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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

a sexy night withmy cousin s****r

first-time toskraraw 2018-09-30

her ass was so sexy.i became so horny.she bent down to take something down i saw her cleavage and i became so horny.we started talking.i thought of touching her boobs so i asked her to write her phone number in my hand so she took my hand to near to her boobs at that time i just tried peep over her and saw her boobs.while she was writing i just acted as taking my hand and touched her was so soft.after that we watched the t.v and we slept.she turned over i saw her ass it was so round and i slightly touched it.if was so soft.then i just tried to open her shirt button.

On Losing My Virginity

first-time 2018-09-30

Soon enough we were meeting regularly, calling up each other and for the first time I wondered if this is what was called love. We had gone on a long drive one Friday evening, and in between kisses and fondling, he half jokingly asked me if I wanted to go even further. It was the first time I was seeing a boy naked or touching a guys penis. It was the first time I had seen a boy fully naked or ever touched a penis. I think Mom understood how happy and accomplished I felt. The last time I wore this, Mark was peeling it off in the Hotel room.

I know when I started liking silky panties

first-time malibuman79 2018-09-30

I went into the bathroom and took off my pants and underwear and pulled on the silkiest thing my cock has ever touched to this time. Anyway, I went back into the bathroom and took off the wet panties and folded them up and put them back into her drawer. The next day, I went over to my friend's house and he called me upstairs. I went into the bathroom with the panties and came out again with a hard-on drippin cum again. She told me to get her panties off now, so I returned to the bathroom and dressed back into my clothes. Hours later, my friend called and said that she took those pantes and put them unwashed in her secret spot it in her closet.

Rubber Game

first-time WRJames 2018-09-30

"Say Sid, did you know Tom is going to miss the game so he can go out to a fucking Earth Day party?" There was an older man, a professor, dressed up in a toga, who gave a rambling speech about spring and flowers and mother earth, and then Sally and the black guy did some sort of pas de deux. Sally and the black guy were matching him beer for beer, pizza for pizza, and the two of them were chatting away, on either side of him, giggling like schoolgirls, while Tom just mellowed out. "Wellesley College celebrated Earth Day ..." and there they were, two seconds of Sally up over Dwayne's head, a second or so of the girls skipping into the circle.

Chair Massage

first-time EuropeJenn 2018-09-30

Soon Gerlinde moved around and started to massage my lower back and this really did feel like it was helping the stiffness that I had around there. Gerlinde stood to my left and gently started to massage around my pussy lips occasionally running a finger up to my clit barely touching it. Her other hand started to massage my clit gently at first and then a bit harder. As it grew Gerlinde backed off a little using her right hand to massage my belly while the fingers of her left were inside me, then as I felt the orgasm subside a bit she again massaged my clit. After a while I started to calm down and Gerlinde gently massaged my chest while she still had her fingers in me.

Our first naughty kiss

first-time cummm_junkie 2018-09-30

We had discussed sucking cock together, her sucking cock, me licking cum from her face and tits at a glory hole and she was excited about trying it…but I didn’t think she would want to so soon. I grabbed her hair and began fucking her mouth as I called her cum slut and asked how she liked my cock, her response was to only become more enthusiastic as she sucked my cock and played with my balls. As I stiffened she sucked me deep into her throat and I came hard and dropped lots of stored cum into her hungry mouth. May many men get to know the wonders of her mouth and pussy, and I look forward to licking their cum from her pussy, face and tits.

Taking My Cousin's Friend's Virginity (P

first-time jackingofftocelebs 2018-09-30

Ok to the point, I was planning to visit my cousin during new years and apparently she was going to bring some friends and only on friend came which was Amber. Stood up again, but until 1 in the morning and Amber and I spooned and cuddle, but we were half asl**p though but we fell asl**p then next few minutes after that. I just hugged amber for what felt like a long time and I ended up rubbing my boner against her butt. Next thing you know she kisses me and her lips were so soft and we began to make out and cuddle for a few minutes and she started to feel on my erection and that got me really excited.

A Show For Denise (Part 1)

first-time 2018-09-30

As Denise reached for the bath towels, I slowly undressed and got naked behind her. I quickly took a few steps back and took the towel to innocently unwrap it at arms level, so my cock was still showing but I could be pretending it was not a big deal. I got closer to where she was sitting and looking down, I saw my cock was almost probing her shoulder. - Now, click the little arrow there, I said, taking the advantage to move closer to the screen to point, now probing softly her shoulder with my cock. We made our way to the bathroom and she left my arm to open the shower curtain and start the water.

