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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The New Tenant

first-time asianpornaddict 2018-10-03

She said she wanted to look at the apartment again, she then slowly and purposefully walked past me and brushed by me, so that the back of her right hand brushed the front of my crotch ever so slightly, but definitely making contact. Turning and facing me now, she was a few inches shorter than me, she looked straight into my eyes, and asked in a sexy, almost begging voice, that she understood the red tape, but was there a way in which I could make an exception, so that we could come to an agreement sooner not later, maybe if the conditions were right, as sooner as today. Once she reached her goal the elastic band of my shorts with her finger, she looked up at my face which was just inches away, she slowly said “Would you like me to continue?

Halloween night done right pt 1

first-time Blondelover24 2018-10-03

5foot 5 with a very slender frame complimented by 34 c breasts and an ass that made every guy go instantly hard. I was really excited about the Party especially since Erin asked me to come over 2 hours early to help her with something. My dick was starting to swell because not only did she have an ass tO marvel at she was dressed as a cowgirl, one of my fetishes. My dick was soon rock hard and pressuring so hard on my jeans I thought it would rip thrOugh. Of the room with her hand in her pants scared by our realization of her presence the Erin got up kissed her softly and lead her to the bed.....

I Won't Forgive You!

first-time Sean Renaud 2018-10-03

I know what you like." Mike didn't have to drag his friend any more, which was good because his eyes had started to wander the flesh all around. The next time she went down Damian felt her throat twitch just slightly but her lips were pressed against his stomach. It took Mika's lips against his to silence him and the steady grind of her hips bringing his cock back to attention for a second longer, more satisfying round where they kept their eyes locked the entire time. That time he watched Mika's entire body shiver as she got off on his cock just a second before he pumped a second load of cum into her.

GFS Bestfriend pt.4

first-time SafeSexting 2018-10-03

Looking at him with beautiful brown eyes, Liz's tongue snaked out and gathered the drop of cum off the end of his dick and pull it into her mouth. Gasping for breath, Liz watched as her best friend's boyfriend undid the button on her jeans and slowly slid down the zipper, gradually exposing her white cotton panties. Pressing her hard against the door, he began to slide in and out of her, her left foot caressed his leg as she stood with the toes of her other foot barely touching the floor, he had her lifted up as he fucked her. Holding her shoulders for momentum, Danny began to fuck Liz for all he was worth, slamming his cock deep into her hungry cunt as hard as he could.

turning gay

first-time hothothot103 2018-10-03

When he wasn't home the zipper was to remain locked to the belt in both the front and the back and whenever we went out, I needed to have a buttplug in. I got dressed and went to the kitchen, he gave me some cash, car keys and told me to move my stuff in. I could see people looking at me, leather pants obviously aren't discreet, nor is the zipper running from my ass to my crotch with easily visible padlocks on it. I would almost never leave the house and when I did it would be after he left and i'd pull on some running pants over the leather pants to hide the anal zippers and bondage locks.

Initiation to Sexual Adventure

first-time Lyon 2018-10-03

While I played a lot of sport, I wouldn't really describe myself as a team man, and I liked to spend time alone, reading, riding my motor-bike, and so forth. I pulled out a black lace bra, panties, suspender belt and stockings. My cock was like concrete as I pulled the stocking up my leg, gradually adjusting it as I went so it was straight. The bra didn't seem all that great a turn on, but the way the stockings felt against the jeans, and the panties against my cock were. I looked at myself, the shots of me fastening the belt to the stockings and pulling up the pants covered from my navel down and showed my cock, shrunken with fear, surrounded by the lingerie.

Manipulating Her Mind Ch. 03

first-time daddymassa 2018-10-03

"Yes, you are a very good girl." I was starting to breath heavy, feeling my hard cock rubbing up against her ass as I started letting my hips move to rub around against her. I wonder what it's like for Jennifer to be naked, fucked by a stranger, leaned up against a tree and have a dick shoved seven inches up her ass. Sliding my cock back out, almost all the way, I suddenly pushed it in a little quicker and deeper, leaning over and letting my hand press her face to the ground a little harder. I began to fuck her ass harder and shoved the side of her face into the dirt as hard as I could.

Nicole's Decent Ch. 01

first-time Sophie1605 2018-10-03

I turned around to see my dads handsome business partner gale standing in the doorway with an unusually relaxed look on his face. Your dad was actually doing the guy a huge favor." Gale looked at me and saw that I was about to burst into tears. My mom walked off the boat and quickly worked her way into the middle of the restaurant where my dad was already seated enjoying a beer. "It's starting to get dark!" My dad yelled as he turned his head back towards me and Gale but rested his eyes on my mom. "I want you to make sure Nicole gets home safely," my dad said as he slapped Gale on the shoulder.

