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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My first time: Pleasing a dominant man on my knees

first-time 2018-10-01

The place was called AdultMatch and I just wrote down that I hoped to find a man who would want to make me give him oral sex. I decided to just do it, we exchanged whatsapp and sent a few messages and I didn’t dare to tell it was my first time. Then he walked up to me and looked me in the eye and said: “ok little slut, now go on your knees, open your mouth and be a god girl, ok?” and I could just nod. And started moving faster and faster and said: “ok slut, you keep my cum in your mouth when I cum and show me, ok?” I could just nod.

Role play with Daddy's Little Girl

first-time jhdbullet 2018-09-30

Daddy, would you shave mine so it will look as nice as moms does?" We talked about it a little more and told her that it there would be kind of a touchy thing to do with my little girl because there is a lot of touching and that I she would be very exposed. As the shear began to touch her pussy lips she kind of wiggled and said "Daddy that kind of tickles." I laughed and said it probably does but this is a step that can't be missed." I could tell she was being bothered by this and asked her a couple of times if she was okay and she kept saying yes, it is nice.

Confession Ch. 01

first-time JGWanderer 2018-09-30

My coffee cup was filled with Starbucks, a donut rested on a napkin on my kitchen table, Sportscenter played in the background and I was thumbing through the local alternative paper much too early for a late 20's, healthy and virile male that should have be sleeping soundly after another late night of fun rather than taking on the persona of a man more than twice his age. Here I was in a highway motel, on my hands and knees, my chest on the bed, my ass in the air and a strange woman with a finger in my ass and a hand wrapped around my cock.

L and Me Ch. 04

first-time silentblackwater 2018-09-30

Moving slowly at first, I felt as though I could feel every single surface of flesh inside your hot, wanting pussy. Your body shook and rolled, clamping your pussy on my cock and shaking it, milking it, though I hadn't cum yet. Using your hair as reins, I began to slam my cock into you, hard as fuck, right off the bat. I spanked you one more time, then let go of your hair, grabbed hold of your hips, and just began pounding away, my thickening cock driving into you, and your gasps getting higher and higher. With a pair of inarticulate roars, we came simultaneously, my cum flooding your drenched pussy, while your walls slammed down and juiced my cock for everything it had.

Unspoken Introduction

first-time saphelia 2018-09-30

As I suck, I feel him tenderly running his fingers back and forth over my lusciously wet lips, going in a little, then drawing out while passing over my now firm clit. I can feel that she is now just resting my penis in her mouth, but I don't even notice this as I hear her begin to moan with each suck of her clit. Having forgotten about my erection, I position myself farther down the bed with my head near the apex of her spread legs, and begin licking and sucking her once more. I pull my head away from her, and begin running the vibrator up and down her slit, spreading it ever so gently.

Claude - a star is discovered

first-time suaveliso 2018-09-30

One morning things were quiet, so Claude decided to join me in the sauna after he’d finished working out. His cock was kind of average in length, like mine, about four or five inches in a flaccid state but his balls must have dangled a good inch below the tip of his cut penis. My boss, who went under the name of Lady Margaret, owned a sizeable organization, run entirely by women. The next afternoon I took Claude round to the garden of Lady Margaret’s house, where the casting was to take place. Nanette, who had worked with Margaret for many years was wearing a tank top and a loose hippy-type cotton skirt. Margaret offered him work in the movies: straight and gay, and gigs as a stripper in the clubs and private parties.

our new prostitute

first-time bv2suman 2018-09-30

i want to mention you a small story which happened nearly a year ago. she said that she wants money and she will do any work i gives to her. That day night our community members have a night pub party. so i decided to take her to the pub party and surprise all the members. kaite first looking at those 40 members feared. one was fucking in her pussy, one in her anus, one was keeping his cock in her mouth, some were playing with her breasts and nipples. We inserted them into her pussy and anus. We inserted a big wine bottle into her pussy and also anus. She screamed hard when we were inserting that bottle into her anus.

A nylon fetish friend (fantasy)

first-time hosierian 2018-09-30

As it fell to the floor so did my mouth as before me was a sight could only dream of until now; a mature beautiful lady dressed in black stockings held up with suspenders and to finish off the orgy of lingerie a pair of nylon full cut black panties. She rolled the stocking up into a ball and tantalisingly slipped this over my foot and gently glided it up my leg, all the time brushing the sexy soft nylon as she went to make sure there were no creases and all done with a naughty smile. In knowing my weakest point was my love of the feel of nylon she finished toying with my nipples which were now standing proud and slipped her hand underneath the bed and pulled out a stocking she had placed there.