Cum and skype me

first-time shedidit 2018-09-30

The rules changed...for the first time I was sure that someone besides me had seen my wife in her undies and had felt the panties she was wearing. “What are the chances” I asked out-loud “that the maintenance guy who put this TV here would come up if I called the front desk and told them it wasn't working?” I knew I wanted to see the face of the man who had for all practical purposes been in my wife's crack. I said that I knew guys love that kind of stuff and if he would come to my room that night I had a surprise for him that I think he would really enjoy.

A language exchange

first-time Chinalover90 2018-09-30

She didn't go further, so after 3 sec of hesitating, I grabbed her and push my dick inside her so tight and wet pussy. I went always deeper and deeper in her finy pussy, I could smell her, it smelled delicious like crazy. I took her firmly by her hips, spread her legs and I began to insert my tongue the deepest I could in her pussy. My dick was not getting any softer as I was all focus to give that cute girl some anal pleasure, like she never had before. A week I was supposed to go around the city, being a tourist, I finally had crazy wild sex with that girl everyday for at least 3 times each day.

Why I Sneeze When I see a Pussy!

first-time George178 2018-09-30

Two things that I’ve pondered over and wondered about until just recently are: 1) I LOVE the smell of b*by powder! …She stayed in that bathroom for an AWFULLY long time, but when she finally came out she was bathed and brushed and stunningly gorgeous in a powder blue baby doll night gown. It never occurred to me WHY I sneezed; I was too busy staring at that beautiful pussy and thinking it was the most wonderful sight I’d ever seen: an eighteen year old girl’s naked little pussy! So now every time I smell b*by powder I get an erection, and every time I think of something sexy, like a pussy, I sneeze.

My Nephew pressed against my nude body

first-time 2018-09-30

I dropped the housecoat and climbed into bed, I really was wet and made no time in pushing my Lelo in deep and full power mode, laying back with the covers half covering my nudity and my masturbation, how much Brian Jnr saw I don't know, but he was watching me as my Lelo was being worked in and out of my horny pussy. 'Can I come in with you', he asked, as he closed down the small distance from the door to the bed, I was still exposing half my nudity, even my pubes were on view, 'Brian', I said, as I turned away from him, exposing my bum to him, as I used the opportunity to pull my Lelo out of my pussy and drop it onto the floor from under the covers.

How to save a marriage.

first-time 2018-09-30

Two days later Mike came for the next lesson and Debbie remained upstairs while I invited him in and when he sat down on the sofa I broached the subject of the group. Her hand went to my cock and she started to wank me as she was now being pounded deep by Mike. She laid back her one hand on each of our wilting cocks as we kissed, her lovely soft flesh glistening with sweat.She smiled at both of us and I looked deep into her eyes, receiving back a delighted satisfied glow. Mike said that he didn't have any more lessons booked for the day, so they went out for the planned, albeit late, lesson and when they returned she came in alone and kissed me, snogging deeply and I could once more taste Mikes sperm in her mouth.


first-time slipper41 2018-09-30

Want to wake up in your arms and feel your body pressed against mine as you sl**p. My fingers open the soft lips of my pussy, oh the wet silky feeling of my juices already filling me up. Oh the feeling of my hard swollen clit encased in the wetness of my cunt, I let out a sigh. I continue to bring myself nearer to climax as I lower my head and take your hard, twitching cock into my wet mouth. I again moan as your actions have tipped me over the edge, my hand is soaking, you can now hear how wet I am as my fingers rub my clit furiously.

How I did LSD & lost my virginity for the firs

first-time dayzicle 2018-09-30

I was pretty content just having her company while she walked, she was wearing a gray scale tie dye wife beater & cut of jean shorts, & the feeling of my arm around her waist touching the little bit of skin exposed was enough to make my head spin(15 was such a simpler time). We got dressed & ran out the house just as my mom walked in......Later that night after Rachel got picked up & I partied all night, I came home still tripping my balls off, talking to rachel on the phone about the days happinings when my mom tells me she needs to have a talk with me, okay.


first-time 425olds 2018-09-30

I gave him the condom and lube as we both watched him roll the condom down his big black cock, he poured some lube on her pussy and on his cock stroking it. She said I feel empty now you took that monster out please fill me back up again I need that big black cock! He said give us a few minutes alone man I want to talk to your wife. He again pumped her full and emptied another huge load of black cum into her stretched out pussy. He smiled as he pulled out and said sorry about your little white pussy. So I was a good boy and 2 weeks later he was wrecking her pussy again...and I was sucking out his black cum and loving it.

more than a walk in the park

first-time 2018-09-30

His hand moved from her legs up her slim body until he was feeling her small tits, she never tried to move his hand away so must have liked him playing with them It wasn't until he undid a few buttons of her blouse that I could see she had no bra holding them. He got on his knees and with both hands one either side he lowered her knickers and she worked them down till she had them completely off,her mound was covered with hair more than I expected from such a young lass but he soon blocked my view with his hand feeling and poking working her to a frenzy, not only her I might add as my hard on was letting me know.

