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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Room Service

first-time Ashson 2018-10-02

Normally, motel room service rap on the door and leave the breakfast tray outside the room. She looked a little startled as she found herself being forced to kneel in front of me, my cock gently waving in front of her face. My other hand slid down to her mound and started explorations, facilitated by Kirsty moving her legs apart. Kirsty looked down at where our bodies were about to merge, and suddenly seemed to remember that she was supposed to be protesting this. I was ready and I was coming in short order, and if Kirsty didn't make it in time she had my sympathy, but there was no way I would be able to stop what was happening.

The Baby-Sitter Diaries

first-time OregonDavid 2018-10-02

Even in golf shorts and polo shirt, it's hard not to notice her long, tan, athletic legs and her small yet well shaped breasts. My eyes traveled from the cup to her ball and I noticed, for the first time, that Rebecca wasn't wearing shorts that day. First I would look over her shoulder to read the putt, then I would hurry around to the other side of the hole and get a good eyeful over her purple covered snatch and watch her make putt after putt. Rebecca took her seat back on the front of the golf cart and reached into the cooler for another Corona and lime. I came into my baby-sitter's mouth and pulled her head even farther down onto my cock, bathing her throat with my copious semen.

Summer Afternoon

first-time BigBillT 2018-10-02

While I played the chords to the song, the pastor's wife had placed her hand on my right knee and was keeping the beat with gentle pats. Here I was in someone else's house, sitting in a closed room with a woman squeezing and massaging my inner thigh - getting closer and closer to what had to be the biggest erection I had ever had - and I am smiling and nodding and gripping the edge of the piano bench hard enough to leave my fingerprints in the wood. While she continued to massage my cock, the pastor's wife quietly suggested that I ought to turn and face the other way while still sitting on the piano bench.

Chelsea's 18th Birthday Ch. 02

first-time Submissioness 2018-10-02

What the hell are you doing here and what makes you think you have the right to barge into my apartment and start asking me questions?!" Brent stood to his feet and walked past Chelsea, fists balled up and his face turning red. "Brent, she's your neighbor?!" Danica erupted into hysterical laughter that carried down the halls and reverberated through the walls of Chelsea's apartment where she sat crying on the floor by the door. Brent pushed open the door gingerly and saw Chelsea leaning her left shoulder against the wall facing away from him. "We should get going, huh," Brent said pulling her to her feet kissing her one last time before he turned off the water. What was he thinking, Chelsea thought as she got dressed while Brent was back at his apartment.

Lady Next Door Ch. 02

first-time LynnGKS 2018-10-02

But it wasn't funny then, laying there with an aching hard on, trying to follow the instructions of a naked forty-five year-old bitch with her heavy thighs spread wide and her big, hairy pussy gaping open, and me, with my face buried between those thick wet lips, trying to figure out where I was supposed to lick her with my tongue to make her cum. I nodded and Gail continued, "Girls tell their best friends everything they do, so Janice knows all about you fucking Susie. Every nerve in my body said jump the horny bitch, but suddenly I heard Gail's voice almost like she was right beside me, whispering in my ear.

My Buddy's Mom

first-time zimabean 2018-10-02

Having the this naked woman laying here, the smell of pussy and two other guys jacking off had got me plenty horny and knew it would not be long before I blew. All of a sudden Jack put his cock head on the nipple of his moms boob and let loose a huge load of cum. As soon as Jack finished cumming Joe said he was almost there and that he was going to shoot it on her pussy. As Joe did this I could not hold back and placed my cock onto Cindy's pussy also and started to cum. Then Jack said it was his turn and he got on her and started to fuck for a few strokes then drained his balls in his mom's cunt.

The day my life changed part 1

first-time Ajdj0403 2018-10-02

Me, being the nice person that I am, told her that nobody was going to be home until late and that we could delete the message when we got home but that she couldn't tell anybody. I began reaching my hand in between her legs to feel her panties, she gave me a slight giggle, and allowed me to continue while she was blowing me. I lifted her head up and stuck my fingers in her mouth, making her taste her yummy pussy. I then stuck my dick inside her, going slow at first because I could tell it hurt a little. It was 4:00 and she asked what time everyone else would get home, and I told her not until 8, that there was still time to delete the message.

Guidance Counseling

first-time oddsandends 2018-10-02

As the school guidance counselor he saw most of the seniors several times over the course of the year but he didn't recall much about Karen other than she seemed to be a bright student (if a bit sheltered), usually dressed quite demurely for a girl her age but that she had shapely legs. He had nearly forgotten what a woman smelled like and he inhaled deeply as he put his hands on her shoulders and slid the dress and the bra straps down her arms a little before reaching down in front and pulling the cups up to release her breasts. Still keeping pace with his fingers in Karen's pussy he moved the hand from her breast down between them to the button of his pants, undoing it and letting them drop to the floor and then working his underwear down sufficiently to free his dick.

