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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time john1195 2018-10-01

He told me that the date cancelled on him and he needed a whore to use today to get him off and I was going to be and act like a whore otherwise he would call the cops. I started to move my ass like it was begging to get fucked. He then stood in front of me, and aimed his cock at my face, I started to move forward to get it in my mouth, but instead, he told me he had a surprise for me. He then slapped my ass and I asked him what that was for and he told me it was because I am not acting like a horny whore that begs for it.

Fist time a dogging

first-time Kevinsue 2018-10-01

She turned to me, "lets give the guy a real show “opened the car door, walked out of the car and opened her dress fully, with this I walked around to her made her move forward a bit so I could stand behind her then carried on fingering her pussy thought her soaked knickers – we both could clearly see this guy was wanking in the car which made both of us even hornier. As she was fingering herself I moved my hand around and also joined in which I knew was a massive turn on for her, within a few seconds she came letting out a massive sigh – we could also see the guy in the car had also cum so Sue took her knickers right off picked them up walked over the car and dropped them onto his lap – with a big smile got back into the car and we drove away.

Suck Buddies Part 12

first-time couldhedoit 2018-10-01

After a minute Jason pushed my hand away from his cock and said you’re going to make me cum if you keep doing that. I could tell he was getting close and soon I felt his balls tighten and he pushed his cock deep in my mouth and started cumming. Jason hopped on the bed and said something like, dude I want you to shoot a nice big load in my mouth. After a couple minutes of mouth fucking him I told Jason, one time when I’m sucking you and you’re getting close I want you to pull out of my mouth and jack off and shoot your cum all over my face.

The Forgotten Island Ch. 01

first-time PrincessRiley472 2018-10-01

His hard cock shifted beneath his loincloth as he watched the priestess' hands slowly sliding down her body towards her wet sex. Kaya felt her pussy grow warm and wet as she watched the priestess pleasures herself. After she had finished painting him the priestess told him to sit down, Kaya translated and he sat down in the chair, his large cock pointing upright. As he looked up he caught Mimala's gaze, she was lying naked her fingers teasing the folds of her pussy as she watched David fuck Kaya's throat. David looked up from Kaya's beautiful eyes and saw the other girls were pleasuring themselves as they watched.

My Boner Stops Time Ch. 02

first-time JeffreyFreemont 2018-10-01

Theodore began ramming Natalie hard, inserting his seven inch dick into her as far as it would go. Theodore suddenly grabbed Natalie by the hips and pushed her mouth down onto her friend. "What the fuck?!" She turned around and just stared at Theodore, she felt her pussy and the cum inside it. Sara moaned softly, her hips started rocking gently down onto Natalie's hand. Natalie grabbed a bar of soap and began ramming it up Sara's pussy, causing Sara to scream out of surprise and ecstasy. "That was pretty fucking good, now it's my turn!" Sara said as she shoved Natalie down on the ground. The excitement of being watched and cheered, threw Theodore over the edge; he came hard, filling her tight pussy with cum.

Suzie's Lessons Ch. 02

first-time BlewWater69 2018-10-01

We got a small bite to eat afterwards at the diner and we talked more about my work out training," Suzie said. "Okay dear, sleep tight," her Mom said and shut the door as Suzie walked to her room. Actually, Janie, it was hot as hell and I was getting wet from the tongue action we had going," Suzie added. I feel like in one day I have changed my whole life around," Suzie said. Curt got down in the push-up position and Suzie sat down lightly on his back and then added all her weight. Unfortunately, with Curt as fast as he is and in as good of shape, he ran the mile in just about five minutes and even covered the distance Suzie had walked in another minute.

Our first fuck for an audience

first-time cack662000 2018-10-01

I had already taken several pictures of her, in various stages of undress, when she saw several men standing at open windows, seemingly looking right at us. We moved into a doggie position with her sideways to our audience, so they would have a perfect view of my cock plunging in and out of her waiting pussy. She came several times before I suggested we stand up directly in front of the window. It was running down them when she brought one hand up to rub it into her tits while looking over at a fairly large group of men. If we are in a motel where someone might just walk past the window, we leave the curtains slightly parted so they would have to want to watch.

Virgin Beauty Nude n Bedroom Window

first-time Alluring_Crimson_Shifter 2018-10-01

Donnie found a patio door open and quickly went inside looking over his shoulder to his left. "Right here," said one of the first men spanking Donnie's ass, and cock slapping his face. One of the men ran his fingers through Donnie's hair and said, "You are a great bottom, you can come any time." Donnie looked up and saw it was him in the movie with a cock in his mouth. One of the men took a whip, and whipped Donnie's ass good, "Let's put those panties and high heels on him!" He looked Donnie in the eyes, and let his hand slip under the panties and stuck a finger in his ass.

