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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Chinese Takeout Ch. 05

first-time ChloeTzang 2018-10-03

There's still no outright sex in this chapter, but there is continued foreplay between Round Out and Jay-Lin. This is all a continued and lengthy lead-in and teaser for the main event which will be a chapter or three (okay, or more...) in coming with, of course, trials and tribulations for our heroine along the way. "Okay, but hey, I better get ready Ginny, Keith's gonna be here soon, he's taking me for a ride." "Yeah, well, I'm gonna ask Sally for some help, you know what it was like for her, I'm not going through that." "Yeah, good idea." Ginny did know, she'd held my hand, commiserating with me and supporting me through two years of screaming fights between Sally and my parents, crying jags and parental storms until Sally finally got her way and won permission to officially date Brody.

A Cheerleader's Cherry

first-time JesterHaT 2018-10-03

Every day, every week, every month, she would have guys drooling over her or girls staring jealously at her strawberry blonde hair, hazel eyes, curving figure, and perfect hips that were as if God Himself specially took His time to craft her body. Ken slowly began to force her to stuff his cock in his mouth and Melissa tried to resist the choking and gagging, but it was no use as she pulled out by instinct of throwing up. It was not long before, Ken's body suddenly tensed and his cock began to expand as it unleashed strings of cum in her Melissa's mouth.

When Beauty Wants Dork

first-time laurambell 2018-10-03

I lick my lips nervously as I start to approach her, moving slowly towards her, and I am hard by the time I reach her table. Once the door closes and she pushes the button for the first floor, she jumps up, wrapping her legs around me which forces me back against the wall, kissing and sucking on my tongue while I reach under her dress and grab her perfect ass. I start fucking her as hard and fast as I can go, squeezing her legs together, making her pussy even tighter than it already is, I go crazy with lust and start pounding her from the inside with my dick, laying down on top of her, she moans and screams in pleasure as do I.

The Box

first-time lsa3 2018-10-03

Going up and down on his rock hard cock faster and faster; sensing that Charlie was starting to get close; Steve reached over and got a large glop of lubricant which he worked around and into Charlie's virgin ass. Then he went up the side of her vagina, lightly teasing his way between her inner and outer lips until he came to her clitoris, which he licked gently and sucked lightly before continuing down the other side of her now moistening pussy. Since she liked her rosebud played with, Charlie took a wet finger out of her and worked the tip it gently into her ass, wiggling it in time with his suction and nibbles on her clit.

In The Heat of the Day

first-time jaycox 2018-10-03

Darla looked up, straight at Seth for a moment as his eyes locked onto hers, those gray eyes that were so transparent, so mysterious. He broke through her maidenhead quickly as she started and screamed softly, crying tears of pain and joy, kissing him and biting his lip hard enough to bring blood. Seth slowed his thrusting and reached down to touch his cock bringing his hand up to the light. She looked into his eyes, tears filling hers, and said, "I love you with all my heart, Seth Walker Clayton." Three months after the storm on a beautiful fall afternoon Seth and Darla sat in the living room with her mother and father.

Across Rooftops - The Initiation

first-time misterwho 2018-10-03

"Yes?" she asked looking at young man and taking quick note of his sturdy physique. He let his fingers go limp and she dragged them back and forth on her breasts luxuriating in the touch of a man's hands at long last. She kissed him several times on his chest from one nipple to another and then back and everything in between, asking, "Do you want to see more of aunty?" Each word was punctuated with a sucking kiss on his chest. "I am flattered you could not control yourself thinking of me," she said, looking down at him as his eyes darted from her face to her breasts and back.

The Shy Girl

first-time deepemerald 2018-10-03

"I'm sure it just slipped out, but I think you meant it," Mr Andrews placed his hand on Jessie's shoulder. Jessie tugged her nipples and pulled her tits that bounced with each of Doug's slams into her tight cunt. She panted with pleasure and kept looking down to see the wonderful sight of his thick cock being sucked into her hungry cunt. With Jessie in his arms Dough rolled to his side, his cock still lodged inside her wonderful, warm cunt. As Doug's shrinking cock finally slipped out of Jessie's cunt she felt a mixture of his and her cum flooding out of her.

Stepmoms surprise Part 1

first-time insovietrussia 2018-10-03

Luckily there was a mirror in the corner of the room facing the door so i could see if it was opening.I got completely naked witch i wouldn't normaly do ,and started stroking my dick nice and slow, i knew that i was going to cum hard because i hadn't masterbated in a while. I got some of her hand cream witch felt so good, i started getting a bit faster and faster, i was just about to explode my hot cum on myself when out the corner of my eye i saw my stepmom in the mirror looking at me with shock, at this point i should tell you her name...her names Donna...


first-time Grouchojim 2018-10-03

I can still recall Mother telling Miss Ginger, as she came to be called by my sisters and I, not to spare spanking any of us if we presented her with a problem in obeying her instruction, regardless of our age. Fortunately for me, my sister, Ashley had some inane idea about a story she was writing and kept pestering Miss Ginger who apparently wasn't her usual self. As quietly as I could I soaped my cock and balls, got them nice and slippery and began a slow stroke, satisfied that having just ejaculated in my room I could do this indefinitely, or at least until Miss Ginger made her greatly anticipated appearance.