The Saturday Girl Ch. 01

first-time rogerbig 2018-10-02

I have gone from pretty naive girl to a self-confessed submissive slut and experienced some incredibly sexy adventures, a few of which I may live to regret, but hey, life is to be experienced and there is no point in becoming closed and cynical just because some guys may have used me a bit more than I was comfortable with at the time. I took to dropping in to the studio after school some nights, partly to avoid home, and partly because I think I was developing a bit of a crush on Roger and liked being around him. He took on quite a bit of catalogue work, usually for ladies and mens clothing, so there was a steady stream of models coming in to be photographed for next season's fashion catalogues and such like.

sex with my nurse

first-time hcdude 2018-10-02

I went to my chamber and as today there are only few out patients there is not much work to do for me.I got bored and started porn my laptop …… is a foreign porn with a person fucking his house maid.Instantly my little buddy started dancing rock and roll……….and I totally forgot about bolting the door Then suddenly the door opened and sandhya entered the room with some papers which I have to sign.As the table is sideways to the door she can clearly c my dick(modda) in my hand and hear horny voices of the woman in porn movie.She got exclaimed and she ran away……..i definitely know that she likes my 71/2 inch dick wick good thickness and bulging veins member.I adjusted my member back in my pants and went out and started acting normally

Watching a Movie with Emmy

first-time fotisampini 2018-10-02

I took me a moment to comprehend what I was seeing, and I moved my fingertip over, and I let it glide along that small little bit of clean smooth pink skin between Emmy's anus and the corner of her vagina. Emmy had both hands on the arm rest of the couch and her beautiful bottom arched up towards me, and then - precisely like the scene in the movie - she cautiously put one hand behind her and stammered, "I want - I want - want to help. Then, just like in the movie, I reached on hand under her and squeezed her tiny breasts as they hung down - feeling her hard little nipples.

mistress enjoys hotel humiliation

first-time 2018-10-02

i wanted to lick the head of his cock with my tongue while holding his penis in my hands. he grabbed the back of my head with both of his hands and told me to open my mouth. i couldn't believe it his already huge cock was actually getting bigger inside of my mouth and throat. i didn't have time to finish my thought because he was grabbing my head again and forcing his tool inside of my mouth and down my throat. i felt his cock getting bigger inside of my throat as he was about to make a cum deposit of which i didn't want any.

Awakenings (first time, bi-male)

first-time naughty_bi_interest 2018-10-02

I felt my cock begin to stir and and again a part of me wanted to stop the hand and another part of me didn't. He rubbed my neck under my ear and his other hand felt up to the tip of my cock. I thought that two guys kissing was gross, but my lips parted and I would have begged for his tongue to slide into me. My breathing stilled and Brian slid his fingers into the cumm on my tummy and brought it to my lips. But the way he said it made me want to and my tongue slipped out and swiped along his finger. Kissing another guy, showing him my cock, rubbing myself and then tasting my own cumm.

Lessons from Sadie

first-time Rex Siter 2018-10-02

Sadie answered my tentative knock at the back door almost immediately, and my eyes must have bulged at the sight of her dressed in a peach coloured wispy long silken robe open at the neck to reveal a tantalising valley between her gently rising breasts. I felt her legs moving apart and her mouth close to my ear breathed, "Lower, Jack. Sadie was panting and gasping, kissing my face my hair my ears, tonguing into my mouth. My eyes, bolder now, after what had gone before, roamed over the twin perfect breasts, bold, firm and pink tipped, that flat belly sloping down to the tawny patch of hair that I had explored but was seeing for the first time. "Oh, yes, we're there, Jack." And as she said it I felt her tongue licking the length of my semi-hard cock.

All the Way to Heaven

first-time AfroerotiK 2018-10-02

Taisha was informed; she possessed a unique ability to separate the myths and oppressive dogma of the church from the joy that can only come from having a personal relationship with the Creator of All. She was also smart enough and savvy enough to understand that sensuality, sexuality, and carnal pleasure were birthrights to all human beings and that our emotional and spiritual health depended upon our connection, our touch, our moments of ecstatic bliss when two bodies are joined together which was a meditation and a communion with God that can only be shared with another human being during the joining of two bodies. He wasn't sure he was up to the task of making someone's first time memorable and special but he made the decision in his heart and in his mind that he wanted to share this with Taisha and he was going to do what he needed to do.

The Hotel Room

first-time Penny4ivor 2018-10-02

Oh how huge and surprising he was the gentle sliding out and forcing her to stretch was going to make her explode; she wasn't bothered and came hugely forcing him back and gripping around his knob again and again Phew what orgasms and he then rammed slowly right back up her stretched and contracting walls she moaned with the intensity and gripped again four more times feeling her wetness now running down her leg. She wanted him inside but was so out of control he was slipping further back each time she came and she was coming again as he lunged his black shaft back into her-it was uncoordinated wild and she was so excited she was almost on the ceiling!!