Rose Petals

first-time babyphatdimples 2018-10-01

As I start to breathe heavier in anticipation, you rub one finger from the top of my neck, down my back, and down my ass stopping right on my asshole. “I’m going to cum Daddy.” “Uh huh that’s it cum for Daddy baby.” I can’t hold it any longer and I stand up releasing the vibrator from the vice-like grip my holes had on it, and start to rub my clit very fast until…”I’m cumming.” I scream staring right in your eyes as I start to squirt all over myself and in the bathtub. “Tell me you love my dick in your ass” you command me as you continue to rub my wet pussy and fuck my ass slowly.

Vixen? Schoolgirl? Stripper? Hooker

first-time abroadsword 2018-10-01

"Track seven," Lana said, "Bollywood nights!" and Harry struggled to change the track on the CD player, finally the Indian beat started and Saffron watched and wondered exactly how she would make removing a sari look sexy, she didn't learn much as the girl had very little idea on how to make removing a sari sexy either, funny yes, the long silk trousers she wore beneath did a great job of tangling around her feet as she tried to swing round the pole and at least got a half decent laugh as the drunk guys cheered. It led to a corridor, and another door, "Vixen ladies and gentlemen!" Harry announced and almost no one looked up as Saffron walked across to the dias, set down her school bag, peeled off her jacket and as the music started she began to dance.

A Private Self-Defense Lesson Ch. 02

first-time happywriter007 2018-10-01

"Mom, you should have called, and no I am not looking for that ugly coat rack, and yes, I am old enough to deal with this myself." Ann almost sounded aggressive. To my surprise, it wasn't Ellen that answered, it was Ann that said: "My father remarried when I was five, and as you can tell, he married someone quite a bit younger," and with dagger eyes looking at Ellen, "and most of the time, we get along quite well." "Granted, I don't know much about Judo, but maybe I can teach you a thing or two," Ellen said to Ann. She continued: "while offering my apologies to you," as she looked at me. "Come on, sit up straight, he will like that" Ellen said to Ann while arching her own back.

My Cousin

first-time MetaAlex 2018-10-01

And every days at midnight I try to touch his cock and play his balls until his cock get half-hard. We look with big eyes and absent mind, a boy of the house renter touch my cousin erected cock and lough but say nothing. I search his cock with my right hand and found but I thought it was his hand because it is too hard and long, big he completely silent not move. So I play his cock and masturbate his balls not pay a half minute he cum his first-big-load he just snatch his leg. So like that I know he want it again so I turned him around strip his football shorts to his knees and suck and kiss his balls and his hard big cock.

Asian girl

first-time john8in 2018-10-01

It was about a ten minute drive to her house and by the end we were talking about how her boyfriend was only 5 inches and she had always wanted to be with someone alot bigger,and I told her I could help her with that ;) I started fucking her, at first i thought i wasn't going to fit but after a try or two i got him in ;) I told her i was going to cum soon and she got off me and started sucking my dick again, using both of her hands to get me off. I told her i'm going to count down from ten and then i would cum and she said "yeah right you cant cum on command" (well I can and I amaze alot of girls by doing this)

Mrs. Grant and her new Sissy

first-time klammer 2018-10-01

girl like you darling, they're called sissy display panties." The sexiest "Come along little sissy boy, it's time for lots of feminine makeup." To "Yes lovely is it precious the smell of a lady wearing makeup darling." "Meet the new lady in town darling, Mrs. Jessica Grant." "Oh God, yes, it's incredible, I look just like a sexy woman, I never "Oh yes Mommy, I look wonderful and I feel so sexy, it's divine." She "Just like a woman now darling with a cock inside you." She helped him "And let's spice it up a little darling, Mommy loves a "I want you to whimper and squeal like a little sissy girl for Mommy and

Knocking Boots

first-time TheCowboy 2018-10-01

We got to the creek and after filling our canteens, Jack said if I'd like to wash up a bit he'd give me some privacy. Jack had obviously put more thought in it as his arm reached under my shirt and his hand came to rest on my breast, his fingertips rolling my nipple between them. I had felt it and had an idea of what one looked like, but the sight of it made me gasp, wetness instantly soaking my pants. We continued like this for a few minutes until Jacks strong hand moved down my bare stomach to the waistband of my jeans. We kissed and pulled apart, quickly putting our clothes back on and going back to our separate sleeping areas, hoping that no one would have noticed.

Summer With Gran

first-time nckboy 2018-10-01

I felt gran pull the cord of my pyjamas to undo the bow knot, then her warm hand slipped inside the waist and took hold of my raging cock once again. I started to realise when gran pulled down on my cock and made it feel bigger, that was when she let out a moan and pushed my finger on to her bump. Gran pushed in to my groin and felt the hardening shaft I had to offer then her hand came between us and took hold of my cock. Our hands were all over each other, while I felt her naked chubby leg, gran managed to undo my trousers, let then drop to the floor and was now feeling my cock and balls.