A Chubby Shy Girl I Fucked (True Story)

first-time 2018-10-03

She continued making out with me as she began to moan when suddenly I felt her hand rubbing my thigh getting closer and closer to my hard dick but not grabbing it. She pulled my jeans and boxers off tossing them aside before quickly grabbing onto my cock stroking it a few times before she leaned forward and planted a kiss on the tip before letting it slide past her lips into her mouth. Amber's body quivered as she grabbed her tits and moaned as I worked her pussy in my mouth sucking on her lips and tiny clit until I heard her whisper "Fuck me" as she moaned with her eyes closed.

hiding at the football game

first-time c-mon96 2018-10-03

she sighs slowly and tells me "ya kno, we're the only 2 ppl in the building and this is our senior year so.." so i laugh and slyly say "and your point?" so she says "sooo i wanna try something here" and the wheels in my head started turnin and i feel her hand running slowly up and down my leg as she looks up at me with an innocent look in her eyes so so i go in for a kiss as i rub her breast through her t shirt and slide my hand under her bra...

Sleeping Over

first-time Wilfu1 2018-10-03

"That feels really nice." Scarlett's eyes welled slightly in response to my agreement, and she lowered her face and playfully rubbed her nose against mine. When I did manage to concentrate, I found my hands all over Scarlett's hips and the small of her back, flirting dangerously with the waistband of her panties. Without breaking contact, Scarlett pressed her lips back against mine to repeat the kiss again. Her fingers running through my hair sent little, electric chills through my body, which contrasted so perfectly with the warm crush of Scarlett's groin grinding against my cock. I don't know how much more time I spent worshiping at Scarlett's heavenly breasts, but my wrists were in agony from holding myself above her.

Moving Day

first-time Liams 2018-10-03

He knew she was going to come again and that so was he, he let go of her throat and started to thrust deep and fast, his hands reached for her breasts, grabbing them hard, then running over her nipples with his fingers, pulling and twisting them hard. He slowly pulled out and tried to move away, but Stacey grabbed his ass with both hands and kept him within sucking reach, she never usually liked the taste of come, but this time was different, and she wanted every last drop, she sucked gently at his pulsing cock, grabbing the shaft tightly, squeezing out the last of his come into her mouth.

What a Day

first-time 2018-10-03

He came over to us then dropping to his knees taking his cock out ř.5-6" thin uncut" and started to wank us both so both of us took turn face fucking him roughly making him gag before the muscle guy shot his spunk over the scally guys face and hair (he seemed to like this) as he immediately started sucking the big fellas spunky cock before I shot over the side of his head then his face before him sucking me clean draining every last drop and milked us both for a couple of mins until our cocks were cum free!

Drama 101: Final

first-time SexiKitten96 2018-10-03

He reached out and grabbed the sheet, giving it one hard tug as he pulled it off and away from the desk. Lacey turned her head and gave Andy a serious death glare. She cocks her head slightly, looking at him like he is stupid. The head of his cock pushed at the back of her throat as she wraps her tongue around Andy's shaft. Shaking her head Lacey help Andy to his feet and ushered him out the door. He grins, "Just...that's the biggest thing you complain about after being tied to a desk for over 24 hours." She smirks, "honestly Steven it doesn't bother me to be tied to a table but I am craving sleep after a shower.

Dressed like a girl V

first-time 1120scott 2018-10-03

Ann said they'll knock on the door and ask if my mom saw their dog,and I can go to my room and change. Ann asked if I was wearing my panties, I said yes and pulled my shirt out showing her my bra. Ann said try this and put two pair of panties in the top,making it look like I had boobies. Victoria said she brought me something to wear, and pulled out a matching pair of panties and bra. Victoria said I looked funny, but Megan said I should wear it tonight and tell them how much I liked it. After a while Ann's mother came in and said my mom wanted me to go home.

Aunt Judy teaches the college boys

first-time ondrae74 2018-10-03

Oh yeah, shoot that hot load up into my pussy!" As he got caught up in his climax, he slipped his hands around me and, gripping my ass, he slammed his slick, hard dick in all the way, dumping a steady stream of young cream deep into my cunt. As I started to cum, I pushed my head back and shoved my ass forward causing Kevin to once again bury his huge young cock all the way up inside me. Guiding the head of his hard on into my gaping pussy, I said "Push it in baby." With no further direction, he slid his dick all the way up inside of me until I could feel his balls against the bottom of my ass.

