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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Vivian First Time Story

first-time Blackz_Sidez 2017-10-06

Vivian felt blood rush into her pussy as she saw one girl rubbing her guy's cock through his jeans. Vivian got very nervous but she knew that she was lucky to be here with Arnold and felt confident that she could keep things from going too far. He moved a hand to the waistband of hers and carefully stroked her lower tummy and the tiny tuft of pubic hair above her pussy. He slid down on the bed so that his head was at her belly button and began to kiss his way down to where his finger was so softly playing. Arnold slid her panties over her hips and kissed her hard little clit.


first-time hroy2 2017-10-06

"What do you want to watch?" Chris asked as he thumbed through the selection of dvd's. She asked her friend and roommate of two years if he wanted to watch a video back in her bedroom, so when she inevitably fell asleep she'd be all set. He allowed her to catch her breath and removed his hand from her wrist. She pushed his hand slightly and he knew it was O.K. He slipped his hand under the soft fabric and felt the little curls of hair. He started pumping his hand harder and she grabbed his wrist stopping the motion. He began to thrust harder and Heather went wild with pleasure. Gasping for breath she asked, "Do you want to try on top?"

Jasmine Unleashed

first-time cnp_dudley 2017-10-06

The eighteen year old's firm, succulent breasts sat perfectly displayed in the morning light and the lips of her slippery, sweet girl slit tingled with enthusiasm as she allowed her friend James to indulge his every desire to see the pretty, young blonde without her clothes. James instinctively glanced around, ensuring his privacy would be protected, and then gently eased back the skin covering the tip of his penis, completely exposing his swollen, purple head. Jasmine had fantasized of having James inside her for a long time and she knew that now she had access to his member, it was hers to pull out whenever she felt the need to relieve her pent up desires.

The Older Virgin

first-time Scot1234 2017-10-06

Her face was as beautiful as her arse (not the kindest of compliments, I know, but I've always been turned on by a round rear end) and it was a face I was sure I knew although couldn't quite place at that moment. While my mouth continued to explore both large breasts, kissing and sucking wherever I wanted without resistance, my hands reached round to the back of her skirt and opened the button on the waistband. Maria realised what I was looking at and, suddenly becoming shy and self-conscious, tried to cover her pussy with her hands, closing her legs as she did so. Again she nodded so I wasted no more time and slowly moved forward, her hands falling from my cock as the tip finally entered this beautiful woman.

Anal Sex w/ my 18-year old Stepdaughter.

first-time otter3440 2017-10-06

My cock started to stir at the press of her ass cheeks and there's certainly no doubt in my mind she could feel that movement. Each time I did this her hand involuntarily clenched the sofa cushion until finally her leg quickly folded to meet the other and I felt her ass cheeks shudder as they pressed against me. When it ended I kind of snapped out of my lustful state and began to think like a moral stepfather again and removed my loins from her ass cheeks and told her it was time for bed. I finally lifted her ass cheeks up to expose my cock almost to the head and then gently pulled them down again.

Kurumi in Dreamland Chapter 1

first-time wwephenom 2017-10-06

To make ends meet, they took the eldest of the three daughters, Kurumi Mia and had her work for the wealthiest man in all the land as his head maid. Kurumi was a very beautiful young woman with long flowing red hair that is normally kept in a ponytail by a big black ribbon. Kurumi normally slept in the nude, but on this night, with how tired that she was, she laid down on the bed in her maid uniform and fell to sl**p the moment her head hit the pillow. Then just when it seemed things couldn't get worst in the dream for Kurumi, they came.

My First Surprise Erotic Massage

first-time jambajuice67 2017-10-06

I had the thought, "hey I need sexual release as I am a guy, and after 15 years of marriage, my wife usually can't be bothered, so what's the big deal?" I was so lost in my head that I barely noticed the towel disappear and a bit more "accidental;" brushing, now against the side of my dick. After 2 days of mulling over the experience, I realized that I did not feel guilty, as I need sexual release and if my wife is too busy to take care of me on a regular basis, then certainly there is nothing wrong with what has become my new hobby!

1st time meet....continued

first-time desmond2tu 2017-10-06

First silent and still, then she gently rocked her head from side to side, breathing heavy and groaning quietly with her eyes closed. My tongue now frantically probed her all the way through leg shaking, then muscle jerking until a powerful orgasm ripped through her. She opened her eyes and looked at me whilst gripping my shoulders and then the sight I love to see. Her eyes rolled over for a second in ecstasy, before closing again and collapsing back into the sofa. She opened my legs and just grinned at me as she nestled in between me towards my rock hard smooth cock. When my big cock comfortably slid all the way into her, she paused, steadied herself, then rocked gently to and fro.