A Young Man's Fancy

first-time fotisampini 2018-10-03

"Mmmm yes sweetheart, I'll be sexy for you darling," Sally replied, her hand now dancing around on his cock, thrilling him with her actions; stirring his second orgasm into action, "Do you want me to make you cum again?" Chris knew the signs and reached his hands up to clasp his mother's hips; to hold her in place on his driving cock as she lost her ability to control her movements; his penis plunging into her body time after time. "Mmmmm yes darling, that'll be lovely," said Sally as she lifted her body off his, Chris's slimy penis flopping from her wet hole. Panting hard, Chris felt his body at work, uncontrollably pulsating inside her as torrents of cum flooded into his mother's hole, her vagina and even into her very womb.

Rival BBW Showgirls Meet In The Flesh

first-time burlyqlover 2018-10-03

They approach each other slowly letting the dusters drop to the floor and it seems with reluctance as they are inches apart and finally there huge breasts are the first thing that makes contact and they start slowly rubbing each others arms and shoulders as there lips slowly meet and they slightly part there lips allowing there tongues to meet. Both beginning to breathe heavily and Candy's shoes slide off falling off the bed and both Ladies lock together entwining there legs. Candy moves away laying on her back spreading her legs as Babette Kneels slowly going down on Candy's offering pussy gently teasing her clit with the tip of her tongue licking harder hitting Candy's G spot causing to scream with pleasure as she grabs Babette's Red hair with both hands.

Lessons of Love

first-time hoshino 2018-10-03

So one day my male teacher said that it was high time that we finally get prepared with our scripts, and therefore it was necessary to hold a meeting of the three of us together for some long time. After little deliberation, Anju teacher offered that this time we hold a meeting at her place on Friday evening. As already decided, I reached Anju teacher's place on Friday evening. At that point of time, while loudly reading my notes, I casually looked at Anju teacher, I was stunned to see what I saw. Seated at her place Anju teacher was leaning forward a little and had dropped her palloo revealing her sexy cleavages.

Trained as a male stripper

first-time bufffreak 2018-10-03

The next night Trish came home with a great looking red head. Trish got up and started a slow dance. I watched Trish play with her nipples and I exploded in Linda's mouth. Linda came back and started a slow dance of her own. Trish started kissing me and then got up next to Linda Sheila dn Jeff danced, she had great moves. As Jeff pulled away from the club she was taking my shaft into her mouth. Sheila took my wine glass and came back to the bed. Jeff spread my cheeks and Sheila ran her finger all the way in my ass. He gt up on his knees and Sheila slid under him., taking his shaft in her mouth.

The First of Her 'Firsts'

first-time OldnotDead 2018-10-03

"Well, at first it was mostly just feeling each other until we came." She looked a little confused, so I added, "I would rub her clit and finger her pussy and she would stroke my cock." I hoped that a little more graphic talk might give her an idea. "Look, do you really want to talk about this or would you like to go back to what we were doing?" I asked and pulled her back close to me, kissing her and caressing her right along the underside of her breast. She pulled the skin a little too much and didn't slide with the right touch that experience would give her, but it felt so damn good to be fondling her breasts, kissing her and having her hand on my cock, I had no complaints.

Luke's Mum

first-time mangrove jack 2018-10-03

"Come over to my place tonight we can work on mum's home gym," Luke said as they put their gear away after the last game of the season. "Luke said we could work out on your home gym equipment," Blake said as he realized he had been holding her hand. "Hi," Blake said as she opened the door, "are you going to run today?" "Of course," she answered automatically, "let me get changed into my running gear." Blake loved her smiling face; his eyes and his cock were more interested in her magnificent breasts. Hours later Blake was lying on his bed stroking his cock, reliving those hectic minutes with the doctor, when his mum called, "you are wanted on the phone, it's a lady."

Matt's Conquest

first-time mischievousSH 2018-10-03

Between 200 and 300 people were at the party already, but the second Matt walked in he saw Greg's daughter Jo. She was talking and laughing with an older couple: a vision in a sleeveless navy cocktail gown with a deep v neck that hugged every curve of her thin young frame. He brought his lips to the place where her neck and shoulder met, then said in a low voice, just louder than a whisper, "Reality is better than fantasy, Jo. Tonight you're going to get what I know you want, and I'm going to get you." His arms were firmly around her now, and she tried to pull away, but with each breath her breasts heaved between the delicate folds of her dress.