Secret Loss of Innocence

first-time gflatman53 2018-10-01

Before the man was done talking to his friend, he noticed that the woman, who had been tanning on the beach, now had stood up near to the ocean, and with one of her hands, motioned to the two men to come on in out of the water. Malaya, who didn't want to miss the possibility of seeing any live sex acts being performed by the foreigners, had gone up to the lady at the front desk and as she was about to ask her where she could find her friend Reyna, she had noticed the woman, who had come to the resort with the two men, walking through the lobby and had decided instead to follow her back to her room.

Tales Heard: Sam's First Time

first-time LucOuarm 2018-10-01

"That feels so good," she said as her hips began to rotate against my hand. Now I'm going to show YOU how good." Brittany began to stroke my cock with her soft fingers. I felt my penis grow limp in Brittany's hand, and she slipped off her bed and came back with some tissues. I put a finger inside her cunt lips, and she pushed it down with her own hand until I found an opening. Brittany began moaning, "Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, it feels so good; keep moving like this." She wrapped her legs around mine and levered herself against me. Brittany's eyes popped open as my cock spasmed and twitched in her pussy; I realized that she could feel my hot cream shooting into her.


First Time At A Porn Theatre

first-time panteeluvr 2018-10-01

Now I had no clue as to etiquette in a place like this and just sat watching the movie rubbing my crotch through my pants. I sat there waiting for about five minutes, before the last guy across the aisle, stood up and left, wothout even looking at me. As soon as I sat down two guys got up and came behind me. He kept telling me how much he loved my young body and how hard I was making him and he asked if took it up the bum. He stopped when he finally in all the way and asked how I liked it, I told him I loved it and that I wanted him to fuck me hard!

Right Place, Right Time

first-time duediligence 2018-10-01

I started wondering how she'd look sitting on a sofa with all her clothes on the floor in front of her. "There—that looks really sexy." I picked up the camera and started taking pictures again." As her skirt slid to the floor and she stepped out, I took a few more pictures and admired her long legs. She didn't move away or try to stop me, so I stroked her cheek and ran my hand down her neck, over her chest, and between her breasts down over her tummy and gently pulled her panties before letting them snap back. "What did you think about that?" I started running a hand up and down her body, pausing to play with her clit and fondle her breasts.

Ravishing Miss Price

first-time abroadsword 2018-10-01

"Did you really say that?" Miss Amelia asked, and without waiting for a reply she added, "Captain Darrowby does say the strangest things why he regaled me of the tale of Toby Fforbes and a Turkish whore and," she laughed, "He lost his balance and they fell sideways and wrenched his member and they gave him a medal because he was wounded on active service!" "He professed love and inflicted agony sister," she sobbed as we entered the room, Melchett was half dressed, his shirt on but naught else and his appendage stood nobly to attention, I wondered what the problem could be, certainly in was no greater in girth or length than my own if indeed it was a great but when Miss Price lit the oil lamp and it burned with a clean yellow flame was all laid bare.

Dear Diary: My First Swing Party

first-time Cabaret739 2018-10-01

I got invited to a party last night, by this guy I know, Guy. On the phone he asked me what I was doing, I said I was going to get dressed and go to a bar, talk some dude into buying me a few drinks and then come home alone and go to sleep. These people get friendly, so if you aren’t comfortable with someone, let me know and I’ll keep them from you” I said “Cool, no problem here” he said “No I mean they get REALLY friendly, maybe you don’t understand what I mean” I looked at him, realization dawning, and said “You mean groping, heavy petting and kissing?” he said “yes” and looked at me sideways. There’s another woman there who doesn’t speak to me, even though Guy said she’s a good friend of his.

Forbidden Fantasy

first-time 2018-10-01

"So this is all for me?” Greg was getting visibly hard and excited at the thought of making love-no fucking his wife for the first time in years. “Oh my don't have to seduce me...I had planned a romantic dinner for tomorrow ...but I like your special surprise even better " he kissed her once again, slowly backing her up to the bed. Greg slid the nightie off his wife, feeling his cock throb in the confines of his work pants, begging to be released and allowed to fuck the beauty in front of him. Sweat drying on their skin, cum dripping out of her smooth pussy, his cock shrinking, their breaths intermingling in the darkening room, as they stared into each other’s love filled eyes.

Into The Woods

first-time starbelliedboy 2018-10-01

I moved my head further and kissed her navel, then she spread her legs and I inspected her vagina, caressing her pubic hair and exploring her cunt's tight circumference and her clitoris. I slowly moved my hips forward, forcing my penis into her tight pussy, enjoying the smooth lubrication of spittle and pussy juice. She kissed me as I moved my arms up around her back, and she began to push her hips backwards and forwards in the same rhythm, so the fantastic sensation continued on my dick. Going faster and faster, the friction between her vagina and my cock getting really hot, shouting and grunting, Julia screaming as we neared orgasm.