"Best Friends" a Sad Story

first-time eroticjuggalo 2018-10-02

Jessie laughed, but I guess didn't feel comfortable enough to have let me seen her like that, so she quickly pulled her husbands hand away. A few nights later, Jessie, her husband and I were sitting in the dining room having some drinks when Jessie grabbed one of my still cameras and began fooling around with it. I grabbed my camera and turned it on so I could look at the pictures that I and Jessie's husband took. I already knew she smoked weed and drank alot, which I didn't like either, but once she told me that she had tried cocaine I wanted to go back down to the south and beat the shit out of the motherfucker who got her to do that.


first-time slamhard59 2018-10-02

I pull down the top of your dress, exposing your sexy bra, and I begin kissing and licking your cleavage. Then I pull down your bra, and taking a nipple into my mouth, I begin to suck and only stopping long enough to kiss you f***efully! I reach down and stand you up, pushing you against the wall again, and I reach down and lift up your dress and stick my hand inside of your panties, you let out a moan, as my fingers part your wetness!! I pull my fingers out, and pull your panties off, and drop my pants and underwear, I lift you up against the wall and you wrapping your legs around me, I stick my hard cock deep inside you!

My Papa! Best Dad In The World

first-time 2018-10-02

This time my eyes were to close and Payal picture came on my mind .How she was touching my boob and stomach and rubbing it. Shashi:- I was shocked hearing this but said , papa , I have been wearing this for 2 years .It was comfortable but now it was tight. i was about lifting the towel but papa said beta do not stop rubbing,i have to be office on time . My both boobs fully were touching his back .i could see his penis and it was hard and erect .Papa said could you do soaping little lower. i began doing hand were touching his penis and boobs were touching his back .I thought if papa does not feel shame why should i ?


first-time 2018-10-02

So, I unzipped his pants and pulled his dirty old man cock out. I knew he was about to squirt hot cum into my mouth when he started grunting and shoving his cock into my mouth. His hot dirty old man cum squirted first into my mouth, and then all over my face as I pulled my mouth off of him. He was shoving it all the way in so that I could feel one of his saggy old balls going halfway inside my pussy lips. Then, he pulled out and shot some more hot cum on my pussy lips and clit, and I had a shuddering orgasm and squirted all over him.

Hadley's Cherry

first-time TotalKnockout 2018-10-02

Jack leaned back in his chair and dreamily closed his eyes as his 24-year-old assistant wrapped her red pouty lips around the head of his cock and sucked him into her warm, wet mouth. Just then the door opened, and in walked the most perfect teenage girl that Jack has ever set his sights on: green cat eyes, long strawberry blond hair pulled into a ponytail, a sweet upturned nose sprinkled with freckles, and delicately curved pink lips like an Italian cherub. "Hadley, come meet Mr. Cummings, your father's boss," Trish said and ushered the pint-sized goddess into the living room. After dinner, Henderson and Trish were clearing off the plates and cleaning up, and Jack and Hadley wandered into the living room.

A one fine dinner with Rima

first-time 2018-10-02

"Well what can I say, your pinky definitely enjoyed my tongue and fingers," I tell her and quickly grab hold of her hand as she pulls it back again to punch me. I hold on to her hips and close my eyes and enjoy the sensation as I feel her moist lips kiss the head of my cock. I close my eyes and moan as I feel her little hands holding on to my testicles as part of my cock's engulfed inside her mouth. "I can feel you so deep inside me," she tells me as I use my left hand to bring her face closer to me for a kiss.

First time getting sucked

first-time bustyanncd 2018-10-02

She bound and gagged me to a chair, then started running her hands over my tits and legs then up my skirt to touch my panty covered clit. Next she grabbed a hold of my clit and stroked it I began shaking my head side to side to say no and tried telling her no but the tape around my mouth prevented me from doing so. She informed me that she that she had video taped it and would I like to watch it, I said yes. She told me I had a good looking clit and could she suck it again as she loved sucking gurls clittys and swallowing their cum, so I let her and unloaded more of my cum into her mouth.

The Little Black Dress

first-time 2018-10-02

"I'll bet Josh is hoping to get this close," whispered Scott, as he slowly stroked the silky pale hair just above Katie's plump pussy lips. "He'd love to open you up just like this." Scott used his thumbs to widen Katie's pussy folds; the young girl helped him by spreading her legs even wider. I want to tongue you." Like he did with her breasts, Scott opened his mouth wide and covered her entire cunt with his lips. Do you want me to suck you like you did me?" Scott nodded wordlessly, then put his hands on Katie's head, where her bun had come almost all the way loose, allowing her blond hair to fall onto his thighs.