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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Love Apprentice

first-time Norfolk Boy 2018-09-29

Looking back, I cannot believe how nervous I was on those first meetings; nothing I said came out right, but Sandy, with disarming self confidence, took my hand saying, "It's a gorgeous night, let us just go for a walk along the front." After a few seconds of enjoying having my cock completely enclosed by her warm wet tunnel I started to thrust - in and out with long slow strokes to which she quickly responded by thrusting up against me on each inward stroke. Despite my short head start on Sandy in the art of love-making she certainly caught up quickly and her enthusiasm and creativity brought constant excitement to our time together.

Alex and Penelope Ch. 05

first-time rosess 2018-09-29

When he'd offered to let her come live with him, he'd been looking forward to the rare minutes he'd get to spend knowing the little girl he'd adored before his busy life and second wife took him away. Penelope stood at the foot of the bed in the lingerie, as he'd hoped, looking more beautiful than he'd even imagined. Penelope watched Alex stare, saw how his eyes slowly travelled her body. Penelope felt his hand travel across the top of her left breast, then his fingers cupped inward. He pulled the sides down and spent time rubbing her back, letting his hands glide over her ass and grasp her cheeks.

Girlfriend dares me to suck strangers cocks

first-time fattylover2012 2018-09-29

It's my birthday and after a night out with my girlfriend in Manchesters gay village, pissed and heading home down the canal to ancoats feeling really horny we walk under a bridge where about 15ish lads all sucking and fucking each other. As soon as he turned to walk away I went to get up off my knees that were soaked in what was probably piss and spunk the same black guy I'd sucked moments before sprayed spunk all over my face, in my ear my eye down my cheek and my jumper. The black guy with his cock in my mouth passes me the bottle of poppers and tells me to keep sniffing, I did just that and my head was spinning but I felt so horny I didn't care what happened.

WiFi Cafe

first-time Irishqt1980 2018-09-29

“Not yet you’re not, but you will meet me in the bathroom.” He walked away, she turned watching him, his dark blue jeans were tight, in all the right places. Moaning softly she kissed him back eagerly; allowing his tongue, the tongue of a stranger to violate her mouth. “Please, I want,” she moaned as he increased the speed of his fingers in her pussy. He moaned as her tongue gently flicked the tips of his fingers and her teeth grazed them. “I’m gonna take you against the wall,” he hissed from behind her, “I’m gonna take you on the cold linoleum floor,” she moaned as he fingered her, “and I’m gonna take you at the sink.”

My first time with another gay guy

first-time bootman1000 2018-09-29

I could see myself in the mirror laying face down with Paula's cock in my mouth and Simon finger fucking me. "So, do you want me to fuck you" Simon asked and I replied "Oh god, yes fuck my virgin ass" Paula pulled her cock from my mouth and got up off the bed. I was loving it, I could see us in the mirror, me naked and face down with Simon fucking my ass behind and Paula taking pics and wanking her own cock at the same time. This time it was my turn to fuck Paula whilst Simon pushed his cock down her throat, before coming we changed ends and I shot a load of my cum down Paula's throat whilst Simon emptied himself into her ass.

My first anal fun - Jane is my tutor

first-time cuckhappy 2018-09-29

Wow I almost jumped off the bed such was the astonishing sensation from it, 'OMG!' 'This is fantastic' I shouted; my cock was literally dripping by now; 'Mmmn', she said, 'That's unexpected, I didn't think we'd hit the prostate from that angle', she sucked my dripping cock into her mouth and swallowed. 'Yes she fucks me with one of these, slightly bigger in fact,' said Jane, 'Cunt and arse!'. 'I can see by your cock that you're aroused at this John,' said Jane, 'But I wanted to let you know the situation. I've an open invite to join them to partner with you numberwise, but I feel sure if we do then Julie will undoubtedly want to bum fuck you herself.

My First Time

first-time Oazeal 2018-09-29

So, like I said seeing Susan naked was no big thing, it never got me excited, but Denise was a whole other story. Then she took my dick in her hand, and said "I'm going to treat you to the ride of your life, but we don't have any protection so you can't cum inside me, Ok, lover boy?" Later that summer I learned from Denise that it was Sue who suggested they use that cove for their love making knowing that I would hang there and would be watching, and it was Sue who encouraged her to seduce me that night.