First Time Together

first-time sexykamel 2018-09-30

When I close my mouth over her nipple and let my tongue flick it back and forth, her gasps turn into a long, urgent moan. As I continue to feast on her breasts, moving from one to the other, biting and licking and occasionally sucking, my hand travels down her firm pale bell. She begins to struggle against the hand still holding her arms in place and her hips are rising and falling in time with my strokes. "Of course I will make you come, ma petite," I whisper into her ear, I nibble her earlobe before I kiss my way down her body a second time. My hand dance across her clit and my mouth alternates from kissing her to nibbling on her neck, to tasting her sweet breast.

Black Noodles with Special Sauce

first-time miguelandal 2018-09-30

I loved how her hairs rubbed on my face, the taste of her juices, the moans I could hear, the warmth coming out from her, the feeling of her thighs softly squeezing my head and the fact that I knew that she was nearing her eruption as her but started to lift from the bed. She looked at me as she was starting to go up-and-down on my cock; she smiled but not fully and said, "Babe, shit, so thick!" I replied by slapping my hand hard on her right butt cheek. We ate beside each other and she smiled looking at me and said, "I hope that's not the last time we eat noodles."

Ami Grows Up

first-time RyleighM72 2018-09-30

It barely covered her nipples and pussy and if she moved the wrong way she would end up showing more than she should but it was Ami's favorite and her mom wasn't home to tell her to take it off. She started crying and sobbing, but she felt the gentle hand under her chin, lifting her face up and when she opened her eyes, she saw the loving look on her father's face. He stared kissing her again, but this time he quickly made his way downwards, from her neck, to her breasts, her stomach and stopping momentarily above her pussy before parting her lips and taking a tentative swipe with his tongue! Ami's back arched to meet his mouth and her hand moved through his hair as she gently pressed his face to her body.

Mr. Nice Guy vs. High School Ch. 04

first-time EsotericNiceGuy 2018-09-30

Jason hadn't had any sexual attention that day, so not only was his cock already becoming an issue in his jeans but his treacherous eyes were desperate to glance down at the two women's very pretty breasts, their long legs... Evelyn raised her hand to interject, "Just to be clear, Nicole I'm guessing is the taller blonde and Gretchen was the desperate looking brunette from your three way tape?" Jason nodded and the two women looked pleased. Have you been thinking about fucking your own step mommy with that huge, angry cock you have?" Jason turned back to stare at Evelyn and deny it, but couldn't find the words.

In The Mood For Love

first-time Mark2 2018-09-30

The fat orange shape of Roz's classic and ancient VW bug came out of the trees and slowed to an almost stop at the end of the road before swinging off to the other side, facing east. I unhooked the lure and showed her how to hold the rod and which way the reel went, then had her run out an amount of line so the lure could sink to the right depth, which is pretty deep if you want the big fish in the colder water near the bottom. I had no great expectations, and was enjoying the ending day and the sight of Roz's mild excitement waiting for the big fish as I paddled us slowly parallel to the shore.

Mature get's BBC!

first-time Justal 2018-09-30

Still shaking I looked up at him and told him to fuck me again, He grabbed my tits and again started pumping his massive tool into my wet hole I tried to relax but it felt so good, my mind was mush he could do anything he wanted to me now, he was taking it nice and slow but then I guess he had enough and picked up the pace he started pounding his Cock into me harder and harder it almost hurt but I was so wet and horny I just wanted him to hit me as hard as he could he was now sweating grunting as he just kept fucking my cunt he grabbed my legs, put them up and holding me by my feet, then I could feel his cock starting to harden even more inside me, then all of a sudden he started to pound me harder and harder then moaned and released his cum into me I could feel it flowing into my cunt I thought it would never stop.

Scott and Sara Chapter One

first-time Johnny_Lee_Miller 2018-09-30

"Sara!?" Her roommate Scott said emerging from his room. "Yeah there's no way that's even possible." Scott said. "That's my favorite drink how did you.....oh right!" Sara said momentarily forgetting the play acting. "I was sitting over there with my friends and Bryce noticed you and how much you look like my High School girlfriend Cindy." "I leaned in like this." Scott said leaning in to Sara "And gently kissed her like this." Scott said kissing Sara. Sara stood at Scott's door and hesitation set in, she however powered through and knocked. "'re right!" Scott said pulling her close and kissing her. This continued for a bit until they couldn't hold back any more, Scott said Sara locked eyes as they both came together.

First Time Gay Sex Part one. Intro.

first-time 2018-09-30

When I was 15 I got a personal trainer,Alec, because I was skinny all my life. On my 18th birthday he came to my party and I was still turned on by him and I was hoping that he would out of the blue come up and tell me that he was gay. He invited me inside while he got his running shoes. "I've been noticing you too." He put out his and and told me to come here. "You're 18 now, I'm 26, its perfectly legal." I told him it was still wrong because he was my trainer. He told me that he would quit being my trainer. I started by pulling down his shorts and sucking his sweat covered 7 inch cock.