Liana's Secret Garden

first-time blackstroker 2018-10-03

"I know for a fact that you're not alone in that, from what I've heard that is the most common fantasy among young men, especially the ones who have not yet enjoyed the body of a woman, nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about," she said, and from the sound of her voice I knew she was smiling. "I'm you picture any particular scenario?" she asked, tilting her head and licking her full lips as she looked at me, and her hand moved just a little bit up my thigh. In it I have this little garden, and I'm sitting in it naked, thinking that I'm alone in there, when suddenly I see this nice much younger man appear and says he'd like to spend some time in my beautiful garden and look at my flowers for a while.

BEA 2016

first-time naughty_bi_interest 2018-10-03

"If you play your cards right, Jack, maybe she'll give you a pegging." I rolled my eyes and made my way through the crowd. I complied and said "Oh, I like where this is going." And moved my eyebrows up and down. I stroked her and pulled my head from her wonderful crevice and looked at her balls - 'here I go' I thought to myself - and I licked them back up, past her grundle to her hole again. Then I began to suck her dick, I had to stretch my mouth, it was a fat cock and I was loving the smell. "Jack, I want what I think is your virgin ass." I was purring like a little bitch as half her cock was in me.


first-time 2018-10-03

You should always keep in mind what the men you are trying to attract will probably like but in general follow this simple rule when choosing what to wear: Think dress first, skirt second and pants only as a last resort. All white males, even my husband must use a condom when fucking me, and there must be no risk of a white males cum entering my cunt or ass ever unless directed to do so by a moroccan male. I also agree that I will do my best to have other white females sign an agreement similar to this one, includes my mother, any s****rs, daughters or other female f****y members, friends, daughters friends, women I just met, girls I work with or go to school with, etc.

Taralee's First Time Ch. 04

first-time cubalover 2018-10-03

I could literally taste how badly I wanted Danny — the salt of his skin after he'd worked up a sweat hauling logs to build corduroy roads through swampy stretches of the trail, the metallic taste of the heavy-duty mosquito repellent he used, the smokiness of the palm of his hand I kissed after he'd built a campfire ... Anger was surging inside me: at Danny's drinking — I started to hate the smell of beer — at my inability to melt through the frosty shell he'd built — he froze me out whenever I tried to make friends or apologize — at his friends off fucking merrily in the woods within earshot, the goddam girls yelping like foxes and the boys groaning like bears as they spurted their hot semen.

One Day

first-time mstrmrd 2018-10-03

gently rolling your hard nipples in my fingers. find my way to your right breast and its hard nipple. nipple into my mouth and suck it gently while I caress the other one. I finish giving attention to your breasts and trail my tongue down your look up to see your hands kneeding your swollen nipples. I again look down at your "flower of life" I again bend my head down tighter around my head and feel your hands pulling me tighter to your orgasm I release myself from your flower and begin to move up your body continue upward movement to your heaving chest and taking each nipple I feel my hot life-giving juices shoot deep into your

Emma Converts Leah to BBC

first-time jerk978 2018-10-02

You don’t want t be showing underwear lines!” Emma responded as she lifted her own skirt and flashed Leah with her naked ass. Leah could not look away as suddenly she saw her s****r drop to her knees and began blowing the black men. Emma reached back and took off Leah’s blindfold so she could see all the black men dominating her with the bare cocks. "Now, share the love" he said as he grabbed Emma's head and moved it towards Leah forcing her to kiss her own s****r with a mouth full of his cum. Instead Leah looked at her s****r and instead followed Emma to the dance floor to continue the adventure.

Thanksgiving Loss

first-time Txdelicatablegrl 2018-10-02

Every game I would start to push my feelings for him just a little further out into the open. I admit while I was on my knees I had one hand slid inside my panties rubbing my clit. This time I felt his tongue in my mouth and started to lick at it. I felt like a goddess as I walked back to the concession stand. I ran my fingers through his red chest hair and then started to press kisses down his chest. He turned me on my hands and knees and slid back inside of my wet pussy. I could feel my nipples brush against the carpet each time he pushed inside of me.

Shelly's First All Girl Party

first-time 2018-10-02

I began to lick harder and faster, tongue fucking her pussy; moving my head back and forth, sliding my tongue in and out, occasionally sucking her clit. With my tongue on her clit and my fingers squirming around inside of her, she was going to cum, not just cum but I wanted her to squirt her juice in my mouth. I began licking even more vigorously as I deeply penetrated her throbbing pussy, moving my fingers in and out, faster and faster; her body, shaking like crazy as she let out her loudest moan yet. She began rubbing my entire body with her soft hands and I couldn’t help but squirm.