Andy and Colt

first-time tantepicante 2018-09-29

Andy and I bonded like we were long lost friends and I became deeply attracted to his spirit and looks. Christina ran back to the car to look for guns, and Tanya and Andy took cover inside the abandoned gasoline shop. I was finally allowed in, and Andy was sitting up in his bed facing backwards like he did so many nights ago. "It seems they missed a spot," Andy said, "do you mind wiping it for me?" He gestured to a bloodstained patch of skin near his collarbone. Andy and I happily worked together in killing zombies, saving lives, and fucking the brains out of each other when we had the time.

there is nothing more delicious than sex orgasms.

first-time Shah_Zaman 2018-09-29

We showed her another movie in which a man lets the house-maid puts a condom on man's cock and gets fucked. I asked her, Pasha had gone, "Do you love him?" She held my hand and and whispered, "Ask the boy,if he loves me too?" Pasha knows reading and writing and he sent a closed letter to us, saying, "I love the beautiful girl with you and want to marry her, if you will, please, allow me." Paree was so happy that she hugged me. Pasha opened and on reading our consent, came to e****t her to our house and gave her a passionate kiss before parting.

The Summer of 85 (Tom's story)

first-time Mag58 2018-09-29

After a couple of minutes I started to relax and enjoy my 'job'; until I got careless and my sticky fingers accidentally touched a little bit of her soft tit that was bulging out of the side of her bikini bra. Still with one hand stroking my cock inside my swim shorts, Beth sat up and quickly untied the string around her neck and let the bra fall down to her taught stomach revealing the most amazing tits I could ever imagine. With a smug smile on her pretty face Beth then fondled my hairy balls with one hand and rubbed my cock all over her soft sticky boobs with the other.


first-time Hangdog90 2018-09-29

On the second night, after Jen had gone to bed, Mia started asking me about what boys thought of girls and what should she do about this particular boy who was paying her attention. I said "Mia, maybe you think you are going to embarrass me by speaking about your masturbation. My cock began to buck and spasm, and she responded by tightening her grip and slowing the strokes, making them more deliberate....up and down my shaft, pulling the fragile skin over and back across the rim of my glans. I turned to face her in the dark and soon we were kissing, gently at first and then with open mouths, explloring tongues.

Seducing the neighbor

first-time Thy_Great 2018-09-29

"Goodbye Riley" goodbye so i closed the door and began to get ready i toke a shower cleaned up my facial hair and put on some nice clothes and headed over. I looked at the clock it said 12:15 P.M. so i got up a spread the curtains Apart glancing out the window i saw Jennifer. Uhh i was at a loss of words guessing from how far away i was i would she was about a 36 B her boobs perfectly round shape with little pink areolas and small put thick nipples i couldn't take my eyes off until i saw her glance at my window uh i ducked she saw me i thought so i quickly snuck to my bathroom and began too clean up and get ready for the day.

The Last To Leave (Part I)

first-time Nathan_Chaplain 2018-09-29

Colonel Monash dismissed the men, and they proceeded to their sergeants to receive their orders. If what Edward Neumann heard was true, the Ottomans still had emirs and sultans ruling their land. A strange land with strange people, and Edward, alongside hundreds of thousands of other men, were there to see it with their own eyes. He clung to his gun as he sat in the wooden transport, when a shadowed man handed him an oar. As the officers began ordering their men to advance, the familiar yet terrifying boom and thud of an artillery barrage became audible. He lied down for what felt like years,watching wave after wave of men from every corner of the empire leap out of their boats and march over their comrades.

Memory and Loss Pt. 02

first-time electricblue66 2018-09-29

And if there are a number of years between a first event and the second, coincidental event, then it seems to me that the likelihood of that particular thing happening, where those two people coincide, would become even more remote every day that passes. And if you take your time factor down to the smallest increment of time required for the particular event to take place - let's say the amount of time needed to walk across a small square in the middle of a suburban shopping centre, and then turn left or right such that you can no longer be seen from the other side of the square - the maths gives you even larger numbers.

Learning to Love Cum

first-time drtang 2018-09-29

A couple days later I asked her, “C’mon, you can really taste the difference in my cum?” She said absolutely. I’d suck and lick and even give her asshole a brushing and push in with my finger. When I came up to kiss her, she held my head and licked her juices from my face. This time she worked the head of my cock with her lips, tongue, and even her teeth. She hovered over my face, opened her mouth and slid her cum covered tongue onto my lips. I went right back to her licking her face, making sure to get every drop of cum. She said she wasn’t quite sure but she really liked licking her own juices from my face.

Blondie at the Club

first-time analcraver6999 2018-09-29

My friend danced with a blue haired chick he thought was sexy as well as a couple others. I feel like I have a better idea at what real sex is like short of actually turning in my V-Card. I also lap danced with this black haired chick who was also kind of hot. Honestly, I wish I were naked too, or at least had my shirt off to satisfy my sexual appetite more, and if it were a whore house rather than a strip club, I probably would loved to "hug" her body and have my throbbing dick touch her skin so out bodies intertwine before I have anal sex with her.