Suzy Learns To Fuck

first-time deepemerald 2017-10-06

She liked little Emily Barnes and couldn’t stand the way Mrs Henley treated the poor child. “You know, nice boys aren’t always what’s best for nice girls,” Mr Barnes said and stroked Suzy’s arm. “I’ll show you,” Mr Barnes whispered and his lips closed in on Suzy’s neck, sucking on it and running his tongue in circles inside the suction of his lips. “You have beautiful tits Suzy,” Mr Barnes said and cupped one of them in his hand. “Do you like it when I suck your tits?” Mr Barnes asked and didn’t wait for an answer before he started sucking on her other nipple, gently massaging the first one with his fingertips. “Do you want my cock, Suzy?” Mr Barnes asked and kissed her nipple.

Shared & Double Penetrated Honeymoon

first-time altaff143 2017-10-06

Waves & waves of orgasms was riding through me realizing that we were fucking on the floor and we could be caught in this position by Rohan who could be coming anytime; after about 15 minutes I felt Sohan stiffening himself and could feel jets of hot semen being pumped into me. As we reached the familiar dark spot, I moved my mouth to his ear and whispered, " Rohan, Sohan has said that he would be going night fishing and that I am supposed to sl**p in your room. Then after sometime I felt Sohan's hands on my breasts pulling me to him as Rohan started to ram into me from below.

Erica's First Striptease

first-time claire2010 2017-10-06

"Yes...yes...go on, real dirty...and say cunt!" he told her, as he reached into his open trousers and curled his fingers around his swollen cock. "And now...turn around...touch the fucking pole...caress it, a guy's dirty while you touch it...tell me all about your cunt...your bad you want cock inside your cunt and ass...good girl...yes...lick the fucking pole...lick it!" Her fingers touched the lovel petals in between her legs...and she peeled them open...spreading the lips apart to reveal the pink, moist love-flesh inside her teenage vagina. She spread the cunt lips wide apart, dipping her middle finger into the pussy Mr James got up and stepped towards her...his cock in his hand...already ejaculating...

Losing my anal virginity

first-time FearlessAddict 2017-10-06

But as we started to talk about cocks and cum and tight butts, he asked me about my experience again. I pushed the plug out of my ass and started lightly pumping it in and out with my left hand. I reacted instantly by closing my legs and turning my body away from the door, as I looked up in terror. It felt nice, and I started to rub my own cock with one hand. My eyes shot open and I stared at him as he started pounding my ass yet again. I couldn’t help but grab my cock and start beating it. Not missing a drop, he cleaned my cock entirely and sucked each of my balls in his mouth, working the cum off with his tongue.


World's Best Mom

first-time a006 2017-10-06

Our hips pressed firmly against one another, my swollen penis completely filling the void between her legs, she disclosed her desire to vitiate me, “This year I am your birthday present.” Unable to speak, I gazed upon her small, beautiful face, as I was suddenly struck with a feeling of astonishment at the unexpectedness of her gift, without hesitation I began to kiss her full, red lips deeply and devotedly. Holding my gaze and looking directly into my eyes she said “You can have me whenever you want.” She kissed my forehead as I climbed up on top of her, holding her face in my hands, my stiffening cock slipped gently back inside her warm, brimming confines.

The Boarder Part 1

first-time john1195 2017-10-06

was Joshua and he said he couldn't find his bathers in his bag - he must the shower, I couldn't get the image of Josh's cock and balls out of my hard cock with a towel before Josh opened the door and stuck his head "Sure thing", I replied and tried to keep my hard cock covered. This time Joshua noticed me staring at his cock Joshua wiped the cum off his body and hands with his bathers and dived into half-hard cock into my swimsuit and walked out to the pool and said good hardening again and his cock head now lifted off his balls and started "Man - I needed that so bad" Joshua said as his slick cock slipped from my


first-time Lucky_Desired 2017-10-06

"So umm..., you know, when do you think we're going to have sex?" I said my face getting redder with every word. Which means for the first time in my life, I was going to live apart from my mom or Cassie. Finally, I said "well don't worry about it, I don't think I'm going to be invited to a party anytime in the future." "Oh look at that, some pre-cum shot out." she said giggling "I wonder how it tastes?" She then took her tongue and licked my head. Unfortunately everything is so tight on me, I need relief tiger." She said "Do you want to role play with me as your mom?"