My first blowjob

first-time pith 2018-10-03

It started out with harmless chatting on the internet, but inevitably she ended up showing me her tits over her WebCam. A little truth or Dare could go a long way and this went on for another three or four days when she finally accepted a dare where she had give me a lap dance. She walked up to me and wasted no time, I wasn't even aware that she'd started playing music, and was mesmerized by her hips, ass, and breasts as they all danced in front of my face. I reached forward and started grabbed her breasts massaging them and feeling how huge they were for such a young girl.

Corrupting Jordan

first-time AngelAmy 2018-10-03

Pressing the bottle a bit harder into his stomach, enough to make him flinch, "I want to play with you." I take his hand, which is very warm, and pull him up the stairs, away from the rest of the party, enjoying the speculative glances we draw from our watching audience. "And Jordan, once you've got a girl nice and hot, put a finger here, in her ass, and she will go wild." My finger, still wet from playing in my pussy, slips lightly into my ass, and I moan from the intense pleasure/discomfort. "Jordan, have you ever played with your ass?" He nods know, looks a bit hesitant, and I place one finger against his sphincter, fucking him even harder.

Asher, Lilith and the Tigress Ch. 03

first-time ReefBeach 2018-10-03

It actually didn't have much taste, just a bit, salty, I guess." Asher could now barely notice the taste of his come on his own mouth. In her sleepy state she could feel the tigress approaching, so different from the tender lover who had gone to bed in his arms. * * * Lilith was loving the sensation of the cock inside her. Asher felt the clamping pressure of her climax on his cock, felt her wetness all around his groin, heard her shrill gasp of pleasure. He ran his fingers between his shaft and her lips, and slipped his little finger in with his cock, feeling each stroke as it entered her.

Foot Fetish: My Dream Come True (Re-Upload)

first-time YourToesMyCock 2018-10-03

Foot Fetish: My dream... That was the day that my dream became a reality. I never had "the balls" to just ask girls out. Now, I've had girl friends in the past, but they've always asked me out. I guess early on I got used to girls just wanting me. I first found out I had a foot fetish around 3 years ago or so, when I was watching porn (how some things never change lol). The porno I saw was featured on another popular free porn website, the video was titled: "Audrey Bitoni performs a footjob." After I saw that video, my life changed forever (For the better). You ask.

Dreams of Bluma

first-time FurLove 2018-10-03

"Like my new Coyote and Fox Bill?" as Bluma hugs me from behind and fur fondles my face with her big furry Fox hood. I try valiantly to focus on my work and get a good solution going while remembering the first time I realized the Fur girl of my dreams I saw in a Furrier's web site was a classmate!! With her naturally beautiful, soulful, innocent green eyed looks and slender body Bluma is the dream girl from paradise in furs for most guys. When we started to flirt and get to know each other it was a huge rush for me every time and I soon began to realize it wasn't just the fulfillment of my fur fantasies but HER.

My first fisting

first-time 2018-10-03

I got so randy that I begged her to push all the way in and after a bit of a struggle her hand finally popped in - what a rush! She gave me a moment to adjust to the feeling and then - to prove the point - started twisting her hand inside me, rubbing my prostate in the process of what felt like finger exercises in my bowels. I begged her to fuck me with her fist and to spank my ass and thighs at the same time - HARD!! As she pulled the strap=on out of my ass, I used my fingers to push the cum on my face into my mouth which earned me her smile.

Chemistry Between Nerds and Sluts Ch. 08

first-time BlewWater69 2018-10-03

She loved the feel of a soft cock and wiggled it back and forth, watching the head flop around. The tender teasing didn't seem to do much, so she leaned over and licked the super soft, velvety head of Cole's cock. His hands tenderly held her head to him as she sucked the cockhead hard and jerked him off rapidly in her mouth. He smiled to himself knowing Cole must be driving that big cock of his into Stephanie as he listened. Kyle eventually broke the kiss but immediately sucked in one her firming nipples making Kendall moan aloud. Kendall trying to direct his stiff cock towards her waiting pussy and Kyle got the idea.

Wife lives out her fantasy

first-time davedom 2018-10-03

Over the past few years we have talked about Kathy having sex with another man, and she agrees that that is a big fucking turn on, but just not sure she wanted to go there. As I said Kathy like to talk during sex and she started telling Frank to fuck her hard and make her his fucking bitch whore, which seemed to turn Frank even harder. Kathy went into the house and came back having cleaned her face and tits off and standing hold the towel full of Frank’s cum said to me, I hate to tell you this, at which I expect to hear how bad she felt having just been fucked in front of me.