Skinny-dipping - 2

first-time jw1137 2018-09-29

When the girl was facing her as they sat at opposite ends of the table, Kelly put her feet at the outer edges and let her knees fall outward. Jan had been sitting on the picnic table top with her feet on the bench just like Kim. She’d asked if she could have a closer look at what the girl was so ashamed of. When they reached the better part of the road and were able to get up some speed Kelly and Jan both collapse against the seat backrests, looked at each other and started giggling like school girls; feeling like Thelma and Louise (at the beginning not at the end).

The Best Week Of My Life, Pt 5

first-time redbeardsley 2018-09-29

Kris was fuckin’ (and I use that term quite literally) gorgeous, standing only a few inches shorter than me, curly dark red hair (I wasn’t sure if she was a natural redhead, but it sure looked like it to me), sky-blue eyes, a smile full of pearly whites, porcelain skin, softball-sized breasts, and the most perfect ass ever. “Oh, you liked it, and you know it.” “I know.” Kris said with a sexy little smile and started to make out with me before she broke the kiss and said, “Come with me” and led me by the hand into the back room where all the adult movies were.

One Incident

first-time Yashi 2018-09-29

I felt like hugging her but my mind alerted each time that she was bua and far older than I. Having opened my zip she said, "Let me see your lund Babbu." The answer was only my deep and warm breath. She asked in a very low sexy moanful voice, "Howww do you feeel hhhhhh Babbuooo??" I said, "Oh bua ji it's grreaat!!!" She then brought her face near my lund along with staring at me with slanting eyes. I took her feet thumb in my mouth and started sucking hard along with inserting my hand in her saree. Mom, you are gonna kill me, Babbu)!!!" Then I started a great chudaii (fucking) with to and fro motion of my lund in her chooot (pussy).

First Time Squirting

first-time Ricohxxx 2018-09-29

I feel like I'm nearly orgasming and he hasn't even touched my pussy which is absolutely dripping wet!!... I feel like I'm going to explode as my whole body shakes violently with electricity shooting through my whole body paralysing all of me as a bolt of lightening shoots out of my pussy!!... My whole body jolting in shock, my pussy pulsing in relief and amazement, my legs feeling like bambi collapsing under me as he holds me against him securely. I eventually find some strength to lift my head up and make eye contact as he looks at me staring at me for what seems like ages as he smiles, giving my forehead a gently kiss.

Trailer Trash Ch. 02

first-time Slickman 2018-09-29

Brandon was nervous waiting for Emily's father but he felt it was the only way to let them both know his feelings. But I would like to know what's going on." Sylvia knew that Janet's parents were very wealthy but didn't understand why Emily lived in a trailer. Emily and Brandon walked back into the waiting area and saw their mothers talking. Brandon will take me home," Emily said smiling at Maggie. "I...uh...need to go to the restroom," Brandon said knowing Emily needed to talk to her mother. "Emily please...we need to talk," Janet said hoping her daughter would turn around. "I can't," Emily said as she pulled away from her mother's hand and walked swiftly down to the restroom.

Daddy Shoots Deep

first-time fotisampini 2018-09-29

That cockfull feeling inside my pussy opening, just Daddy's big cock tip and only for a moment but it was sooo amazing, like nothing I ever felt before. Daddy's load shot so hard and deep from his big fat daddycock while my wet little girl cum squirted out, Daddy's dick blocking my squirt like a damn, a fat daddycock jamming sex juices deep into my pussy, invading and stuffing my tight hole. Daddy slowly pulled his cock out of my pussy, so slowly, allowing a full release of liquids, thick daddy cream and hot daughter juice flowing from my freshly fucked little hole as my orgasm waned.

My s****r catches me, and then wants to join in.

first-time fotisampini 2018-09-29

It was one thing to allow her to look at me but altogether another matter for her to touch my cock but her fingers felt so exciting and were so arousing that I was simply unable to bring myself to make her stop, wicked though her actions were and instead of pulling away I now felt my hips pushing my penis through her fingers with powerful enthusiasm. "Ahhh, ohhh yesss!" I gasped as two more squirts of wet and white cum splattered just below her breasts and then as my emissions ceased Deb let go of my cock and lay back, one hand held in the air.


Lisa's Fantasy Evolves

first-time Irishman85 2018-09-29

Leaning back in the chair, sitting in the kitchen, the morning sun streaking in, you scoot to the edge of the chair, spreading your legs a bit further as the warm sticky syrup tickles a path from your tummy to you pussy, your own fingers spreading it around and along your thighs as I kneel before you, my young daughter, licking my look out the window and watch the cars zipping by, no doubt other dads whisking their little girls to school as your daddy flicks his tongue through your wet slit, tasting his perfect angel and the maple syrup mixed together....