no one was worry and no one gave attention, as i looked him he was, nice fair 5.10 " sweet sexy muscular men ( which i was dreaming he was my dream man) i also inserted my hand in has pant and started rubbing his ass.

Daddy gets daughter pregnant

first-time guy4dadbear 2017-10-06

He was to far gone to stop from reaching out and rubbing his fingers over her little pussy, pushing them between the slit and feeling her wetness. He leaned over her again and pressed his throbbing cock against his babygirl’s bald little cunt, groaning as he split her lips apart and her wetness coated him. He slid a hand under belly, pulling her upward and fucked the head of his cock in and out of her little hole, gasping at how it gripped him. Her tight little cunt clasping down on his cock sent a wave of pleasure to his gut and he pulled her into his thrust, driving her completely down his shaft until he was deep into her belly and making her cry out.

MY first time

first-time 2017-10-06

So one day Roger asked me if I wanted to spend the night with him. Then move my ass back to feel his throbbing dick pressing at my anal entrance. So Roger finally begins to push his dick into my ass. He begins to slowly thrust his big, throbbing dick deep in my ass. My dick is throbbing because of the amazing feeling inside my ass. Roger continues thrusting deep inside my ass. feeling my tight ass squeezing around his throbbing dick. Then it begins to pulsate and begins shooting huge jets of cum deep inside my ass. he keeps thrusting and shooting a huge load of cum deep into my wanting ass...Then I began cuming!!!

Agnes of God

first-time My I 2017-10-06

She had explained the severe pain she had suffered and that it was God's punishment for Eve taking of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. She told me all I needed to know to prepare, a hot bath prior to the act would help relax me and would help ease the pain of the first time, though admittedly she claimed she could not be certain as there was no way to test the theory. I heard him whisper a quiet Praise to God and I echoed it, pushing myself up from the bed. I have tried to tell my mother of the feelings David and I share in our private worship, the peace and joy we experience in our lovemaking.

india pune

first-time xxxk777 2017-10-06

” Is baat pe Rajesh ne Fatima begum ke jism se apne haath hataye aur uski chaddi uppar khichte Burqa niche kar ke sofe pe jake baithte bola, “Aare Fatima jaan,Ayesha ko pishab lagi aur pishab karte mujhe boli ki ladko se masalne se chut mai dard hota hai to maine teri beti ki nangi chut masalte aur ungli andar dalke usse zara aram diya, jaise ab tujhe de raha hun. Issi liye woh phir bhi dono haath se Rajesh ka lund masalte boli, “Rajesh mujhe aaisa laga ki tune zaroor Ayesha ko choda hai kyoki tumne mujhe itni jaldi itna garm kiya hai ki mai tumse karwana chaha rahi hu ek shadi sudha muslim aurat hoke bhi to meri beti to raat bhar teri goad mai baithi thi aur tune bataya ki uska jism masla to maine socha ki jism masla to usse tune zaroor choda hoga.


first-time 1boredhubby 2017-10-06

I wasted now time kicking me shoes off and pulling my trousers and pants off ,turned to her and started kissing again my hands frantically pulling her jeans and knickers down,she kicked them off i then buried my head down between her legs eating her really wet cunt and nibbling on her clit can't remember how long for but she came at least 5/6 times my car seat was well and truely soaking.i then climbed over to her side got between her legs pulled her down the seat towards me and rammed my cock up to the hilt in one quick thrust .

Sinnndy's First Time

first-time sinnndy 2017-10-06

It was even better than the first time, as he was getting close to cumming, I told him I wanted it down my throat, he pulled his cock out, and started fucking my face, filling my throat with his cum, I swallowed it all, and kept his cock inside my mouth, sucking and licking it clean. We laid there for a while, kissing some more, he told me that he had to leave, and this could never happen again, I knew that was so, there were so many new cocks to fuck and suck, and although Jim is still friends with my father, we have never slept together again, but every time he comes over, I tease him by flashing my tits or pussy, or by bending in front of him wearing tight pants, I know it drives him crazy.

The new boy

first-time need2try 2017-10-06

Tim started talking about the girls at our school as we got out of our wet, cold swimsuits. The first picture he showed me was of a naked girl and, of course, there was no way to not get hard after seeing that. When we moved apart and went back to Tim's magazine collection he showed me more photos of girls sucking cocks. Tim asked if I knew of any girls at school that did blow jobs. As I looked I thought about the girls in the pictures and how I wondered why they would want to take a cock in their mouth. Tim also agreed he needed to repay me by sucking my cock soon.

Life and times of a Late Bloomer

first-time blakanon 2017-10-06

She had the naughtiest expression on her face, the look of a girl dripping in anticipation at getting a good stiff one after a long while. For someone I had never met before in my life, I felt like I was meeting a long lost ex after years - we said hi, exchanged pleasantries while embracing tightly, I planted a soft kiss on her neck while making sure boldly held a decent handful of her ass while hugging her. "I'm gonna cum so hard" I breathed out loud as I expected her to pull out and let me cum onto some tissue or something - because girls in real life don't often like to take it in the mouth or on the face....right?