Sniper Cock

first-time NaughtyNshy 2018-09-30

As Jim closed his eyes and was thinking about his favorite pornstar sucking his cock he suddenly felt a warm, moist mouth sucking hard on his stiffening shaft when he opened his eyes there was Dave giving him head. Jim acted as if he hadn’t noticed and Dave began to aggressively continue to suck on that cock as if he had never eaten anything in his life before. Jim kept commenting on how his small cock was so huge this of course made Dave even more stimulated and he could hardly contain the ejaculation despite his desire to hold back after all Jim’s talents with his mouth were clearly never appreciated by Dave before and he never wanted it to end.

Discovering watersports ch 3

first-time 2018-09-30

Anna was waiting in the hall, wearing only the very sexy black bra and my thong, A little drop of piss fell from between her legs and I could see all her right nipple as her tit had come fully out of the bra and was pointing outwards as usual. I pulled out, and tucked my dick sideways into the split crotch panties, and then rubbed myself against her legs and pants to come. As she was about to come, she moved her legs over me, plunged her hand into my damp pants for my dick and pushed my soft dick into her cunt to feel the pulsing.

My urologist

first-time cubbra 2018-09-30

The doctor invited me to enter in his room, I came in a little afraid, it was my first time in a urologist, but the doctor always very nice and with a smile on his face noticed my nervousness and told me to reassure myself that everything would be very easy going, He began to ask a few simple questions and then asked me to stand up and remove my pants, so he could take the exam, the doctor sat down in front of me and I stood and lowered my pants, I confess that this situation of him sat down In front of me, with his head at the height of my belly button makes me have a half boner in my underwear, the doctor asked me to remove my underwear, when I shot it off, my dick jumped out swinging with a half boner, I was embarrassed at the time, but He acted as if it were the most natural thing in the world, put on his gloves and excused himself to examine my cock, he held it gently with one hand and lifted it, with the other hand he began to feel my sack, softly ...

Lucy - Teen Slut - Part 1

first-time 2018-09-30

I couldn’t believe what he was saying and told him to fuck off, but he just kept saying ‘No money, then you suck cock,’ and started unzipping his jeans. He let out a groan and tightened his grip on my hair as I started sucking on the head of his cock. His long, thick fingers worked in and out of me quite easily as I was so wet, but he was still stretching my little pussy lips wide open and I came all over his hand and the seat almost immediately For the next couple of minutes we stayed like this: him pumping his fingers in and out of me, and me sucking noisily on his lovely big, dark cock.

Older b*****r tries out hypnosis before he leaves.

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-09-30

Mouth still open, she let out a little smile and cocked her head to the side a bit. When this happens, you will follow the necklace instead, and watch it as it sways back and forth, back and forth, always thinking about falling deeper and deeper into those pretty spirals." I spoke. "Feel it..." She repeated again, one hand moving away from her breasts and going into her pants to massage her clit. I swayed it around a little bit for her, watching her eyes continue to follow it, before I spoke again. She did as she was told, and her stare went instead to my eyes as without me even commanding she gently started to continue to stroke my cock with her left hand.

Beth Takes Charge

first-time atomulatta 2018-09-30

Shane was vaguely annoyed at being interrupted, but he knew that tiny Beth really did need help with those trunks. Beth had moved things out of the way in the main basement to make a path for the trunks. A long time later, he heard footsteps on the stairs “Oh, God, please let that be Beth.” At first there was nothing, and then he heard the swish of leather, and felt the riding crop smack his ass. “How do you like being on the receiving end, Slave?” he heard his wife whisper. A split second after he heard the humming, he felt the vibrator pressed against his ass. “What a naughty slave you are.” Her hand landed on his ass a few more times and he moaned loader.

a real cock

first-time pcarter 2018-09-30

toys in my ass was such a turn on, she could see that when she sucked my sucking her long hard cock had me oozing. wife feeding me a hard cock then fucking my ass while I sucked it. to feel the smooth hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth and the biggest a guy sucking cock while he get?s his ass fucked. be sucking a guys cock while my wife fucked me in the ass!!! She walked over to me and felt my cock then pushed the plug a watch two hot guys suck each other?s cocks. I wanted to suck her long hard cock. the bed and she told me to suck his cock.

Unexpected Results

first-time Red Hugh 2018-09-30

If he was really taken with Nicola she was reluctantly prepared to accept it and move on even if, as her fingers regularly stroked the warm spot between her legs, she imagined Jim's tongue and cock exploring her sex. As the girls and boys laughed and talked over breakfast Nicola pulled Jim aside and told him about he need in her wet little sex. Jim, incredably turned on watching his lover kiss a schoolgirl her little almost hairless pussy open and swollen leant over and planted a kiss on Pip's cheek. They talked a little longer and then Nicola and Jim redressed, Pip slipped on her clothes and all three headed back to bed.