Nighttime Lover

first-time 2018-09-30

Steve slowly, sensually ran his hands down Cindy’s talk to Steve, Cindy thought. Steve watched his mother for a long time. Cindy gently pushed Steve off the bed and stood up Steve lifted Cindy by the shoulders and planted another "Steve honey," Cindy said, "we have to talk." understand me Steve." Cindy put a hand on her son’s Cindy giggled, "Oh Steve, I think we’ve gone far past Steve suddenly took his mother’s face in his hands and Steve sat up and looked at his mother, "Cindy, would "Oh Steve," Cindy lamented as she turned away, "It’s Steve put his hand on Cindy’s face and turned her Steve smiled and kissed Cindy. Cindy and Steve lived out

Dorm Room Ch. 02

first-time BradsBabygirl 2018-09-30

His hands moved up over her chest to curl his thumbs into the straps of her bra and pull it down her arms, then after dropping it to the floor, he quickly leaned down over her to suckle a nipple, taking the little nub into his mouth as his tongue swirled across the tip. Belinda's head dropped back onto the pillow, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she cowered against the soft mattress, giving in to the rush of sensations as Brad's mouth moved lower, his tongue flicking over her belly, poking into her little belly button.

Two, Please

first-time Cutipie 2018-09-30

I feel his cock at the entrance of my pussy and I smile as he has chosen the correct hole. Jon slows enough for me to unbutton the ushers pants and pull out his ever eager cock. My mouth twists around him and my tongue does laps up and down his shaft as Jon takes no mercy on my hole. My hole clenches over and over around Jons cock as he watches the usher and I climax it takes him over and I feel him fill me. I know we will never forget our first time together and by the pain I feel on my ass and in my hole I don't think it will be our last.

She Loved Paris

first-time CharlieL 2018-09-30

She wasn't going to let up on this conversation about art and when I asked her if she had ever visited Paris to see two of the most famous art museums in the world ; The Louvre and the Musée d' Orsay, she almost flipped out. When the private elevator let us off at the Le Jules Verne restaurant and the maître de welcomed us by calling me by name and then saying that he had seen some of my works at one of the cities art galleries Amy almost flipped. It was almost ten by the time we were finished with dinner and as we were going down in the elevator I said that while we could go over and take a Seine boat cruise right then but I thought it would be better to save that for another day.

Gym Friends Pt. 02

first-time eroticwriter00 2018-09-29

Kyle and I met at the gym and followed our workout with a swim and a sauna. Holly and Jane became good friends and Kyle and I thought the time to open up with them was close at hand. "Several questions went through my mind last week, but I think just one will answer them all," Kyle said. I felt my lip quiver, hoping my answer would be the one that Kyle wanted to hear. "You're not saying what you think I want to hear, are you?" Kyle asked. Driving home, I wondered how I could want to be a female, have the desire to suck a guy and yet get hard with my wife.

The Geek

first-time BANJAR 2018-09-29

One day, towards the end of the school year when everyone was goofing off, knowing that they would graduate no matter what they did in class, (except me, of course), Miss B___ came into the class looking very tired. "Look, David" I'm not trying to embarrass you but if you're going to go to a big university, away from home and your friends, you have to build up a little confidence and learn to be at ease with girls. "David, she said with a very warm smile and she took my hands in hers, I have watched you staring at my breasts ever since you walked in the front door. Nothing was ever said in Health class about sucking on a woman's breasts because she would like it!

First blowjob

first-time TimsCock69 2018-09-29

My first blowjob happened on my high school graduation night. You just went and partied at the school until 6 am the following morning. We walked to the end of the hall and sat down on the stairs where we talked for quite some time. I undid her bra and took my first look at a pair of breasts. The feeling of my cock her in her mouth was like nothing I had ever felt before. She stopped and stroked my cock while looking up at me "tell me when you are going to cum" she said with a smile, "I want to taste it". Just thinking of her wanting to have me cum in her mouth made me almost burst.