My Roomates s****r Kara

first-time Vesper2069 2017-10-06

“You better sit on his cock while its still hard, I wanna see what your cute little pussy looks like getting filled with a huge dick like that.” I say. Your getting fucked and the guy who was just licking your asshole is now licking my dick as it moves in and out of your tight virgin pussy,” Brandon says. My tongue moves along his shaft, feeling every single vein and bulge that it has to offer, then down to his huge shaved balls, and then go back up to her asshole to start tongue fucking her again. After a while I pull out of her asshole and say, “I think it’s about time you tasted your own ass.” I stand in front of her and put my cock in her face.

The Twin Pt. 01

first-time thebatgirl18 2017-10-06

Wanting to know what it actually felt like to be horny, I jumped down to the floor and pulled off my PJs, leaving my pink cotton briefs and bra on, As I looked at my freckled reflection in the long mirror in the corner of the room, I took a deep breath and pushed panties down a little to reveal the ginger hair covering my pussy. With each kiss the pussy tingles got more intense and I let out an involuntary moan as I felt an intense shiver of pleasure run down my body, I think then I began to throb for him.

My First Time Giving

first-time tightie 2017-10-06

While in December it wasn't too badly cold, just right for he unzipped his jean pants to where he pulled his big, 8 inch throbbing penis, I knew it wouldn't take too much to make him cum. As we got ready to leave we were in somewhat of silence, I noticed him looking at me in a pleased way, he opened his lips and out came a ringing sound, I asked him to repeat, and he did it again, then disappointment came over me, I knew what it was time for me to wake up!!....I opened my eyes and realized that it was all a dream, my panties were soaked though and I apparently fingered myself until I came, so the night wasn't a total waste.

How Many?

first-time Ooshnafloot 2017-10-06

"You're number four." she said, closing her eyes and turning her head away, but at the same time opening her legs to let him get deeper. So, I thought, he was maybe just getting me wet, that he was going to do me after, so when he pulled his face away again I'm thinking 'here it comes' and I lift my ass up a bit to take it. Funny thing was, when I woke up I was actually being fucked from behind like I'd expected the night before, and of course I think it's the young guy come to finish me off, yeah, but it was that other guy." "You know," said Jon "fucking you without a condom sounds good.

how i lost my virginity

first-time sm0k3y 2017-10-06

I just looked into her beautiful green eyes for what seemed like forever then I moved forward slightly and we both jus grabbed each kissing. Me still holding her I put her on the bed and slowly kissed down her body till I got to her tiny short shorts and pulled them off and her thong leaving her wet shaven pussy on show. I put her leg in the air and kissed down her leg till i got to her pussy and played with her clit while slowly finger fucking her, I got faster and her back arched and she cumed all over my hand and tongue.

The Trap – Public Show

first-time 2017-10-06

He said now take those stockings and hand it over to the youngest looking guy and give him a kiss on his lips. I went near him and whispered in his ears that you would have also faced similar when your dick would be craving to come out and a person like you must have stopped you. I pulled my dress up and put my right hand middle finger in my pussy and slowly started moving it in and out. As soon as I entered my room I got a call from Kailash saying that he will come in the morning to my room and I can take rest until then.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Theater Sex

first-time jackinbow 2017-10-06

“Take it easy,” Mr. E advised the recipient of Big Mouth’s attention, “If our friend here decides to be a stand-up citizen and comes back for a visit, we want him to remember that this part wasn’t too bad after all...” A few seconds later, he added, “Don’t blow a load in his mouth, now – unless he gives you permission. Big Mouth watched Doris, enjoying the show while he worked on the fat guy, looking almost stoic until you detected the fact that he was now actively driving himself back onto Mr. E’s cock.


first-time louise7033 2017-10-05

I used to think there were good girls and there bad girls. Although, since I first had sex, I'm not sure any more about who are the good girls and who are the bad girls. But I increasingly enjoy sex as well, and when my lover has his hand on my puki he always whispers to me that I'm a good girl. I certainly don't feel like a bad girl when I have sex. At first the conversation was innocent enough, but after a while he started to ask me about my private life: whether I still had a boyfriend, how I liked to spend my evenings, that kind of thing.

Supplementing my Income

first-time jpscorp 2017-10-05

I took a long look at Joe's nake cock and balls on display as he sat with legs spread wide and I have to admit,I got turned at the sight. Now that I was a little experienced, I wasted no time and took Fred's rock hard cock into my mouth, as deep as I could take it. Because Fred was fondling my balls and cock from behind me and it felt really good, I saw no reason to stop sucking Joe's cock and like the 67 year old teenager Joe was, his got hard but once again in my mouth.