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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sharing Dick with my Girlfriend-True Story

first-time bmckzi 2017-10-05

Then he started to talk about some of the older teenage girls in our neighborhood and how he would let them suck him and who he wanted to fuck and his dick got even harder and he kind of pushed it more inmy mouth and I tasted a salty fluid, then a little more, then I felt his cum shoot into the roof of my mouth, then a huge gusher of his cum shot into my mouth and I kept sucking until his dick finished throbbing. Then Barbara said its my turn and I sat down on the couch while she took her little fingers and stroked my cock while sucking me off- She rubbed her pussy and Rich said"let me do that for you" and he rubbed her pussy while she sucked me- he told her to take her time and he tried to pull her pants down but she got nervous.

My Ex Introduces the Professor

first-time CuriAce 2017-10-05

Sitting beside me at Petra's 3-ft-round patio table, Mike would touch my leg with the back of his hand to emphasize points in his various stories. With the hands of the pro, he grabbed the shaft at the base, licked it like a slow melting ice-cream cone and slowly parted his lips to let my hard-on work its way to the back of his mouth. As I looked up to Mike's face, I could see that contented smile of a man who on one hand was enjoying the sensation of the moment and on the other was about to take on a new freshman and advance him to PHD level.

cucks first time to try bbc

first-time newcuck 2017-10-05

I could stop myself and wrapped my hand around it and how do I put it it was the thickest longest smothest lump of sexy cock ever, I started to stroke it and could feel it getting much bigger, he put his hands behind his head and without thingink I put my mouth around it..well tried my best it was so thick, and started to suck my first cock it tasted so good I was rock hard sitting there with a big black cock in my mouth and my hands all over his cock and balls.

letting her take me (true)

first-time tonkier101 2017-10-05

That was when it got good!I finished her off after a good hard pounding and pus licking,and just as she was coming off her orgasam she noticed I was still between her legs rubbing her sweet new strapped on cock. after a few minutes I am really getting into it as is she, she tells me she is going to make me cum,she starts thrusting me harder and rubbing my cock till she thrusts me deep and hard. thinking of how good it will feel to be on my hands and knees with her bottomed out in my ass hands on my hips fucking me the same way I do her in the ass, sweet but firm and till I cum!

Company Policy

first-time Red_Jakal 2017-10-05

I tried to jump over a taxi this morning, and things didn't work out quite the way I was hoping." I fiddled in my pocket trying to find my bathroom key as she puzzled that out. For the second time in the past few minutes, I found myself in another compromising position with Claire, her knees on the window ledge, my face level with her butt, still covered by her pencil skirt, (though the slit in the back threatened to undo that) and my hands on either side of her tiny waist. I know that you have that FOIA report due the 13th, so I asked Claire to be your personal assistant and help you with both projects.

My First Girlfriend, My First Love

first-time George_McGuffen 2017-10-05

Well this didn't go over to well with my friends who said I stole her from Paul and they didn't want anything to do with me. As time went on, I became really open and told her about how things were in the past and she helped me in any way she could. My friends and I have reconsiled and Paul even forgave me and later said I was doing him a favor cause him and Susan's relationship wasn't working out to begin with. No matter how many good times we have together or how long we are together, I will remember that day at the campsite in the woods on the bridge like it was yesterday for the rest of my life...